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that this invaluable and laboriously col.

GEOLOGY. lated edition of the Curonicle is preceded A Geognostical Essay on the Superpoby a Saxon Grammar; ani that the Saxon sition of Rocks in both Hemispheres; by original and modern translation are printed M. De Humboldt; translated into Enthrougho!lt in parallel columns : and we glish, under his immediate inspection. believe we might unhesitatiugly pronounce 8vo. 148. boards. that, by the assistance of this volume Supplement to the Comparative Estialone, any student disposed might make mate of the Mineral and Mosaical Geohinise!f a tolerably competent master of logies; relative chiefly to the Geological the Saxon language.

Indications of the Phenomena of the Cave

at Kirkdale. 8vo. 5s. LIST OF NEW WORKS.

A translation of all the Greek, Latin, Rivington's a:d Cochrane's Catalogue of French, and Italian, Sentences and Q110. Books, in various languages, and in every tations, in Blackstone's Commentaries on department of literature. 8vo. 85. boards. the Laws of England; as also those

The second Part of Robert Triplook's in the Notes of Christian, Archbole, and
Catalogue of Old Books and Manuscripts Williams. 8vo. gs. boards.
for 1823.

A Compendious Abstract of the Public
Portraits of the Worthies of Westmin: the fourth Session of the present Parlia-

General Acts passed in 4 Geo. IV. being
ster-Hall, with their Autographs : being ment, with notes and comments ; by T.W.
fac-similes of Original Sketches, found in Williams, esq. 810. 10s. 6d. boards.
the Note-Book of a Briefless Barrister.
Part I. 8vo. containing 20 portraits, co-

Kearsley's Tax-Tables for the Years loured. 11.

1823-4, containing tables of reduced and Memoirs of the late Mrs. Henrietta

unrepealed assessed taxes, stamp duties, Fordyce, relict of James Fordyce, 1).D.; to

new dnties on post horses and hackney coaches, &c.

18. 6d. which is added, a Sketch of the Life of

The Ancient Laws of Cambria, transJames Fordyce, D.n. Post 8vo. 6s. bds.

lated from the Welsh ; by Wm. Probert, BOTANY.

8vo. 12s. First Steps to Botany, intended as lo

MATHEMATICS. pular Ilustrations of the Science, leading to its Study as a Branch of General Edu. Physical Sciences; by W. Mitchell, LL.D.

A Dictionary of the Mathematical and cation; by James L. Drummond, M.D. royal 18mo. 108. 6d. Uds. 12s. 6d. calf gilt. 12mo. with 100 wood-cuts, 9:. boards. A Course of Lectures on Chemical Sci.

The Pupil's Pharmacopæia, being a lience, as delivered at the Surry Institution; teral translation of the London Latin by Goldsworthy Gurney. 8vo. 13s. boards. original in Italics, word for word ; and the

Pharmacopeia, the English following the
Senecæ Tragædiæ, in continuation of Latin text marked to facilitate a proper
the Regent's Pocket Classics,

Pronunciation, &c. &c.; by W. Maugham,
The King Edipus of Sophocles, literally

surgeon, 18mo. translated from the Greek; by T. W.C.

The Elements of Pharmacy, and of the Edwards, m.a.

Chemical History of the Materia Medica; Haack's Thucydides, Greek and Latin, by Samuel Fred. Gray, 8vo. 108. 6d. bds. 4 vol. 8vo. 21. 2s. boards.

Lectures on the General Structure of withont Latin, 3 vols. and Functions of the Skin; by Thomas

the Human Body, and on the Anatomy Evo. 11, 115, 6d.

Chevalier, F.R.S. 8vo. 128. boards.

Part II. vol. xii. of the Medico-Chirur-
An Epitome of the System of Educa-
tion, established at Hazelwood School. 1s. gical Transactions.

The Exempla Minora, or Eton English
Examples, rendered into Familiar Latin; Time's Telescope for 1824, or the Astro.
by the Rev. T. Smith, of St. John's College, nomer's, Botanist's, Naturalist's, and His.

torian's Gnide for the Year, forming also a
Shinton's Lectures on Writing. 8vo. 10s. complete illustration of the Almanack; to
An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, which will be prefixed an Introduction,
Theoretical and Practical; by J. R. containing the outline of historical and
Young. 8vo. 128.

political geography; and an ode to flowers,



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8vo. 18s.


