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with those of Epsom Salts, &c.; by Robt.

Essays on the Love, the Poetry, and the Venables, M.B. Xs. 6d.

Character, of Petrarch. 8vo. 198. A View of the Structure, Functions, and

Authentic Records of the Guild Mer. Disorders, of the Stomach; by Thoinas chant of Preston, in the County of LsiHare, F.J.,S, 8vo. 128.

caster, in 1822; by J. Wilcocksoo, plates. Practical Observations on the Symptoms 8vo. 58. and Treatment of some of the most Com

The Cottager's Manual for the Managemon Diseases of the Lower Intestines; by ment of his Bees for every Month in the Jo!. Howship. 8vo. 88. 6d.

Year; by Robt. Huish, esq. 12mo 3x, bus. Aridress to Parents on

the present

NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. State of Vaccination. Ss.

German Popular Stories, translated from Practical Observations on the Treat the Kinder und Hausmarchen of M. M. ment and Cure of Pulmonary Consump- Grimm. With an Introduction and Notes, tion; by Sir Alexander Crichton. 8vo. 8s. and 12 plates by G. Cruikshank. 1?mo. 75.

Iliustrations of the Enquiry respecting Isabella, by the author of Rhoda. 3 rol. Tuberculous Diseases; by John Baron, 12mo. 245. 8vo. 15s.

Man, or Anecdotes National and Indi. The two last Numbers of the Medical vidual; by Mary Ann Hedge. 1?mo. 45.ou. Spectator. 1s. 6d. each.

A Threatening Letter from Douglas A Treatise on Dislocations and on the author of No Fiction) to Le Fevre, Fractures of the Joints. 4to. 11.118. 60. with Le Fevre's Reply. 8vo.

A Treatise on 'he Radical Cure of The Story of Pigou, a Malay Boy; by Hernia ; by W. Dufour. 58.

W. Gardiner, Zs. History and Method of Cure of the The Fortnight's Visit: containing origi. various species of Palsy; by John Cooke. nal, moral, and interesting, Tales; by W. 8vo. 8s.

Gardiner. Dr. Faithhorn on Diseases of the Liver Original Tales from My Landlord; by and Biliary System; comprehending those W. Gardiner. various, extensive, and often complicated, The Lollards, a Tale, 3 vol. 1mo. Ils. Disorders of the Digestive, Internal 'The Percy Anecdotes. Part 37, IoOrgans, and Nervous System, originating genuity.. 18mo. 28. 6d. from these Sources ; the fifth edition, with Who is the Bridegroom? or Nuptial an Appendix of Cases, illustrative of the Discoveries; by Mrs. Green. 3 vol. 168. 6d. principles of Treatment. vo. 9s. boards. Moscow, or the Grandsire, an Historical

Tale. 3 vol. 18s.

The Entail; or the Lords of Grippy.
The Retrospective Review. No. XII. 58. 3 vol. 12mo. 218.
A Second Series of the Curiosities of

Ballantyne's Novelist's Library: conLiterature; by J. d’Israeli, esq. 3 vol. taining Gil Blas, the Devil on Two Sticks, 8vo. 36s.

and Vanillo Gonzales; by Le Sage; and A Memoir of the Operations of the the Adventures of a Guinea ; by C. JohnAllied Armies under Prince Schwartzen- stone. 283. berg and Marshal Blucher, in 1813-14; A New England Tale, 'reprinted from by a general officer. 8vo. 218.

the second American edition. 12mo. Os A Comment on the Divine Comedy of Tales of my Father and my Friends. Dante Alghieri. 8vo. 18s.

12mo. Fifteen Years in India, or Sketches of a

ORNITHOLOGY. Soldier's Life. 8vo. 14s.

Illustrations of British Ornithology, Sketches of Field Sports, as followed by First Series; by J. P.Selby, esq. 11.11s.od. the Natives of India; by Daniel Johnson. and 51. 58. 8vo. 8s.

POETRY. The Spirit of Buncle, or the surprising The Enchanted Flute, with other Poems; Adventures of John Buncle, esq. 2 vol. and Fables from La Fontaine ; by E. P. 12mo. 8s. 6d.

Wolferstan. 8vo. The Bride's Tragedy; by Thomas Lovell The Press, or Literary Chit-Chat. A Beddoes. 8vo. 4s, 6d.

