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Amount of Money received by the Grand Secretary since the last Annual

Communication. Charter of Jefferson Lodge, No. 4, Richmond, Va.

$30 00 2 quarters from Virginia Lodge, No. 1, Harper's Ferry, Va.

10 10 1 do. New Albany Lodge, No. 1, New Albany, Ind.

44 00 1 do. lowa Lodge, No. 1, Mineral Point, Iowa,

70 00 1 do. do do. do. do.

42 00 2 do. Virginius Lodge, No. 3, Wheeling, Va.

25 00 Charter of Western Star Lodge, No. 1, Alton, Ill.

30 00 Dues from Wildey Encampment, No. 1, Cincinnati, O.

110 12 Charter of Jerusalem Encampment, No. 1, New Albany, Ind.

30 00 6 quarters Washington Lodge, No. 3, Covington, Ky.

64 34 Charter of Old Dominion Lodge, No. 5, Portsmouth, Va.

30 00 1 quarter New Albany Lodge, No. 1, New Albany, Ind.

35 00 2 do. Jefferson Lodge, No. 4, Richmond, Va.

32 94 Grand Lodge of Kentucky,

20 00 2 sessions Mt. Horeb Encampment, No. 1, Louisville, Ky.

53 33 1 do. Abram's Encampment, No. 1, Wheeling, Va.

10 00 From C. Mowatt, late Grand Treasurer,

52 52 Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia,

20 00 Columbia Encampment, No. 1, Washingion, D. C.

10 00 Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania,

40 00 New Jersey, for Service of Plate,

15 00 G. Sire Keyser, grand charter, Harper's Ferry, Va.

30 00 do. charter Mississippi Lodge, No. 1, Natchez, Miss.

30 00 Grand Lodge of Maryland,

40 00 Washington Lodge, No. 2, Norfolk, Va.

15 00 $889 35

Dr. GRAND LODGE of U. S., in account with A. E. WARNER, G. Treas. Cr.

$889 35

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1836, To Cash, Wm. Crouch, prep. books and By cash from G. Secretary, charters,

$10 00 do. binding proceedings Grand Lodge

of United States, 7 00 G. Secretary, postage,&c. 11 50

do. salary, 60 00
for Service of Plate, by

50 00
do. do. from

15 00
Grand Lodge of Mary-

land, for books, 15 00
Sands & Neilson, on ac-
count, for printing, 720 85

$889 35

$889 35

Grand and Subordinate Encampments under the jurisdiction of the Grand

Lodge of the United States, reporting this Session. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania reports 1 Grand and 4 subordinate Encampments—8337 88 revenue.

Grand Lodge of New York reports 2 subordinate Encampments, but returns no work,

Columbia Encampment, No. 1, D. C.-5 initiations, 6 suspensions, 13 members, 871 75 revenue.

Wildey Encampment, No. 1, Ohio,-$1,645 62 revenue from the opening to July, 1836.

Mt. Horeb Encampment, No. 1, Kentucky-21 initiations, 36 members, $533 87 revenue.

Abram's Encampment, No. 1, Virginia—8 initiations, $120 00 revenue.

Annual Report of the Grand and Subordinate Lodges to the R. W. Grand

Lodge of the United States, I. O. O. F, commencing October, 1835, and ending October, 1836.

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ze: Initiations.

En Suspensions. ces | Expulsions.

331 145 25 $ 6,513 97
211 16/19 4,162 41
331 2 3 12,882 47

30 141 8 560 60


751 3106


GL. of Maryland, Baltimore, Md.

New York, New York, N. Y.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn.
Dis. of Columbia, Washington, D. C.
Delaware, Wilmington,


Cincinnati, Ohio.
Louisiana, New Orleans, La.
New Jersey,

Trenton, N. J. 66

Kentucky, Louisville, Ky. Virginia, No. 1, Harper's Fri Washington, * 2, Norfolk, Va. Virginius,

3, Wheeling, Jefferson,

“ 4, Richmond, New Albany,

6 i, New Albany, | Ind. Monroe,

" 2, Madison, Iowa,

"1, Mineral Point, 1. T.

21 13 50 3 4 5 2 5 4

No Report.