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written expressly for this work; by Part IV. of a Series of Picturesque Bernard Barton. Views of Edinburgh, engraved by W. H. The Calcutta Annual Register, vol. 1, Lizars. 410. gs. Proofs, 10s. 6d.

for the year 1821, to be continued annuGEOGRAPHY.

ally, in one volume, 8vo. 1). Is. boards. A System of Geography; by M, Malte The Forget Me Not; being a present Biun, 4 vols, 8vo. 31,

for Christmas and the New Year, 18! ;


with twelve highly finished engravings. The Loves of the Devils, and other 18mo. in a case. 12s.

Poems; by S. Barul. 12mo. gs. boards. The Spirit of John Buncle, esq. second The Siege of Valencia; a dramatic poem. edition, 12mo. 6s.

The last Constantine; with other poems : Friendship's Offering; or, the Annual by Mrs. Hemans. 8vo. Remembrancer, a Christmas Present and

THEOLOGY. New Year's Gift for 1824; containing a series of views and other embellishments. Eighteen additional Sermons, intepded 18mo, in an embossed case.


to establish the inseparable connection Crottwell's Original Housekeeper's Ac. between the Doctrines and Practice of count Book for 1824. 4to. 28.

Christianity. Dedicated to the Bishop of No, 42, of the British Review and Lon. St. David's ; by the author of the foriner don Critical Jounal. 4s.

volume. 12mo. 58. Loudon and Paris, or Comparative

A Second Series of Sermons, doctriaal Sketchies; by the Marquis de Vermont and and Practical, adapted to the Service of Sir Charles Darnley, 8vo. 9s. boards. particular Sundays; by the Rev. James

Eccentric and Humorons Letters of Aspinall, A.m. of St. Mary Hall, Oxford; Eminent Men and Women, remarkable for and curate of Rochdale. 8vo. 8s. Wit and Brilliancy of Imagination in their

'Thoughts on Final Universal Restora

12mo. 2s. veral of Dean Swift, Foote, Garrick, Rev. w. J. Abily, M.A.; to which is preEpistolary Correspondence, including se. tion; by C. Baring, esq.

A Selection from the Sermons of the &c. &c. 18mo. 3s.

Part 10, of the Encyclopedia Metropo. fixed his Merroirs. 850. 125. boards. litana. 11. 18.

A Monitor to Families, or Discourses Vol. VII, of the Methodical ("yclopedia. on some of the Duties and Scenes of 10s. 6d. boards. 128. 6d. calf gilt.

Domestic Life; by Henry Belgrave. An Essay on Apparitions, in which their

12mo. 7s, 6d. appearance is acconnted for by Causes Lectr:res on Popery; by the Rev. J. S. wholly independent of Preiernatural Sengrave. Agency; by J. Anderson, M.D post 8vo. 2s.

Bishop Taylor's Rules for Holy Living NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

and Holy Dying ; 1 vol. royal 1800, 8.0d. The Register of Arts and Sciences, Im

Lurder's Mental Discipline.12m0.95.6d. provements, and Discoveries. Nuinbers Frederick, or Incidents illustrative of 1, 2, 3, 4. Sd. each.

the Beauties acid Graces of Vital Piety in Two Djalognes between an Oxford the Domestic Circle. 18mo. 2s. Tutor and a Disciple of the Common Sense Religion the true Source of happiness. Philosoply, illustrative, in a popular man

18mo. Is. 6d. per, of the Proximate Causes of the Plie

A Treatise on Religious Fasting, being nomena of the Universe. 3s. 60.

an attempt to examine the Authority, er, NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES.

plain the Nature, consider the Design, Italian Tales of Humour, Gallantry, and

and recommend the observance of that Romance, translated fom various authors, Duty; by E. R. Lloyd. 12mo. 28. with 16 plates ; by G. Cruickshank. 8vo.

The Reflector, or Christian Advocate; 105. Prooss 14s.

in which the united efforts of Modern InThe Stranger's Grave, a 'Tale. 12mo. 6s. fidels and Socinians are detected and Koningsmarke, the Long Finne; a

exposed; by the Rev. S. Piggott, A.M. Story of the New Word, 3 vols. 12mo. 185.

8vo. 10s. Siege of Kenilworth, a Romance; by Archdeaconry of Derby, at the Visitation

A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Louisa Sidney Stanhope. 4 vols. 11. 45.

Woman's á Riddle, a Romantic Tale; at Derby and Chestertield, 1823; by the by Ann of Swansea. 4 volg. 11, 8s.

