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without a trial, without a judge. Minos, my sight. Whom do you fly? This is as inquisitor, shakes the urn: te con- the last time fate allows me to address vokes the council of the silent, and you. With these words Æneas thought examines their lives and crimes.

to soothe her soul inflamed, and eying Thie next places in order those mourn him with stern regard, and provoked his ful ones possess who, though free from tears to flow. She, turned away, kept crime, procured death to themselves her eyes fixed on the ground; nor alters with their own hands, and, sick of the her looks more, in consequence of the light, threw away their lives. How conversation he had begun, than if she as would they now endure poverty were fixed immovable like a stubborn anul painful tvils in the upper regions! Aint or rock of Parian marble. A: Fate opposes, and the hateful lake im- length she abruptly retired, and in deprisons them with its dreary waves, and testation fled into a shady grove, where Styx, nine times rolling between, con. Sichæus, her first lord, answers her with Gnes them.

amorous cares, and returns her love for Not far from this part, extended on love. Æneas, nevertheless, in commoevery side, are shown the fields of tion for her disastrous fate, with weeping mourning : so they call them by name. eyes, pursues her far, and pities her as Here by-paths remote conceal, and myr. she goes. tie-groves cover those around, whom Hence he holds on his destined way : unrelenting love, with his cruel venom, and now they had reached the last fields, consumed away;

Their cares leave which by themselves apart renowned them not in death itself. In these warriors frequent. Here Tydeus apo places he sees Phædra and Procris, and pears to him, here Parthenopæus illusdisconsolate Eriphyle pointing to the trious in arms, and the ghost of pale wounds she had received from her cruel Adrastus. Here appear those Trojan; son ; Evadne also, and Pasiphae : these who had died in the field of battle Laodamia accompanies, and Cæneus, much lamented in the upper world : once a youth, then a woman, and again whom when he beheld all together in a by saté transformed into his pristine numerous body, he inwardly groaned ; shape. Among whom Phænician Dido, Glaucus, Medon, Thersilochus, the three fresh from her wound, was wandering sons of Antenor, and Polybætes de. in a spacious wood ; whom as soon as voted to Ceres, and Idæus still handthe Trojan liero approached, and dis- (ling his chariot, still his armour. The covered saintly through the shades, (in ghosts in crowds around him stand on like manner as one sees, or thinks he the right and left : nor are they satisfied secs, the moon rising through the clouds with seeing him once; they wish to de. in the beginning of her monthly course,) tain him long, to come into close conhe dropped tears, and addressed her in ference with him, and learn the reasons love's sweet accents : Hapless Dido, was of his visit. But as soon as the Grecian it then a true report I had of your being chiefs and Agamemnon's battalions saw dead, and that you had finished your the hero, and his arms gleaming through own destiny by the sword? Was I, the shades, they quaked with dire dis. alas ! the cause of your death? I swear may: some turned their backs, as when by the stars, by the powers above, and they fled once to their ships ; some raise by whatever faith may be under the their slender voices; the scream begun deep earth, that against my will, o dies in their gasping throcés. queen, I departed from your coast. But And here he espies Deiphobus, the the mandales of the gods, which now son of Priam, mangled in every limb, compelme to travel through these his face and both his hands cruelly tom, shades, through noisome dreary regions his temples berest of the ears cropped and deep night, drove me from you by off, and his nostrils slit with a hideously their authority; nor could I believe that deformed wound. Thus he hardly knew I should bring upon you such deep him, quaking for agitation, and seeking anguish by my departure. Stay your to hide the marks of his dreadful punish. steps, and withdraw not yourself from ment : and he first accosts himn with wellknown accents : Deiphobus, great in by the casualties of the main, or hy the arms, sprung from Teucer's noble blood, direction of the gods? or what fortune who could choose to inflict such cruel. compels you to visit these dreary man. ties? Or who was allowed to exercise sions, troubled regions where the sun such power over you? To me, in that never shines ! last night, a report was brought that In this conversation the sun in his you, tired with the vast slaughter of the rosy chariot had now passed the meri: Greeks, had fallen at last on a heap of dian in his ethereal course ; and they mingled carcasses. Then, with my own perhaps would in this manner have hands, I raised to you an empty tomb passed the whole time assigned them ; on the Rhætean shore, and thrice with but the Sibyl, his companion, put him loud voice I invoked your manes. Your in mind, and thus briefly spoke : Æneas, name and arms possess the place. Your the night comes on

