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opinions of eminent practitioners, with POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. instructions for the process of leeching, Considerations on the Accumulation of and an Appendix; by Rees Price, m.v. Capital, and its Effects on Profits, and on 1fmo. Ss. 6d.

Exchangeable Value. 2s. 60. La Beaume on the Air-Pump, Vapour- Letters to a Member of Parliament on Bath, and Galvanism, in the Cure of the Character and Writings of Baron Swe Disorders of the Stomach, Liver, Bowels, denborg; by the Rev. J. Clowes. 48. &c. 68.

A Compendium of Finance: containing A complete Catalogue of Books and an Account of the origin and present state Pamphlets on Anatomy, Botany, Chemise of the Public Debts, Revenue, &c.; by B. try, Materia Medica, Medicine, Mid- Cohen. 8vo. 11, 7s. wifery, Mineralogy, Physiology, Surgery, Thoughts on the Greek Revolution; by Veterinary Surgery, &c.; by John Cox, C. B. Sheridan. 8vo. 3s. Berner's-street, Oxford-street.

A Manifesto to the Spanish Nation, and La Beaume on the Medical Efficacy of especially to the Cortes for the years 1822 Electricity ia Nervous and Chronic Disor- and 1823, respecting the causes which have ders. 108.

paralyzed the progress of the Spanish Re. The Dublin Hospital Reports and Com- volution, and the operations of the Cortes manications in Medicine and Surgery. for 1820 and 1821, and pointing out their Vol. III. 8vo. 13s.

future consequences; by the Citizen Jose A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Morena Guerra, deputy for the province Heart; by H, Reeder, M.D. physician to of Cordova: translated from the Spanish. the South London Dispensary, &c. 25. 6d. MISCELLANIES.

A Letter on the Present State and FaDescription of a Tread Mill for the Em- ture Prospects of Agriculture : addressed ployment of Prisoners. 8vo. 3s.

to the Agriculturists of the County of The Practical Confectioner : embracing Salop; by W. W. Whitmore, esq. m.P. the whole system of pastry and confec. 25. 60. tionery, consisting of 260 receipts; by Jas. Economical Enquiries relative to the Cor. 1?mo. 83.

Laws regulating Rent, Profit, Wages, and Part XXXIV. of the Percy Anecdotes; the Value of Money; by T. Hopkins. coutaining Anecdotes of Music. 18mo.

THEOLOGY. s. 6d.

The Doctrine of the Scriptures concernThe Brighton Annual Directory and ing the Divine Trinity, Regeneration, and Fashionable Guide; by T. H. Boore. 12mo. Good Works, contrasted with prevailing

A few Plain Answers to the Question, misconceptions: with preliminary remarks “Why do you receive the Testimony of on the meaning of the New Jerusalem; bethe Hon. E. Swedenborg?” 4th edit, 6d. ing a Missionary Lecture delivered at DoA cheap edition, 4d.

ver, by the Rev. S. Noble. 18. Sabstance of the Speech delivered by Asaph, or the Herruhutters: being a the Rer. T. Gisborne, M.A. on laying the Rhythmical Sketch of the Principal Events Foundation stone of the new Church at and most remarkable Institutions in the Barton-upon-Trent, Sept. 11, 1822: with Modern History of the Church of the a particular account of the ceremony upon Unilas Fratrum, conmonly called Morathat occasion. 6d.

vians; by one of its Members. 12mo. NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. 3s. 6d. The Uncles, or Selfishness and Libera. An Historical Epitome of the Old and lity; by Zara Wentworth. 3 vols. 12mo. New Testaments, and part of the Apocry. 16s. 6d.

pha, in which the events are arranged Confessions of an English Opium Eater. according to Chronological Order; by a 12mo. 5s.

Member of the Church of England. 12mo.

