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and the species defined, from practical American literature is beginning to observation; and it is hoped the expec. stand on its owo legs. Thus far it tations of British botanists will not be could not be avoided that the transat. disappointed.

lantic presses should merely reflect the Balloon speculations are again in acti- literature of the mother country; but vity, but managed with such small dex: the improved capital of American bookterity, as to prove, either that the par sellers begins to enable them to cncouties were pretenders, or that the art re. rage original works, and, although the trogrades. The plan of filling with gas names of the writers are seldom clasfrom the street-pipes much facilitates sical, and their prenomens are often puriand cheapens, thc process, yet several tanical, consisting of Zacharials, Emafailures in time, or ascent, bave recently nuels, Elkanals, Jedidialis, Hezekiahs, taken place, and even common accidents and the like, yet their good sense and have not been guarded against. Never- originality will surmonnt these difficultheless it appears, tbat, however bigh the ties, and the genius of liberty do thc rest. parties ascend, and however low the Speedily will be published, Telynu barometer falls, the gas is still sufficient Dewi, the Poetical Works of the Rev. for the purposes of respiration; and the D. Davis, of Castle Howel, Cardiganmost remarkable, and perhaps unac- shire, chiefly in the Welsh Language, countable phenomenon, is the rapidity of including translations from Gray, Cowprogress compared with the ascertained per, Addison, Barbauld, &c. with a velocity of winds, one of our recent portrait of the author. The author's aeropauts having gone over thirty-five reputation as a classical Welsh poct of inites in eightecn minutes.

eminent merit, has been for many years Lithography and engraving on wood established by his translation of Gray's are working great chauges in the gene- Elegy, which is universally considered ral features of literature. We have just as equal to the original. secn a small inap from the office of Mr. An Essay on Human Liberty, by the WILLICH, from writing on stone, which late Dean MILNER, is in the press. proves the great capabilities of that art Mr. Godwin has for some time been in a new line. And in regard to wood, engaged on a work, to be entitled, the io wbich Mr. BEWICKF, the reviver, History of the Commonwealth of Engwas a few years since the only artist, land. There is no part of the history of there are now in London twenty or this island (says Nr. G. in his prothirty masters, and twice as many ap. spectus), which has been so inadequately prentices, in full work. Steel engra- treated as the History of the Commonving, introduced by Messrs. PERKINS wealth, or the characters and acts of and HEATH, is also becoming general thiose leaders who had for the most part for school and popular books, which re- the direction of the public affairs of quire tens of thousands of impressions; England from 1640 to 11.60. When the and we are indebted to Mr. READ for Commonwealth of England was overthe introduction of a metal harder thau turned, and Charles the Second was copper, and not so susceptible of the restored, a proscription took place in action of oil, from which 10 or 20,000 this country, resembling, with such varigood impressions may be taken of deli- ations as national character and religion cale subjects. In fact, betuceu stone, demanded, the proscriptions in the latter wood, steel, and Read's hard metal, years of the Ruman Republic. This the old material of copper plates scems severity had its object, and the measure likely to be abandoned. The great might be necessary. That the restored work of “Nature Displayed,” which order of things should become permahas just appeared, contains no less than nent, it might be requisite that the heads 260 plates; but the whole are finc spo. of the regicides should be fixed on the cimens of steel, hard metal, or wood, pinnacles of our public edifices, and that and calculated to yield 50,000 good ihe exercise of every form of worsliip impressions; whereas copper would not but that of the church of England should haie afforded above 2000. Hence we be forbidilen, as it was forbidden. The get richly-ornamented books 100 per proscription however went further than cent, cheaper than heretofore.

this. The characters of the men who The shops of Messrs. Miller and of figured during the interregnum were Souter, who import American books, spoken of with horror, and their meprove, by the variety and importance of moirs were composed after the manner the povelties which they exhibit, that of the Newgate Calendar. As the MONTHLY MAG. No. 387.



are no more.



bodies of Cromwel and Pym and Blake of a Ten Months' Residence in New were dug out of their graves to gratify Zealand. the spleen of the triumphant party, so A new work, from the pen of Miss no one bad the courage to‘utter a word Porter, author of "Thaddeus of Warin commendation either of the talents or saw," &c. will shortly appear, in three virtues of men engaged in the service of volumes, entitled Duke Christian of the Commonwealth. The motives for Luneberg, or Traditions from the Hariz. misrepresentation are temporary; but Mr. SHARPE is preparing engravings the effects often remain, when the causes from Mr. Westall's designs, for the