a pace, while we body, my friend, I could not find, or, at waste the hours in lamentations. This my departure, deposit in your native is the place where the path divides it. land. And upon this the son of Priam self in two: the right is what leads said : Nothing, my friend, has been beneath great Pluto's walls; by this omitted by you; you have discharged our way to Elysium lies : but the left every duty to Deiphobus, and to the carries on the punishments of the shadow of a corpse. But my own fate, wicked, and conveys to cursed Tarand the cursed wickedness of Helen, tarus. On the other hand, Deiphobus plunged me in these woes: she hath said : Be not incensed, great priestess ; left me these monuments of her love. I shall be gone; I will fill up the For how we passed that last night amid number of the ghosts and be renderer ill-grounded joys you know, and must back to darkness. Go, go, thou glory remember but too well, when the fatal of our nation; mayest thou find fates horse came bounding over our lofty more kind! This only he spoke, and walls, and pregnant brought armed in. at the word turned his steps. fantry in its womb. She, pretending Æneas on a sudden looks back, and a dance, led her train of Phrygian under a rock on the left sees vast primaurons yelling around the orgies : her sons enclosed with a triple wall, which self in the midst held a large flaming Tartarean Phlegethon's rapid flooi torch, and called to the Greeks from the environs with torrents of flame, and lofty tower. I, being at that time op whirls roaring rocks along. Fronting pressed with care, and overpowered with is a huge gate, with columns of solid sleer, was lodged in my unfortunate adamant, that no strength of men, not bedchamber : rest, balmy, profound, and the gods themselves, can with steel the perfect image of a calm, peaceful demolish. An iron tower rises aloft ; death, pressed me as I lay. Meanwhile and there wakeful Tisiphone, with her my incomparable spouse removes all bloody robe tucked up around her, sila arms from my palace, and had with to watch the vestibule both night and drawn my trusty sword from my head : day. Hence groans are heard ; the she calls Menelaus into the palace, and cruel lashes resound ; the grating 100 throws open the gates; hoping, no of iron, and clank of dragging chains doubt, that would be a mighty favour Aneas stopped short, and, starting, lis. to her amorous husband, and that thus tened to the din. What scenes of the infamy of her former wicked deeds guilt are these? O virgin, say; cr with might be extinguished. In short, they what pains are they chastised? what burst into my chamber : that traitor of hideous yelling ascends to the skies! the race of Aolus, the promoter of vil. Then thus the prophetess began: Re lany, is joined in company with them. nowned leader of the Trojans, no holy Ve gods, requite these cruelties to the person is allowed to tread the accursed Greeks, if I supplicate vengeance with threshold ; but Hecate, when she set pious lips! But come now, in your me over the groves of Avernus, herself turn, say what adventure hath brought taught me the punishments appointed you hither alive. Do you come driven by the gods, and led me through ever part. Cretan Rhadamanthus possesses quet, and dwells in the deep recesses these most ruthless realms; examines of his breast ; nor is any respite given and punishes frauds; and forces every to his fibres still springing up airesh. one to confess what crimes committed Why should I mention that Lapithæ, in the upper world he had left un- Ixion, and Pirithous, over whom tangi atoned till the late hour of death, a black finty rock, every moment hugging himself in secret crime of no threatening to tumble down, and secmarail. Forthwith avenging Tisiphone, ing to be actually falling ? Golden armed with her whip, scourges the pillars supporting lofty genial couches guilty with cruel insult, and in her left shine, and full in their view are ban. hand shaking over them her grim quets furnished out with regal magniti. snakes, calls the fierce troops of her cence; the chief of the Furies sits by sister Furies.

them, and debars them from touching Then at length the accursed gates, the provisions with their hands; and grating on their dreadful-sounding hinges, starts up, listing her torch on high, and ire thrown open. See you what kind thunders over them with her voice. of watch sits in the entry? what figure Here are those who, while life reguards the gate ? An overgrown Hy: mained, had been at enmity with their dra, more fell than any Fury, with brothers, had beaten a parent, or fifty black gaping mouths, has her seat wrought deceit against a client; or within. Then Tartarus itself sinks who alone brooded over their acquired deep down, and extends toward the wealth, nor assigned a portion to their shades twice as far as is the pros own, which class is the most numepect upward to the ethereal throne of rous : those too who were slain for Heaven.