68. 6d. The Royal Progress: a Canto, with The Laws relating to the Clergy; by notes, 5s.6d.

the Rev. D. Williams. 2d edit. 8vo. 168. The Expedition of Orsua, and the Remarks by a Catholic, on some Pas. Crimes of Aguirre ; by Robert Southey, sages of a Work, entitled '" the Catholic esq. ll.D. Poet Laureate, Member of the Doctrine of a Trinity proved." 8vo. 15.Royal Spanish Academy, &c. 12mo. 5s. 12mo. 6d.

A lyric Poem on the Death of Napo. A Letter to the Venerable and Rev. leon; from the French of P, Lebrun. Francis Wrangham, M.A. F.R.S. Archdea

con of Cleveland, on the Subject of his The Spirit of the Lakes, or Mucruss Charge delivered to the Clergy at Thirsk, Abbey: in three Cantos, with explanatory on the 18th of July, 1821 ; by Capt. Thos. notes; by Miss Selby. 8vo. 108. 6d. Thrush, R.N.

3s, 6d. Another Caio; a'Mystery: dedicated Popular Lectures on the Bible and Li(without permission) to Lord Byron. 25. turgy; by E. H. Locker, esq. 7s. 6d.

Verses on the Death of Percy Byssie An Essay on the Moral Benefits of Shelley; by Bernard Barton. .s. Death to Mankind; by D, Ealon. MoxTALY Mag. No. 373.


A Sermon


880. 168.


A Sermon preached in the Parish Chnrch Views on the Thames; containing 76 of East Honley, for the benefit of the dis. highly-finished line engravings, with a votressed districts in Ireland; by the Rev. I. lume of descriptions. 4to. 81.-imp. 4to. Wainford, M.A. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

· 121.- India paper proofs, 15l. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral A Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns. Church of St. Paul's, on Monday, July 1, Small 8vo. 8s. 1822, at the Visitation of the Bishop of

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. London; by C. Goddard, D 1.

1s. 6d.

Part I. commencing Vol. VIII. of the

Journal of Modern Voyages and Travels; An Historical Account and Delineation containing Muller's Travels in Greece and of Aberdeen; by R. Wilson, A.M. 12mo. the Ionian Isles, and M. Saulnier's Ac. 75. 6d.- fine paper, 10s. 6d.

count of the Zodiack of Denderah. 8vo. Notes on Orkney and Zetland : illustra. 6s. 6d.-sewed, 4s. tive of the history, antiquities, scenery, A Journal of a Voyage to Greenland in and customs of these islands; by A. Peter. 1821 ; by G. Manby, esq. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d. kin, esq. Vol. I. 8vo. 108. 6u.

Narrative of an Expedition from TriThe History and Antiquities of Hen. poli, in Barbary, to the Western Frontier grave, in Suffolk ; by J. Gage, esq. 4to. of Egypt, in 1817, by the Bay of Tripoli; 31. 13s. 6d.

by A. Aufrere, esq. 8vo. 108. 6d.


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Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign.
E learn with much satisfaction, and prose translations. It will be

that M. David, the prince of accompanied with copious notes, and modern painters, is preparing to exhibit a vocabulary to each ghazel; a biograone of his chef d'oeuvres in London. It phical account of Hafiz will be preis a large picture, which contains se- fixed, together with a short account veral hundred portraits of the most of the nature of Persian versification, meritorious men of the Revolution, and an epitome of Persian grammar. and of the court of Napoleon. As the Dr. Rudge will shortly publish, in first picture of this great master which two volumes octavo, Lectures on Gehas been seen in England, it will re- nesis, or plain Historical Sermons on commend itself to the general atten- the Leading Characters and most imtion of amateurs of the arts, while in portant Events recorded in the Book other respects it will be interesting to of Genesis. public feeling. M. David was one A tragedy, entitled Werner, or the of those patriots who, as a member of Inheritance, by Lord Byron, is anthe Convention, complied with the nounced. voice of all France, and with the cir- Specdily will be published, in two cumstances of the times, in voting for volumes, octavo, Columbia, a geograthe death of Louis the Sixteenth ; and phical, statistical, agricultural, comwho for this act of public duty, con-. mercial, historieal, and political acscientiously performed, has been exiled count of that interesting country; from France, in defiance of the gene- intended as a manual for the merchant ral amnesty, voluntarily published in and the settler. The work will be 1813 by Louis the 18th at Hartwell. embellished with a map, and with He and his family reside at Brussels, portraits of the President Bolivar and where he pursues his studies with una- Don F. A. Zea. bated ardour ; but his best works re. A new edition of Bythneri Lyra main at Paris, where many of them Prophetica is printing at the Glasgow are excluded from public view by the University press, and will be publishbad and illiberal spirit which is now ed early in November, in one vol. 8vo. dominant among the factions in au- The Seventh Part of the Encyclothority in France.

