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Christian's Quarterly Register, de- announced for publication on the 1st signed to maintain the pure principles of January. of Christianity against priestcraft, or- A volume of Essays on the Manners, thodoxy, and infidelity.

Habits, and Customs, of Bengal, is in Capt. FRANKLIN and Dr. RICHARD- preparation. SON announce a Narrative of their FRANCIS MASERES, esq. Cursitor Overland Journey and Observations Baron of the Exchequer, whose libeduring the late Expedition to the ral exertions for the restoration of Coasts of the Northern American sea. mathematical writers So well Nothing has yet been heard of Capt. known to the mathematical world, bas Parry, who entered the same sea in nearly completed a collection of thoso the spring of 1821.

which relate to optical science. Dr. Thomas is printing a popular Amongst the interesting treatises volume on the Way to Preserve Good which are reprinted in this volume, are Health, and on Domestic Medicine. the Optica promota of James Gregory,

A work called Pharmacopæia Impe- containing the first publication of the rialis is in the press. It is to consist reflecting telescope. The Traité de la of a comparative view of the Pharma- Lumiére of Huggens, and the Lectiones copeeias of London, Edinburgh, and Opticæ of Dr. Barrow, a work which Dublin, in the Latin text, with English bas become exceedingly scarce. Tho Dotes.

work is edited under the superintendA printing press, worked by hand, ance of C. Babbage, esq. F.R.S. &c. has been constructed in London, The fortieth volume of Transactions which is said to equal in velocity and of the Society for the Encouragement exceed in workmanship the steam- of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, engine presses. Two men and three with an analytical index for Volumes boys can print twenty-five sheets in a XXVI. to XL. will be ready for deliminute, with clearness and perfection. very early in January.

Mr. Banks is said to have purchased Popular Tales and Romances of in the island of Elephantana a roll of the Northern Nations, are preparing Papyrus, containing the latter part of for publication, in three volumes. the Iliad, with scholia in the margin. Highways and By-ways, or Tales of It is believed to be of high antiquity. the Roadside, gathered in the French

A Dutchman, of the name of Meer. provinces, by a Walking Gentleman, man, has printed two volumes, quarto, will soon be published. to prove that printing was invented at Prosings, by a Veteran, or the LuHaerlem, and the sapient magistrates cubrations of Humphrey Ravelin, esq. of that city have complimented the late major in the Regiment of author on his performance. Nothing, Infantry, are printing. however, can be more irrelevant than The Theory and Practice of Music, the pretensions either of Haerlem, professionally analysed, for the use of Strasburgh, or Mayence. Printing, the instructor, the amateur, and the like every art, was progressive. The student, will soon be published, by J. first printer was the first man who put NATHAN, author of ihe“ Hebrew Mean inscription on a coin ; the second lodies.” was the improver who reversed the Tales of Old Mr. Jefferson, of Gray's inscription on the dye; the third was Inn, collected by the Young Mr. Jefhe who printed inscriptions on wax, ferson, of Lyon': Inn, will soon appear. so remarkable on our bread-seals; thé Series 1. will consist of-Mandeville, fourth was he who took the impressions or the Voyage; the Welch Cottage, on paper or vellum (a puny variation, or the Woodman's Fire-side; the conferring honour on no one); the Creole, or the Negro's Suicide. fifth and best was composing with December Tales will be published moveable types; the sixth, the re-cast- in a few days. ing them on plates; and the seventh In the course of this month will be and last, priuting with steam. It is published, the Second Part of Mr. therefore to the last degree puerile to Bohn's Bibliographical, Analytical, talk of an inventor of printing.

and Descriptive Catalogue of Books, The Orlando Inamorato, "abridged comprising above sixty thousand vofrom Berni, with specimens, will soon lumes in all languages and classes of be published by W. S. Rose, esq;

literature, accompanied by literary A Monthly Magazine of Music is notices.

Mr. Booth's Letter to Mr. Malthus Value ten guineas, to Mr. James Senior, on the subject of Population, with an for a 6-years old Scotch ox: oil-cake. examination of the late censuses of Value ten guineas, to Mr. Ralph OldGreat Britain and Ireland, will be acres, for a 61 years old Hereford cow : published in the first week of January. after four calves, on oil-cakes. It will contain some remarks on the Garden, for three thirty.two months old

Value fifteen guiveas, to Mr. Richard proposed alteration in the poor laws, new Leicester wethers : turnips. to wbich we shall hereafter draw the

Value ten guineas, to her Grace the attention of our readers.

Duchess of Rutland,' for three 32-months Proposals are issued for the public old new Leicester wethers: Swede turnips 'cation of an uniform edition of the and carrots. Works of Dr. John Owen, to be edited Value fifteen gnineas, to Mr. Stephen by T. Clourt, M.A.

