The Lost Chagall: A Novel Inspired on True Events

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AuthorHouse, Nov 7, 2007 - History - 620 pages
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          During 1963, as the United States was yielding to the second British invasion, master painter Marc Chagall exhibited his work La Revolution in Europe, demonstrating his unique genius, a blending Russian Expressionism with French Cubist influences. Though it is almost a certainty that the chivalrous artist had no intention that fateful morning of rescuing a lady in distress on the boardwalk of Nice, their serendipitous affair would inspire him to create, perhaps, his most colorful masterpiece of all… La Reine du Carnival de Nice.            

Fast-forward to the mid-1990’s. The Berlin Wall had long since fallen, Marc Chagall had died, his painting was worth a fortune, and it was about to become the center of an odyssey, a twisting and turning saga where a murder results in freedom from a callous prison, an enchanted journey of champagne dreams and white lightning nightmares of reality, a magnetic story that would involve an international cast of interesting, sympathetic, and sinister characters. None of them seemed to know all the facts surrounding the valuable artwork, but each player intended to become wealthy.


The fascinating events spanned over forty years and captivated people from three continents. Discover how the artist Marc Chagall, the last great survivor of the School of Paris, his Russian beauty, a California entrepreneur, an Ophthalmologist, a Polish ex-convict, and his gullible brother all converge in an adventure that will end when only one person finally has The Lost Chagall.



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About the author (2007)

Johnny has spent the last two scores of his three scores of life on terra firma, traveling the world extensively. He visited all fifty states before roaming the rest of the globe. Besides the fifty states his travels have taken him through eighty-seven countries, covering six of the seven continents. 


          Some of his escapades have included running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, hang gliding during carnival in Rio, the Iditarod in Anchorage, snorkeling in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia, exploring an excavation site of the Bronze Age in Udonthani, Thailand,  having a cup of coffee with Vincent Teresa (Vinnie the Sea-Pig), author of My Life In The Mafia in Boston, having dinner with Con Sellers, author of Dallas, and his wife, Mary on their ranch in Wilderville, OR, visiting President Roh Tae Woo at the Blue House in Seoul, meandering through the picturesque Casbah in Morocco, being involved with the Jazz Festival in Cancun Mexico, featuring Ray Charles and the Manhattan Transfer, attending the free concert, given by Luciano Pavarotti, in celebration of the total sun eclipse in Bucharest,  slicing his way through the rain forest in Costa Rica, flying through the air on a trapeze in Punta Canta, Dominican Republic, He has embarked upon many marvelous adventures, (misadventures?) in his life.


          Johnny has lived in several cities in the United States as well as various cities in distant countries. From Kingman, Arizona, to Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom Johnny’s philosophy is, “My home is wherever I happen to be”.


          Johnny has just finished his first novel, The Lost Chagall and is currently working on two other novels; however, he still maintains a varied traveling schedule while writing and can always be reached through his; P. O. Box, private 800 number satellite phone, or email



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