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Encampment, in such state, district or territory, which if

approved of by a majority of the votes given, shall be granted; and such Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment shall

be opened by the Grand Sire, or some qualified brother or Patriarch, whom he shall deputize for that purpose.

Manner of mak. ARTICLE 5. All applications for charters for a Grand ing application. Lodge or Grand Encampment, must be by vote of the several

lodges or Encampments in the state, district or territory, as follows: Each lodge or Encampment in the state, district or territory, shall appoint one or more of its Past Grands or Patriarchs, as a representative, to meet with simnilar representatives from the other lodges or Encampments, to consider the propriety of an application for a charter for a Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment. Each subordinate lodge or Encampment shall furnish to its representative a statement under the seal of the lodge or Encampment, of the number of Past Grands or Past Chief Patriarchs, in good standing, belonging to it. At the meeting of these representatives, the vote shall be by lodges or Encampments; and the application shall be in form following, to wit:

Form of petition.

No. 2,

To the Grand Sire, Officers and Members of the

Grand Lodge of the United States, I. O. O. F.
The petition of Lodge, (or Encampment,) No.1,

No. 3, of respectfully represent, that at present they work under warrants granted by your honorable body; that the Order has increased in the

and at present they have Past Grands, (or Past C. Patriarchs,) in good standing. They are of the opinion that it would be of advantage to the Order, if a Grand Lodge (or Grand Encampment) was established in the They therefore pray your honorable Lodge to grant a charter for a Grand Lodge (or Grand Encampment) in the state of

to be located at Witness our hands and seals this

day of

A. D. 18

A. B. Representative of No. 1.
C. D. Representative of No. 2.
E. F. Representative of No. 3.

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Expenses of o ARTICLE 6. All travelling and other expenses of the Grand pening Officers, Low borne. Sire, Past Grand or Patriarch, deputized by him to open a

Grand or subordinate Lodge or Encampment, shall be paid

by such Lodge or Encampment. Fce required to

ARTICLE 7. Applications for Grand or subordinate Lodges accompany peti tion for all char- or Encampments must be accompanied by the fee for the

same, which shall be returned if the charter is not granted. Extent of juris ARTICLE 8. No more than one Grand Lodge or Grand

Encampment shall be chartered in any state, district or territory.



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ARTICLE 9. Each Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment Impression shall have a Grand Seal, an impression whereof in wax shall be deposited in

the Grand Lodge be sent to the Grand Secretary, and be deposited in the archives of the Grand Lodge of the United States.

returns of



ARTICLE 10. The Constitution of each Grand and subor- Constitutions of dinate Lodge or Encampment, chartered by this Grand ly subordinatereLodge, immediately on its adoption, shall be forwarded to quired to be subthis Grand Lodge for its approval.

ARTICLE 11. Annual returns shall be made by each state, of district, or territorial Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment, and Grand Enin which they shall give full information of the number of campments

. members in good standing, names of Grand Officers, Past quired to be reGrand Officers, number of initiations, rejections, suspensions

ported. and cause, expulsions and cause, admissions by card, withdrawal by card, deaths, amount expended for relief of brothers, amount expended for relief of widows and orphans, amount expended for education of orphans, whole amount of receipts; forms for which shall be furnished by this Grand Firms to be surLodge. Said returns shall be made to the Grand Recording to

when to be made, Secretary, at least one month previous to the annual meeting of accompanied by this body, and shall be accompanied with the dues thereon, in dues, etc. money current at par in the place where the meeting of this body *3 held.

whom and

ARTICLE 12. No Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment Arrearage, a dis

qualification to which shall be in arrears more than one year for dues to this Grand Lodge, shall be allowed to vote by its Representative.


