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And your

committee are of opinion, that even with its present list of subscribers, (over 1100,) the work can be sustained, and as soon as the system proposed goes into operation, that it will be a source of revenue. They therefore submit the following resolutions.


Resolved, That it is for the interest of the Order, that the Official Magazine be sus-, tained.

Resolved, That the Editor of the Official Magazine, be constituted General Agent of the same that he shall make out and keep a full list of all subscribers, and accurate accounts of the expenses and receipts of the work—that he shall receive 25 per cent. on all outstanding debts collected by him, and 20 per cent. on all new subsriptions, which shall include all expense of collection-and shall be authorized to use his discretion in the mode of collection, being directly responsible to this Grand Lodge, for the faithful application of such funds as come into his hands. And that the said Editor shall have control of the printing in conformity with the contract already entered into. The question being upon the passage of the resolutions, the

, yeas and nays were required, and appeared as follows:

Yeas—Rep's Guild, 2 votes ; Brown, Wilson, Treadwell, McDonnell, Marley, Sanderson, Neilson, Segar, Campbell, Hurlbut, Seymour, Kezer, Marshall, Shaffner, Stewart, Coleman, Sherlock, 2 votes; and P. G. Sires Wildey and Kennedy-22.

Nays—Rep's Vn Sickell, Harris, Stokes, 2 votes ; Skinner, Webb-6. So the report and resolutions were adopted.

Rep. Segar, of Virginia, moved to re-consider the vote by which the charter to Ridgely Encampment, No. 1, of Tennessee, was granted.

The Chair decided the motion to be out of order, the charter having been already granted, could not be the subject of consideration unless for cause of abuse.

Rep. Stokes, of Pennsylvania, offered the following, which was read and adopted.

Resolved, That the late General Agents, Wildey and Curtis, receive 5 per ceni. on the amount of their actual subscription lists, in full compensation for their services.

On motion, the Grand Lodge adjourned until half past one o'clock, this afternoon.

SATURDAY, 1} o'clock, P. M. The Grand Lodge met pursuant to adjournment: Present, the Grand (ficers and a due representation. The reading of the journal was dispensed with.

Rep. Treadwell, of New York, from the Committee of Finance, submied the following report and resolutions, which were read, considered serutim, and consecutively adopted.

Tot. R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

TŁ Committee of Finance have examined the books, vouchers, and other ocuments submitted to them, and respectfully report the following


to be the condition of the funds of the Grand Lodge, as will more fully appear in the body of this report, viz: Cash on hand, in current funds, September, 1842, - $138 67 Cash on hand, in uncurrent do.

264 50-$403 17 Receipts since that time. Grand Lodges, annual tax,

$600 00 Grand Encampments, annual tax,

120 00 Grand Encampments, charter fees,

120 00 Subordinate Encampments, charter fees,

360 00 Subordinate lodges, charter fees,

300 00 Subordinate lodges, dues,

653 25 Subordinate Encampments, dues,

560 95 Books furnished,

496 00 Diplomas sold,

112 75–3322 95 English Mission,

547 65 Official Magazine,

12 50 Loan for Official Magazine,

1000 00 Surplus unaccounted for at the present session, supposed to have been paid in and no receipt given,

64 84 Surplus received by Grand Treasurer from Grand Secretary, and belonging to the latter officer, .

6 00

$5357 11 Amounts paid by Grand Treasurer. I. D. Williamson, on account of English mission, $350 00 J. L. Ridgely, on account of English mission,

488 00 Do. on acc't salary as Editor Official Magazine, 800 00 R. Neilson, on account of printing do. do.

800 00 J. L. Ridgely, bills of postage,

101 46 J. A. Kennedy, postage and expenses as Grand Sire, 48 25 Grand Lodge of Louisiana returned for amount overpaid in 1842,

10 00 Grand Treasurer, discount on uncurrent funds, 45 51 Grand Treasurer, salary 1842-3,

50 00 J. Walker, binding bill,

4 13-2697 35 Leaving balance in Treasurer's hands,

$2659 76 Of which there is in Arkansas funds, unavailable at present, 192 50

Balance of available funds,

$2467 26

There has been paid by T. Wildey, late Agent of Official Ma

gazine, to R. Neilson on account of printing, $548 82 Paid to same by Wm. Curtis, Agent O. Magazine, 356 21 Paid to James L. Ridgely by William Curtis,

32 00-- $937 13

These amounts did not pass through the Treasurer's hands.