pædia Metropolitana will appear in Mr. Roscoe, of Liverpool, has in October. the press, the Poetical and Miscella- MULLER's recent Travels in Greece neous Works of Alexander Pope, in- constitute the next ensuing number cluding the notes of Warburton, War- of the “ Journal of Modern Travels.” ton, and various commentators, with a Mr. Roscoe has in the press, Obnew life of the author, and annotations. servations on Prison Discipline and

Rev. Mr. ORMAN, of Mildenhall, Solitary Confinement, including an enSuffolk, is preparing for publication, quiry into the causes of the inefficient a Selection of the Odes or Ghazels of state of the American penitentiaries, Persian Poet Hafiz, with poetical with a copious appeudix of original


documents, illustrative of this very rials for its history, and making deimportant subject.

scriptive notes. Mr. Cattermole, the C. MILLS, esq. is preparing a His- artist employed by him, has made clatory of Rome, from the earliest period borately-finished drawings on the spot. to the termination of the empire, Some of these are peculiarly rich, which will form ten octavo volumes. effective, and splendid. The interior

Joseph SWAN, esq. is printing, in views are so brilliant in colouring, with an octavo volume, an Enquiry into purple, scarlet, crimson, gold, ebony, the Action of Mercury on the Living painted glass, &c. that nothing but Body.

high finishing and colouring on the Dr. Jour BARON will soon publish, spot can do justice to the subjects. Illustrations of the Enquiry respecting Fifty Lithographic Prints, illustraTuberculous Diseases, with coloured tive of a tour in France, Switzerland, engravings.

and Italy, during the years 1819, 20, Mr. W.WALLACE, lecturer on ana- and 21, from original drawings taken tomy and surgery, is printing a Sys- in Italy, the Alps, and the Pyrenees, tem of General Aŋatomy, in an octavo by MARIANNE Colstow, in octavo, volume.

are preparing for publication. · The following Courses of Lectures The Rev. Dr. Evans has on the eve will be delivered in the ensuing sea- of publication, a new edition, with one son at the Sarrey Institution:

hundred sketches of biography, of his 1. On the History and Utility of Lite- Golden Centenary, or Sequel to the rary Institutions, by JAMES JENNINGS, Sketch of the Denominations of the esq. on Friday, Nov. 1, at seven o'clock Christian World. in the evening precisely.

Towards the close of last year an 2. On Chemistry; by GOLDSWORTHY expedition was fitted out from DeptGURSEY, Esq.

3. On Music; by W. CROTCH, Mos.D. ford, consisting of the Leven and BaProfessor of Masic in the University of raceuta, from which accounts have Oxford. And,

been lately received, announcing that 4. On Pneumatics and Electricity; by on the 28th of May they were about CHARLES WOODWARD, esq. early in to proceed on the further objects of 1823.

their voyage. The Persian Gulf and

the Red Sea were to be particularly Mr. BOWRING intends shortly to publish a second volume of his inter- explored and surveyed.