ARTICLE 13. During the recess of the Grand Lodge of the Dispensations, United States, the Grand Sire, Deputy Grand Sire, and Grand hot tre granted in Recording Secretary shall be authorized to grant dispensations to open Grand Lodges or Encampments, or subordinate lodges or Encampments; which shall be submitted to this Grand Lodge for approval and confirmation at its next annual meeting

ARTICLE 14. The Grand Sire shall, through the Grand Yearly P. Representatives, at each session of the Grand Lodge, forward immediately, a yearly password to the Grand Master of each ed. Grand Lodge, the Grand Patriach of each Grand Encampment, and to the N. G. of subordinate lodges, and the C. P. of Encampments working under this jurisdiction; and the Grand Master and Grand Patriarch shall communicate the same to the N. G's of the several lodges, and the C. P's of Encampments in his state, district or territory. The said yearly P. W. to go into operation on the first day of January in each and every year,

transmitted and to whom entrust.

Period of use.

Membership to be retained in no more than

ARTICLE 15. No person shall hold membership, other

one than honorary,) in more than one Grand or subordinate body of a class, Lodge or Encampment at the same time; nor shall any lodge

or Encampment confer degrees upon any member of another lodge or Encampment without the consent of the lodge or Encampment to which the member belongs, given under its seal.

Transfer of juris. diction takes

Inents, etc.

ARTICLE 16. When a Grand Lodge or Grand Encampplace on the es ment shall have been duly chartered in any state, district or Girand melodges

, territory, all the lodges and Encampments in said state, disGrand Encamp trict or territory working under the jurisdiction of the Grand

Lodge of the United States, shall thereafter be declared subordinate to, and under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge or Encampment of the state, district or territory in which they are located ; and no lodge or Encampment situated in one state, district or territory can be made subordinate to the Grand Lodge or Encampment of another state, district or territory

or admission or ARTICLE 17. No brother can be admitted to visit, or depovisitors or depos- site his card in a lodge or Encampment out of the state, dis

trict or territory where he resides, unless he present a card or certificate under the signature of the officers and seal of the lodge of which he is a member, and endorsed with his name, in his own proper hand writing, and prove himself in the travelling P. W. and in the Degree in which the lodge is open. Provided, nevertheless, a brother may always visit if introduced by a Grand Representative, or other elective officer of the Grand Lodge under whose jurisdiction be wishes to visit.


of District Dep uty Grand Sires

ARTICLE 18. The Grand Sire shall select and appoint and their duties. a qualified Past Grand in each state, district or territory,

(and may divide any state or territory into more than one district, when he shall deem it essential to the interest of the Order to do so,) as District Deputy Grand Sire, whose duty it shall be to visit the lodges and Encampments work. ing under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, to open all new lodges chartered by this Grand Lodge, when not otherwise ordered, and communicate such instruction and infor

mation as may be necessary, and to make annual reports of Their expenses. his doings to this Grand Lodge. His expenses, when open

ing lodges and Encampments, to be paid by the said lodges and Encampments.

Article 19. The Representative of each Grand Lodge Representatives,

and Grand Encampment shall be examined by the D. G. Sirę as to his qualifications for the office, previous to taking his seat in the Grand Lodge of the United States. On taking

how examined

and liabilities.

his seat he shall be furnished by the Grand Recording Secretary, with a copy of the Constitution, Rules of Order, and

Their expenses By-Laws of this Grand Lodge. His expenses shall be paid by his Grand Lodge or Encampment, and should he neglect or refuse to attend the meetings of this Lodge when duly notified, he shall be fined five dollars, unless excused by a vote of the Lodge.

ARTICLE 20. Each state, district or territorial Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment shall furnish its Representative with all documents and papers necessary in the discharge of the duties of his office.

ARTICLE 21. Each state, district or territorial Grand Lodge Printed proceedshall annually, be furnished with as many copies of the ines, how distribprinted proceedings of this Grand Lodge as it has subordinate lodges working under its jurisdiction, for its own use; and an equal number to be distributed amongst its subordinates. Each Grand Encampment shall be furnished in the same manner. And each Encampment and lodge working under the warrant of this Grand Lodge shall be furnished with a copy of the proceedings. The Grand Recording By whom. Secretary shall see that this law is carried into effect, at as early a date as possible after the close of the annual sessions of this Grand Lodge.

