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G. Zahm, printing second edition French Work,

$ 88 00 Furnishing Committee,

145 00 Isaac P. Cook,

20 13 Grand Secretary, for freight, &c.

5 82 Grand Lodge of Maryland,

6 25 James L. Ridgely,

868 00 Resolred, That the Grand Treasurer be, and he is hereby directed to pay James L. Ridgely, six dollars, being funds erroneously paid in by him.

Resolved, That the sum of five hundred dollars be, and it is hereby appropriated for the payment of James L. Ridgely, as Grand Corresponding and Recording Secretary, for the year 1843-4, which may be paid quarterly out of any funds not otherwise appropriated.

Resolved, That the Grand Secretary be, and he is hereby directed to forward bills to all Grand Lodges and Grand Encampments, and all subordinate lodges and Encampments, indebted to this Grand Lodge, with an earnest request, that they immediately forward the amount.

Resolred, That the Grand Secretary be, and he is hereby directed to forward imperative instructions to all subordinate lodges and Encampments, reported as having failed to forward reports, to furnish them without delay.

Resolved, That the Grand Secretary be, and he is hereby directed to issue a circular, to all those who have been acting as agents for the sale of Diplomas, to close up their accounts without delay, transfer any remaining on hand, to their respective Grand Lodges or Encampments, taking receipts therefor, and forward a full statement to the Secretary's office.

Resolved, That the Grand Secretary be, and he is hereby directed to furnish this Grand Lodge, in his annual report, with a full and detailed statement of his accounts, showing the amounts due to and by it—and a statement of all Grand and subordinale Lodges and Encampments, which may not have reported—said report to be made up to within two weeks of the Annual Session of this body.

Resolved, That no Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment shall be instituted, until the subordinates petitioning therefor shall have paid all arrearages to this Grand Lodge.

Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the Grand Messenger (in addition to the duties prescribed by law) to take charge of and keep in order, the rooms, &c., occupiei as the Grand Secretary's office, and that he shall be paid for his services forty dollars per annum, payable quarterly.

Rep. Hurlbut, of South Carolina, offered the following, which was read and adopted.

Resolved, That a Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment is not entitled to representation until the warrant be confirmed-and therefore not liable to pay the representative quota, and that the dues accruing from the subordinate lodges and Encampments, in the jurisdiction of such Grand Lodge or Encampment, be required to be paid to this Grand Lodge until the warrant be confirmed.

Rep. Sherlock, of Ohio, moved that the Grand Treasurer be, and he is hereby required to execute a bond in the sum of $4000, for the faithful performance of his trust. Rep. Marshall

, of Kentucky, offered the following resolution, which was read and ordered to lie on the table.

Resolved, That no state Grand Lodge or Encampment can work, until its charter be confirmed by this Grand Lodge.

Rep. Seymour, of South Carolina, offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Grand Lodge be, and are hereby tendered to M. W. Grand Sire Hopkins, for the impartiality, courtesy and ability with which he has presided over the deliberations of this body during the present session.

After prayer from the Worthy Grand Chaplain, the Grand Lodge adjourned sine die

Grand Corresponding and Recording Secretary.


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GRAND LODGE of the United States in account with ANDREW E. WARNER, Grand Treasurer.

CR 1842. Sept. 27, To cash, J. L. Ridgely, English mission, $ 100 00 1842. Sept. 18, By cash on hand, current funds,

$ 138 67 I. D. Williamson, do. 100 00

266 50 Oct. 8, postage of R. Neilson, G. Secy, p. t. 6 63

27, By cash from G. Secretary Ridgely,

12 00 Nov. 13,


do G. S. endorse, 3 90

By 2 drafts on J. G. Treadwell, Eng. Mission, 200 00
R. Neilson, per bill,

400 00 Nov. 21, By cash from G. Secretary Ridgely, to date, 1204 76
J. L. Ridgely, bill,

600 00

By draft of W. Curtis, Phil. fm. G. S. Ridgely 95 00
Dec. 2,

postage by order of G. Sec'y, 17 34 1843. Sept. 23, By cash G. Secretary Ridgely, to date, 3440 19

J. L. Ridgely, Eng. mission in part, 150 00 15,

W. Bayley, order I. D. Williamson, 115 00 1843. Jan. 11, J. L. Ridgely, mission,

90 00 25,

Union Lodge, order G. L. of La. 10 00 discount on uncurrent funds,

2 83
Feb. 2,

I. D. Williamson, Eng. mission, 135 00
March 9, postage for Grand Secretary, 19 42
June 1
Robert Neilson, bill,

4 54
July 24,
do do.

