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wet again to the stream of the ocean, swered me in discourse, “O) Jove-born on. ve came to the place which Circe son of Laertes, much-contriving Ulysses, Mtioned. There Perimedes and Eury. the evil destiny of the deity and the bhus made sacred offerings; but I, 'abundant wine hurt me. Lying down wawing my sharp sword from my thigh, , in the palace of Circe, I did not think to dug a trench, the width of a cubit each go down backwards, having come to the hay; and around it we poured libations long ladder, but I fell downwards from w all the dead, first with mixed honey, the roof; and my neck was broken from then with sweet wine, again a third time the vertebræ, and my soul descended to with water; and I sprinkled white Hades. Now, I entreat thee by those meal over it. And I much besought who are left behind, and not present, by the unsubstantial heads of the dead, thy wife and father, who nurtured thee promising that, when I came to Ithaca, when little, and Telemachus, whom I would offer up in my palace a barren thou didst leave alone in thy palace ; for heifer, whichever is the best, and would I know that, going hence from the house fill a pyre with excellent things; and of Pluto, thou wilt moorthy wellthat I would sacrifice separately to wrought ship at the island of Æra : Tiresias alone a sheep all black, which there then, "O king, I exhort thee to ticels amongst our sheep.

be mindful of me, nor, when thou deBut when I had besought them, the partest, leave me behind, unwept for, nations of the dead, with vows and unburied, going at a distance, lest I yayers, then taking the sheep, I cut off should become some cause to thee of beir heads into the trench, and the the wrath of the gods : but burn me black blood flowed: and the souls of the with whatever arms are mine, and build perished dead were assembled forth from on the shore of the hoary sea a monuErebus, betrothed girls and youths, and ment for me, a wretched man, to be much-enduring old men, and tender heard of even by posterity; perform virgins, having a newly-grieved mind, these things for me, and fix upon the and many Mars-renowned men wounded tomb the oar with which I rowed with brass-tipped spears, possessing gore. whilst alive, being with my compasmeared arms, who, in great numbers, nions.” were wandering about the trench on Thus he spoke; but I, answering, different sides with a divine clamour: addressed him: " wretched


I and pale fear seized upon me. Then will perform and do these things for at length exhorting my companions, I thee.' mmmanded them, having skinned the Thus we sat answering one another sheep which lay there, slain with the with bitter words; I indeed holding my Tuel brass, to burn them, and to invoke sword off over the blood, but the image the gods, both Pluto and dread Proser- of my companion on the other side pine. But I, having drawn my sharp spoke many things. And afterwards sword from my thigh, sat down, nor did there came on the soul of my deceased I suffer the powerless heads of the dead mother, Anticlea, daughter of magnanito draw nigh the blood, before I inquired mous Autolycus, whom I left alive, on of Tiresias. And first the soul of my going to sacred Ilium. I indeed wept companion Elpenor came; for he was beholding her, and pitied her in my not yet buried beneath the wide-wayed mind; but not even thus, although earth; for we left his body in the palace grieving very much, did I suffer her to of Circe unwept for and unburied, since go forward near to the blood, before I another toil then urged us. Beholding inquired of Tiresias. But at length the him, I wept, and pitied him in my mind, soul of Theban Tiresias came on, boldand addressing him, spoke winged words: ing a golden sceptre, but me he knew "0) Elpenor, how didst thou come and addressed : " O Jove-born son of under he dark west? Thou hast come Laertes, why, O wretched one, leaving sooner, being on foot, than I with a the light of the sun, hast thou come, black ship.”

that thou mayest see the dead and this Thus I spoke; bụt he, groaning, an- / joyless region ? but go back from the

trench, and hold off thy sharp sword, the mate of swine, return ho that I may drink the blood and tell thee offer up sacred hecatombs to what is unerring.”

