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of such matters, and press them forward with a view to appropriate reference and action, in the same manner as all other special business is disposed of—so that by this means, even if distant states should be without a direct representation, their affairs would not be more likely to be neglected than they now are; and as regards the vote which is now given in their name, they could lose little, if any thing, as it is just as likely under the present system to be cast against their sectional interests as for them, if indeed there be any such interests to represent here.

For the re.sons herein adverted to, the committee recommend the adoption of the amendment now pending, which proposes to strike out the words “proxy” and “proxies” wherever they occur in the Constitution of the Grand Lodge—it being understood, however, that the adoption of the said amendment shall not affect the right of any proxies who have been duly recognized at the present session to retain their seats until its termination.


ALBERT GUILD. The report having been read, it was laid on the table, with a view to take

up the proposition of amendment of the Constitution therein referred On motion of Rep. Seymour, of South Carolina, the Grand Lodge proceeded to cousider the proposed amendment to the Constitution, on page 447 p.inted journal of lust session, to wit: the abolition of the proxy system. The yeus and nays being required by Rep. Wilson, of New York, appeared as follows:

Yeas-Rep's Ellis, Palmer, Hinman, Vn Sickell, Harris, McDonnell, Marley, Sanderson, Neilson, Moore, Webb, Segar, Campbell, Hurlbut, Seyinour, Salomon, Kezer, Marshall

, Shaffner, Stewart, Coleman, Sherlock, 2 votes, and P. G. Sire Glazier-24.

Nays.—Rep's Hersey, 2 votes ; Brown, Wilson, Treadwell, Hillyer, Stokes, Kneass, Skinner, Dicks, Earnest, and P. G. Sires Wildey and Kennedy-13.

Rep. Hersey, of Massachusetts, present, having cast two votes in the absence of his colleague, the same was objected to. The Chair decided that the Representative was entitled to two votes.

Rep. Coleman, of Indiana, appealed from the decision of the Chair, which the Grand Sire declared to be out of order.

Rep. Coleman, of Indiana, then appealed from that decision, when the question being put, “ Will the Grand Lodge sustain the decision of the Chair?" it was decided in the affirmative.

So the proposed amendment was rejected.

to; and

Note. One member of the present committee, who submitted the report on this subject, which appears in the proceedings of last year, lakes this method of explaining that the last paragraph of that report, as adopied and printed, will bear a construction that was not designed by its authors. The said paragraph, 18 il now slands, would seem to express a decided opinion of the committee against the adm ssion of Past Grand sires to seals in this body. This inadvertence was caused by an aniendment of the report after it was presented. The committee were all adverse lo Encampmeni representation, and their report of last year, as originally drawn up, was designed to express an opinion, Urat representation here should be contined to stalé Grand Lodges ;" but it underwent a verbal amendment by inserting the words and Grand Encampuients," without its being perceived at the moment that tho designation of those two classes of niemnbers would convey an opinion adverse to the claims of tho third class.

Rep. Treadwell, of New York, offered the following, which were adopted.

Pesolved, That 600 copies of the Journal of this session of the Grand Lodge be published, and that one copy be sent to each state Grand Lodge and Grand Encampment, and the subordinate lodges and Encampments, under their respective jurisdictions, and to each subor linate lodge and Encampment under the direct jurisdiction of this Body, and the residue for the use of this Grand Lodge.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed, residing in the state of Maryland, to contract for the public printing of this Grand Lodge, and that no printing shall be done without their authority.

The Chair announced the following as the committee, P. G. Sire Wildey, and P. G. M's Marley and Sanderson.

Rep. Wilson, of New York, offered the following, which was adopted.

Resolved, That D. D. G Sire Moore, be, and he is hereby authorized and directed, to respectfully request P. G. Sire Gettys, to deliver over to him any documents, if any, remaining in his possession which it may be desirable that the Grand Lodge of the United States should be possessed of.

On motion, the Grand Lodge adjourned until to-morrow morning, at nine o'clock.

THURSDAY, September 21st, 9 o'clock, A. M. The Grand Lodge assembled pursuant to adjournment: Present, the Officers and a due representation.

Prayer by the Grand Chaplain.