Grantham, for three 32-months old SouthThe unparalleled circumstances of down wethers: Swede turnips. distress in which the cultivators of the

Valne ten guineas, to Mr. John Ellman, soil are placed, have had no effect in jun. for three 32-months old Southdown

wethers: turnips. damping the zeal and ardour of seve ral of ihose wbo, under the auspices for three 22-weeks old Suffolk pigs : bar

Value ten guineas, to Mr. George Dodd, of the great Duke of Bedford in 1798, ley and pea meals. established the Smithfield Club, for

- The judges who awarded these prethe purpose of inducing, by the offer miums were four graziers, viz. Messrs. of premiums, the sending to London, John Buckley, John Hitchins, John at the time of the great market be- Price, and Samuel Sandon ; and to fore Christmas," annually, specimens butchers, viz. Messrs. Robert Curtis of fat cattle, sbeep, and pigs, of as and Michael White. At the mectings many as possible of the differont of the club, the Marquis of Exeter, breeds and varieties of our island, for and sixteen gentlemen, were added to comparison with each other; thereby the list of its members; and 210 guiaffording to the breeders and freders neas were assigned for nineteen preof these important domestie animals, miums at the shew in December nest. in conjunction with the authentio par. The Highland Society of Scotland ticulars certified, (as to breeders' and have, in the year wbich is passed, orifeeders' names, breeds, ages, feeding, gipated a similar society in Edinburgh, &c.) the means of judging, which par- who have proposed, a few days before ticular description of animals will, by the present Christmas, to distribute at their proneness to early size and matu- their first exhibition ten premiums, rity, as to fatuens, afford good profits amounting to seventy-five guineas, for to them, and at the same time benefit fat oxen. Thus it is, that one of the the public, by causing “plenty of the most sensible classes in the country cheapest and best meat;“ and that, in silently rebuke the puerilities of minisspite of adverse circumstances, the ters, as to “over-production,” which club is still numerous, and its financos this class know not to exist, save of in a respectable state. Tho-show this the class of state annuitants, penyear, as usual, took place in Goswell- sioners, and placemen, who are crushstreet, on the 13th, 14th, and 16th of ing the industrious of every class to December; and, both for the number the earth. and excellency of the animals exhibit- Dr. Yates announces a work on the ed, is believed to have never been Establishment, Patronage, and Preexceeded: on the latter day the crowd eminence, of the Church Establishof visitors was proportionally great. ment. The premiums were awarded and

On the 13th will be published, No. L. delivered at the annual dinner at the of a new literary work, to be entitled, conclusion of the show, in plate, bear. Res Literariæ, or Monthly Journal of ing suitable inscriptions, viz.

Foreign and Domestic Literature, Value fiftceu guineas, to Mr. Edward

The Belfast newspaper informs us, Lucas, for a 5-years old Hereford ox: whose fatieving had been completed by of Mr. Campbell's edition of Ossian,

that, in consequence of the publication oil-cake.

Value ten guineas, to Mr. Joseph Lucas, researches have been made in that for a ditto.

town; and in an oaken chest, sound in Valne fifteen guineas, to Mr. Ralph the ruins of an ancient abbey, a Oldacres, for a 3 years old Devon ox: copy of Ossian has been discovered of oil-cake fed.

the fisteenth century, and also a theo


logical work, written on six hundred be added several cases of deaf and pages of vellum, and two others. The dumb, in which much effective aid has theological work is in possession of T. been administered. Millar, esq. of Carrickfergus, and is a The first part of the Cabinet of Porfine specimen of early penmanship. traits will appear on the 1st of JanuThe copy of Ossian confirms the doc- ary, containing-Burns, engraved by trines of Mr. Campbell, and will throw Scriveno; Corneille, by Thomson ; new lights on that celebrated con- Shaw, the Linnean professor, by troversy.

Cooper; Bishop Sherlock, by FreeAmerican invention seems to rival man; and the late President West, that of England and Germany. The by Meyer; accompanied by Biogranames of Fulton and Perkins are fol- phical Sketches, by ROBERT Scott, lowed by that of Church. This last author of "the History of the Reign gentleman is now in London, and, in of George the Third." A Part, conconcert with our machinists, is con- taining five prints, will appear every structing an apparatus, which, if suc- month. cessful, will improve the art of print- A Sequel to the Unpublished Manuing as much as printing itself was an script of Henry Kirke White's, is preimprovement of copying with the pen. paring, by the author of “the Wonders His improvement extends to casting, of the Vegetable Kingdom Displayed." as well as composing; and, by simpli- The Antiquities of Free-masonry, fying the casting process, and saving comprising illustrations of the five the expense of distributing, he pro- grand periods of masonry, from the poses to composc always from new creation of the world to the dedicatypes, re-melting after the edition is tion of King Solomon's Temple, will worked off. The re-casting for every soon be published, by G. Oliver, vicar new composition is connected with of Clec. the regular laying of the types; and, The History and Topography of when thus laid, it is intended to com- London and its Environs, to correspose, by means of keys like those of a' pond with Pinnock's County Histories, piano-forte, each key standing for a with a map of twenty-five miles round letter or letters. By these means the metropolis, is preparing for puberrors would be avoided in the compo- lication. sition, and the progress would be far Rassela Principe d'Abissinia, opera more rapid than at present.