Cumberland-gate, the great northresting Specimens of the Russian Poets.

ern entrance to Hyde-park, is about Mr. J. G. Lockhart has in the to undergo a very great improvement

from the classical taste of Mr. HOPE. press, in a small quarto volume, Sixty This gentleman, with a public spirit Ancient Ballads, translated from the

which cannot be too highly commendSpanish, with notes and illustrations. A Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books, old gate, and erect a new one, with a

ed, has made an offer to remove the on sale by Mr. RUSHER, of Reading, double entrance, at his own expense. including recent purchases, is in the This offer has been accepted; the press, and is expected to be ready in workmen have already began their a few days. Shortly will be published, a very der which the work is to be performed,

operations; and, from the auspices unconsiderable portion of the celebrated treatise of Cicero de Republica, disco- the taste and opulence of the founder,

we have no doubt it will do credit to vered by M. Angelo Mai, the Keeper and remain a lasting ornament to the of the Vatican Library, in a codex re

metropolis. scriptus. The fragments are not only such as to increase our regret at the States of America is in the press, ac

An Historical Sketch of the United loss of the entire work, but are of suffcient length to give a correct idea of made during a residence of several

companied by personal observations the whole. The Life and Remains of the late years in that country, by Isaac

HOLMES. Dr. Clarke, of Cambridge, is in the

The tenth quarterly number of the press. Mr. Britton is preparing a hand- Investigator will be published on the

1st of October. some volume, descriptive and illustrative of Fonthill Abbey. He has been discovered at

A vessel, sixty feet in length, bas

Matham, near been at that mansion collecting mate. Rolvenden, Kent. It'was found hil.

ried partly under the bed of the river inserted in the respective volumes, Rother, where it is supposed to have without injury to the binding. Jain 500 years. The following descrip- A Chart of all the Public and Eotion of it has appeared in the local dowed Free Grammar Schools in the newspapers:

Kingdom, is in the press. " It is conjectured, with a great degree of Mr. John Hunt will shortly publish probability, to have been a Dutch or Da- the Vision of Judgment, by Quevedo Blish vessel lost in the great storm of 1286, Redivivus, said to be from the pen of which diverted the original course of the Lord Byron. Rother to its present channel. On a ca

The Rev. R. T. ENGLAND, editor of sual inspection the appearance of the ves- the “ Letters of the Abbé Edgeworth." sel favours but little such hypotheses as

is preparing for publication, the Life ascribe to it a title to such remote antiquity; it differs apparently but little from of the celebrated Father O'Leary.

Goethe's Poetical Works, in one a west-country barge of the present day; though several minutiæ observable on a

volume 18mo. with ten wood encloser view, together with the date gravings, will be published in the ascribed to the several articles found on course of October. board, give it nevertheless some claim to Mr. W. S. Harris has lately exemattention as a relic of former years. Aplified, by experiment on the Louisa flat-bottomed boat, much decayed, though and Caledonia men-of-war at Plyapparently of more modern construction mouth, the utility of his invention for than the vessel itself, has been discovered restoring the electrical equilibrium, by astern, and has occasioned conjecture to the means of a copper conductor fixed recede still further from the idea of ascri- in the masts, through the bottom of bing to it even that degree of antiquity ships. Mr. H. proposes to place in which it had previously held claim to, but the back of the masts a slip of copper, is supposed, generally, to be altogether unconnected with her; her planks are put which is to be continued to the intetogether after the present mode, she is rior or hole of the cap of each mast; caulked with hair, and as high as the vez- consequently, coming into contact sel's stern. A plate of pewter or silver with the mast above, the continuity has been detached from hier larboard quar. will be preserved, without preventing ter, where it was affixed by nails, it has the upper masts being lowered. The the letters P 31 at the top; in other parts conductors of the lower masts are to of the vessel the following articles were

be continued to the keel, and made found:-A time-keeper, greatly resem.

to communicate with one bling a milk-skimmer, and but little de. cayed; the holes for the insertion of pegs rior copper or the water. This arrange

copper bolts in contact with the exte. to note down the time, as recorded by the ment preserves a permanent conducescape of the sand in the hour-glass; two dead eyes, thinner than the present make; tor, so long as any part of the mast is three can hooks, apparently modern ; the continued. We have often recombreast bone of a bird, as thick as a two. mended the same principle for the penny piece; the horns of some animal, preservation of bouses and buildings. and several pieces of rope and iron. The Lead or copper should be used instead vessel is caulked with moss, her stern is of the ridge tile, and a slip of the same straight, and ler rudder pressed close material should be continued to the against her stern, on the starboard side.”