155 103
87 37
21 171 2

7 2 21

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41 47 21 78

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Expulsions. In Maryland.—No. 3, nineteen for non-payment of dues; and No. 16, one; No. 19, two; No. 22, one; No. 24, one; No. 25, one. Improper conduct. No names reported.

In New York.–No. 10, George H. Fulkerson, for withholding money; Charles Ward, Charles Barclay, Charles McCaulay, William Morrison, Lorin Brooks, William Ackerman, Edward McLaughlin, Stephen Shorn, Henry Kripps, William Manley, Charles Frank, J. Bradford, Christopher 0. Sickles, J. Bannister, P.G., and John Meyers, non-payment of dues for twelve months ; No. 14, C. Struckman, breach of confidence; John Stuff, non-payment of dues; No. 16, one. Name not given.

In Pennsylvania.—No. 4, one; No. 21, one; and No. 29, one. Improper conduct. Names not given.

In District of Columbia.- No. 4, eight, non-payment of dues. Names not given.

In Louisiana.- No.1, William Cowell and B. F. Davenport, improper conduct, and thirty-five names not given; No. 2, two. Names not given.

In Ohio.-No. 1, thirty-nine;' No. 2, thirty-two; No. 3, iwenty-nine; No. 4, eight. Non-payment of dues. Names not given.

In New Jersey:--No.3, one; No. 4, one. Improper conduct. Names not given.

In Virginia.–No. 1, James Murlatt, improper conduct, and one non-payment of dues, name not given; No. 2, John Wilson ; No. 3, William Noble. Improper conduct.

In Indiana.-No. 2, one. Name or cause not given.




Held at the City of Baltimore, October, 1837.

Monday, October 2d, 9 o'clock, A. M. The R. W. Grand Lodge convened this day, at Odd Fellows' Hall

, city of Baltimore, being the regular Annual Cominunication, when the following were present : THOMAS WILDEY,

M. W. G. Sire, p. t.

R. W. D. G. Sire, p. t.

R. W. G. Secretary.

R. W. G. Treasurer.

W. G. Chaplain.
The Grand Secretary presented the certificates of the Representatives
of the several Grand Lodges, viz:

P. G. M. JAMES L. RIDGELY, Rep. of Maryland.
P. G. M. HOWELL HOPKINS, Rep. of Pennsylvania,
G. M. ZENAS B. GLAZIER, Rep. of Delaware.

Rep. of Louisiana.
P. G. HENRY C. BOSWELL, Rep. of New Jersey.
P. G. M. HENRY S. SANDERSON, Proxy Rep. of Kentucky.

P. G. WILLIAM S. SMITH, Rep. of Virginia.
It appearing that a constitutional quorum was present, the D. Grand
Sire was directed to examine the Representatives.

The D. Grand Sire reported, that the Representatives were duly qualified ; and then by order of the Grand Sire, proclaimed the Grand Lodge duly opened for transaction of business.

After an address to the Throne of Grace, by the Grand Chaplain, the Grand Sire appointed Rep's Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, and Ridgely, of Maryland, a committee to examine the credentials.

Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, from the committee to whom was referred the credentials, presented the following report, which was accepted, and the Representatives acknowledged.

To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States:

The committee appointed to examine the credentials of the Representatives from the several Grand Lodges, have had the same under consideration, and respectfully report : That the credentials from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky and Virginia, are found to be correct.


JAMES L. RIDGELY. Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland, moved that the Grand Lodge proceed to the election of a Grand Sire, pro tem., which was concurred in.

P. G. Sire Wildey was nominated by Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland.

The Chair appointed Rep's Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, and Glazier, of Delaware, as the tellers; who, after counting the ballots, reported that P. G. Sire THOMAS WILDEY, received the unanimous vote of the Grand Lodge.

Rep. Sanderson, of Kentucky, presented a certificate and other documents from sundry lodges in the state of New York, and moved their reference to the committee heretofore appointed on the State of the Order in New York, which motion prevailed.

The Grand Secretary proceeded to read the proceedings of the Adjourned Session in May last, when Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland moved to dispense with reading the same, until Wednesday afternoon, at three o'clock, which was decided in the affirmative.

Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, offered the following resolution, which was read and laid on the table.

