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is Procas, the glory of the Trojan nation; Even Hercules did not run over so many then Capys and Numitor follow, and countries, though he transfixed the Æneas Silvius, who shall represent thee brazen-footed hind, quelled the forests in name, equally distinguished for piety of Erymanthus, and make Lerna tremble and arms, if ever he receive the crown with his bow: nor Bacchus, who in of Alba. See what youths are these, triumph drives his car with reins wrapped what manly force they show! and bear about with vine-leaves, driving the tigers their temples shaded with civic oak; from Nyssa's lofty top. And doult we these to thy honour shall build Nomen yet to extend our glory by ou veeds! tun, Gabii, and the city Fidena; these or is fear a bar to our settling in the on the mountains shall raise the Colla- Ausonian land? tine towers, Pomeria, the fort of Inuus, But who is he at a distance, distin. Bola, and Cora. These shall then be guished by the olive boughs, bearing the famous names;

now they are lands sacred utensils ? I know the locks and without names. Further, martial Ro. hoary beard of the Roman king, who mulus, whom Ilia of the line Assaracus first shall establish the city by laws, sent shall bear, shall add himself as com- from little Cures and a poor estate ) panion to his grandsire Numitor. See vast empire. Whom Tullus shall new! you not how the double plumes stand succeed, who shall break the peace of on his head erect, and how the father his country, and rouse to arms his in: of the gods himself already marks him active subjects, and troops now unused out with his distinguished honours! Lo, to triumphs. Whom follows next vainmy son, under his auspicious influence, glorious Ancus, even now too much re. Rome, that city of renown, shall mea- joicing in the breath of popular applause. sure her dominion by the earth, and her Will you also see the Tarquin kings, valour by the skies, and that one city and the haughty soul of Brutus, the shall for herself wall around seven strong i avenger of his country's wrongs, and the hills, happy in a race of heroes; like recovered fasces? He first shall receive Mother Berecynthia, when crowned with the consular power, and the axe of justurrets she rides in her chariot through tice inflexibly severe ; and the sire shall, the Phrygian towns, joyful in a progeny for the sake of glorious liberty, summon of gods, embracing a hundred grand to death his own sons, raising an un. children, all inhabitants of heaven, all known kind of war. Unhappy he: scated in the high celestial abodes. This however posterity shall interpret that way now bend both your eyes; view action, love to his country, and the un• this lineage, and your own Romans. bounded desire of praise, will prevail This is Cæsar, and these are the whole over paternal affection. See besides at race of Iülus, who shall one day rise to some distance the Decii, Drusi, Torqua. the spacious axle of the sky. This, this tus, inflexibly severe with the axe, and is the man whom you have often heard Camillus recovering the standards. But promised to you, Augustus Cæsar, the those two ghosts whom you observe to offspring of a god; who once more shall shine in equal arms, in persect friend. establish the golden age in Latium, ship now, and while they remain shut through those lands where Saturn reigned up in night, ah ! what war, what batof old, and shall extend his empire over tles and havoc, will they between them the Garamantes and Indians: their land raise, if once they have attained to the lies without the signs of the zodiac, light of life! the father-in-law desceni. beyond the sun's annual course, where ing from the Alpine hills, and the funer Atlas, supporting heaven on his shoul- of Monæcus ; the son-in-law furnished ders, turns the axle studded with fiaming with the troops of the East to oppose stars. Against his approach, even now him. Diake not, my sons, make not both the Caspian realms and the land such unnatural wars familiar to your about the Palus Mæotis are dreadfully minds ; nor turn the powerful strength dismayed at the respunses of the gods, of your country against its bowels. And and the quaking mouths of seven-fold thou, Cæsar, ħrst forbear, thou who de. Nile hurry on their troubled waves. I rivest thy origin from heaven ! Aing those arms out of thy hand, Othou, the deep disaster of thy kindred; him my own blood! That one, having the Fates shall just show on earth, nor triumphed over Corinth, shall drive suffer long to exist. Ye gods, Rome's his chariot victorious to the lofty Capi. sons had seemed too powerful in your tol, illustrious from the slaughter of eyes, had these your gifts been per. Greeks. The other shall overthrow manent. What groans of heroes shall Argos, and Mycenæ, Agamemnon's that field near the imperial city of seat, and Eacides himself, the descend. Mars send forth! what funeral pomp ant os valorous Achilles; avenging his shall you, O Tiberinus, see, when you Trojan ancestors, and the violated glide by his recent tomb! Neither iemple of Minerva. Who can in silence shall any youth of the Trojan line in pass over thee, great Cato, or thee, hope exalt the Latin fathers so high ; Cossus? who the family of Gracchus, nor shall the Land of komulus ever or both the Scipios, those two thunder- glory so much in any of her sons. Ah polts of war, the bane of Africa, and piety! ah that faith of ancient times ! Fabricius in low fortune exalted ? or and that right hand invincible in war! thee, Serranus, sowing in the furrow none with impunity had encountered which thy own

