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Your Agent remained in New Orleans three weeks in all, and during that time visited the Grand Lodge, and the Encampment-gave the brethren every instruction and information in the work and principles of the Order ; and corrected what slight errors had inadvertantly crept in. While at New Orleans, he received a request from a number of brethren of New Orleans, that he would grant a charter for a lodge to be located at Houston,* in the neighboring Republic of Texas; and entrust it to a Past Grand of Louisiana Lodge, with power fill it up. Your Agent complied with the request ; and left a charter signed by the Officers of the Grand Lodge of the United States, and under its seal. He did not receive the usual fee for this charter.

From New Orleans he went to St. Louis, Missouri ; visited Travellers' Rest Lodge, No. 1, every night for the first week after his arrival, for the purpose of communicating instruction. While there he received a petition in due form for a charter for a lodge to be located at St. Louis, and to be called “Wildey Lodge, No. 2.". The application being found in all respects regular, was granted—the lodge opened and the officers duly installed. A petition was also presented for a char. ter for an Encampment to be located at St. Louis, and called “Wildey Encampment, No. 1." Before leaving St. Louis, your Agent received a petition for a charter for a Grand Lodge for the state of Missouri, to be located at St. Louis. The application being in all respects regular, was granted—the Grand Lodge was constituted and her Officers duly installed. After remaining with the brethren at St. Louis three weeks—giving them all needful instructions in the principles and work of the Order, he left them, with every prospect of continued prosperity.

He next visited Alton, in the state of Illinois, where he remained two weeks. Here he found the Order suffering from that which has at all times checked its prosperity; he means the ill-judged leniency of suffering members to become largely in arrears for their dues. The brethren, however, seem animated with a proper spirit ; and on the 20th of June presented a petition in due form, for a charter for a lodge, to be located at Alton, and to be called, “ Alton Lodge, No. 2." Their request was granted, the lodge duly constituted, and their officers installed. A charter for an Encampment to be located in the same place, and called “Wildey Encampment, No. 1,” was also granted on the application of a number of patriarchs——the Encampment opened, and their officers installed. After your Agent had left Alton, he received from the brethren in Illinois a petition in due form, for a charter for a Grand Lodge for the state of Illinois, which he granted, and on his return from Galena; he constituted the same and installed the officers. He indulges high hopes for the prosperity and consequent usefulness of the Order in Illinois.

At Greensville, in the state of Illinois, he met with a number of brethren, among whom was P. G. — Clarke, formerly of Harper's Ferry. They were desirous of organizing a lodge, and presented a petition in due form for a lodge to be located at Greensville, and called “Člarke Lodge, No.

A lodge to be located at Houston.—This was the first lodge opened in a foreign land, under the sanction of the Grand Lodge of the United States. It was instituted on the 25th July, 1838, under the style of “Lone Star Lodge, No. 1, of Texas." The committee on the report of the Travelling Agent, in reporting on the charters issued, and which were confirmed by the Grand Lodge, does not include this Lodge in the list; it therefore appears to remain unconfirmed.

3." The charter was granted—and the brethren instructed in the Work of the Order. He next stopped at Vandalia, which was the only place where he did not find a brother of the Order. At Springfield he met with one brother. There were others, but they could not conveniently be assembled before he left

. There had been a meeting of the brethren in that neighborhood for the purpose of organizing a Lodge. All necessary information was given to the brothers how to proceed in future. On your Agent's arrival at Jacksonsville, he found a number of brethren with a petition for a charter for a lodge to be located at that place, and called “ Illinois Lodge, No. 4." Their request was granted ---lodge opened and officers installed. After remaining with them nearly a week, conferring degrees and communicating all necessary instructions, he left for Quinsey.

At this place there were but three brothers; though others were residing at no great distance. All necessary information was imparted to them. From Quinsey your Agent proceeded to Debuque; at which place having ascertained that there was but two Odd Fellows, I counselled them as to the proper steps for organization, in the event of an increase in their numbers

. Hence, I visited Galena, where I found fifteen members, among whom was P. G. Master Potts, one of the oldest of the Order in Pennsylvania. Here a petition was presented to me for the opening of a lodge, styled “ No. 5," in the state of Illinois; which being in constitutional form, I granted. I take occasion with great gratification to remark, that the spirit which animated the fraternity at Galena, induced me to entertain strong hopes of the vigorous growth of Odd Fellowship in that vicinity. A lot of ground was presented to them upon which the erection of a hall is immediately anticipated. From Galena I embarked for Mineral Point, in Iowa. In this territory I found Odd Fellowship progressing with equal pace with all the institutions of a new and flourishing country: The brethren appeared generally well informed in the work; and although somewhat neglectful in their fiscal affairs, were in a much better condition than I expected to find them. Your Agent here opened an Encampment and an additional subordinate lodge upon proper application, and I have no doubt that the Order will steadily advance in Iowa.