Resolved, That the 4th rule of Order be rescinded, and that for the future, the minutes of the proceedings of the Grand Lodge shall be read and approved before the close of the Session of the Grand Lodge.

Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, offered the following preamble and resolution, which was adopted.

Whereas, Rep. Gettys, of District of Columbia, one of the committee appointed at the May Session of this Grand Lodge, had been prevented from attending the meeting ordered to be held at Poughkeepsie, the committee had called to their aid, Rep. Glazier, of Delaware, who proceeded with them to the town of Poughkeepsie; Therefore,

Resolred, That the act of the committee be approved, and Rep. Glazier, of Delaware, be considered a member of the committee.

The Chair announced the following, as the Standing Committees for the present Communication :

On Finance-Rep's Hopkins, of Pennsylvania ; Ridgely, of Maryland; and Boswell, of New Jersey.

On PetitionsRep's Sanderson, of Kentucky; Glazier, of Delaware ; and Smith, of Virginia.

On Reports-Rep's Hopkins, of Pennsylvania ; Smith, of Virginia ; and Barnes of Louisiana.

On Correspondence-Rep's Ridgely, of Maryland; Hopkins, of Pennsylvania; and Sanderson of Kentucky.

On motion, the Grand Lodge adjourned until four o'clock, this afternoon.

Monday, 4 o'clock, P. M. The Grand Lodge met pursuant to adjournment: Present, the Officers and a constitutional quorum of Representatives.

The Grand Lodge was regularly opened for the transaction of business Rep. Boswell, of New Jersey, asked leave of absence until tomorrow afternoon, which was, on motion, granted.

Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, moved that the Grand Lodge now proceed to the installation of Grand Officers, which, after consultation, was postponed until tomorrow morning, at ten o'clock.

Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland, from the committee on the Work of the Order, stated, that they would be prepared to report to

morrow morning

Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, from the committee on the State of the Order in New York, presented a report, which was read, and on motion of Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland, re-committed with instructions.

Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland, offered the following, which was unanimously concurred in :

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to prepare and present to this Grand Lodge, resolutions expressive of the profound regret felt by this Grand Lodge for the death of P. G. M. George Keyser, late Grand Sire* of 1.0. O. F., of the United States, and of the respect entertained for the memory of the deceased.

The Grand Sire appointed as the committee, Rep's Ridgely, of Maryland; Hopkins, of Pennsylvania ; Smith, of Virginia ; Glazier, of Delaware; and Barnes, of Louisiana.

Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, presented the following report, which was on motion of Rep. Ridgely, of Maryland, concurred in :

To the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States :

The undersigned, to whom a special deputation had been issued by the M. W. Grand Sire, to open a Special Encampment at the city of Trenton, state of New Jersey, for the purpose of conferring degrees on brothers of the Order there, respectfully reports: That by virtue of the authority, and in obedience to the direction given him, he called to his aid a number of the patriarchs of the city of Philadelphia, and with them proceeded to the city of Trenton, and opened a Special Encampment therereceived application for and conferred the Encampment, Patriarchal, Golden Rule and Royal Purple Degrees, upon eight deserving brothers, viz: Wm. C. Branin, Samuel C. Scattergood, Wm. R. McKean, Henry C. Boswell, Thomas Ashmore, Richard Campbell, John McCully and Richard Brandt-after conferring these degrees on the above named brothers, and giving to them all instructions in relation to the duties they would have to perform as patriarchs—and that the Grand Lodge of the United States would expect an application for a warrant to open an Encampment, the undersigned proceeded to close the Special Encampment opened by virtue of the authority conferred on him as above recited. All of which is respectfully submitted.


Rep. Hopkins, of Pennsylvania, then presented a petition from patriarchs William C. Branin and others, named in his report, praying for an

George Keyser, late Grand Sire.-The demise of this distinguished brother occasioned deep and abiding sorrow throughout the fraternity. To whomisoever he was known, he was endeared by the recollection of an enire devotion to the principies of the Order; a capable and active mind, highly informed in all that related to its interests and welfare, and whose just concepition of the duties of his office, rendered him a fit example for his successors. "Ilis death occurred on the 19th Septela. ber, 1837, at the age of fifty-three years.

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