hands had made ? him in arms, either when on foot he Whither, ye Fabii, do you hurry me rushed upon the foe, or when he pierced tired? Thou art that Fabius justly with his spur his foaming courser's siylei the Greatest, who alone shah Aanks. Ah youth, meet subject for pity! repair cur state by delay. Others, I if by any means thou canst burst rigorous grant indeed, shall with more delicacy fate, thou shalt be a Marcellus. Give mould the breathing brass; from marble me lilies in handfuls; let me strew the draw the features to the life ; plead blooming flowers; these offerings at causes better ; describe with the rod least let me heap upon my descendant's the courses of the heavens, and explain shade, and discharge this unavailing the rising stars : to rule the nations with duty. Thus up and down they roam imperial sway be your care, O Romans; through all the Elysian regions in these shall be your arts; to impose spacious airy fields, and survey every terms of peace, to spare the humbled, object: through each of which when and crush the proud.

Anchises had conducted his son, and Thus Father Anchises, and, as they fired his soul with the love of coming are wondering, subjoins : Behold how fame, he next recounts to the hero adorned with triumphal spoils Marcelo what wars he must hereafter wage, inlus stalks along, and shines victor above forms him of the Laurentine people, the heroes all! He, mounted on his and of the city of Latinus, and by what steed, shall prop the Roman state in means he may shun or surmount every the rage of a formidable insurrection; toil. the Carthaginians he shall humble, and Two gates there are of Sleep, wherethe rebellious Gaul, and dedicate to of the one is said to be of horn; by Father Quirinus the third spoils. And which an easy egress is given to true upon this Æneas says; for he beheld visions; the other shining, wrought of marching with him a youth distinguished white ivory; but through it the infernal by his beauty and shining arms, but his gods send up false dreams to the upper countenance of little joy, and his eyes world. When Anchises had addressed sunk and dejected: What youth is he, this discourse to his son and the Sibyl O father, who thus accompanies the hero together, and dismissed them by the as be walks ? is he a son, or one of the ivory gate, the hero speeds his way to qilustrious line of his descendants ? What the ships, and revisits his friends; ihen bustling noise of attendants round him! steers directly along the coast for the How great resemblance in him to the port of Caïeta: where, when he had other ! but sable Night with her dreary arrived, the anchor is thrown out from shade hovers around his head. Then the forecastle, the sterns rest upou lie Father Anchises, while tears gushed shore, forth, began : Seek not, my son, to know

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an eminence that was full of stars, bright

and glorious,) “which you are now Translated by Cyrus R. Edmonds.

come, before you are a complete soldier, When I had arrived in Africa as to attack. Within two years you shail military tribune of the fourth legion, be Consul, and shall overthrow it; and as you know, under the Consul Lucius you shall acquire for yourself that surManlius, nothing was more delightful name that you now wear, as bequeathed to me than having an interview with by me. After you have destroyed CarMassinissa, a prince who, for good rea thage, performed a triumph, and been sons, was most friendly to our family. censor ; after, in the capacity of legate, When I arrived, the old man shed tears you have visited Egypt, Syria, Asich as he embraced me. Soon after, he and Greece, you shall, in your absence, raised his eyes up to heaven and said, be chosen a second time Consul; then I thank thee, most glorious sun, and ye you shall finish a most dreadful war, the other inhabitants of heaven, that and utterly destroy Numantia

But before I depart from this life I see in when you shall be borne into the capi: my kingdom, and under this roof, Pub. tol in your triumphal chariot, you shall lius Cornelius Scipio, by whose very find the government thrown into con. name I am refreshed, for never does the fusion by the machinations of my grandmemory of that greatest, that most in- son; and here, my Africanus, you must vincible of men vanish from my mind. display to your country the lustre of After this I informed myself from him your spirit, genius, and wisdom. about his kingdom, and he from me “But at this period I perceive that the about our government; and that day was path of your destiny is a doubtful one; consumed in much conversation on both for when your life has passed through sides.