The payments made by Grand Treasurer during the recess, a reported herein, are sanctioned by your committee, being in due form o.awr.

Also, the payments named above, as being made by general Ages of Official Magazine, although your committee are of opinion that i pa y

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ments should be made in any case, except on orders of the proper

officers of this Grand Lodge.

The following claims against the Grand Lodge have been presented to your committee, which have been examined and found to be correct. Thomas Wildey, balance due him on account of Official Magazine, vol.

1, as certified by the special committee, appointed at September Session, 1842,

81046 03 Robert Neilson, balance due him on settlement, September, 1842, including No. 1 to 9, of Official Magazine,

433 13 3000 copies Magazine, Nos. 10, 11, 12, vol. 1, $225, 675 00 3000 do. do. Nos. 1 to 9 inclusive, of vol. 2, at $225 per No.,

2025 00 Printing notices of delay, &c.,

6 5043139 63 Same, 1000 copies Annual Proceedings, 1842, 136 p. 171 00 Extra charge on October No. of Magazine,

58 75 Do. do. November No. do.

154 68 Printing Installation and Encampment books, &c., 62 50--446 93 James L. Ridgely, salary as Editor of Official Magazine for the years 1842 and 1843, at $1000 per annum,

2000 00 George Zahm, printing French work, as commuted by Grand Sire, by order of Grand Lodge, from $112,

52 00 Do. printing new edition of same, per contract,

88 00-140 00 Furnishing Committee, furnishing Grand Secretary's office, 145 50 Thomas Wildey, rent of office for deposite of documents,

30 00 Isaac P. Cook, stationary,

20 13 J. E. Chamberlain, preparing charters, &c.

23 06 Grand Lodge of Maryland, travelling cards,

6 25 Grand Secretary, freight and packages per express,

5 82 H. Hopkins, travelling expenses as Grand Sire, session 1843, 25 00 Richard Brandt, G. Guardian,

25 00 Albert Case, G. Chaplain,

50 00 Wm. Curtis, G. Marshal,

20 00 I. D. Williamson, “ G. Chaplain, 6 1842-3,

50 00 Marion Lodge, No. 34, New York, Loan for O. M. 1000

do interest on same, 1 year to Nov. 1, 1843, 60—1060 00 I. D. Williamson, balance due him on account English Mission, 150 00 Wm. Curtis, balance due him as Agent Official Magazine, 59 76 Your committee recommend that the Grand Corresponding and

Recording Secretary be allowed five hundred dollars, for his services during the year, 1842-3,

500 00 J. E. Chamberlain, for services as Grand Messenger same period 20 00

88963 11 Of which R. Neilson has been paid on account, 81705 03 J. L. Ridgely do. do. 0. M.

832 00—2537 03 Total indebtedness,

86426 08 There is on hand in cash available,

2467 26 Leaving to be provided for as funds are received,

$3958 82 There is now due the Grand Lodge $620 61, as per statement submitted.

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Grand Encampments. New York, for books,

$25 00 Ohio, annual tax for 1843,

20 00 Kentucky, annual tax for 1842,

20 00 South Carolina, books $12-annual tax for 1842, $20,

32 00 New Jersey, annual tax for 1843,

20 00 Grand Lodges. Maryland, books, &c.,

23 00 New York, do.

25 00 Delaware, do.

5 00 Louisiana, balance of old account, $10_tax for 1843, $20, 30 00 Ohio, books,

50 00 Tennessee, annual tax, 1841,

20 00 Texas, do. 1841, '42 and '43,

60 00 Kentucky, books,

20 00 Illinois, do.

12 00 Virginia, do.

24 00 South Carolina, books,

45 00 Massachusetts, do.

12 50
Subordinate Encampments.
Wildey, No. 1, Louisiana, (and report of one term not yet received,) 6 62
Salem, No. 10, Virginia, do. do.