Satire. Foolscap 8vo. An Introduction to the Study of Con- The Temple of Truth, an Allegorical chology; by Samuel Brooks, F.L.S. Poem. 8vo. 4to. 31. 10s.

The Vale of Apperley, and other Ude's French Cook. Seventh edi. Poems. 8vo. 68. tion. 14s.

An Ode on the Death of Napoleou Letters to Sir Walter Scott on the Bonaparte; Lines on the Neapolitans, and Moral and Political Character and Effects other Poems. Svo. 3s, of the King's Visit to Scotland. 8vo. vs. 60. The Story of our First Parents, selected The Magic Lantern. 2s,

from Miltou's Paradise Lost; by Mrs. The Golden Ass, and Philosophical Siddons. 8vo. 55. 6d. Works of Apuleius. Translated by Thomas Zapbna; or the Amulet, a Poem; by Taylor, esq. 8vo. 158.

Isabel Hill. Fcap. 8vo. 55. sewed.


The Beauties of Scottish Poets, Ancient

THEOLOGY. and Modern. No. I. 8d.

Friday Evening, or an attempt to prove Rogvald, an Epic Poem; by J. E. that we are now Living in the sixth Day Pennie. 8vo. 12s.

of the Millenary Week. 18. 6d. The Republic of the Ants, a Poem; A General and Historical View of illustrated with Notes. es. 6d.

Christianity; by George Cook, v.D. &c. The Goldfinch, or Plcasing Vocal Com- 3 vol. 8vo. 369. panion. 28. 6d.

Sermons, selected and abridged from the Poetic Pastime. 12mo. 65.

Works of Archbishop Tillotson ; by the Clontarf, a Poem; hy W. H. Drummond. Rev. J. Dakins. 4 vols. 8vo. 20s.

The Poetical Works of the Rev. George A Sermov, preached at Rochester at the Crabbe. 5 vol. 8vo, 21. 128. 60.--8 vol. Visitation of the Lord Bishop of the fcap. 850. 21.

Diocese. 8vo. 13. 6d. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Chart of the Episcopacy of England

A Letter on the Present State and and Wales, on a roller. 21s. Fatare Prospects of Agriculture ; by W.

TOPOGRAPHY. Wbitmore, esq. m.P. 28. 6.

The Reading Guide and Berkshire Sketch of a Simple, Original, and Prac. Directory for 1823. tical, Plan for suppressing Mendicity,

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. abolishing the present System of Taxation, Scholz's Travels in Egypt and Lybia in and ameliorating the Condition of the 1821 : forming Part IV. Vol. VIII. of the Lower Classes of Society.

Journal of Voyages and Travels. 3s. 6d. REPRINTS.

sewed. 4s. boards. Sir Robert Naunton's Fragmenta Rega. Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Cos. lia, or Court of Queen Elizabeth. A new toms discoverable in Modern Italy and edition : corrected by the original MSS. Sicily; by the Rev. J. J. Blunt. 8vo. With Notes, and a Life of Naunton ; eight 9s. 6d! portraits. Small 8vo. 12s. 6d.; demy, 218, Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola

The Genuine Remains, in Prose and and Senuaar. 8vo. 98. 6d.
Verse, of Samuel Butler. ' With Notes by A Journey to Two of the Oases of Upper
R. Thyer. Part II. Six plates. 8vo. 98.; Egypt; by Sir Archibald Edmonstone.
royal 8vo. 183.

8vo. 10s. 6d.

An Historical and Topographical Essay An Accurate Table of the Population of upon the Islands of Corfii, Leucadia, the British Empire in 1821 ; specifying all Cephalonia, Ithaca, and Zante; by William the Cities and Boroughs in Great Britain, Goodison, A.B. 8vo. 128. with every other Parish or Place, contain: Letters from Mecklenburgh and Holing Two Thousand Inhabitants or Up- stein ; by George Downes, A.B.

10s. 6d. wards, &c. Printed on double demy Notes during a Visit to Mount Sinai; by paper, 5s, or op fine paper of a very large Sir Frederick Henniker, bart. size, 75.



Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign.

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11 10

Y the late population returns,

Durham ...