The Chair presented the following communication from Rep. Salomon, of Alabama, which, being read, on motion of Rep. Stokes, of Pennsylvania, it was ordered to be spread upon the journal, and the leave of absence asked therein, granted. "To the M. W. Grand Sire and Representatives,

of the Grand Lodge of the United States. Dear Sir AND BROTHERS :- Å letter of a painful character which I found at my room on coming from the lodge, causes my departure from this city to-night. May I ask the indulgence of the Grand Lodge, and hope they will grant me a leave of ab sence, for the balance of the session and with my best regards to all the brethren, Allow me to subscribe myself, in F. L. & T.

E. SALOMON." The Chair announced the appointment of Rep. Sherlock, of Ohio, on the Committee of Finance, vice Rep. Salomon, of Alabama, absent on leave.

Rep. Hinman, of Connecticut, from the Committee on Petitions, made the following report, with the accompanying resolution. To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United Slates :

The Committee on Petitions have examined the documents in relation to the institution of the following subordinate and Grand Encampments, for which dispensations were issued during the recess, and find them to be in proper form, and without objections. They therefore submit the following resolution.


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Resolved, That the dispensations issued to the following, be and they are hcreby confirmed, and that the proper officers do now issue charters therefor. Subordinate Encampmints.

Date of Dispensation. Campbell, No. 1, Wilmington, North Carolina, November 8, 1842. Eutaw, “ 2, Columbia,

South Carolina, November 12, 1842. Massasoit,


January, 20, 1843. Mt. Sinai, 5, Jersey City, New Jersey,

March 20, 1843, Bain,

2, Murfreesborough, North Carolina, March 26, 1843. Trimount,


April 22, 1843. Monotomy, « 3, West Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 12, 1843. Monomake, 4, Lowell,


June ), 1843. Bunker Hill, " 5, Charlestuwn, Massachusetts,

June 8, 1843. Ashley, 3, Charleston, South Carolina,

July 14, 1843.
Savannah, Georgia,

July 27, 1843.
Grand Encampments.
Connecticut,* at New Haven,

April 19, 1843.
New Jersey, at Newark,

May 11, 1843.
South Carolina, at Charleston,

July 21, 1843. The report being under consideration, Rep. Hurlbut, of South Carolina, offered the following, which was decided in the negative.

Resolved, That so much of the report as relates to Ashley Encampment, be referred back to the Commiuee on Petitions.

The report and the resolution accompanying the same, were thereupon adopted.

Rep. Kezer, of Tennessee, offered the following preamble and resolution.

Whereas, Article XXV, of the By-Laws, defining the proper regalia of the Order, is not sufficiently definite and explicit, so as to be understood by all alike-and, Whereas, It is desirable and highly important, that there should be an uniformity in this respect—Therefore

Resolved, That the Committee on the State of the Order, be instructed to report a form of regalia, so plainly and definitely expressed, as to admit of no doubt as to the true construction.

Rep. Marshall, of Kentucky, moved to lay the preamble and resolution on the table, which was determined in the negative.

On motion of Rep. Kezer, of Tennessee, the subject was referred to the committee heretofore raised on that subject.

Rep. Hinman, of Connecticut, from the Committee on Petitions, submitted the following report, with the accompanying resolution, which was adopted. To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The Committee on Petitions have considered the application of G. Patriarch, William C. Branin, of New Jersey, for the degree of P. H. Priest. It appears that he was elecied Chief Patriarch of the Trenton Encampment, No. 2, on its organization, and that by the laws of said Encampment, no member can be elected to an inferior office after holding a superior one. It is vecessary that G. Patriarch Branin should have all the degrees, as it is his duty to confer them on past officers. The committee therefore subinit the following resolution.

Grand Encampment of Connecticut.—This body was instituted on April 20th. 1843, when the fol lowing Grand Officers were installed, viz: Robinson 8. Hinman, G. P. ; Charles W. Bradley, M. E. G. H. P.; Richard S. Prati, G. 8. W.; William E. Sanford, G. Scribe; Samuel Bishop, G. Treas. ; T. C. Boardman, G. J. W. 1 Grand Encampment of New Jersey.