This is in most cases the British Anthology, or Poetical Present, result of indolence only: historians fol. designed, with considerable variation of low the steps of one another, with the materials and arrangement, passiveness and ducility of a flock of excmplar of the once popular “ Dodsslicep following the beli-wether. What ley's Collection." was begun by the writers who immedi. The next volume of the Methodical ately succeeded the restoration, has ever Cyclopedia will consist of Geographr. since been continued. The annals of It will include an attempt to fix the this period are written in the crudest pronunciation of names of places; and, manner, and touched with basty and in that respect, be superior to every flying strokes, as if the authors perpetu- existing geographical dictionary. ally proceeded under the terrors of con- The regular publication of the Encstamination. No research has been cioperlia Edinenses will be resumed, exercised; no public measures have and the work completed within the orilicen traced to their right authors; and ginal limits. Part XIX. will be ready the succession of judges, public oflicers, in October. and statesmen, has. beep left in impene. The author of the “Peerage and trable confusion. All is chaos and Baronetage Charts,” “the Secretary's disorder. To develop this theme is the Assistant,” &c. is preparing a Dictionary object of the work it is proposed to of English Quotations, in three parts. write. The purpose of the author is to Part the First, containing Quotatiors review his materials with the samo from Shakspeare, will appear in a few calmness, impartiality, and inflexible days. justice, as if the events of which he is to A Treatise on the Law of Libel, is treat had happened before the universal preparing for publication, by RICHARD deluge, or in one of the remotest islands Mence, e:q. barrister-at-law, in which of the South Sca. He will not con. the general doctrines will be minutely sciously give place in the slightest degree examined, and logically discussed. to the whispers of favour or affection, A Print is announced from the bust nor fear to speak the plain and mware of the late Mr. CHARLES WARREX. nished truth, whoever may reap from it The eighth volume of the Annual honour or disgrace. Such is the Biography and Obituary, comprehendhomage that ought to be paid to the ing memoirs of most of the celebrated genius of history; and such a narrative persons whose deceasc has taken place, is the debt that future ages have a right or may take place, within the present to demand."

year, is in preparation, and will be pube A prospectus and specimen are in lished on the 1st of January, 1824. circulation of a Scientia Biblica, or a The Star in the Fast, with other Copious Collection of Parallel Passages Poems, lvy J. Conder, is printing. for the illustration of the New Testa- Mr. CHARLES WESTMACOTT is about ment, printed in words at length: the to publish a humourous work, called whole so arranged as to illustrate and Points of Misery, with designs by the confirm the different clauses of each ingenious Cruickshank.. verse; together with the text at large, Mr. Shvel, the Irish dramatist, is in Greek and English, the various read- printing an Epic Poem. ings, and the chronology.

Sir EVERARD Home bas discovered Geognostical Essay on the Super- that high notes do not affect animals, position of Rocks in both Hemispheres, but that they are much stimulated by by M. de HUMBOLDT, translated into the low notes played on musical instru. English under his immediate inspection, menis. will be published next month.

Dr. Conquest will soon publish, Capt. A. Cruise, of the 84th regt. Outlines of Midwifery, for the use of bas just ready for publication, Journal Students.



Dr. Ure is preparing a

new and

Early this month will appeartbc ClasTevised edition of Berthollet on Dyeing. sical-monosyllabicalExplanatory Spel

Mr. Lambert is engaged on a Sup- ling-book, containing near 5000 primi plement to his splendid work on Pines. tive monosyllables, arranged rhythmi.

A novel, called the Spacwise, by Mr.' cally, and furnishing materials for the GALT, is in the press.

instructive diversion called Crambo. Thc Newspapers are beginning to A new edition of Ford's Plays arc notice thic Lansdown manuscripts, from also in preparation, by the same editor. which we published a series of selections The Night before the Bridal, and ten years ago.

other Poems, by Miss Gardert, is The Library of Napoleon was lately about to appear in an octavo volume. sold in London. Many of the books An interesting talc will appcar had notes by himself, and they fetched shortly, entitled the Stranger's Grave. high prices. His ornamented walking, James L. DRUMMOND, M.D. surgeon, stick fetched thirty-seven guineas. professor of Anatomy and Physiology in

At the sale of Mr. Nollekin's works, ihe Belfast Academical Institution, has his head of Sterne fetched 58 guincas, in the press a duodecimo volume, entiand of Fox 145 guincas.

tled First Steps to Botany, intended as The Golden Cross, Charing Cross, popular illustrations of the science and the adjoining buildings, are to come leading to its study as a branch of down, and a splendid building erected general education, illustrated with nuon its scite like the Pantheon at Rome. merous wood-cuts.

Mr. BRISTOCKE is preparing the Life Hurstwood, a talc of the ycar 1815, of Howell Harries, esq. founder of the is in the press. cstablishment of Trevecka; and Mrs. A novel is in the press, entitled BRISTOCKE is about to publish a trans- Country Belles, or Gossips Outwitted. lation of the Athaliah of Racine.