... 84 Northumberland

83 land, in every ten thousand of the


82 population


76 Males.


75 1538 are under 5 years of age, and 1444 While, in Lancashire, they are 39 1943...... between 5 and 10......1268

in Surrey..

38 1169.... between 10 and 15 • 1056 And in Middlesex but

26 988.... between 15 and 20 .... 995 And those who are from 90 to 100: 1470.... between 20 and 30 ....1684 Northumberland numbers 1155.... between S0 and 40 ....1210 North Riding: 941.... between 40 and 50 933


9 636.... between 50 and 60 653

Dorset 418.... between 60 and 70 .... 458 Again, of centenariansbetween 70 and 80 ... 228

Durham contains 1 in 13,000 56.... between 80 and 90


Hereford 1 in 24,000 4.... between 90 and 100


Warwick 1 in 26,000 With only 1 male in 80,000 above 100, and Worcester......1 in 28,000 1 female in 50,000 above 100.

In Wales the sexes average 89 between In particular counties the great ages 80 and 90, and 9 between 90 and 100. much vary. Thus there are males between In Scotland the sexes average but 67 80 and 90, in

between 80 and 90, and only 7 between The N. Riding of Yorkshire 91 90 and 100. MONTHLY Mag. No. 376.



3 Z

Iu London the average between 80 and ought to be corrected by public opi90 is 27, and between 90 and 100 but 2f in nion, and not by the interference of every 10,000,

law. In this case public opinion had London contains 1,225,694 resident in- decided, and the publication in queshabitants, besides 50,000 visitors and sea- tion had become harmless by not bemen. The females exceeding the males ing read, -just like its precursor, the by 85,000. The inhabited houses were

Vision of Judgment, which lead sunk 164,681; and the number of families 287,101. 3,299 houses were building, and still-born, and would never have been 8,246 were unoccupied.

read beyond the month of its publica

Nothing Within a radius of eight miles of St. tion, but for its travesty. Paul's, the surface over which the po- but the irritability of genius could pulation of Paris is taken, the numbers have stimulated Lord Byron to reply are 1,481,500), or double that of Paris, and to the Laureate : it was an eagle enterperhaps equal to that of ancient Ronie in ing into formal contact with a tom-tit! its greatest prosperity,

His lordship has, however, brought a In eight-ninths of the population of whole rookery upon him, and the exGreat Britain, there are 34,964 males and pected tragi-comedy at Westminster, 48,049 females between 80 and 90; 2,873 in creating great public interest, will males and 4,046 females between 90 and 100; and 100 males and 191 females above at least serve the purpose of a thousand

puffs and advertisements. If the ge100.

In Great Britain there are 2,429,630 nius of certain modern scribblers tranhouses inhabited; 21,679 building; and scends in any thing, it is in the art of 82,304 unoccupied.

rendering themselves notorious, and The families employed in agriculture in profiting by the gullibility of their are 978,656, and those in trade, manufac- cotemporaries, whatever may be their ture, and handicraft, are 1,350,739; other reputation with posterity. families are 612,488. The total popula- A Narrative is in the press of the tion being 14,391,631.

Operations of the Left Wing of the The demand for the Dictionary of Allied Army, in the Western !'yrenees History, the first of a series of separate and South of France, in the years dictionaries destined to constitute a 1813-14, under the Marquess of WelMethodical Cyclopædia, having far lington, comprising the passage of the exceeded the preparation of copies, Bidassoa, Nivelle, Nive and Adour, and the necessary boarding and bind- the blockade of Bayonne, &c. illusing of several hundred volumes re- trated by numerous plates of mounquiring many days; it has been judged tain and river scenery, views of Fonmore expedient to defer the general tarabia, Irun, St. Jean de Luz, and delivery till the 15th of January, than Bayonne, with plans, &c. drawo and to create confusion and dissatisfaction etched by Capt. Batty, of the Grenaby the partial delivery which must dier Guards, F.R.s. and member of the have taken place on the 1st of Janu- Imperial Russian Order of St. Anne. ary, as proposed. Under these cireum

Proposals are circulated for pubstances, the second volume, containing lishing by subscription, in one volume Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology, royal quarto, Meinoirs of Mr. John will be delayed till the 1st of March, Debrett, and the History and Literaa delay which will be advantageous, ture of his Times, from original dobecause it will afford the public more cuments and papers prepared for pubtime to estimate the merits and claims lication by Mr. John Debrett some of the work.