del Signor Dottor Johnson, will soon Pulpit Orations, Lectures, and Ser- appear. mons, delivered in the Caledonian An Introduction to the Hebrew LanChurch, Hatton Garden, by the Rev. guage, by W. Heinemann, professor E. Ieving, a.m. in one volume, octavo, of the Hebrew and German Lan

guages, and author of“ the Catechism The Actress, or Countess and No of Hebrew Grammar," "an IntroducCountess, a novel, in four volumes, by tion to German Reading,” will be pubthe author of “ Malcolm,” “ Douglas,"

lished in January. &e. will be published in January, Early in January will be published,

The Noble Pilgrim, a novel, in three Relics of Literature, by S. Collet, volumes, by W. GARDINER, author of A.m. in octavo, with a frontispiece of " the Story of Pigou,” &c.; also, Ed- autographs of eminent characters. ward Williamson, a narrative, by the

The Lives of Scottish Poets are ensame author, will shortly be published. tirely completed, and will be ready in

Mr. GRANT, of Crouch End, has in a few days, in three volumes, with the press, and nearly ready for publi- thirty portraits. cation, a pew edition of his Institutes The Orlando Furioso of Ariosto, of Latin Grammar, revised and consi- translated by W. S. Rose, cantos i derably augmented.

and 2, foolscap octavo, will soon be lo a sermon lately preached for the published. benefit of the Royal Dispensary for

Memoirs of the Life of Rossini are Diseases of the Ear, it was stated that, in the press, with an bistorical and since the establishment of the charity critical account of his compositions, in 1816, upwards of 3,750 patients and an historical sketch of the state of aflicted with deafness, or other dis- music in Italy, from the beginning of cases of the ear, have been received, the present century to the year 1822, the greater number of whom have or the era of Rossini, by the author of beeu cured or relieved; to which may the Lives of Haydn and Mozart.

are in the press.


In a few days will be published, and confidential, of Napoleon Bonaparte, with twenty-six engravings, a Narra- 7 vols. 8vo. tive of a Voyage round the World in

V. The Notes in the volume entitled the Uranie, Capt. Freycinet, dispatch

“ La Battaile d'Austerlitz,” by the Aused on a scientific expedition by the trian general, Baron Stutterheim. 8vo. French government during the years of the Bourbons in 1815. Memoirs of

VI. Manuscript of the Isle of Elba. 1817, 18, 19, and 20, in a series of let. Napoleon, Book IX. ters to a friend, by J. ARAGO, draftsman VII. On the Education of Princes of to the expedition.

the Blood of France.

VIII. Notes to the Moniteur, on the A General and Universal Bulletin Translations from the English Journals of Scientific Intelligence and Notices, which were submitted to him. dedicated to the learned of all coun- IX. An Essay, for a prize given by the tries, and to national and foreign li- Academy at Besançon. braries, published under the direction X. A History of Corsica, in 2 vols. of the Baron De FerUSSAC, is an

12mo. When in garrisou at Auxonne, in nounced in Paris. Its object is to 1790, he invited M. Joly to come and

negotiate for printing the work. Bonaparte make known: - Ist. All kinds of writings published upon

the sciences

occupied in the Pavillon a chamber, al

most empty, its furniture being a bad bed, properly so called, general and parti- a table set in the window, covered wib cular treatises, dissertations, essays, books and papers, and two chairs. One particular memoirs, maps, plans, en- of his brothers slept on a mattress in an gravings, and lithographs. 2dly. Every adjoining apartment. They agreed upon interesting fact, of whatever nature it the price; but Bonaparte was sent to may be, which shall have been insert- Toulon, and the work was never printed. ed in any periodical or daily journal. XI. Report on a Polygraphical Instru. 3dly. Whatever scientific news private ment, for printing Circulars with rapidity.

XII. Count Dzialinski has a mapu. correspondence may furnish, divided into three sections: ist. Advertise- script of from thirty to forty folio pages, ments of works; 2d. Extracts from the many documents on the history of the

verified to be Bonaparte's, containing journals; 3d. Scientific news, or ex

times, from about the year 1790 to the tracts from private correspondence. conimencement of the war in Italy. It will be commenced in January XIJI. The Manuscripts of his History 1823, and a number will be published and public Life, written at St. Heleva, in at the end of every month, consisting possession of his Testamentary Executors. of from eight to ten sheets.

