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The second resolution being considered, Rep. Shaffner, of Kentucky, moved to strike out so much of the resolution as refers to the Grand Encampment of Kentucky, which was rejected, and the resolution as reported, was adopted.

The third resolution was considered and adopted.

The fourth resolution was considered, when Rep. Stewart, of Missouri, moved to strike out so much of said resolution as relates to Lebanon Encampment, which was rejected, and the resolution as reported, adopted.

The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth resolutions were severally considered and adopted.

Rep. Hillyer, of New Jersey, from the Committee on Returns, made the following report, which, on motion, was accepted.

To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The Committee on Returns, from the Grand and subordinate Lodges and Encampments, beg leave respectfully to report: That they have examined the documents referred to them and give the following result :

Grand Lodges of Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, District of Columbia, Connecticut, Kentucky, and the R. W. Grand Encampments of New York, Connecticut, Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina-correct.

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, irregular in tabular arrangement.

Grand Encampment of Pennsylvania, gives no returns of amount expended for relief.

Grand Lodges of Missouri and Illinois, not stating for what purpose relief was granted.

Grand Lodge of Ohio, no return of number of members.

Grand Encampment of Maryland, no report of amount expended in relief.

Grand Lodge of Tennessee, report of relief informal.

Grand Encampment of New Jersey, no report of relief, and without the signature of Grand Patriarch. Grand Lodge of Louisiana, report of relief informal. Grand Lodge of Alabama, informal as to tabular arrangement. Grand Lodges of Delaware and North Carolina, no report of relief. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, no returns except report of relief.

Kennedy Lodge, No. 2, of Florida, no seal, or signature of Noble Grand attached

Iowa Lodge, No. 1, of Wisconsin, without number of Past Grands and seal.

Grand Encampment of Virginia, without seal. Mt. Ararat Encampment, No. 3, of New Jersey, no report of number admitted by card, and no report of relief.

Trenton Encampment, No. 2, of New Jersey, wholly defective.
Sassacas Encampment, No. 1, no report of relief.
Eagle Lodge, Rhode Island, no seal.

Florida Lodge, No. 1, no seal attached, and number of Past Grands not given.

Franklin Lodge, No. 2, Georgia, without seal, and report of relief.

Cape Fear Lodge, No. 2, North Carolina, without number of Past Grands and no report of relief.

Oglethorpe Lodge, No. 1, Georgia-correct.
Washington Lodge, No. 3, North Carolina, totally deficient.
Live Oak Lodge, No. 3, Georgia, no report of relief.
Far West Lodge, No. 1, Arkansas, no report of relief.

Milwaukie Lodge, No. 2, Wisconsin, defective in a variety of particulars.

Wildey Encampment, No. 1, Mississippi ; Wildey Encampment, No. 1, Missouri; Ridgely Encampment, No. 1, Tennessee ; Massasoit Encampment, No. 1, Massachusetts ; Lebanon Encampment, No. 3, Illinois; Wildey Encampment, No. 1, Louisiana ; Marley Éncampment, No. 2, District of Columbia ; Wildey Encampment, No. 2, Indiana ; Columbia Encainpment, No. 1, District of Columbia ; Neilson Encampment, No. 2, Salem Encampment, No. 10, and Wildey Encampment, No. 3, Virginia; Palmetto Encampment, No. 1, and Eutaw Encampment, No. 2, South Carolina-correct.

Campbell Encampment, No. 1, North Carolina, without seal.

Damascus Encampment, No. 9, Virginia, defective in tabular arrangement.

Your committee would beg leave to state, that they have encountered great difficulty in the performance of the duties assigned them, owing to the very irregular and imperfect manner in which the Grand and subordinate Lodges, and the Grand and subordinate Encampments have made their returns; and they would, therefore, recommend that the R. W. Grand Lodge adopt some measures which may ensure a more strict observance to the forms adopted by this Grand Lodge. All which is respectfully submitted.


