101 Top Foodie Sex Tips

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BookBaby, Apr 8, 2012 - Family & Relationships - 248 pages
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by Evan and Lola.

This new book contains 101 Top Tips for combining food and sex in intimate relationships. Arranged in ten chapters, every tip stands alone but connects in style and substance with every other tip in this book.

A key feature is the equal prominence given to food and sex in every one of the new written 101 Top Foodie Sex Tips. From Morning Specials to Afterplayers’ Snacks, the 101 Tips follow the themes of ten different chapters, guiding the reader to different sections to suit individual interests and preferences. There are other chapters of Daytime Delights, Erotic Appetizers, Seductive Dinners, Decadent Desserts, Fruity Lovers, Special Orders, Tasty Treats and Foodie Games, each with ten individual tips to inspire, entertain and amuse.

Every tip includes advice and guidance about different ways in which to use the power of food to increase sensual pleasure. Every tip encourages lovers to be more playful and more sensual in intimate relationships.

The most sensuous foods are included, with special attention given to superfoods and natural aphrodisiacs. Every tip includes practical suggestions for introducing new foods and new sexual experiences into every relationship, whether new or long established.

Based on the latest scientific and sexual research, and incorporating a wide knowledge of cuisines from around the world, this is an extensively researched collection of inspiring original ideas which will stimulate even the most jaded of palates.

This book will be an inspiration to a reader who wants to dip in to find a new idea to add excitement to an intimate relationship and it will be a source of lasting pleasure to a reader who wants to discover how the sensual pleasures of food can transform a sexual relationship from the ordinary to the exceptional.

Produced by the Foundation For Love, this book represents part of a radically different approach to sex and relationships which puts love and pleasure at heart of every relationship and places sexual fulfillment within the reach of every individual.


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Why We Wrote This Book
Food And The Senses Love And
How To Make The Most Of This Book
How To Become A Foodie Sex Lover
How To Make The Best Foodie Choices
The Ten Courses Of Foodie
A Lovers Picnic 7 Afternoon Uplift
Chocolate Decadence 3 Whipped Cream Tart 4 A Perfumed Treat 5 Famous Desserts 6 Dish In Your Lap 7 Better Than Sex 8 Jello Time Talk 9 Crea...
CHAPTER TWO DAYTIME DELIGHTS 1 A Coffee Quickie 2 Brunch Booster 3 High Nooner 4 A Quick Bite 5 Do The Diner
CHAPTER THREE EROTIC APPETIZERS 1 A Food Shower 2 Amuse Bouches 3 Nyotaimori Nights 4 Think Pink Drinks 5 Seafood Starters 6 Touc...
CHAPTER FOUR SEDUCTIVE DINNERS 1 A Menu Of Memories 2 An Indoor Picnic 3 Special Invitation 4 Miracle Menus 5 A Seduction Supper ...
CHAPTER SIX FRUITY LOVERS 1 Strawberry Debauchery 2 Aphrodites Feast 3 Orange Chakra 4 Banana And Peach 5 See Juicer Tricks 6 Eat Ma...
CHAPTER SEVEN SPECIAL ORDERS 1 Bang Bang Quickie 2 Hot Dog Heaven 3 Shake Shake Shake 4 A Trio Of Paint Pots 5 Petits Four Play 6 T...
CHAPTER EIGHT TASTY TREATS 1 A Love Day Starter 2 Bake A Love Cake 3 Let The Griller Loose 4 The Backyard Oasis 5 Cowboy Cook Out ...
CHAPTER NINE FOODIE GAMES 1 Sweet Taste 2 Dumb Cake 3 Hot Coffee 4 Triple Dippers 5 Tongue Fu 6 Aphrodisiology 7 Candy Treasures 8 ...

Fridge Fantasy
THE CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE MORNING SPECIALS 1 A Sunrise Surprise 2 Wake Up In Paradise 3 An Active Start 4 Espresso Bongo 5 Power...
CHAPTER TEN AFTERPLAYERS SNACKS 1 Energy Replenishers 2 Come Again Snacks 3 Second Servings 4 Delayed Dessert 5 Go Again Dishes

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