The popular guide to the International exhibition of 1862

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Page 17 - Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all.
Page 244 - I cannot resist informing you of the extraordinary effect I have experienced by taking only a few of your Lozenges. I had a cough for several weeks, that defied all that had been prescribed for me ; and yet I got completely rid of it by taking about half a small box of your Lozenges, which I find are the only ones that relieve the cough without deranging the stomach or digestive organs. I am, Sir, your humble servant, P. HAWKER. To Mr. Keating, 79, St. Paul's Churchyard.
Page 20 - Secrets of the sullen mine, Steel and gold, and corn and wine, Fabric rough, or Fairy fine, Sunny tokens of the Line, Polar marvels, and a feast Of wonder, out of West and East, And shapes and hues of Part divine!
Page 162 - ... extent and diversified in surface, is remarkable as the cradle of one, at least, of the nations who earliest practised the arts and cultivated the sciences which characterise civilization, and from whence these travelled to the West, and, perhaps, also to the East. Its present inhabitants continue to venerate sciences which they know only by name, and practise arts of which they know not the principles ; and this with a skill not only remarkable for the early period at which it attained perfection,...
Page lxvii - Company exceeds 62,000,000, and, owing to the liberality with which its engagements have been performed, is rapidly increasing. The duty paid to Government for the year 1852 was 74,037.
Page i - The Marquis of Anglesea, The Marquis of Westminster, The Birkenhead Dock Company, The Dock Trustees of Liverpool, Most of the Nobility, Gentry, and Agriculturists, And many Members of the Royal Agricultural Societies of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Page 20 - Art divine ! All of beauty, all of use, That one fair planet can produce, Brought from under every star, Blown from over every main, And mixt, as life is mixt with pain, The works of peace with works of war.
Page lxxi - ... more strongly than Mr Lever's later works differ from his earlier ones. The author of ' Harry Lorrequer' has given unquestionable proof of powers matured by time and enriched by cultivation. His more recent novels evince a greater mastery in the craft of authorship, a larger experience, and more skilled faculty of construction. But whether these qualities exist in so great a degree as entirely to compensate the reader for the absence of that vivacity, freshness, and continuous flow of high animal...
Page lxvii - The Rates of Premium are in no case higher than those charged by the other principal Offices giving no Bonus to their Insurers.
Page lxvii - Premium are 10 per cent, less than those of most offices — a benefit in itself equivalent to an Annual Bonus. One-half of the first five Annual Premiums may remain as a permanent charge upon Policies effected for the whole duration of life. Annuities and special risks are undertaken upon favourable terms.

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