I had the pleasure during my sojournment among them, to participate in the ceremony of laying the corner stone of a spacious hall, which they are now erecting; and I feel great delight in reporting to the Grand Lodge of the United States, the fact, that the occasion was celebrated in a manner, which would have done credit to the most experienced lodge in the states. An oration, distinguished alike for its eloquence and chasteness, was pronounced by one of the brethren, and one common generous glow seemed to prevade the whole family, auguring the brightest prospects for Odd Fellowship in that region. In view of the zeal manifested in the work, and the certainty of a very rapid increase in the Order in this section of the west, I deemed it proper to commit the superintendence of the interests of the Order here, to competent heads; and accordingly appointed P. G. M. Potts as D. D. Grand Master for this interesting district of Odd Fellowship.

Upon my return from Mineral Point, on my way I re-visited Galena, thence to Alton, where I opened their Grand Lodge, and installed the Grand Officers, and imparted with great care all necessary instructions in the work of the Order. I also re-visited St. Louis, and agreeably passed

an evening in the body of their Encampment. At New Albany, in the state of Indiana, I met the Grand Lodge of the state, officiated at the installation of their officers, visited their Encampment and the subordinate lodge located there, and the one also at Jeffersonville-some inadvertant errors in the work here, it became necessary to correct; and with great gratification it becomes me to say, that the proper spirit here also animates the fraternity

Hence, your Agent proceeded to Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky, and Madison, and Rising Sun Lodges, Ind., at which places respectively he visited the lodges, instructed the members, and gave all necessary information, which was cheerfully received, and appreciated. At Madison, Indiana, upon proper application, your Agent opened an Encampment, and installed the officers. Thence he proceeded to Cincinnati, where Odd Fellowship flourishes as an indigenuous plant, destined ere long to overshadow the growth of her elder sister cities in the work. An eligibly situated lot of ground has been purchased by the Grand Lodge in the city of Cincinnati, upon which it is purposed to erect an Odd Fellows' Hall, upon a magnificent scale. The sum of fifty thousand dollars is the estimated cost of this edifice, the completion of which is confidently expected to be effected in one year. I visited the lodges at Covington, Kentucky, Lancaster and Dayton in Ohio, at which latter place I regularly opened an Encampment and delivered the proper instructions. Hence I departed homeward, visiting the brethren at Steubenville, Wheeling and Pittsburg, and communicating freely with them upon the interesting and importan! business of the Order. My labors here terminating, I returned to the city of Baltimore, on the 1st day of October, having occupied a period exceeding seven months, and travelled a distance of eight thousand miles in the accomplishment of the trust committed to my charge. From your worthy Representatives of the states, and my co-laborers in Odd Fellowship, I received the appointment of Travelling Agent of the Grand Lodge of the United States. The duties of the office have been performed, whether to your satisfaction is not with me to say. Its functions have been arduous, its importance and responsibilities weighty. Entertaining for the welfare of the Order, as you well know, the most affectionate solicitude, it has been my highest pride and ambition to discharge faithfully the trust; and in the honest sincerity of my heart I do assure you that all my doings are most frankly submitted, awaiting in the spirit of Odd Fellowship, and in cheerful acquiescence your deliberations upon

And now permit me in conclusion to congratulate you as the great head of Odd Fellowship in America, upon the cheering prospects exhibited in our great family, of union, harmony and concord, and to unite with you in returning the acknowledgments of grateful hearts to the great Architect of the Universe, for the guardian protection of which he has been pleased to extend to the Institutions of Odd Fellowship, throughout our happy land. Respectfully submitted by your brother.


Travelling Agent of G. L. of U. S On motion, the Grand Lodge adjourned until nine o'clock, to-morrow morning

this report.

TUESDAY, October 2d, 9 o'clock, A. M. The Grand Lodge met pursuant to adjournment : Present, the Officers and a due representation.

Rer. Neilson, of Maryland, presented a petition from brother Levi Kellum, P. G., and others, praying for a charter for a lodge to be located at Mobile, Alabama.