GERMANY. The late Emperor of France was General Menu having succeeded, the author of the following works :- under the protection of Mebemed-Ali

J. Letter of M. Bonaparte to M. Matteo Pacha, in collecting Egyptian antiButtafuoco, deputy from Corsica to quitics, had them carefully packed in the National Asseinbly, 1790. Signed ninety-seven cases, and shipped them * Bonaparte," and dated “Cabinet of for Hamburgh; but the vessel sunk in Milleli, the 28th January, second year of liberty,” 1790. It consists of twenty-eight and Cuxhaven.

a gale of wind, between Heligoland pages, octavo, and issued from the press of M. Fr. X. Joly, printer at Dôle, when Bonaparte was lientenant

in the regiment has published at Tauris a handsome

Mirza Djiaffar, a young Persian, of La Fère. He corrected the last proof sheets himself, and used to walk to edition of Gulistan de Sâady, the types pôle for that purpose, setting out from of which, small and elegantly formed, Auxonne at four o'clock in the morning, were cut by himself. and, after his literary labour, partaking of A Turkish and an Italian press are a breakfast with M. Joly, from whose establishing at Alexandria, and also a house he walked back to his garrison by Lyceum, under the superintendance noon; the distance is eight post leagues. of Nureddin Effendi. M. Amanthon, of Dijon, has a copy, given

ISLAND OF HAYTI. by the author to a female of Auxonne. II. The Supper of Beaucaire. Avignon, duct a journal, under the title of Hey,

Some Haytians have united to conSabin Journal, 1793. Octavo, and ano

tian Propagator; and they will insert nymous.

III. General and Complete Collection articles on politics, sciences, literaof the Letters, Proclamations, Speeches, ture, and the useful arts. It is to Messages, &c. of Napoleon le Grand. contain sixteen or twenty octavo pages. 2 vols. 8vo.

and will appear the 1st and 15th of IV, Inedited Correspondence, official every month.





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REPORT of the COMMITTEE of the House Number of Persons Committed, Convicted, of Cousons on the CRIMINAL LAWS. Sentenced, Acquitted, 8c. in 1810 and 1818.

1818. NOR the conduct of this Commit.

Committed for Trial: tee, and for its able and laborious


•3,733 11,335 Report, the world is indebted to the


1,415 2,232 unwearied industry and enlightened spirit of Sir James Mackintosh. We


-5,146 13,567 have already submitted some extracts to our readers, and we now introducle Convicted and Sentenced : some of the varied information con- To death*

476 1,254 tained in the invaluable Appendix. Transportation for life....

122 On the subject of criminal law, we

14 years

31 236 differ radically from many of our mo

10 years dern statesmen. We do not think

7 years 526 1,692 that crimes against property are gene

Imprisonment, and severally rally committed from a propensity to

to be whipped, tined, pillo

ried, kept to hard labour, crime, but from the pressure of so- &c. &c.: ciety, and the difficulty of obtaining 5 years ... subsistence. Hence the increase of 4 years crimes in bad times, and hence the 3 years increase of juvenile offenders for want 2 years, and above 1 year 138

259 of employment. We think, too, that 1 year, & above 6 months, 424 1,026 punishments are too indiscriminate, 6 months, and under, 1,597 4,195 and that the accidental offender ought Whipping, and fine

118 233 to be treated very differently from old and often-convicted ones.


3,158 8,958 that the forms of trial should be con. No Bills found, and not pro


1,130 2,622 ducted with more regard to defence


858 1,987 than is now practised. Till these points are better regulated, our sym


5,146 13,567 pathy will overbalance our indignation against the objects of legal coer- * Of whom were executed 67 97 cion.




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Arson, and other wilful Burning of Property
Pigamy .
Cattie Stealing

Maliciously Killing and Maiming
Child Stealing
Com, Counterfeiting the Carrent

putting off and uttering Counterfeit

ditto (having been convicted as com-
mon utterers)
Embezzlement (by Servants).
Forgery, and Uttering
Forged Bank-notes, having in possession, &c.
Frame Breaking, and Destroying Machinery
Fraudulent Offences
Game Laws, Offences against
Housebreaking in the Day-time, and Larceny
Larceny, simple..

- in Dwelling houses, to the value of 40s.
in Shops, &c. privately, to the value

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Horse Stealing


47 2,269


129 110 130 150 6,459



68 3,530


208 144 168

207 9,303


of 5s.

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Carried forward MONTALY Mag. No. 376.


4 A


11,717 Bron

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