mortal gods, who possess Thus he spoke ; but I, retiring back, heaven, to all in order : but dea. fixed my súver-hilted sword in the come upon thee away from the sheath ; but when he had drunk the gentle, very much such a one, as black blood, then at length the blame- kill thee, taken with gentle old age less prophet addressed me with words: and the people around thee will be happ: 'Thou seekest a pleasant return, these things I tell thee true." illustrious Ulysses ; but the deity will Thus he spoke : but I, answering :ender it difficult for thee; for I do not addressed him : "O Tiresias, the goc think that thou wilt escape the notice of themselves have surely decreed thes Neptune, who has set wrath in his mind things. But come, tell me this, an against thee, enraged because thou hast relate it truly. I behold this the si blinded his dear son. But still, even of my deceased mother ; she sits n. so, although suffering ills, thou mayest the blood in silence, nor does she dar come, if thou art willing to restrain thy to look openly at her son, nor to spea longing, and that of thy companions, to him. Tell me, O king, how she com when thou shalt first drive thy well know me, being such a one.' wrought ship to the Trinacrian island, Thus I spoke ; but he, immediatel escaping from the azure main, and find answering, addressed me: “I will t the beeves pasturing, and the fat cattle thee an easy word, and will place it of the sun, who beholds all things, and thy mind; whomever of the deceas. hears all things ; if indeed thou shalt dead thou sufferest to come near t! leave those unharmed, and art careful of blood, he will tell thee the truth; by thy return, even then thou mayest come whomsoever thou grudgest it, he will g to Ithaca, although suffering ills: but if back again." thou harmest them, then I foretell to Thus having spoke, the soul of Kir thee destruction for thy ship and thy Tiresias went within the house of Pluto companions ; but even if thou shouldst when he had spoken the oracles : but thyself escape, thou wilt return late, in remained there firmly, until my moth calamity, having lost all thy companions, came and drank of the blood; but st in a foreign ship; and thou wilt find immediately knew me, and, lamenting troubles in thine house, overbearing addressed to me winged words : “M men, who consume thy livelihood, woo- son, how didst thou come under th ing thy goddess-like wife, and offering shadowy darkness, being alive ? but i thyself for her dowry gists. But cer- is difficult for the living to behold thes tainly when thou comest thou wilt re- things ; for in the midst there ar venge their violence; but when thou mighty rivers and terrible streams, firs slayest the suitors in thy palace, either indeed the ocean, which it is not pos by deceit, or openly with sharp brass, sible to pass, being on foot, except an then go, taking a well-fitted oar, until one having a well-built ship. Dost tho thou comest to those men, who are not now come here wandering from Troy acquainted with the sea, nor eat food with thy ship and companions, after mixed with salt, nor indeed are ac. long time! nor hast thou yet reache quainted with crimson-cheeked ships, Ithaca ? nor hast thou seen thy wife i nor well-fitted oars, which also are thy palace ?" wings to ships. But I will tell thee a Thus she spoke ; but I, answering very manifest sign, nor will it escape addressed her i “O my mother, neces thee: when another traveller, now sity led me to Hades, to consult the meeting thee, shall say that thou hast soul of Theban Tiresias. For I hav a winnowing-fan on thine illustrious not yet come near Achaia, nor have shoulder, then at length having fixed ever stept upon my own land, but I sti thy well-fitted oar in the earth, and hav. wander about, having grief, since first ing offered beautiful sacrifices to King followed divine Agamemnon to steer Neptune, a rari, and bull, and boar, excelling Ilium, that I might fight win

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ans. But come, tell me this, from my hands, like unto a shadow, or

te it truly, what fate of long- even to a dream : but sharp grief arose s death subdued thee? Whether in my heart still more ; and addressing ng disease ? or did shaft-rejoicing her, I spoke winged words : “Mother ina, coming upon thee with her mild mine, why dost thou not remain for me, apons, slay thee? And tell me of desirous to take hold of thee, that even hy father and my son, whom I left, in Hades, throwing around our dear whether my property is still with them, hands, we may both be satiated with 2r does some other of men now possess sad grief? Has illustrious Proserpine t, and do they think that I shall not sent forth this an image for me, that I iny more return? And tell me the may lament still more, mourning ?” ounsel and mind of my wooed .wife, Thus I spoke ; my venerable mother whether does she remair. with her son, immediately answered me : “Alas ! my

d guard all things safe? or now has son, unhappy above all mortals, Proser. ne of the Grecians, whoever is the best, pine, the daughter of Jove, by no means Wedded her?"

deceives thee, but this is the condition Thus I spoke; but my venerable of mortals, when they are dead. For other immediately answered me : their nerves no longer have flesh and