200 00 Aug. 2,

collecting draft & uncurrent funds, 1 50 3,

postage of G. Sec., G. S. Sign., 2 03 8,

G. Secy. Ridgely, salary as Editor, 200 00 9, postage of Grand Secretary,

23 00 14,

collecting draft on Washington, 0 56

J. L. Ridgely, English Mission 23 00
Robert Neilson,

200 00
Sept. 18,

A. E. Warner, G. Treasurer, salary, 50 00 discount on uncurrent funds,

40 62
John A. Kennedy, bill,

48 25

24 61
J. Walker, bill,

4 13 W. Small, draft of J. L. Ridgely, 125 00 " Balance on hand, $2659 76, of which

$192 50, is in Arkansas funds, and therefore unavailable.

2659 76 $5357 12

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G L. of Maryland,


New York,

New York,
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,
District of Columbia, Washington,



New Orleans,
New Jersey,






St. Louis,

Connecticut, New Haven,


South Carolina, Charleston,

North Carolina, Wilmington,

No. 1, Mineral Pt.,

3, Milwaukie,
Far West,

1, Little Rock, Florida,

1, Jacksonville

Black Creek

6 1, Savannah,

Live Oak,

3, Savannah,

United Brothers,

Friendly Union,


4 3,

« 1, Portland, Saco,

4 2 Saco, Granite,

* 1, Nashat, Prince of Wales, Montreal,

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Suspensions and Expulsions from Lodges.

MARYLAND. Suspensions.-No. 1, Robert Lambert; No. 4, John H. Steibel; No.9, Wm. Ladd; No. 33, Moses Edwards; No. 6, Valentine Harwood; No. 2, Christian Kenegross; No. 32, Christian Mienachan; No. 31, C. H. Smith. Improper conduct.

Expulsions.—No. 1; Edward L. Sands, A. D. Hughes ; No. 5, John Buckley, Reuben C. Chamberlain; No. 9, James B. Ware; No. 16, Charles Holm, Aaron Hartz, John Heigens; No. 20, George W. Veasy; No. 31, P. G. Jacob Hoover. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows. MASSACHUSETTS.-Expulsions.-4, names not given.

NEW YORK. Suspensions.No. 10, John Mead; No. 11, James Morse; No. 13, Michael Seith; No. 14, Frederick Schweinebart; No. 20, William Lobb; No. 35, Robert Peterson; No.36, John Cummerford; No. 39, W.P. Whaley, Alanson Crowell ; No. 44, H. C. Minor; No. 45, A. H. Henry; No. 47, Chris. Brown; No. 51, W. O. Fisk; No.52, P. Knoller, C. Hammel, C. Esa ies; No. 54, Coles McCown, Alb. T. Bush; No. 58, Edward Le Fort; No. 70, Henry A. Hatch. Improper conduct.

Expulsions. —No. 1, Alex. Jamieson ; No. 9, Henry Bell; No. 10, John Shuttle, Isaac T. Valentine, Lewis Newman, John Hunter; No. 13, Nicholas Gange; No. 16, Christian Meyer, Daniel Langgat, Wm. Libberis; No. 21, Robert P. McLean, John Daniels; No. 23, John O'Brien, John Ashville; No. 25, W. G. Bungay; No. 26, Nicholas Dobbins, James Jordan, Philip Adams; No. 27, C. W. Andrews; No. 28, Wm. Dingler; No. 29, Andrew Follet, Jr., George Hall; No. 30, Wm. D. Craft; No. 32, Albert Blair, Norman G. Doolittle; No. 35, Nicholas Duff; No. 36, Israel Underhill; No. 38, Stephen I. Lewis, Robert L. Watson; No. 45, Edward Kinkhine; No. 51, A. W. Redding, Calvin S. Wadsworth , No. 52, George Fink; No. 56, Henry F. Johns; No. 58, William Searle ; No. 59, Wm. W. Christian; No. 71, Robert H. Hall. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows.

