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An Act to provide for the appointment of Commissaires Enquêteurs for the district of Mon.

treal, and other purposes relating to the Administration of Justice in the said district.

An Act for making certain Regulations respecting the office of Sheriff.

An Act further to regulate persons who keep Houses of Public Entertainment, and retail

Spirituous Liquors, and for other purposes.

An Act to authorize the Prothonotaries or Clerks of the Civil Courts in this Province to number

and authenticate, “parapher." the Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials required by
Law to be kept, to receive the advice of relations and friends, “l'avis des Parens et Amis,"
in certain cases ; and to issue writs of capias ad respondendum and attachment, without
the Fiat of a Judge.

An Act to regulate and establish the salaries and other emoluments of the Officers employed

in the collection of the Revenue at the several Inland Ports in this Province, and for other

An Act to extend the benefit of the Trial by Jury.

An Act for the better regulation of the Lumber Trade.

An Act to establish certain rates, tolls and duties on the Lachine Canal, and to provide for the

care and management of the said Canal.

An Act to make more effectual provision for the improvement of the Internal Communications.


An Act to authorize the collection of certain duties at Montreal.

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