Rev. S. Butler, D.m. 4to. Sa. 6d. Mammon in London, or the Spy of the

A Letter to Sir Edward Kratchbull, Day. 2 vols. 12mo. 128.

bart. M.P. on his accepting the office of Don Juan de las Sievas; or, El Empe. president to the Church Missionary Associnado; a Romance : by Miss Lefanu. ciation of Maidstone ; by G. R. Gleig, 3 vols. 168. 6d.

M.A. 8vo. Mary Stewart and the Maid of Orleans,

The Great Dnty of Self-Resignation to from the German of Schiller, with a Life the Divine Wills by the late Dr. Worof the Author; by the Rev. H. Salvin,

thington. 19mo. 3s. 6d. B1.D, 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

The Christian Philosopher, or the Con

nection of Science with Religion, &c.; Love, a poem, by E. Elliott. Svo, second by Thomas Dick, 12n1o. 7s. boards. edition, 7s.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. The Nun, a Poetical Romance; and two Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in others. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

New Zealand; by Richard A. Cruise, esq. The Pilgrim's Tale, a Poem; by Charles 8vo. 10s, 6d. boards. Lockhart. 8vo. 6s.



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Report of Diseases and Casualties occurring in the public and private Practice
of the Plysician who has the care of the Western District of the City Dispensary.
IT is mortifying for physiology to reflect paney, as just intimated, do we find both

that, after all our rescarches into the in theory and practice ; and we need only laws of life,!we are still not even skin-deep take canceronis change of structure in in the science of structure and functions, proof of this aliegation. Some tell us that We stumble at the very threshold, and cancer is a local disease, acknowledging a have yet much to learn before we can say constitutional origin; others say that it is with truth, that even the common inteyli., ah origine ad finem, a topical, and a nyerely ments of the bodies' surface are correctly topical, affection. One tells you that it is understood, either as to their organization of laydatid origin, and tubercular essence; or their properties. Againat medicine an another says, and perhaps says truly, that objection has been advanced, that neither both its specific nature and absolute locapathologist nor practitioner sees his way lity, have been judged of with too much before him; and some individuals have respect to the limits of nosology and noantithetically preferred the art of surgery, menclature ; that cancareous disorganizaon account of its dealing with demon- tion may implicate other than mere glanstrable matter; but even the “ visible dular structure; and that what the stickler things” of therapeutic science are found for yosological niceties should hesitate in as debatable as the more hidden. At this calling schirrous or carcinomatons, is in moment, two of the ablest surgeons in the strict propriety, and especially in regard country are high in dispute respecting to its remedial demands, often the same doctrines and facts which, è priori, one with actual cancer; and to be arrested in should suppose would be easily set at rest its progress by the due application of that by an appeal to the instructions of sight principle, to which the Reporter has reand sense; and who does not know that ferred in preceding papers, as in his mind Jisorders of the skin, both as to their worthy of more sanction and encouragerationale and remedies, are amongst those ment than it has hitherto met from the inaladies about which medical principles profession. The naturam expellas furca and practice are the farthest removed charge has been brought against the profrom unanimiry or uniformity. Under all priety of treating cancerons, and other this uncertainty, the writer of the present cutaneous or glandular disorders, by banpaper felt gratified in perusing a philoso- daging and pressure ; but a most respecphical treatise from the able pen of his table female, who formerly had a schirrons friend Mr. Chevalier, on the anatomy and breast, has just called upon the Reporter physiology of the common iuteguments; actually in rnde health, and “ without a which, had it no other merit than reminde vestige remaining (to use her own expres. ing the profession of its ignorance, and sions,) of those symptoms which used to pointing to the proper path of pursuit, excite so mucli alarm.” “ I was told (she would be entitled to considerable praise. adds,) by one of the most respectable surBut the tract in question possesses posic geons in London, that no remedy could tive as well as negative worth; and the be fonnd for me bnt the knife, but I prereader of it will tind the puzzling question ferred the plan of pressure and bandaging of the permeability of ibe outer skin 10 as recommended by Mr. Young, and it is transpired fluid, while it retains the results now two years since I have found myself of inflammation, treated of, to say the free both from local and general conleast, with much ingenuity and acumen.*. plaint.” The case of Mrs. Desormeaux, to