PENNSYLVANIA. Suspensions—No. 7, William Walcapp; No. 8, William Greenhalgh, William Kedward; No. 45, Charles Jahm ; No. 55, David Vanton. Improper conduct.

Expulsions,-No. 2, Charles B. Skidmore; No.5, H. J. Stout, George W. Stackhouse ; No. 13, James Waters, Augustus A. Tweeston ; No. 18, William H. Levison, M. H. McEwen ; No. 20, Michael Thompson, Elwin Watkins, B. Lees, John Cox, James Jones; No. 21, John Guber; No. 27, Robinson Kay; No. 57, Samuel Wilson; No. 64, A. Newille, J. A. Brooks; No. 65, J. Dunsmore; No. 68, W. S. Ruth; No. 72, Samuel Lowery ; No. 76, Levi R. Nyer. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.-Expulsions - No. 1, John M. St. John, James C. Malbon, Andrew Reese; No. 11, Henson Brown, F. L. McElfresh, P. G. William H. McLane. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows.

OHIO. Suspensions.—No. 2, 1; No. 3, 1; No. 5, 1; No. 9, 1; names not given. Improper conduct.

Expulsions.-No.3, James Ishelby; No.4, John M. Egbert; No. 6, W. B. Browning, Phineas Phillips. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows.

NEW JERSEY.-Expulsions-4, names or cause not given.

KENTUCKY.—Expulsions—6, names not given. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows.

VIRGINIA.—Expulsions—34, names or cause not given.
MISSISSIPPI.--Expulsions—13, names or cause not given.
MISSOURI.—Expulsion-1, name or cause not given.
ILLINOIS.-Expulsions-11, names or cause not given.
CONNECTICUT.-Expulsion—1, name or cause not given.

Suspensions.—No. 1, P.G. G. Bowman; No. 4, 1, name not given. Improper conduct.

Expulsions-No. 1, George Babe, John Lixter, U. Bon, I. Lenginett ; No. 5, John C. Dobbs; No. 2, James C. Dobbs. Conduct unbecoming Odd Fellows.

SOUTH CAROLINA.-Expulsions-3, names or cause not given.

ALABAMA.-Expulsion-No. 1, Charles McCord. Conduct unbecoming an Odd Fellow.

ARKANSAS.—Expulsion-No. 1, Madison Williams. Conduct unbecoming an Odd Fellow.

FLORIDA.-Expulsions-No. 1, Josiah D. Walker, John Moore. Conduct an. becoming Odd Fellows.

Annual Report of Grand and Subordinate Encampments to the R. W.

Grand Lodge of the United States, I. 0. O. F., for the year ending
September, 1843.

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- Expulsions.

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175 29
17 2
35 1
50 28

web: 898853 | Members.


1905 63 324
3522 241 597

736 421 244
1574 79
1645 801 349
105 001 287

20 61!
218 90 69

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wi: : : 8: -18:

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No Report

211 16


460 69
280 73
66 25



G. E. of Maryland, Baltimore,

New York, New York, N. Y.

Cincinnati, Ohio,
Kentucky, Louisville, Ky.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn.
Virginia, Portsmouth,

Connecticut, New Haven,

New Jersey,

Newark, N. J.
South Carolina, Charleston, 8. C.

No. 1, Washington, D. C. Marley,

62, Alexandria, Wildey, « 1, New Orleans

La. Louisiana,

2 St Franci'lle Delaware, 6 1, Wilmington,

Del. Mt. Araral, « 1, Mobile,

Ala. Wildey,

1, Natchez,

Vicksburg, « 2, Vicksburg,
u 1, St. Louis,


« 1, New Albany, $ | Ind. Wildey,

4 2 Madison, Wildey,

« 1, Alton, Chosen Friend,

2, Galena,

III. Lebanon,

" 3, Springfield, Wildey,

u 1, Mineral Point, W.T. Ridgely, « 1, Nashville,

Tenn. Massasoit,

1, Boston,


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No Report 23

No Report 19

No Reports

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