time previous to his death ; compreFor the honour of the age, it grieves bending a period of forty-five years, us to learn, that the first number of from the year 1777 to the year 1822 the Liberal bas had an indictment pre- inclusive, and containing original pared against it by certain busy bodies, anecdotes, biographical sketches, corand that a Grand Jury have returned respondence, and several unpublisha true bill against the publisher. We ed productions of the most distinhave not been among the approvers of guished literary and political characthe empirical spirit with which the ters of the time. The whole arranged rival rhymesters of the hour seek to with a brief memoir of the history of quack themselves into vulgar cele- literature of the last century, and biobrity, and we therefore do not justify graphical notices of the most celethe bad taste with which they have brated booksellers distinguishing the severally blended religion with their same period. The press will be stridiculous controversies; but bad taste perintended by Mr. William Earle,


origin of

and twenty-six portraits will be intro- Mr. Huish intends to publish in a duced of eminent persons. Of Mr. short time, Letters to my Daughters Debrett's opportunities and capabili- on the most important Truths of Reties, we

can speak from personal velation. The same author has also knowledge.

in the press, Remarks on the Queen Mr. Horner is about to publish an Bee, in answer to the “Observations illustrated prospectus of bis Panoramic on Bees” of the Rev. Mr. Dunbar, of View of London from the summit of Applegarth. St. Paul's, containing various engra- Mr. T. E. EVANS is engaged in vings, showing the superior advan- translating a Collection of the Constitages of the cathedral as a central tutions, Charters, and Laws, of the point of view, including a geometrical various Nations of Europe and of section (fifty inches by thirty) of that North and South America, with hisedifice, with the north and south sides torical sketches of the of the church-yard, and exhibiting the their · liberties and political instituascent from the base, through the cir- tions, from the French of Messrs. P. cular stair-case, the dome, and the A. Dufau, J. B. Doworgin, and J. scaffolding, to the observatory erected Guadet. The first volume, containing above the ball and cross, from wbich the rise and progress of the governthe drawing was taken. It will also ments of France and the Netherlands, contain an account of the origin, pro- will appear very shortly, and the regress, and completion of the under. maininy volumes will be published taking; and of the extensive range of periodically. the metropolis, its suburbs, and sur- Tho author of " the Wonders of the rounding seenery, which form the sub- Vegetable Kingdom displayed,” is jects of the engravings intended to be preparing the Wonders of Conchology published.

displayed, with a description of corals, The Rev. W. BUCKLAND is printing spunges, &c. in a series of letters. a description of what he empirically In a few days will be published, Tocalls an Antediluvian Den of Hyenas, pographical and Historical Sketches discovered at Kirkdale in Yorkshire, of the Boroughs of East and West in 1821, containing the remains of the Looe, in Cornwall, with an account of hyena, tiger, bear, elephant, rhinoce- the natural and artificial curiosities and tos, hippopotamus, and sixteen other picturesque scenery of the neighbouranimals, all formerly natives of this hood, by T. Bond. country, with a comparative view of GRANGER's Biographical History of many similar caverns and dens in England, from Egbert the Great to England and Germany, and a sum- the Revolution, is reprinting, in six mary account of the evidence of dilu- vols. octavo, with the addition of nearly vial action afforded by the form of hills four hundred new lives, communicated and valleys, and the general dispersion expressly

for this work to the late Mr. of beds of gravel and loam, contain- William Richardson, by Horace Waling similar bones, over great part of pole Earl of Orford, David Dalrymple the northern hemisphere. The Reve- Lord Jailes, Sir William Musgrave, rend Professor crrs in supposing and bart. James Bindley, esq. and several asserting that these congregated bones other celebrated collectors and antiformed part of a den! The gradual quaries. A few copies will be printed retiring of the sca, and successions of on royal octavo, and a few on folio, to meeting tides, woull necessarily ac- accommodate those who may be incumulate bones, &c. on particular clined to illustrate the work; but the spots; and the same effect may be impression is limited to a very small constantly witnessed on all points number. among sand-hills on our coasts. The Don Carlos, a tragedy, translated animals might even go to such spots and rendered into verse, from the for safety, or for food washed tbere. German of Schiller, and adapted for