Now, with respect to those morbid which allusion has before been made, is affections which present themselves on proceeding to the satisfaction and surprise the superfices of the body, wliat discre- of the parties conceroed; and the partial

good operated in some other forlorn cases, References to matters of taste in a which the Reporter has recently seen, Medical Report may be considered out of certainly favour, as far as they go, the place, but ihe writer cannot forego the rectitude and practical value of the opportunity of objecting, in the present principle. instance, to the occasional illegitimacy of Rheimatism has proved the prevailing expression, and even coinage of words, disorder of the past month ; but it has not which will be found to mar the otherwise in geveral been marked by a regalar, or, excellent matter and manner of Mr. Che- so to say, articular character,-ii has for valier's treatise. It is the same in the the most part been more deep-seated elaborate and admirable work of Dr. among the muscular fibres, and when the Good; writers such as these ought to especial locality of the complaint has be especially on their guard against sins in proved that of the breast-muscles, the composition, since their intinence and practitioner has found the disorder not authority nust necessarily be extensive. very easily distinguishable from proper

pleurisy: pleurisy: this distinction, however, it is ring elements, feeble though he may be, always of moment to make, since the re- and unfit for the fight, without the demedies in one case and the other are con- fences referred to. siderably chtferent.

A case of St. Virus's dance, that socThe writer dias dwelt too much on the ceeded to scarlet fever, has just yielded to advantages of waslı-leallier, as a preventive gradually-increased doses of ine nitrasof colds and rheumatism, to make the re- argenti. The writer mentions the circnm petition of the advice liere nerd!il; but stance becanse, although there is nothing there is another practice which it would vovel in this expecial manifestation of the be a dereliction of his duty not to reconn. medicine's power, in the present case it menil, that is, sponging the surface of the was particularly pleasing to witness the body every morning throughout the year success of its exhibition, in consequence with cold water, before putting on the of the virulence of the malady having been clothes. An individual well sponged, and such as to menace the life or the intellect afterwards encased in leather, may march of the little suterer. D. Uwins, M.D. out on his way, fearlessly, among the war. Bedford-row ; Nor. 20, 1823.


Journal of the Weather and Natural History, kept at Hartfield, East Grinstead,

by Dr. T. Forster, from Oct. 16, to Nor. 16, 1823.

Thermomet. Barometer, October 10 P.M. 10 r.M. Wind.

State of the Weather.


W. Fine day.

W..E. Cicar-Clouds.
18 52

20:40 N.E.-S.W. Rainy all day.
19 53
29:64 S.S.E.

Mild damp day.

S.E. Very fine-Ther. 61° at noon.
21 51

30.05 S.E.-E. Clonds - Fair. 22 45


N.E. Clear--and clouds.

E. Very clear.

30.00) ESE, Clear -a few clouds,

N.E. Fog-Clear-Cloudy,

S. Fog-Clear – Cloudy.

S.W. Cloudy.

S. Clonds-Rain.

S.W. Fair-Clouds.

28.90 S.S.W. Rainy day.

29.21 S.W..N. Wind and rain.
2. 80

N. Fair and clonds,

N. Clear frosty day.

29.76 S.S.W. White frost--Raid.

S.W. Blowing day, with clouds.
5 52

29.62 S.S.W. Rainy day.

E. Clondy.

N.E. Dripping day.

30:10 E.N.E. Dripping or small rain.

30.25 E.N.E. Clear and blowing.

N.E. Clear.

N.E. White frost-Clear.

N.E. Cold and clear, with stratus.

N.W. White frost-Clear.

N.-E. White frost-Cloudy.

N.C. Clouds-Mizzling rain.

30:27 W..N.E. Fair-Stratus and coloured halo ADDITIONAL NOTES.

weailier. Agaricus fioccosus springing up Oct. 16.-A remarkably five October in abundance. day, but a change indicated at night.

19.-The late northerly and easterly 17.-Very clear and fine, bnt evidently wiods have afforded the swallows an easy an unwholesome air, as every body almost passage; and we have missed the last experienced themselves as being unwell, assemblies of these birds, as well as mar. and a catarrhal epidentic seems to prevail. tins, during the last week. Agaricus muscarius plentiful.