65 Lebanon, No. 3, Illinois,

22 80 Wildey, No. 1, Mississippi,

10 80 Wildey No. 1, Missouri, (and report of one term not yet received,) 31 00 Ridgely, No. 1, Tennessee,

1 06 Campbell, No. 1, North Carolina,

8 00 Subordinate Lodges. Friendly Union, No. 1, Rhode Island, for books,

4 00 Iowa, No. 1, Wisconsin, (and reports of three quarters not yet in,) 19 65 Milwaukie, No. 2, Wisconsin,

18 80 Far West, No. 1, Ark., (and reports for 6 quarters not received,) 53 73

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$620 61 To which is to be added the following, when returns are received.

Subordinate Encampments.
Wildey, No. 1, Louisiana, report for one term.
Louisiana, No. 2, Louisiana, report since October, 1841.
Abram, No. 1, Virginia, report since October, 1836, from which is to be

deducted $15 00, received on 24th January, 1841.
Widows' Friend, No. 5, Virginia, report since March, 1841—from which

is to be deducted 816 40, credited that Encampment.
Salem, No. 10, Virginia, report for one term.
Jerusalem, No. 1, Indiana, report since organization in 1836.
Wildey, No. 1, Illinois, report since organization in 1838.
Chosen Friends' No. 2, Illinois, report since organization in 1839.
Vicksburg, No. 2, Mississippi, report since November, 1840.
Wildey, No. 1, Missouri, report for one term.
Wildey No 1, Wisconsin, report since organization in 1838.


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Oriental, No. 2, Connecticut, report from September, 1842, to the time of

which the Grand Encampment of Connecticut was instituted. Mt. Ararat, No. 1, Alabama, report since 28th May, 1842.

Subordinate Lodges.
Far West, No. 1, Arkansas, reports for sıx quarters.
Iowa, No. 1, Wisconsin, reports for three quarters.

There are charges on the books against several agents for sale of diplo. mas, which it is necessary to close promptly, and your committee herewith submit a resolution for that object.

Your committee have made as full an examination of the books, &c., as it was in their power to do, and they believe that the statements they have made, will be found to be correct.

They have made an estimate of the probable receipts and expenses of this body for the ensuing year, and they are of the opinion that no extraordinary measures need be resorted to, to sustain the Grand Lodge.

There is a large quantity of books and diplomas on hand, which will doubtless produce a handsome revenue the ensuing year.

The new arrangement as to the Official Magazine will, your committee are confident, at least enable that branch to support itself.

Your committee refrain from making any further remarks, believing that the report will be found to be sufficiently plain, and they respectfully recommend the passage of the following resolutions, which embody their opinions upon the subjects alluded to. Respectfully submitted.


Resolved, That the following appropriations be, and are hereby made out of funds
now in the Treasury, and the payments be immediately made.
Thomas Wildey, on account of balance due him,

$500 00 R. Neilson, printing (independent of Official Magazine,)

446 93 I. D. Williamson, balance due him on English Mission,

150 00 James L. Ridgely, salary as Secretary 1842-3,

500 00 Do. on account of services as Editor O. M.

300 00 J. E. Chamberlain, services as Grand Messenger,

20 00 Do. Sundry Expenses,

23 06 Marion Lodge, No. 34, interest on loan,

60 00 H. Hopkins, Travelling expenses as Grand Sire,

25 00 R. Brandt, do. do. Grand Guardian,

25 00 Albert Case, do. do. Grand Chaplain,

50 00 I. D. Williamson, Grand Chaplain, 1842–3,

50 00 William Curtis, do. Grand Marshal,

20 00 Do. due him as General Agent of Official Magazine,

59 76 G. Zahm, printing first edition French work,

52 00 Thomas Wildey, rent of office.

30 00 Resolred, That the Grand Sire and Grand Secretary be, and they are hereby authorized to give the notes of this Grand Lodge to Thomas Wildey, for balance due him $546 03, and to Robert Neilson, for balance due him $1434 60—said notes to be at one year from date, bearing 6 per cent. interest, and in such amounts as may be desired by those creditors.

Resolved, That the proper officers be, and they are hereby directed, to pay Mario Lodge, No. 34, the semi-annual interest on the loan of $1000, as it becomes due.

Resolved, That the proper officers be, and they are hereby directed, to pay the following bills in the order in which they are named, out of the first funds received in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.


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