ground. This would constitute the The Cento, a volume of prose selec- most perfect species of conductor. tions, from the most approved works The pointed rods, often erected at of living authors, will appear in the great expense, are silly toys, or specourse of the ensuing month, The Rev. T. H. HORNE, M.A. has in dressed to the gazing vulgar.

cies of philosophical clap-traps adthe press, a third edition of bis Intro

Mr. Thomas DALE, B.A. of Corpus duction to the Critical Study and Christi College, Cambridge, author of Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, in the “ Widow of the City of Nain," is four volumes octavo, corrected, and preparing for publication a new transillustrated with numerous maps and lation of the Tragedies of Sophocles; fac-similes of biblical manuscripts. It the object of which has been, to renis expected to be ready in the course der the various metres of the Greek of November next. At the same time tragedian, by measures, as nearly corwill be published, with one new plate, responding with the original as the gea small supplement to the second edi- nius of the English language will tion, (of which a limited number only permit. The work will be comprised will be printed,) so arranged as to be in two volumes octavo, and is expect,


or more

ed to be ready for publication early in circumstance ; together with other the ensuing spring.

objects of marked topographical in. A work entitled Royal Naval Bio- terest neglected in preceding pubgraphy, to consist of genealogical, lications. biographical, and historical memoirs In a few days, from the pen of a of all the flag-officers, captains, and parent, Gleanings and Recollections commanders of his Majesty's fleet, now to assist the Memory of Youth, dediliving, is nearly ready for the press, to cated from a Father to his Son. be published by subscription. The A very interesting experiment has first part of this work, containing Me- been made of steam-vessels on canals, moirs of the Play-Oflicers, Superan- in the Union Canal at Edinburgh, nuated Rear-Admira's, and Retired with a large boat, twenty-eight seet Captains, will be printed as soon as a long, constructed with an internal sufficient number of subscriptions have movement. The boat had twenty-six been obtained.- Memoirs of the Post- persons on board; and, although drawCaptains and Commanders will spee- ing fifteen inches of water, she was dily follow.

propelled by only four men at the rate The Port-folio, a collection of en- of between four and five miles an gravings from antiquarian, architec- hour, while the agitation of the water wral, and topographical subjects, cu- was confined entirely to the centre of rious works of art, &c. with descrip- the canal. tions, is now ready for publication. According to the late statistical This undertaking is intended to form returns, the inhabited houses of Enga cabinet of engravings of the miscel- land, Scotland, and Wales, are about laneous works of art and antiquity 2,430,000; and the uninhabited above scattered throughout Great Britain, 80,000. The total of the houses of interspersed with views of seats dis. Dublin is said to be 24,000; of these tinguished by architectural beauty, or only about 16,000 pay local taxes, and rendered subjects of public curiosity full 4,000 are to be lct every day in by antiquity of character or historical the year,

The following is an analysis of the increase and decrease of crime (that is, of poverty and distress,) in the different counties:Increase.

Decreuse. Anglesey

Brecon Bedford

Bucks.... Berks ...

Cardigan Cambridge.

.. 65 Carmarthen Carnarvon


..... 20 Camberland

Cornwall Derby..... 11 Denbigh..

4 Devon...

Flint Dorset...

12 Glamorgan. Durham


67 Essex 34 Herts

16 Bristol

7 Huntingdon Hants

44 Kent Hereford

Lancaster ....

.247 Leicester

59 Lincoln Moumouth 33 London and Middlesex

293 Montgomery

5 Merioneth Oxford


26 Rutland


6 Somerset

Northumberland Suffolk


Nottingham Surrey

62 Pembroke Sussex 25 Radnor

6 Westmoreland


23 Wilts ...

Stafford Worcester 51 Warwick

58 York ..

194 604



6 76 17


21 11

1 10






13 28




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1 18

40 11 8

1 20


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