20. Abundant fungi, particularly 18.-St. Luke's Day,-very wet, which Agarici. superstitiou makes a bad omen of the Nov. 16.--Small meteors seen. This




evening one of the inost beautiful speci- 'The above terms for lialos are described
mens of the coloured discoid halo was ex. in my “Researches about Atmospheric
bibited that ever I remember. It appear. Phenomena," third edition, London, 1893,
ed above the moon at halt alter 9 P.M. and page 98, where I have described various
consisted of six concentric circles, viz. refracted images of a similar kind.
pale white, orange, parple, violet, green, Blue Colour of the Sun.--- In the above
and vermilion; the latter, which was the work, page 419, I have accidentally regis.
ontermost, subtending an angle of ten tered the remarkable blue colour of the
degrees. At times there was a seventh sil, as haviug liappened on the 19th of
circle, of a paler kind, added, subtending Angust. This phenomenon was, in fact,
seventern degrees. There was a log at seen and noted down by Mr. B. M. For-
the time, which appeared to be stratus; ster, of Walthamstow, on the 18th of
but, though the fog remained, the pheno- Augnst, 1821, being ihe anniversary of
menon changed (indicating a change in the great meteor of 1783. I have no
the structure of the retracting merlium) doubt that you will allow me to correct
at 11 P. M. there being no traces of it ex- this error in your widely circulated Ma-
cept a pale corona.

gazine.-T. F.


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0 114

9 10

( 16

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per lb,


Nov. 25.
Cocoa, W. I. common •• £4 0 0 to 5 10 5 0 to 5 8
Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 3 8 0

3 12

O perrut.

3 8 fine

3 16 0 5 6

do, 0 6 0

5 8 Mochia

6 0 0 do. 5 0 0 5 12

0 Cotton, W. 1. common..

5 12

0 do. 0 0 9

0 10


() ( 11 per lb. 0

0 Carrants

1 11 0 ( 11

O 1 1 5

do, 6 0 8 0

( Figs, Turkey

5 8 1 18 0

O per cwt. 2

0 Flax, Riga

1 13 ()

2 62 0

0 O perchest 0 63 0 0

62 0 Hemp, Riga, Rhine

63 0 41 0

O per ton, 0 42 0 0

0 0 Hops, new, Pockets

42 10) 0 16

do. 0 0 18 0 0 16 0 0 18 0 Sussex, do. 12 12 0 13 13

O percwt. 0 0 0

12 Iron, British, Bars

0 0 8 10

9 0 0
8 10 0

9 0
6 0 0

() per ton, 7 0 0

0 0

7 Oil, Liicca

0 0 9

do. 0 0

9 0 0

9 10
, Galipoli...

( 25 galls. 53 0 0

0 0 0 52 ( Rags


0 2 0 6

O per ton. 0 0 0 2 0 6

Raisins, bloom or jar, new 4 6

4 8

O per cwt. 0 4 0 0

4 Rice, Patna

() 0 16


do. 0 0 18 0

0 Carolina

0 18 0

do, 17 0

2 1 0 1 17 0 Silk, China, raw..

2 1 0 do.
0 16
0 18

0 13

1 0
Bengal, skein

0 11
0 12 10 ( 11


0 12 10
Spices, Cinnamon

7 6
0 8
() 6 7

0 Cloves

6 8

do, 0 3 9 0 4

3 9



0 3

0 0
-, Pepper, black.. 0 0 6

0 61 0
( 1

0 0 6
white.. 0

do. 1 3

0 1 3 1 3 0 0 Spirits, Brandy, Cogniaco


2 10
0 3 4

2 10

0 Geneva Hollands O

3 2 per gal. 9 1 0 2 2

2 1

0 2 2.
Rum, Jamaica

0 6

2 2

0 2 4 Sugar, brown..

do. 2 17


0 0
Jamaica, fine

O per cwt. 3 13


S 13 0
East India, brown

() 1 0 0

lump, fine...

4 O 4 0



4 0
Tallow, town-melted...

4 8 0 do.
0 0 0 2 2 0

0 0 0
, Russia, yellow · 1 18

1 16

1 17
Tea, Bohea..

0 do. 0 2 5

0 2 5 2 33 0 , Hyson, best

2 41 per lb. 0 5 9


Wine, Madeira, old .... 20 0

5 9
0 6

0 70

( 20 0 - Port, old

70 o o per pipe 42 0

() 18 0 0 42 ( 0 48 0 Sherry

0 do. 20 0 0

50 0

0 20 0 0 50 0 0 Cow se of Erchange, Nor, 23.---Amsterdam, 12 6.-Hamburgli, 37 8.-Paris, 24 90. Leghorn, 461.--- Lisbon, 524,-Dublin, 94 per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, und Joint Stock Companies, at the Office of Wolfe und Edmonds.- Birmingham, 3151.--Coventry, 11001.- Derby, 1101,

-Ellesmere, 631.-Grand Surrey, 491.--Grand Union, 191.--Grand Junction, 2651.--Grand Wetern,


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per butt

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