This Grand Encampment was opened on the day of the date of its dispensation, and the following Grand Officers were then installed, viz: William C. Branin, G. P.; Samuel B Scallergood. MEG. H. P.; Staats S. Morris, G. 8. W.; Edward D. Weld, G. Scribe; William Classon, G. Trear. ; Henry C. Boswell, G. J. W.

* Grand Encampment of South Carolina.—This hody was constituted on August Ilth, 1843. The Grand Officers installed were as follows, viz: Peter De Torre, G. P.; James H. Taylor, M. E. G. H. P.; Janies H. Adams, G. 8. W. ; 8. A. Hurlbul, G. Scribe; W. H. Gibbes, G. Treas. ; John Schaierle, G. J. W.


SYLVESTER VN SICKELL. Resolved, That the Grand Sire, or such Deputy as he may appoint, be directed to confer upon G. P. Branin, of New Jersey, the degree of P. H. Priest, providing be is still acting as Grand Patriarch.

G. Secretary Curtis, of Pennsylvania, the Agent of the " Official Magazine," made the following report, which was read and referred to the committee on that subject. To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

SIRS AND BROTHERS :— The undersigned respectfully asks leave to submit his report as General Agent of the Covenant and Official Magazine of the Grand Lodge of the United States, for the year commencing January, 1843.

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50 00
35 00
25 75



Rhode Island,
New York,
New Jersey,
District of Columbia,
North Carolina,
South Carolina,
Liverpool, England,



40 00

2 50 1102 00

22 50 51 75


71 75
117 50
10 50

5 00 17 00

15 148 62 14 11 57 12

9 21

2 21 20 55 63 16 36

5 12 100

3 104 55 14 11 57 12

9 21

2 21 20 55 63 16 36

5 12 100

750 188 25 20 00 24 50 17 50 125 50 30 00 22 50 47 50

5 00 25 00 50 00 114 50 122 00 35 00 90 00 12 50 30 00 250 00

5 00
27 50

23 00
35 50
5 00



515 $ 468 50 $ 2456 00

Thus it will be perceived that the number of copies sent to the different agents is 1686, while the number of subscribers is 1171, leaving in the hands of agents, 515 copies. The Agent regrets that while he has used all the exertions in his power for the purpose of making his collections, that there has been received from sub-agents and subscribers the sum of $468 50, while the whole amount of subscriptions which is now due would be $2927 50, and in justice to those agents who made their collections and paid over promptly, must here say, that where the smallest number of copies are sent there has been received the most money, while in the states where the work was expected at least to give an earnest to the Agent and the Grand Lodge of the United States, that it would not suffer, it will appear from the returns that little or nothing has been received, and in justice to the agents of those places, I would here take occasion to say, that they have informed me that every exertion on their part has been used to collect the amount of subscriptions due, but to no purpose.

The Agent immediately after he entered upon the duties of his office, perceived that there were 100 copies sent by the printer, to Liverpool, England, and he took measures to let brother Sykes, to whom the copies were sent, know that the subscriptions for the Magazine were expected by him to be paid in advance, and urged upon him the necessity of making an immediate remittance, to all of which efforts he has not received any reply. Your Agent also sent to each of the sub-agents in the various states a circular, stating to them that it was expected of them to remit to him the advance price as fast as possible, and endeavoured to impress upon their minds the necessity of prompt remittance, stating to them the situation of the Grand Lodge of the United States, as regards its financial affairs, to carry on the publication of the work, but all his efforts in a measure, have been fruitless.

Your Agent would here take this opportunity to report to you, that brother Guild, of Massachusetts, who is the agent in that state, informs him that he has charged his subscribers but two dollars per annum; while all the agents in other states have charged the subscription price of $2 50. Brother Guild informs me that he was induced to make that charge by the printed proceedings of the Grand Lodge of the United States, session 1841, and that he expects that amount to be the price which he is accountable for. Your Agent has received from sub-agents and brother Neilson, $468 50 Brother Ridgely has had sent to him and paid by him to the Grand Treasurer,

25 50

494 00

Making the whole amount of receipts, He has paid brother Neilson, the printer,

$356 20 In Grand Treasurer's hand, paid by brother Ridgely, 25 50 Paid brother Ridgely on account of editorial,

32 09

16 47 Paid to sub-agents, about

40 00

Paid postage,

470 26

Balance in hand,

$23 74



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