An edition is printing in London of The Academy of Sciences of Petersthe Entire Works of Demosthenes and burgh, authorised by the Emperor, bas Æschines, from the text of Rejske, made purchase of the magnificent ca. collated with otlicr editions.

binet of ancient medals, of General The Rev. D. WARR is printing a Suchtelen. It consists of more than Course of Lectures on Bunyan's Pil- cleven thousand picces, in gold, silver, grim's Progress, illustrating its original and bronze, selected with care and characters, &r.

taste, by an enlightened amateur. Mr. Cottle, of Bristol, will soon A special Institute for the study of publis!, Observations on the Orestor the oriental languages has been lately Caves, with engravings of the fossil rc- created, as an adjunct to the College mains of fourteen different animals. of Foreign Affairs. It adınils twenty

Memoirs are printing of the late Capt. young persons, intended to serve as J. Neale, by the Rer. G. BARCLAY. interpreters to the Russian legations int

Mrs. J. TOWNLEY is printing a Letter tlie Levant. The two professors are to the Council of Ten.

Messrs. Demanges and Charmoy, éleves An Account of a Visit to Spain in of the Royal Oriental School of Paris ; 1822-3, by MICHAEL QUIN, esq. will their annual appointments amount to appear in a few days.

six thousand roubles, Mr. BRIYLEY, jun. announces the The Assembly of Rabbis and Elders Natural History of Meteorolites. of Plosko, in Poland, camc lately to a

A Translation of all the Greek, Latin, determination to allow the Jews to cc. Italian, and French, Sentences, Phrascs, Jebrate their Sabbath on the Sunday. &c. which occur in Blackstone's Com- The Polish Israclites are generally almentaries, and also in the notes of lowed to surpass their brethren of other Christian, Archbald, and Williams, is countries in intelligence, attending to in the press

moral and useful instruction, rather than Speedily will be published, Extracts to cabalistical and talmudical dogmata. froņi various Greck Authors, with Eng. lish notes anil lexicon, for the use of According to a decree of government the junior Greck class in the University in the Muvich Journals, the beautiful of Glasgow.

royal domain of Schleiheim is to be A new edition of Shirley's Works, by converted into a school of agriculture, Mr. GIFFORD, is in forwardness. All the pupils to be divided into three the Plays are printed, and a portion of classes. The first, to comprise such as the Pocme.

are intended for subaltern employments,




or any occupations connected with effigies of several Roman emperors, of agriculture; the second, such as, in the third century, (from 250 to 260.) addition to the various processes of some of whom were only acknow. practical agriculture, would acquire ledged by the armies which they comthe knowledge of the correlative arts; 'manded. Among others, appearGalienus; and the third, such as applying them- ' Victorinus the elder; Posthumus the selves chiefly to theory, would inves- elder; Marinus, surnamed Mammurius; tigate, also, the sciences auxiliary to Flavius Claudius; and Salumna, tbe agriculture.

wife of Galicnus. The medals do not There have lately bern discovercd in appear to bave been ever in circulation, a clayey soil, on the banks of the Neckar, and arc very well preserved. near Siuttgard, ossified remains, of extraordinary magnitude, and believed to M. Angelo Mar, prefect of the be those of thic quadruped called Vatican library, has just published a Mammoth.

second cdition of the fragments of the

works of Frontonus. These he had From an oflicial return published of discovered originally in the Ambrosian the birthis, marriages, anul deaths, oc- library of Milan, but be has now consi. curring in Paris in the year 1922, it derably augmented them, by fresti disappears, that of 26,880 children born, 'coveries, made in the treasures of tbe no less than 9,751 were bastards; or Vatican. The literary public will be more than 36 illegitimate children out of highly gratificd to learn, that among every 100: the marriages were 7,157, these angmentations, are more than a and ihe deaths 23,269: in every instance bundred letters of Marcus Aurelius, there is, in these returns, a near ap- Frontonus, and others. This edition proach to equality between the males - is dedicated to thc Pope. and the females, except as to the still. li is intended to establish at Rome born children, of which 795 were males, an English Academy of the Fine Arts. and only 626 females, which seems a The English Academy of London, of singular result.

which Sir Thomas LAWRENCE is preA commission from the Academy of sident, bas already allotted a certain Sciences at Paris, who have been dc- sum for this embellishment, which is to puted to inquire into and report on be kept up by annual subscriptions. the liability to accidents from steam

UNITED STATES. engines, remarks justly," that every Repeating guns have been invented mechanic method carries with it dan- in Aimerica, containing from five to gers; and, for persevering in the employ, twelve charges each, which may be ment of it, it is sufficient that these discharged, in less than two seconds to a dangers do not exceed, notwithstanding charge, with the same accuracy and their possibility, a very slight degree of force as the ordinary fire-arms. The probability.”