Here Earth's ancient pro- adultery, who joined in impious wars, geny, the Titanian youth, hurled down and did not scruple to violate the faith with thunderbolts, welter in the pro- they had plighted to their masters : found abyss. Here too I saw the two shut up, they await their punishment. Sons of Aloeus, gigantic bodies, who But what kind of punishment seek not attempted with their might to overturn to be informed, in what shape of misery, the spacious heavens, and thrust down or in what state they are involved. Jove from his exalted kingdom. Sal. Some roll a huge stone, and hang fast monens likewise I beheld suffering se bound to the spokes of wheels. There vere punishment, for having imitated sits, and to eternity shall sit, the unJove's flaming bolts, and the sounds of happy Theseus : and Phlegyas most heaven. He, drawn in his chariot by wretched is a monitor to all, and with four horses, and brandishing a torch, loud voice proclaims through the shades : rode triumphant among the nations of “Warned by example, learn righteous. Greece, and in the midst of the city ness, and not to contemn the gods." Elis, and claimed to himself the honour One sold his country for gold, and im. of the gods : infatuate ! who, with posed on it a domineering tyrant ; made brazen car, and the prancing of his and unmade laws for money. Another liorn-hoofed steeds, would needs coun. invaded his daughter's bed, and terfeit the storms and inimitable thun- unlawful wedlock : all of them dared der. But the almighty Sire amid the some heinous crime, and accomplished thick clouds threw a bolt (not fire. what they dared. Had I a hundred brands he, nor smoky light from tongues, and a hundred mouths, a voice torches), and hurled him down head- of iron, I could not comprehend all long in a vast whirlwind. Here too the species of their crimes, nor enu. you might have seen Tityus, the foster- merate the names of all their punishchild of all-bearing Earth : whose body ments. is extended over nine whole acres; and When the aged priestess of Phoebus a huge vulture, with her hooked beak, had uttered these words, she adds, But pecking at his immortal liver, and his come now, set forward, and finish the huwels, the fruitful source of punish task you have undertaken ; let us haste nent, both searches them for her ban- lon: I see the walls of Pluto, wrought

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in the forges of the Cyclops, and the remember them : all these have their gates with their arch full in our view, temples crowned with a snow-white where our instructions enjoin us to de- fillet. Whom, gathered around, the posit this our offering. She said; and, Sibyl thus addressed, Musæus chiefly; with equal pace advancing through the for a numerous crowd had him in their gloomy path, they speedily traverse the centre, and looked up with reverence to intermediate space, and approach the him, raised above them by the height of Lates. Æneas springs forward to the his shoulders : Say, blessed souls, and entry, sprinkles his body with fresh thou, best of poets, what region, what water, and fixes the bough in the front- place contains Anchises ? on his account ing portal.

we have come, and crossed the great Having finished these rites, and per- rivers of hell. And thus the hero briefly sormed the offering to the goddess, they returned her an answer: None of us came at length to the regions of joy, have a fixed abode; in shady groves we delightful green retreats, and blessed dwell, or lie on couches all along the abodes in groves, where happiness banks, and on meadows fresh with rivu. abounds. A freer and purer sky here lets : but do you, if so your heart's inclothes. the fields with sheeny light : clination leads, overpass this eminence, ihey know their own sun, their own and I will set you in the easy path. He

Some exercise their limbs on said, and advances his steps on before, the grassy green, in sports contend, and and shows them from a rising ground wrestle on the tawny sand : some strike the shining plains ; then they descend the ground with their feet in the dance, from the summit of the mountain. But and sing hymns. Orpheus, too, the Father Anchises, deep in a verdant dale, Thracian priest, in his long robe, re- was surveying with studious care the plies in melodious numbers to the seven souls there enclosed, who were to revisit distinguished notes; and now strikes the light above; and happened to be the same with his fingers, now with reviewing the whole number of his race, his ivory quill. Here may be seen his dear descendants, their fates and Teacer's ancient race, a most illustri- fortunes, their manners and achieve. ous line, magnanimous heroes, born in ments. As soon as he beheld Æneas happier times, - Ilus, Assaracus, and advancing toward him across the meads, Dardanus, the founder of Troy. From i he joy lly stretched out both his hands, afar, Æneas views with wonder the and tears poured down his cheeks, and arms and empty chariots of the chiefs. these words dropped from his mouth : Their spears stand fixed in the ground, Are you come at length, and has that and up and down their horses feed at piety, experienced by your sire, sur, large through the plain. The same mounted the arduous journey? Am I fondness they had when alive for cha- permitted, my son, to see your face, to riots and arms, the same concern for hear and return the well-known accents : training up shining steeds, follows them So indeed I concluded in my mind, and when deposited beneath the earth. reckoned it would happen, computing