Researches in the South of Ireland the English stage, is in the press. are preparing, illustrative of the sce- A prospectus has been published of nery, architectural remains, manners, a Map of Hampshire, upon an entirely and superstitions, of the peasantry, new principle, and upon a larger scalo from personal observations, ancient than any map of the same extent ever authorities, and original manuscripts, before published. It will be accom

panied by a complete topographical



description of the county, compiled The State of the Cape of Good Hope from the best and latest authority, by in July 1822, will soon be published. Mr. N. LIPSCOMB Kentish, of Win- Observations on the Diverse Treat. chester, civil engineer and surveyor. ment of Gonorrhoea Virulenta, with It will appear in periodical numbers particular reference to the use of diuor sheets.

retics, purgatives, and piper cubeba, Shortly will be published, in octavo, or Java pepper, will soon be repubDiary of a Journey through Southern lished from the London Medical ReIndia, Egypt, and Palestine, in the pository, with additional remarks, by years 1821 and 1822, by a Field Ofli. Mr. Jas. Morss CHURCHILL, fellow of cer of Cavalry.

the Royal College of Surgeons. Mr. John DUNLOP, author of the A Series of Views in Spain and “ History of Fiction,” has nearly ready Portugal are preparing, to illustrate the for publication, the History of Roman * History of the late War in Spain Literature, from the earliest periods and Portugal,” by Robert Soutbey, to the Augustan age.

esq. drawn on stone by W. WESTALL, In the course of the present month, A.R.A. to consist of three parts, quarto; will appear, a new edition of the Saxon and Part I. containing eight views ilChronicles, with an English transla- lustrative of Vol. I. will be published tion, and notes, critical and explana- in January. tory, by the Rev. J. INGRAM, fellow of A biographical work is announced, Trinity College, Oxford, and late under the title of the Cambrian Pla Saxon Professor in the University of tarch, from the pen of Mr. J. H. PARRY, Oxford.

editor of “the Cambro-Briton." SHARON TURNER, esq. F.S.A. is about Mr. Westall is employed on a seto publish, in quarto, the third volume ries of drawings to illustrate the Sketch of his much esteemed and elaborated Book. History of England, embracing the In a few days will appear, Part I. Middle Ages.

containing the Tempest, (dedicated In a few days will appear, Views of with permission to Earl Spencer,) a Ireland, moral, political, and religious, new edition of Sbakspeare in 48mo. by J, O'DRISCOL, esq.

from the text of Johnson, Stevens, and The third volume of Transactions of Reid, beautifully printed by Corrall, the Literary Society of Bombay is with new letter cut expressly for the printing.

work; each play to be illustrated with The Rev. Mr. Dibdin is going to a fine engraving from the designs of press with a new and enlarged edition Stothard, and other eminent masters. of his Introduction to the Classics. A poem will make its appearance in

A new work on English Composition a few days, entitled Falearo, or the is about to appear, entitled the Eng- Neapolitan Liberal. The work is lish Master, or Student's Guide to written in cantos, in the stanza of Reasoning and Composition, by W. “Don Juan,” and containing satirical, BANKS.

humourous, and quizzical, remarks on A Narrative of a Tour through the the principal personages and instituMorea, giving an account of the pre- tions of Great Britain. The author sent state of the Peninsula and its in- announces himself as a member of habitants, by Sir Wm. Gell, is just “the Satanic School.” ready for publication.

A Spanish quarterly magazine is T. Parx, esq. F.S.A. is engaged on about to appear, under the title of a new edition of Walpole's Catalogue Variedades o Mensagero de Londres, the of Royal and Noble Authors.

first number of which is expected to Early in January will be published, appear in January. In this miscellany the Annual Biography and Obituary every thing that can tend to infame for the year 1823.

party spirit will be carefully avoided, Mrs. HOFFland has in the press a and it will be equally adapted for cir. new tale, entitled Integrity.

culation in old Spain and in her late Shortly will be published, a Letter colonies. Each number will contain to the Right Rev.Dr. Milver, Catholic about one hundred large pages, and Archbishop, on the controversy be- be illustrated with twelve coloured tween Messrs. Lawrence, Abernethy, engravings. and Rennell, on the subject of the On the 1st of January will be pubhuman soul, and on organization, lished, No. I. of the Freethinking


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