Rep. Kneass, of Pennsylvania, from the Committee of Correspondence, made the following report, which was read, and on motion of Rep. Sey. mour, of South Carolina, was made the special order of the day for to


To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The Committee of Correspondence, to whom has been referred so much of the report of the Grand Secretary as relates to the English and Home correspondence, respectfully ask leave to report :

By reference to the journal of the Grand Lodge of 1842, it will be seen that a resolution was reported by the Committee on Foreign Mission, and unanimously adopted, declaring “that until the Annual Moveable Committee shall restore the work of the Order to its ancient form as known and used in the United States, or until the resolution passed at the Isle of Man Annual Moveable Committee, proposing to establish lodges in America, be rescinded, all intercourse shall cease between the two bodies."

This resolution, together with several copies of the journal of the proceedings generally, was forwarded by the Grand Secretary early after the adjournment of the last session, to the Manchester Unity, but there has been no official acknowledgment of the official communication enclosing the same.

Notice of the determination of this body, upon the subject having been thus timely given, suficient opportunity has been afforded to the Manchester Unity to reconsi ler its previous resolves which introduced so much confusion in the Order by confounding the common language of the two hemispheres. But no such re-consideration has taken place. On the contrary, by a reference to the minutes of the Board of Directors at Manchester, on the 10th day of June, 1843, it will be seen that instead of resuming the position which the Annual Moveable Committe once held, it has pertinaciously adhered to the new one, and recommended the deputies then assembled, to empower the officers of the Order and Board of Directors to take such a course for the carrying out of the resolution of the Isle of Man and Wigan Annual Moveable Committee, on the subject of American Mission, “ as to them may seein most prudent and advisable, with a due regard to the welfare and peace of the Order in England, viz: the opening of lodges in America." Whether there be sincerity in the declarations of our trans-atlantic brethren, it will be no difficult matter to determine, when this Grand Lodge shall hear of the events which have already been controlled by the Manchester Unity upon the American soil.

Representing as this Grand Lodge does the entire Independent Order of Odd Fellows in the United States, in its only true and legitimate form, your committee, influenced alike by an abiding desire to preserve the common weal of our extended brotherhood, and considerations of justice to, and respect for this ancient and venerable institution, are unanimously of opinion, after a full exainination of the entire matter submitted to their deliberations, that the time has come when this Grand Lodge should forthwith sever the connection between itself and the Manchester Unity, and hold all such persons as adhere to or acknowledge a dependence upon the Manchester Unity, as enemies to the purity, the peace, the integrity, and the advancement of Odd Fellowship, and strangers to its principles and purposes.

They therefore submit the following resolution: Resolved, That all connection between the Manchester Unity and this Grand Lodge, be and hereby is forth with severed, and that to this Grand Lodge belongs the exclusive authority to erect lodges and Encampments of Odd Fellows, upon any part or section of the globe.

In reference to the Home correspondence, your committee beg leave to say that every sııbject therein referred to has already received or will be enabled to receive the consideration of this Grand Lodge, so soon as the various committees shall report.


Resolved, That the Grand Corresponding Secretary be instructed to forward to each Grand and subordinate Lodge and Encampment, working under a charter from this Grand Lodge, a copy of the foregoing resolution.

Rep. Skinner, of Pennsylvania, from the Committee on Appeals, made the following report, which, on motion, was accepted.

To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The Committee on Appeals, to whom was referred the appeal of Wm. D. Craft

, of New York, beg leave to report: That the same is informal, it being presented without consent of the Grand Lodge of the state of New York, and do therefore recommend its return to the source from which it emanated.


A. B. COLEMAN. Rep. Skinner, of Pennsylvania, from the same committee, made the following report and accompanying resolution, which was read, when Rep. Hurlbut, of South Carolina, moved to re-commit the report to the committee with instructions to make a definite report upon the subject, which was decided in the affirmative.

To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States:

The committee to whom was referred the appeal from the decision of the Grand Lodge of the state of Connecticut, beg leave to report :

That they have examined the subject, and feeling satisfied that the Grand Lodge of that state is the proper tribunal before whom this matter should be settled, particularly as it possesses the power of doing all such acts as are promotive of the intersts of the Order, or that appertains to it by ancient usages and customs, beg leave to offer the following resolutions, which are respectfully submitted.