Lo! he beholds others on the right the time; nor have my anxious hopes and left feasting upon the grass, and deceived me. Over what lands, O son, singing the joyful pæan to Apollo in and over what immense seas have you, concert, amid a fragrant grove of laurel ; I hear, been tossed ! with what dangers whence from on high the river Erida harassed ! how I dreaded lest you nus rolls in copious streams through the sustained harm from Libya's realms ! wood. Here is a band of those who But he said : Your ghost, your sorrow. sustained wounds in fighting for their ing ghost, my sire, oftentimes appearing, country ; priests who preserved them- compelled me to set forward to these selves pure and holy, while life re-thresholds. My fleet rides in the Tyrmained; pious poets, who sang in strains hene Sea. Permit me, father, to join worthy of Apollo ; those who improved my right hand with yours; and withlife by the invention of arts, and who draw not yourself from my embrace. by their worthy deeds made others! So saying, he at the same time bedewed


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his cheeks with a flood of tears. There grieve and rejoice; and, shut up in thrice he attempted to throw his arms darkness and a gloomy prison, lose sight around his neck ; thrice the phantom, of their native skies. Even when with grasped in vain, escaped his hold, like the last beams of light their life is gone, the fleet gales, or resembling most a yet not every ill, nor all corporeal stains, fugitive dream.

are quite removed from the unhappy Meanwhile Æneas sees in the retired beings; and it absolutely necessary vale a grove situate by itself, shrubs that many imperfections which have rustling in the woods, and the river long been joined to the soul should be Lethe, which glides by those peaceful in marvellous ways increased and riveted dwellings. Around this, unnumbered therein. Therefore are they afflicted tribes and nations of ghosts were flutter. with punishments, and pay the penalties ing; as in meadows on a serene sum of their former ills. Some, hung on mer's day, when the bees sit on the high, are spread out to the empty winds; various blossoms, and swarm around the in others, the guilt not done away is snow-white lilies, all the plain buzzes washed out in a vast watery abyss, or with their humming noise. Æneas, burned away in fire. We each endure confounded, shudders at the unexpected his own manes, thence are we conveyed sight, and asks the causes, - what are along the spacious Elysium, and we, the those rivers in the distance, or what happy few, possess the fields of bliss; ghosts have in such crowds filled the till length of time, after the fixed period banks? Then Father Anchises said : is elapsed, hath done away the inherent Those souls, for whom other bodies are stain, and hath left the pure celestial destined by fate, at the stream of Lethe's reason, and the fiery energy of the food quaff care-expelling draughts and simple spirit. All these, after they have lasting oblivion. Long indeed have I rolled away a thousand years, are sum. wished to give you a detail of these, and moned forth by the god in a great body to point them out before you, and enu- to the river Lethe; to the intent that, merate this my future race, that you losing memory of the past, they may remay rejoice the more with me in the visit the vaulted realms above, and again discovery of Italy. O father, is it to be become willing to return into bodies. imagined that any souls of an exalted Anchises thus spoke, and leads his son, nature will go hence to the world above, together with the Sibyl, into the midst and enter again into inactive bodies of the assembly and noisy throng; thence What direful love of the light possesses chooses a rising ground, whence he may the miserable beings? I, indeed, re. survey them all as they stand opposite plies Anchises, will inform you, my son, to him in a long row, and discern their nor hold you longer in suspense : and looks as they approach. thus he unfolds each particular in Now come, I will explain to you what order.

glory shall henceforth attend the Trojan In the first place, the spirit within race, what descendants await them of nourishes the heavens, the earth, and the Italian nation, distinguished souls, watery plains, the moon's enlightened and who shall succeed to our name; orb, and the Titanjan stars; and the yourself too I will instruct in your parmind, diffused through all the members, ticular fate. See you that youth who actuates the whole frame, and mingles leans on his pointless spear? He by with the vast body of the universe. destiny holds a station nearest to the Thence the race of men and beasts, the light; he shall ascend to the upper vital principles of the flying kind, and world the first of your race who shall the monsters which the ocean breeds have a mixture of Italian blood in his under its smooth plain. These prin veins, Silvius, an Alban name, your last ciples have the active force of fire, and issue; whom late your consort Lavinia are of a heavenly original, so far as they shall in the woods bring forth to you in are not clogged by noxious bodies, your advanced age, himself a king, and blunted by earth-born limbs and dying the father of kings; in whor our line merr. bers. Hence there formers and desire, shall reign over Alba Longa The next

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