'She by all means remains with an bones, but the strong force of burning enduring mind in thy palace : and her fire subdues them, when first the mind liserable nights and days are cor.tinu leaves the white bones, but the soul, ily spent in tears. But no one as yet like as a dream, flittering, flies away. Jossesses thy noble property : but Te. But hasten as quick as possible to the emachus manages thy estates in quiet, light ; and know all these things, that and feasts upon equal feasts, which it is even hereafter thou mayest tell them to fit for a man who is a prince to prepare; thy wife.” for all invite him: but thy father remains Thus we twain answered each other There in the country, nor does he come with words; but the women came, to the city ; nor has he beds, and for illustrious Proserpine excited thein, couches, and clothes, and variegated as many as were the wives and rugs. But he sleeps indeed, during the daughters of chiefs. Aud they were winter, where the servants sleep, in the assembled together around the black house, in the dust, near the fire, and he blood. And I took counsel how I puts sad garments about his body: but might inquire of each ; and this plan in when summer arrives, and Aourishing my mind appeared to me to be the best : autumn, his bed is strewn on the ground, having drawn ny long sword from my of the leaves that fall on every side of stout thigh, I did not suffer them all to his wine-producing vineyard. Here he drink the black blood at the same time. lies sorrowing, and he cherishes great But they came one after another, and 'grief in his mind, lamenting thy fate ; each related her race; but I inquired of and severe old age comes upon him: for all. There then I saw Tyro first, born so I also perished and drew on my fate. of a noble father, who said that she was Nor did the well-aiming, shaft-delight- the offspring of blameless Salmoneus. ing goddess, coming upon me with her And she said that she was the wife of mild weapons, slay me in the palace. Cretheus, son of Æolus. She loved the Nor did any disease come upon me, divine river Enipeus, which flows far the which especially takes away the mind fairest of rivers upon the earth; and she from the limbs with hateful consump- was constantly walking near the beaution. But regret for thee, and cares for tiful streams of the Enipens. Earth. thee, O illustrious Ulysses, and kindness shaking Neptune, therefore, likened unto for thee, deprived me of my sweet life.” him, lay with her at the mouth of the

Thus she spoke; but I, meditating eddying river : and the purple wave surm my mind, wished to lay hold of the rounded them, like unto a mountain, soul of my departea mother. Thrice arched, and concealed the god, and the indeed I essayed it, and my mind urged mortal woman; and he loosed her me to lay hold or it, but ibrice it flew virgin zone, and shed sleep over her. But when the god had accomplished countless dowries, the youngest daughter the deeds of love, he laid hold of her of Amphion, son of lasus: who once hand, and spoke and addressed her : ruled strongly in Minyean Orchomens;

Rejoice, O woman, on account of our and he reigned over Pylos; and she bore love ; for when a year has rolled round, to him noble children, Nestor and Chrothou shalt bring forth illustrious chil- mius, and proud Periclymenus; and bedren ; since the beds of the immortals sides these she brought forth strong Pero, are not in vain ; but do thou take care a marvel to mortals, whom all the neigh. of them, and bring them up, but now bouring inhabitants wooed; nor did go to thine house, and restrain thyself, Neleus at all offer her to any one, who nor mention it ; but I am Earth-shaking could not drive away from Phylace the Neptune."

crumple-horned oxen of mighty lphicles, Thus having spoke, he dived beneath with wide foreheads, and troublesome; a the billowy sea ; but she, having con- blameless seer alone promised that he ceived, brought forth Pelias and Neleus, would drive these away ; but the severe who both became noble servants of Jove. Fate of the gods hindered him, and diffi. Pelias, indeed, abounding in cattle, dwelt cult fetters, and rustic herdsmen. But in spacious Iolcus; but the other in sandy when the months and days were now com. Pylos. And the queen of women brought pleted, a year having again gone round? forth the others to Cretheus, Æson, and and the hours came on, then at length Pheres, and steed-rejoicing Amithaon. the mighty Iphicles loosed him, having

After her i beheld Antiope, the told all the oracles; and the coursel daughter of Asopus, who also boasted Jove was fulfilled. to have slept in the arms of Jove ; and And I beheid Leda, the wise of Tyti. she brought forth two sons, Amphion dareus, who brought forth two noble. and Zethus, who first laid the founda- minded sons from Tyndareus, steed-subtions of seven-gated Thebes, and sur- duing Castor, and Pollux who excelled rounded it with turrets ; since they were in pugilism; both of these the fruitsu not able, although they were strong, to earth detains alive; who, even beneath dwell in spacious Thebes without turrets. the earth, having honour from Jove,

After her I beheld Alcmene, the wife sometimes live on alternate days, and of Amphitryon, who, mingled in the sometimes again are dead, and they arms of great Jove, brought forth bold, have obtained by lot honour equally with lion-hearted Hercules. And Megara, the gods. daughter of high-minde i Creon, whom After her I beheld Iphimedia, wife of the son of Amphitryon, ever unwasted Aloëus, who said that she had been in strength, wedded.