A. B. COLEMAN. Resolved, That the decision of the Grand Lodge of the state of Connecticut, in the case of Middlesex and Charter Oak Lodges, in that state, is insufficient—that said Grand Lodge is the supreme tribunal of the Order in its jurisdiction, and is bound to act accordingly, and promptly decide upon the true merits of the case.

Resolved, That it is the duty of the Grand Lodge of the state of Connecticut, to reconsider the subject, and that it be requested to decide the question at issue.

Rep. Hurlbut, of South Carolina, from the committee to whom was re ferred so much of the Grand Sire's report relative to Numerical Registry, submitted the following report and resolutions, which were read and adopted.

To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The special committee to whom was referred the subject of the Numerical Registry, have considered the same, and beg leave to report :

That the suggestions contained in P. G. Sire Kennedy's report, fully meet their approbation, and they are of opinion that the object can be achieved without producing any confusion, and with very little delay and inconvenience. In all cases where dispensations have been granted by the Grand Lodge of the United States, the records of this body will show the true date of organization. In all other cases, the records of the state Grand Lodges and Grand Encampments will furnish the necessary information. It may be that some of the elder lodges, prior to the erection of this Grand Lodge, are not recorded, either in our books or those of the state Grand Lodges under whom they now work. In such cases, it will be necessary for the Grand Secretary of the state Grand Lodge to derive his information from the archives of the lodges themselves.

The committee propose that every lodge and Encampment shall be numbered by the Grand Corresponding Secretary, according to the strict principles of seniority, upon the reports to be furnished by the Grand Secretaries and Grand Scribes of the different Grand Lodges and Grand Encampments, and upon the records in his own office; that he shall obtain and keep two books of registry in his office, one for Encampments and one for lodges, in which all futuré lodges and Encampments shall be entered and numbered.

That the Grand Secretaries of the Grand Lodges, and Grand Scribes of Grand Encampments, be directed to ascertain and report, under revision of their several Grand Loilges and Grand Encampments—the date of institution of each and every lodge and Encampment under their jurisdictionthe date of the surrender of their chartels to the state Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment, and of the grant of others-suspensions, expulsions, and re-instatements, if any, and the date of such—and that the said reports be handed in to the Grand Corresponding Secretary at least three months before the next communication of this body.

The committee earnestly invite the co-operation of the Grand Representatives in pressing this matter upon their respective constituency, and conclude by offering the following resolutions. Respectfully submitted.


JAMES EARNEST. Resolved, That the Grand Secretaries and Grand Scribes, of the several Grand Lodges and Grand Encampments, be requested under revision of their Grand Lodges and Grand Encampments, to make out accurate lists of the names and dates of the institution of every lodge and Encampment under their

jurisdiction; to report the dates at which they came under the jurisdiction of the state Grand Encampments and Grand Lodges-the date of suspensions, expulsions and re-instatements-and to submit the same to the Grand Corresponding Secretary, at least three months previous to the next Annual Communication.

Resolvell, That the Grand Corresponding Secretary be directed to procure two appropriate books, to be kept as Registers-one for the lodges, and the other for the Encampments, under their jurisdiction. That he cause all the lodges and Encampments in communion with this Grand Lodge, to be entered and registered in said booksnumbering each of them according to seniority, as the same shall appear from the reports above required, and from the documents in his office.

Resolved, That hereafter, in all cases of grant of charter or dispensation, by the Grand Lodges or Grand Encampments--they shall immediately report the same to the Grand Corresponding Secretasy, who shall enter the same in the general register, with its proper number, which shall be immediately communicated to the state Grand Lodge or Grand Encampment, to be inserted in the charter, in addition to its state number-as G. R.- And that as soon as the appropriate numbers of lodges or Encampments now in existence, shall be declared, they shall in like manner be added to the respective charters.

Rusolver, That the Grand Corresponding Secretary, be directed to communicate the above to the several Grand Lodges and Encampments.

Rep. Stokes, of Pennsylvania, from the committee to whom was referred so much of the Grand Corresponding Secretary's report relative to the sub

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