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NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN: How I Went From Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur

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With veteran co-author Yaeger (with Rex Ryan: Play It Like You Mean It, 2011, etc.), millionaire entrepreneur Blair tells his compelling story: a troubled street kid overcomes a broken home and a drug ... Read full review

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Sorry my friend. When Russ Bik told you "You remind me of myself when I was at that stage on my career" he was using a technic he uses to try convince you that if you do what he wants:
- Work for
- Waive your rights
- Sign whatever documents he asks for
- Make a fool of yourself
- Pay with your money his company's expenses without reimbursement
- Etc.
He is lying to you my friend. He will make a fool of you and will then defraud you.
You'll be left off without a penny, your dignity stepped on.
The trauma will be so big that you will probably lose your wife.
Russ Bik said that to me once. He says so when he wants to convince you that if you do all those stupid things you'll end up rich as him. But, I have news for you. He became rich by abusing from people.
I was labor trafficked by him myself. (he pledges it was because I wanted so, b_____d)

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I would recommend this book to everyone from the entrepreneur to the person who feels like life's circumstances won't allow them to change. Ryan's story is truly inspirational and transparent. He proves that it doesn't matter where you are from or what kind of past you have. If you want it bad enough any is possible. 

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Must read!
Great inspiration

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Great read
Worth every penny

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The book has a pretty good flow, but struggles to identify itself as more than a memoir with tips for entrepreneurs scattered here and there.
The more I read, I begin to understand that it doesn't
really matter. What I was able to pull out of this book was how to tap into that survival gene within each of us and learn to harness it. There are plenty of useful circumstances to learn from, the lessons aren't just spelled out for you like they are in typical business literature. In a way, his kind of writing makes you earn the wisdom.
Pay attention and read it twice if you can.

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Very insightful. I'm hoping to take some lessons from here and pass them on to younger family members in hopes that they can use them to help be successful.

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