number of charges may be extended to The Society of Christian Morals of twcniy, or even forty, if required, withParis have proposed a prize of one out adding any thing to the incumthousand francs, to be a ljudged to the brance of the piece. The principle author of the best memoir, on the fol- applies equally well to muskeis, rifles, lowing question: What means are to fowling-picces, and pistols. These guns be adopted to ensure the final abolition possess all the advantages of the ordiof the Slave Trade, between the coast nary fire-arms, for loading and firing of Africa and the French colonies.single charges, with the additional adMemoirs to be addressed, before the vantage of priining themselves, and first of July 1824, to the president. The keeping in reserve any number of views of the Society arc detailed in its charges that may be required to meet very extensive Program.

any emergency, which charges are as An inhabitant of Chaumont, in the completely under the distinct and scdepartment of Anbe, turned up lately, parate control of the gunner, as a single while labouring in his field with bis charge in the ordinary gan. We wislı plough-share, an ancient carthen pot, the patriots in Spain and Greece bad a containing about four thousand Roman monopoly in them. medals in bronze. They bear the

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ACTS PASSED in the FOURTH YEAR of the Reign of GEORGE The Fourth, or in the

VAP. I. To indemnify such Persons

Cap. XI. For repealing certain of
omilted to qualify themselves for Offices ducing certain other of the said Duties;
and Employments, and for extending the and for relieving Persons who have com-
Time limited for those Purposes respec- pouruled for the same,
tively, until the 25th Day of March

Cap. XII. For the regulating of his 1824 ; to permit such Persons in Great

Majesty's Royal Marine Forces while Briiain as have omitteil to make and file

on Shore. Affidavits of the Execution of Indentures of Clerks to Attornies and Solicitors, to and Desertion; and for the better Pay

Cap. XIII. For punishing Mutiny make and file the same on or byfore the ment of the Army and their Quarters. 1st Day of Hilary Termn 1824; and to

Cap. XIV. To continue for Five allow Persons to make and file such Years, and from thence until the End of Affidavits, although the Persons whom the then 'next Session of Parliament, they served shall have neglected to take Two Acts made in the 47th and 50th out their Annual Certificates.

Years of the Reign of his late Majesty Cap. II. To amend an Act of the King George the Third, for the prelast Session of Parliament, for regu- venting improper Persons from having lating the Trade between his Majesty's Arms in Ireland. Possessions in America and the West

Cap. XV. To continue for Five Indies, and other Parts of the World.

Years, and from thence until the End of Cap. III. For continuing to his Ma- the then next Session of Parliament, anil jesty for One Year certain Duties on

to amend the Laws relating to Yeomanry Sugar, Tobacco, and Snuff Foreign Corps, in Ireland. Spirits, and Sweets, in Great Britain ;

Cap. XVI. To explain so much of and on Pensions, Offices, and Personal the General Turnpike Act, as relates to Estates in England; and for receiving the Toll payable on Carriages laden with the Contributions of Persons receiving Lime for the Improvement of Land. Pensions and holding Offices; for the Cap. XVII. To repeal certain ProService of the Year 1823.

visions of an Act passed in the Third Cap. IV. For raising the Sum of Year of his present Majesty, intituled an Twenty Millions by Exchequer Bills for Act to amend certain "Provisions of the the Service of the Year 1823.

Twenty-sirth of George the Seconil, for Cap. V.

To render valid certain the belter preventing of clandestine MarMarriages.

riages.- March 26. Cap. VI. For applying certain Mo. nies therein mentioned for the Service of is amongst other ihings enacted, that no

$ 1. Whereas by the Act of last year it the Year 1823. Cap. VII. To regulate the Appoint- after the 1st day of Sepiember in the year

licence for any marriage shall, from and ment and Swearing into Office of the of our Lord 1822, be granted by any perChancellor of the Exchequer of Ireland. son having authority to grant the same,

Cap. VIII. To continue until the entil oath shall have been made by the 25th Day of July, 1824, and from thence persons and to the effect required by the to the End of the next Session of Par- said Act, from and after the passing of liament, an Act made in the 541h Year this Act, the herein-before recited proof his late Majesty, for rendering the vision of the said Act, and all and every Payment of Creditors more equal and the enactments and provisions contained expeditious in Scotland.

in that part of the said Act which is subCap. IX. To repeal the Rates, Du- sequent to such herein-before recited proties, and Taxes payable in respect of vision, shall be and the same are hereby Male Servants, Horses, Carriages, and granted by the same persons, and in the

repealed; and licences shall and may be Dogs, in Ireland.

same manner and form, and in the case of Cap. X. To rectify a Mistake in an minors with the same consent, and banos Act, intituled an Act for making and be published in the same manner and maintaining certain Roads and Bridges form, as licences and banns were respecin the Counties of Lanark and Dumbar- tively regulated by the provisions of the ton, in so far as relates to the Application said recited Act of his late Majesty King of certain Ecchequer Bills therein men- George the Second. tioned.

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