A petition was presented from J. B. Campbell, David Ream, George Hoover, John N. Strother, Philip Shearer, Robert W. Read, and William Towers, praying for a charter for an Encampment of Patriarchs, to be located at Winchester, Virginia, and hailed as “ Widow's Friend Encampment, No. —

A petition was presented from the officers and members of Mt. Hebron Encampment, No. 2, New York, praying for a charter, in lieu of the dispensation now held from No. 1.

On motion, the petitions were referred to the Committee on Petitions.

A bill was presented from N. Hickman, for stationary, amounting to $3 75.

On motion, the bill was referred to the Committee of Finance.

Rep. Borrows, of District of Columbia, offered the following propositions, seconded by Rep's Towers, of Virginia, and Glazier, of Delaware.

Ist. That Article II. of the Constitution of this Grand Lodge be so amended as to read after the words, “ Deputy Grand Sire,"_" Grand Recording Secretary, Grand Corresponding Secretary."

2d. That Article VI. of the Constitution be so amended as to read in the first line, instead of “Grand Secretary,"—“Grand Recording Secretary;" and, also, in lines six and seven, strike out the words, “ write all letters and communications when required.”

3d. That said Article be further amended, so as to add an additional section, as follows:

" The Grand Corresponding Secretary'shall write all letters and communications, and carry on under the direction of the Grand Lodge, or Grand Sire, the correspondence; and transact such business of this Grand Lodge appertaining to his office, as may be required of him by the Grand Lodge, during his continuance in office. All communications transmitted by, or received by him, shall be presented to the Grand Lodge for its decision.”

4th. That Article III. be so amended as to read in place of “Grand Secretary,"—thus, “ Grand Recording Secretary, Grand Corresponding Secretary." And after the word “Grand Treasurer,"—thus,

66 all of whom shall be elected bi-ennially at the stated meeting in October, (except the Grand Corresponding Secretary, who shall be elected during the pleasure of this Grand Lodge ;) and who shall be duly, &c.”

Which were laid over until the next Annual Communication.

Rep. Glazier, of Delaware, moved that the Grand Lodge do now proceed to receive nominations for Grand Officers for the next term, which was concurred in.

For M. W. Grand Sire.
G. Sire Perkins was nominated for re-election, and declined.
Whereupon, the following nominations were made, viz:


By Rep. Glazier, of Delaware, P. G. M. Howell Hopkins, of Pennsyl


By Rep. Kennedy, of New York, P. G. M. John Pearce, of Pennsylvania.

By Rep. Lucas, of Louisiana, P. G. M. A. Mondelli, of Louisiana. By Rep. Borrows, of District of Columbia, P. G. M. George M. Bain, of Virginia.

Pending the nominations for Grand Sire, Rep. Ridgely, of Ohio, submitted a resolution.

Whereupon, Rep. Kennedy, of New York, moved that the nominations for Grand Sire be suspended, in order that the resolution be referred to the Committee on Reports, which was determined in the negative, on a division. Affirmative 4. Negative 7.

On motion, the resolution was then referred to a special committee.

The Grand Sire appointed as the committee, Rep's Ridgely, of Ohio; Borrows, of District of Columbia ; and Lucas, of Louisiana.

Rep. Glazier, of Delaware, moved that the Grand Lodge suspend, for the present, the nomination for Grand Sire, which was concurred in.

The Grand Lodge then proceeded to receive nominations for the residue of the officers.

For D. Grand Sire. By Rep. Kennedy, of New York, P. G. M. A. Mondelli, of Louisiana.

By Rep. Glazier, of Delaware, P. G. M. Henry S. Sanderson, of Maryland

By Rep. Neilson, of Maryland, P. G. M. James Alcock, of New York.

By Rep. Pearce, of Pennsylvania, P. G. M. William C. Branin, of New Jersey.

For Grand Secretary. P. G. M. Robert Neilson, and P. D. G. M. William G. Cook, of Ma. ryland.

For Grand Treasurer. P. G. Andrew E. Warner, of Maryland.

On motion, the report of the Travelling Agent was called up, and referred to the Committee on Reports.

On motion, the Grand Lodge adjourned to meet this afternoon, at three o'clock.

TUESDAY, 3 o'clock, P. M. The Grand Lodge met pursuant to adjournment: Present, the Officers and a due representation.

Rep. Pearce, of Pennsylvania, from the Committee on Reports, reported, that having examined the report of the Travelling Agent, would recommend that the Committee on Reports be discharged from the further consideration of the same, and that it be referred to a special committee of three.

On motion, the report was accepted and the reference as recommended, ordered.

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