Quarter Sessions Practice: A Vade Mecum of General Practice in Appellate and Civil Cases at Quarter Sessions

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Stevens and Haynes, 1882 - Appellate procedure - 602 pages
George is heartbroken when his neighbor Annie and her space-scientist father move to Florida, but when Annie sends him a secret message telling him she has been contacted by aliens with a terrible warning, he joins her in a galaxy-wide search for answers. Includes scientific essays on space travel.

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Page 224 - A party producing a Witness shall not be allowed to impeach his credit by general evidence of bad character, but he may, in case the Witness shall in the opinion of the Judge prove adverse, contradict him by other Evidence, or by leave of the Judge prove that he has made at other times a statement inconsistent with his present testimony...
Page 226 - ... but if it is intended to contradict such witness by the writing, his attention must, before such contradictory proof can be given, be called to those parts of the writing which are to be used for the purpose of so contradicting him...
Page 222 - ... and, if so specified or negatived, no proof in relation to the matter so specified or negatived shall be required on the part of the informant or complainant ; and 3.
Page 256 - ... conditioned personally to appear at the said sessions, and to try such appeal, and to abide the judgment of the court thereon, and to pay such costs as shall be by the court awarded...
Page 189 - Notice in Writing of such Appeal, stating the Nature and Grounds thereof, be given to the Party against whom the Appeal shall be brought, nor unless the Appellant forthwith after such Notice enter into Recognizances, with Two sufficient Sureties, before a Justice, conditioned duly to prosecute such Appeal, and to abide the Order of the Court thereon.
Page 191 - Provided that such person shall give to the complainant a notice in writing of such appeal, and of the cause and matter thereof, within three days after such conviction, and seven clear days at the least before such sessions, and shall also either remain in custody until the sessions, or enter into a recognizance with two sufficient sureties...
Page 449 - No person shall be deemed to have derived a settlement from any other person whether by parentage, estate, or otherwise, except in the case of a wife from her husband, and in the case of a child under the age of sixteen, which child shall take the settlement of its father, or of its widowed mother, as the case may be, up to that age, and shall retain the settlement so taken until it shall have acquired another.
Page 483 - Any pool, ditch, gutter, watercourse, privy, urinal, cesspool, drain, or ashpit, so foul or in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health.
Page 70 - The court of appeal may adjourn the appeal, and upon the hearing thereof they may confirm, reverse, or modify the decision of the court of summary jurisdiction, or remit the matter to the court of summary jurisdiction with the opinion of the court of appeal thereon, or make such other order in the matter as the court thinks just...
Page 361 - Hereditaments rated thereunto; that is to say, of the Rent at which the same might reasonably be expected to let from year to year, free of all usual Tenant's Rates and Taxes, and Tithe Commutation Rent-charge, if any, and deducting therefrom the probable average annual cost of the repairs, insurance, and other expenses, if any, necessary to maintain them in a state to command such Rent...

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