united to Neptune: and bore two sons, And I beheld the mother of Edipus, but they were short-lived, god-like Otus, · beautiful Epicaste, who committed a and far-famed Ephialtes; whom the dreadful deed in the ignorance of her fruitful earth nourished, the tallest, ani inin), having married her own son; and far the most beautiful, at least after he, having slain his father, married her: illustrious Orion. For at nine years old but the gods immediately made it public they were also nine cubits in width, but amongst men. Then he, suffering gri in height they were nine fathoms. Who in delightful Thebes, ruled over the Cad. even threatened the immortals that the meians, through the pernicious counsels would set up a strise of impetuous war of the gods; but she went to the dwel. in Olympus: they attempted to place lings of strong-gated Hades, suspendirg Ossa upon Olympus, and upon Ossa the cord on high from the lofty house, leafy Pelion, that heaven might be accoheld fast by lier own sorrow; but she sible. And they would have accomleft behind for him very many griefs, plished it, if they had reached the mes as many as the Furies of a mother accom- sure of youth: but the son of Jove, whor plish.

fair-haired Latona bore, destroyed them And I saw the very beautiful Chloris, both, before the down flowered unde: whom Neleus once married on account their temples, and thickened upon their of her heauty, when he had given her cheek with a flowering beard.

waste away.

of me.

And I beheld Phædra and Procris, quet of a wealthy, very powerful man. and fair Ariadne, the daughter of wise Thou hast already been present at the Minos, whom Theseus once led from slaughter of many men, slain separately, Crete to the soil of sacred Athens, but and in hard battle; but if thou hadst he did not enjoy her; for Diana first seen those things, thou wouldst have slew her in the island Dia, on account of especially lamented in thy mind, how we the testimony of Bacchus.

lay in the palace about the cups and full And I beheld Mära and Clymene, tables; and the whole ground reeked with and hateful Eriphyle, who received pre- blood. And I heard the most piteous cious gold for her dear husband. But I voice of the daughter of Priam, Cassan. cannot relate nor name all, how many dra, whom deceitful Clytemnestra slew wives and daughters of heroes I beheld: near me; but I, raising my hands from for even the immortal night would first the earth, dying, laid them on my sword;

but she, impudent one, went away, nor

did she endure to close my eyes with When chaste Prosperine had dispersed her hands, and shut my mouth, although the souls of women in different places, I was going to Hades. So there is nothe soul of Agamemnon, son of Atreus, thing else more terrible and impudent came up, sorrowing: and the rest were than a woman, who indeed casts about assembled around him, as many as died, such deeds in her mind: what an un. and drew on their fate in the house of seemly deed has she indeed contrived, Egisthus together with him; and he having prepared murder for her husband, immediately knew me, when he had whom she lawfully married! I thought drunk the black blood; and he wept indeed that I should return home welcome shrilly, shedding the warm tear, holding to my children and my servants; but she, out his hands to me, desiring to lay hold above all acquainted with wicked things,

But he had no longer firm has shed disgrace over herself, and festrength, nor power at all, such as was male women about to be hereafter, even before in his bending limbs. I wept in- upon one who is a worker of good.”. deed, beholding him, and pitied him in Thus he spoke; but I addressed him, my mind, and addressing him I spoke answering: “O gods! of a truth widewinged words: “O most glorious son of thundering Jove most terribly hates the Atreus, Agamemnon, king of men, what race of Atreus, on account of women's fate of long-sleeping death subdued thee? plans, from the beginning: many of us Did Neptune subdue thee in thy ships, indeed perished for the sake of Helen; raising an immense blast of cruel winds ? and Clytemnestra has contrived a strataOr did unjust men injure thee on land, gem for thee when thou wast at a diswhile thou wert cutting off their oxen, tance." anii beautiful flocks of sheep, or contend- Thus I spoke; but he immediately ading for a city, or for women?”

dressed me in answer: “Now therefore Thus I spoke; but he immediately do not thou ever be mild to thy wife, nor arddressed me, answering: “O Jove-born inform her of everything with which heill of Laertes, much-planning Ulysses, thou art well acquainted: but tell one Hither did Neptune subdue me in my thing, and let another be concealed. But

ips, raising an immense blast of cruel for thee indeed there will not be murder inds, nor did unjust men injure me on at the hands of thy wife, O Ulysses: ind; but Agisthus, having contrived for prudent Penelope, the daughter of cath and Fate for me, slew me, con- Icarus, is very wise, and is well acpiring with my pernicious wise, having quainted with counsels in her mind. rivileri me to his house, entertaining me We left indeed her, when we came to at a feast, as any one has slain an ox at the war, a young bride ; and she had an lie stall. Thus I died by a most piteous infant boy at her breast, who now pro. leath; and my other companions were bably sits amongst the number of men, ruellý slain around me, as swine with happy one; for his dear father will surely shute fusks, which are slain either at the behold him, when returning, and he will marriage, or collation, or splend'd ban. I embrace his sire as is right; but slie my

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