seven times eight oblique journeys and Afterward, having been entertained returns of the sun, and when these two with royal magnificence, we prolonged numbers (each of which is regarded as a our conversation to a late hour of the complete one-one on one account and night; while the old man talked of the other on another) shall, in their nothing but of Africanus, and remem- natural circuit, have brought you to the bered not only all his actions, but all crisis of your fate, then will the whole his sayings. Then, when we departed state turn itself toward you and your to bed, owing to my journey and my glory; the Senate, all virtuous men, our sitting up to a late hour, a sleep sounder allies, and the Latins, shall look up to than ordinary came over me. In this, you. Upon your single person the pre(I suppose from the subject on which servation of your country will depend ; we had been talking, for it commonly and, in short, it is your part, as dictator, happens that our thoughts and conver- to settle the government, if you can but siitions beget something analogous in escape the impious hands of your kins. our sleep, just as Ennius writes about men.” (Here, when Lælius uttered an Homer, of whom assuredly he was ac- exclamation, and the rest groaned with customed most frequently to think and great excitement, Scipio said, with a talk when awake,) Africanus presented gentle smile, “I beg that you will not himself to me in that form which was waken me out of my dream, give a little more known from his statue than from time and listen to the sequel.") huis own person.

“But that you may be more eamest No sooner did I know him than I in the desence of your country, know shuddered. “ Draw near,” said he, from me, that a certain place in heaven “with confidence, lay aside your dread, is assigned to all who have preserved, and commit what I say to your memory. or assisted, or improved their country, You see that city, which by me was where they are to enjoy an endless dura. forced to submit to the people of Rome, tion of happiness. For there is nothing but is now renewing its former wars, which takes place on earth more acceptand cannot remain at peace,” (he spoke able to that Supreme Deity who governis these words pointing to Carthage from all this world, than those councils and



to you?"

assemblies of men bound together by their bodies, inhabit that place which law, which are termed stutes; the thou beholdest.” governors and preservers of these go Now the place my father spoke of from hence, and hither do they return." was a radiant circle of dazzling brightHere, frightened as I was, not so much ness amid the flaming bodies, which from the dread of death as of the trea. you, as you have learned from the chery of my friends, I nevertheless asked Grecks, term the Milky Way; from him whether my father Paulus, and which position all other objects seemed others, whom we thought to be dead, to me, as I surveyed them, marvellous were yet alive! “To be sure they are and glorious. There were stars which alive," replied Africanus, "for they we never saw from this place, and their have escaped from the fetters of the magnitudes were such as we never ima. body, as from a prison ; that which is gined; the smallest of which was that called your life is really death. But which, placed upon the extremity of the lxhold your father Paulus approaching heavens, but nearest to the earth, shone you." No sooner did I see him, than I with borrowed light. But the globular foured forth a flood of tears ; but he, bodies of the stars greatly exceeded the embracing and kissing me, forbade me magnitude of the earth, which now to

And when, having suppressed me appeared so small, that I was grieved my tears

, I began first to be able to !o see our empire contracted, as it were, speak, “Why," said I, “thou most into a very point, sucred and excellent father, since this is Which, while I was too eagerly gazing life, as I hear Africanus affirm, why do on, Africanus said, “How long will I tarry on earth, and not hasten to come your attention be fixed upon the earth ?

Do you not see into what temples you "Not so, my son,” he replied ; "un. have entered? All things are connected less that God, whose temple is all this by nine circles, or rather spheres ; one of which you behold, shall free you from which (which is the outermost) is heaven, this imprisonment in the body, you can and comprehends all the rest, inhabited have no admission to this place ; for by that all-powerful God, who bounds men have been created under this condi- and controls the others; and in this tion, that they should keep that globe sphere reside the original principles of which you see in the middle of this those endless revolutions which the emple, and which is called the earth. planets perform. Within this are conAnd a soul has been supplied to them fained seven other spheres, that turn from those eternal fires which you call round backward, that is, in a contrary, constellations and stars, and which, being direction to that of the heaven. Of globular and round, are animated with these, that planet which on earth you divine spirit, and complete their cycles call Saturn occupies one sphere. That and revolutions with amazing rapidity. shining body which you see next is called Therefore you, my Publius, and all good Jupiter, and is friendly and salutary to men, must preserve your souls in the mankind. Next the lucid one, terrible keeping of your bodies ; nor are you, to the earth, which you call Mars. The without the order of that Being who Sun holds the next place, almost under testowed them upon you, to depart the middle region ; he is the chief, the from mundane life, lest you seem to leader, and the director of the other desert the duty of a man; which has luminaries ; he is the soul and guide

