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Lite of John Wesley, The : Winchester,

Life of Reason, The: Santayana, 685.
Literature, American : Woodberry, 680.
Literature, Its Principles and Problems :

Hunt, 850.
Literature, The Bible as English : Gardi-

ner, 1010
Lloyd: The Connected English New

Testament, 1026.
Lowell, James Russell : Greenslet, 517.
Lustre, The Unlighted : Morrison, 678.

Maofarland: Jesus and the Prophets,

Matthews: The Messianic Hope in the

New Testament, 161.
McFadyen: Introduction to the old

Testament, 502.
Messianic Hope in the New Testament,

The: Matthews, 161.
Methodist Year Book, The: Ford, 176.
Minister as Prophet, The : Jefferson,

Moffatt: Literary Illustrations of the

Bible, 506.
Morrison: The Unlighted Lustre, 678.
Moslem Doctrine

God, The :
Zwemer, 175.

New Testament, The Corrected English:

Lloyd, 1026.
Nicoll: The Garden of Nuts, 504.
Nuts, The Garden of : Nicoll, 504


Old Testament, Astronomy in

the :
Schiaparelli, 514.
Old Testament Introduction, General

and Special: Raven, 505.
Old Testament, Introduction to : McFad-

yen, 502.
Opportunity, The Divine : Stockdale, 335.
Osborn: John Fletcher Hurst, A Biog-
raphy, 342.

Pardoner's Wallet, The: Crothers, 169.
Pater, Walter : Benson, 852.
Personal and Literary Recollections :

Stoddard. 346.
Petra, The Jordan Valley and : Libbey,

Philosophy of F. H. Jacobi, The Cornell

Studies in Philosophy: Crawford,

Philosophy of Religion, The : Ladd, 337.
Plays for Puritans, Three : Shaw, 683.
Prairie and the Sea, The : Quayle, 522.
Preaching. The Work of: Hout, 340.
Prophetic Element in the Old Testament,

The: Harper, 160.
Prophet, The Minister as: Jefferson, 842.
Prophets, Jesus and the: Macfarland,

Pseudo Criticism : Anderson, 332.

Quayle: The Prairie and the Sea, 522.

Raven: Old Testament Introduction,

General and Special, 505.

Reason, The Life of : Santayano, 685.
Recollections, l'ersonal and Literary :

Stoddard, 346.
Religious Certainties : F088, 153.
Religion, The Phllosophy of: Ladd, 337.
Reminiscences of

my Childhood and
Youth: Brandes, 1016.
Rossetti : Benson, 350.
Rumbold: Final Recollections of a Diplo-

matist, 1023.

Sanday: The Criticism of the Fourth

Gospel, 158.
Sanford: Church Federation, 835.
Santayana: The Life of Reason, 685.
Schiaparelli: Astronomy in the Old

Testament, 514.
Sea, The Prairie and the : Quoyle, 522.
Secret, The Forgotten Darson, 676.
Shadow of the Pines, In the, A Tale of

Tidewater Virginia : 1024.
Shaw: Three Plays for Puritans, 683.
Sir Thomas Browne : G088e, 162.
Song of Ages, The : Campbell, 1005.
Southern Writers: Trent, 846.
Stockdale: The Divine Opportunity, 333.
Stoddard: Recollections, Personal and

Literary, 346.

Three Plays for Puritans: Shaio, 682.
Trent: Southern Writers, 846.

Unbelief, The Folly of, and Other Medi-

tations : Jowett, 1008.
Unlighted Lustre, The : Morrison, 678.

Vedder: Balthasar Hübmaier, The

Leader of the Anabaptists, 167.

Wallet, The Pardoner's: Orothers, 169.
Walter Pater: Benson, 852.
Water Street, S. H. Hadley of: Chap.

man, 1020.
Watkinson: The Duty of Imperial

Thinking, 672.
Wesley. John, The Life of: Winchester,

Westcott: A General View of the His-

tory of the English Bible, 1022.
Westminster Confession of Faith and

the Thirty-nine Articles of the
Church of England: The Legal,
Moral, and Religious Aspects of
Subscription to Them: Donaldson,

Winchester: The Life of John Wesley,

Wister: Lady Baltimore, 1013.
Woodberry: America in Literature, 680.
Work of Preaching, The: Hoyt, 340.
Writers, Southern : Trent, 846.

Year Book, The Methodist : Ford, 176.

Zuemer: The Moslem Doctrine of God,




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