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‘Origin,’ the fourth book in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series really turned up the heat. Great to see a lot of things go wrong for Daemon and Katy, it brought back the angst and allowed them to really stand on their own as characters – and define themselves apart from each other. Our two love-birds are put through the ringer with plenty of action and subterfuge.
We get a bigger dose of alien powers as Katy’s circle of friends expand (I use ‘friends’ loosely). There is still lengthy, piney and over-described kissing scenes to be expected with Armentrout’s writing. If there were only a number of scenes, I’d love the indulgence, but with overstimulation, I was skipping forward most of it after a ways into the book.
There is so much I want to add to this review, but would only be listing a number of spoilers for those who have not read the series… but there are many surprises and some of the assumptions from the first three books are turned on their heads. I loved the action and the plot twists adding more an element of surprise that lacked in previous novels.
More of the spicy Daemon, and alien goodness from the Lux series. Looking forward to what the final book in the series, ‘Opposition’ brings.

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Liked it, had some issues
Daemon,the hotter than hot sizzling sexy alien is blazing a trail to get to Kat. He blusters how he would burn the world to get her back but when he moves into position to
get her back he kind of gets himself in the pickle jar. Yep, he's pickled, pricked, pestered, and prodded by the government goon squad. Hey he's with her so that was worth it to him. For me, not so much. I was thinking about much information he was handing over to these killers. I know he loves her, but what about his family, his people ? His devotion was precious but the potential cost made it crazy for me.
The love between the two was sweet. I wish they would have moved beyond the simple touches and giggles more but this is YA. It does ramp up a bit towards the end with a 'Swoon Worthy' in the last 20 %. Still I thought it was too tame.
The story left many things hanging. "It" hits the fan big time and nothing will ever be the same or maybe not even sane again. Discoveries made in the lab are just kind of faded away. I know they are coming back, but I'm chewing my nails wanting to know what happened. Friends die, family dies, overs unite, stuff blows up and the world changes. There you go. Now I wait for the next installment in the series.

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I love everything that she writes, and Origin was no exception. I loved being back with Katy and Daemon, in their heads, in their world, and wrapped up in their steamy and devoted relationships.
Though it was hard because for part of this one, they are separated. Katy sees and endures some pretty horrific things while captured, and shocking truths about the world she thought she understood.
There are some very touching moments, some hot ones between the two, some very intriguing new characters, surprising twists in the plot, and of course some action. There is the usual snark thrown in and I really can't say a lot without spoilers, but if you haven't started this series, I would get on it pronto. I didn't think I would like an alien story but I have fallen head over heels for this world and these characters.
The ending as usual left me open mouthed and wishing that I had Jennifer's computer so I could read the next book NOW, because I have to know more.
Bottom Line: Another work of genius from Jennifer.

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