of been assigned you by God.' Therefore, the world,' and of such immense bulk, Scipio, like your grandfather here, and that he iluminates and fills all other me who begot you, cultivate justice and objects with his light. He is followed piety; which, while it should be great by the orbit of Venus, and that of Mertoward your parents and relations, should cury, as attendants; and the Moon rolls be greatest toward your country. Such in the lowest sphere, enlightened by the a life is the path to heaven and the rays of the Sun. Below this there is assembly of those who have lived before, nothing but what is mortal and transiand who, having been released from tory, excepting those souls which are



given to the human race by the goodnessness of the noise. Now this sound, of the gods. Whatever lies above the which is effected by the rapid retation Moon is eternal. For the earth, which of the whole system of nature, is s) is the ninth sphere, and is placed in the powerful that human hearing canno! centre of the whole system, is immovable comprehend it, just as you cannot look and below all the rest ; and all bodies, directly upon the sun, because your by their natural gravitation, tend toward sight and sense are overcome by his

beams." Which as I was gazing at in amaze- Though admiring these scenes, yet I ment I said, as I recovered myself, From still continued directing my eyes in the whence proceed these sounds, so strong same direction toward the earth. On and yet so sweet, that fill my ears? this Africanus said, “I perceive that “ The melody,” replies he, “which you even now you are contemplating the hear, and which, though composed in abode and home of the human race. unequal time, is nevertheless divided And as this appears to you diminutive, into regular harmony, is effected by the as it really is, fix your regard upon these impulse and motion of the spheres them- celestial scenes, and despise those abodes selves, which, by a happy temper of of men. What celebrity are you able to sharp and grave notes, regularly pro attain to in the discourse of men, or duces various harmonic effects. Now what glory that ought to be desired! it is impossible that such prodigious You perceive that men dwell on but movements should pass in silence ; and few and scanty portions of the earth, nature teaches that the sounds which the and that amid these spots, as it were, spheres at one extremity utter must be vast solitudes are interposed. As to sharp, and those at the other extremity those who inhabit the earth, not only are must be grave; on which account, that they so separated that no communication highest revolution of the star-studded can circulate among them from the one heaven, whose motion is more rapid, is to the other, but part lie upon one side, carried on with a sharp and quick sound; part upon another, and part are diame. whereas this of the moon, which is trically opposite to you, from whom you situated the lowest, and at the other ex- assuredly can expect no glory. tremity, moves with the gravest sound. You are now to observe that the For the earth, the ninth sphere, remain- same earth is encircled and encompassed ing motionless, abides invariably in the as it were by certain zones, of which the innermost position, occupying the central two that are most distant from one spot in the universe.

another, and lie as it were toward the “Now these eight directions, two vortexes of the heavens in both direc: of which have the same powers, effect tions, are rigid as you see with frost, seven sounds, differing in their modu- while the middle and the largest zone lations, which number is the connecting is burned up with the heat of the sun. principle of almost all things. Some Two of these are habitable ; of which learned men, by imitating this harmony the southern, whose inhabitants imprint with strings and vocal melodies, have their footsteps in an opposite direction opened a way for their return to this to you, have no relation to your race. place; as all others have done, who, As to this other, lying toward the north, endued with pre-eminent qualities, have which you inhabit, observe what a small cultivated in their mortal life the pursuits portion of it falls to your share ; for all of heaven.

that part of the earth which is inhabited “ The ears of mankind, filled with by you, which narrows toward the south these sounds, have become deaf, for of and north, but widens from east to west, all your senses it is the most blunted. is no other than a little island surroundet Thus, the people who live near the place by that sea which on earth you call the where the Nile rushes down from very Atlantic, sometimes the great sea, and high mountains to the parts which are sometimes the ocean; and yet, with so called Catadupa, are destitute of the grand a name, you see how diminutive sense of hearing, by reason of the great. it is! Now do you think it possible for

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