ARTICLE 22. All dues and moneys for this Grand Lodge Toys whom moshall be paid to the Grand Recording Secretary, and by him paid. be immediately paid over to the Grand Treasurer, who shall give his receipt for the same.

ARTICLE 23. All state, district or territorial Grand Lodges Uniformity to be and Grand Encampments shall enforce upon their subordinates a strict adherence to the work of the Order, according to the forms furnished by the Grand Lodge of the United Grand Lodges, States, and shall be held responsible for any irregularities and pheang te that they may allow under their jurisdiction. They shall sponsible. neither adopt or use, or suffer to be adopted or used in their jurisdiction, any other charges, lectures, degrees, ceremonies, forms of installation, or regalia, than those prescribed by the Grand Lodge of the United States.

ARTICLE 24. All Grand and subordinate Lodges and En- of prayer. campments under this jurisdiction shall at all times open and close their regular meetings with prayer.

ARTICLE 25. The regalia of the Order shall be as follows, to wit:

Aprons and collars of subordinate lodges shall be white, of regalia for sutrimmed with the emblematic color of the degree intended

bordinate lodges.



be represented, i. e. first degree, white ; second degree, pink; third degree, blue; fourth degree, green; fifth degree, scarlet; rosettes of the appropriate colors can be worn on the collars. The Noble Grand shall wear a scarlet collar

r; Vice Grand, blue collar; Secretary, green collar ; Treasurer, green collar ; each of which trimmed with white or silver. Supporters of N. G., scarlet sashes; of the V. G., blue sashes ; Warden and Conductor, black sashes ; Scené Supporters, white sashes ; Chaplain, white sash. The aprons of the elective and appointed officers shall be white, trimmed with the color of the collar or sash indicated for the office.

Past Grands shall wear scarlet collars or sashes, and aprons either white, trimmed with scarlet, or scarlet, trimmed with white. The aprons and collars or sashes of Past Grands may be trimmed with silver lace or fringe, and those having attained to the R. P. Degree may have trimmings of yellow metal. The Grand Officers and Past Grands of Grand Lodges shall wear the regalia of Past Grands, as above defined.

The Encampment regalia shall be black aprons and gloves, and of those Patriarchs who have attained to the R. P. Degree, purple collars, and the aprons and collars trimmed with yellow lace or fringe.

For Grand

For Encamp ments.

of drafts on the Grand Treasurer


ARTICLE 26. All expenses of this Grand Lodge shall be for payments of paid by an order drawn on the R. W. Grand Treasurer,

signed by the Grand Sire, and attested by the Grand Recording Secretary, the same being authorized by a vote of the Grand Lodge.

or installations.

ARTICLE 27. The installation of officers in subordinate lodges shall be conducted only in manner and form as provided by the Installation Books.

The manner of opening the Grand Louge.

ARTICLE 28. At the appointed hour, the Grand Sire shall take the chair and organize the meeting by directing the Grand Recording Secretary to call the names of the officers of this Grand Lodge. After which the Secretary shall make report of the number of Representatives present. When, if a quorum be present, the Grand Sire shall call on the Grand Chaplain to address the Supreme Ruler of the Universe in prayer. The Deputy Grand Sire shall then examine the Representatives present, and report to the Grand Sire, and if correct, the Grand Sire shall direct the members to clothe themselves with their regalia and take their seats, after which the Deputy Grand Sire, at the request of the Grand Sire, shall proclaim the Lodge duly opened. The business of the session shall then be taken up as provided in the Rules of Order ; and when the business is concluded, the Grand Chaplain shall offer a prayer, and the Deputy Grand Sire shall proclaim the Grand Lodge duly closed.

Of closing.

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