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at, 104, 227-case of Pearson v. Baker,
105-expedition to Taranaki in, ib.-
commerce between, and the Western
Coast of South America, ib.-fire at,
ib.-treasurer of, 159-sufferings of
emigrants at, 227.
Nicobar Islands, capture of the bark Pilot
at, and massacre of most of its crew,
3, 196.

Nizam, state of the currency in his do-
minions, 2-military operations of the,
90, 503-arrest of his prime minister
for fraud, 90.

Noble (Mrs.), sufferings of, 232, 511-
subscription for, 512.

Noosky, troops for, 217, 503, 504, 505.
Norfolk Island, moral discipline of prison-
ers at, 100.

[blocks in formation]

Phungi, or priest, blowing up of a, at
Khyuk Phu, 204.

Pigou (Lieut.), death of, 11, 83.
Pilot, capture of the bark, 3. 196.
Pimpulnair, robbery by dacoits at, 18.
Pirates, cruize amongst, 223.
Planters, American cotton, at Madras, 502.
Poisoning, curious case of, 17.
Police in the Lower Provinces of Bengal,
state of the, 189.

connected with India, 541.
Parsees, conduct of the, towards Mr.
Farish, 20, 87, 90-education of, at
Bombay, 96-conversion of a, 507.
Passengers by India ships and steamers,
59, 71, 147, 163, 289, 533, 545.
Patshalah, at Calcutta, ethical lecture at
the, by a native, 1.


at Perak, 507-shipping, births, mar-
riages, and deaths, 150, 534.
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Naviga-
tion Company, 283, 493, 503.
Perak, rebellion at, 507.
Perry (Sir T. E.), 92.
Persia, views of, on Herat, 13, 24, 27,
85-surrender of Ghorian by, to the
Herattees, 86, 222-pacific settlement
of our question with, 222, 541.
Persian Gulf, cruize along the pirate coast
of the, 223.
Peshawar, affairs in, 85.

Population of New South Wales, 30, 100
of Singapore, 97.

Port Arthur, improvements at, 225, 514.
Port Natal, affairs of the Dutch emi-
grants at, 36, 228.
Port Nicholson, affairs at, 30-see also
New Zealand.

Port Phillip, discovery of coal at, 103-
skirmish with the blacks at, 103, 225
-press of, 104-discovery of a new
metal at, ib.-intended separation of
the colony of, from N. S. Wales, 104-
bushrangers at, 104, 225-discovery of
a new inland lake near, 514.
Ports, free, in Portuguese India, 28.
Pottinger (Sir H.), 158, 284.
Preacher, native female, 15.
Press, Indian, neglect of the native, 6-
charge against a sudder ameen by the
Sumbad Bhaskur, ib.-the bench and
the, at Bombay, 92, 217-libel at Cal-
cutta, 187-assault on a reporter of
the, 186.

Prices Current, India and China, 77, 168,
294, 550-London, 79, 170.
Prinsep (Mr. James), versatility of skill
of the late, 191.

Prize-money, Zorapore, 20.
Prizes to native youths at Calcutta, 14.
Punjab, excitement in the, 11, 13, 84,

199, 497-confiscation of jageers in,
11, 84-army intended to interfere in
the affairs of, 12, 200, 498-murders
in, 13, 84, 200-caricaturist, 16-the
French officers serving in the, 85, 200
-accident to the king of the, 200-
disbanded soldiers from, at Ferozepore,
ib.-mission from, to Calcutta, 493-

[blocks in formation]

Rifle corps at Bombay, 246-companies
in Bengal infantry, 516.
Rogers (Capt. C.), case of the late, 516.
Rope manufactured from the fibres of the
aloe plant, 199.

Roper (Sir H.), case of Mr. C. Forbes
and, 28, 92.

Roree, disturbance at, 94.

Rum, mania for distilling, in Bengal, 15.
Russia, opium ukase by, 284.

Sacrifice, human, at Rangoon, 220.
Sadamahl, attack on the Baptist mission
at, 16, 88.

St. Helena, marriages at, 253.
Salt Company, Calcutta, 15.
Sandwich Islands, the American explor-

ing expedition at the, 227.
Sarawak, in Borneo, visit to, 219.
Sattara, case of the late Rajah of, 257,
297, 490.

Saugor, the mela at, 15.
Scholarship, Carnac, 91.
School for native doctors at Calcutta, 17
-Kidderpore Upper Boy, 87-Gene-
ral Assembly's, at Bombay, 96-Royal
Naval, at Camberwell, 159.
Sechelles, sea-coco nut of the, 538.
Securities, Indian, prices of the various,
78, 169, 295, 551.

Seebee, unsuccessful attempt upon the
fort of, 25.

Senna (Imaum of), 217.
Sepoys, disturbance created by, at Mee-
rut, 88.

Sesostris steam-frigate, cruize in the Per-
sian Gulf in the, 223.

[blocks in formation]

to the Penang, Clifton, Superior, To-
matin, and Isabella, ib.-seizure of the
Ville de Bordeaux, 514-accidents to the
Donna Pascoa and Sourabaya, 548-
losses of the Hope, Tasmanian Lass,
Africaine, Fergusson, Memnon, Agra,
and Isadora, ib.-seizure of the Freak
by convicts, and murder of the master
and crew, ib.
SHIPPING:-Passengers by, 59, 71, 147,
163, 289, 533, 545-traders announced
for India, 80, 172, 296, 552-freights
in India, 45, 60, 130, 140, 148, 240.
Siam, war between, and Cochin-China,
224-Celebes mercenaries for, ib.
Sikhs-see Punjab.
Simla, trade between Bombay and, 14.
Simonds (Maj.), court of inquiry on, 121.
Sinde, military operations in, 24, 92, 214,
503-brigading of the force in, 55-
removal of Maj. Gen. Brookes from
the command in Upper, 214.
the settlement, 97-further statistical
returns, ib.-the Sultan of Delli, 218
-Mr. Brooke, 219-appointments, 149
-prices of European goods, 77, 168,
294, 550-exchanges, 78, 169, 295,
551-shipping, births, marriages, and
deaths, 61, 149, 252, 534.
Singer (Mr. B. P.), action against the
editor of the Englishman by, 187.
Slavery in India, 188.
Smith (Major), court-martial on, 120.

Capture of the Pilot and massacre of
most of its crew, 3, 196-progress of
the India steamer, 9, 205-losses of
the Australia, Hector, and Isabella, 72—
accidents to the Cordelia, Robuste, and
Abbotsford, 73-wreck of the Indian
Oak, 87, 513-loss of the Clonmel
steamer, 100, 165-destruction of the
Cambridge in the Canton River, 108—
losses of the Catherine, Tory, Melrose,
and Nocton, 165, 291-accidents to the
Ardaseer, Pelorus, Orestes, and Henry
Wellesley, 165, 166-condemnation of
the John Marsh, 165-accident by light-
ning on board the Victoria, 203-losses
of the Isabella (McCausland), Lady
Stormont, Louisa Maria, Charlotte, and
Sir William Heathcote, 291-accidents

(Lieut. Col.), court-martial on, 525.
SOCIETIES, Proceedings of:-Agricultural
and Horticultural, of Bengal, 5, 198—
Madras Temperance, 19-Royal Asia-
tic, 62, 154, 536-Bombay Agricul-
tural, 96-General Ship Owners', 285.
South Australia-see Australia.
Spencer's Gulf, discoveries near, 102.
Sporting at Calcutta, 193.
Spry (Dr.), 14, 198.
Squinting, operation for, 286.
Stammering, cure of, 286.
Stanton (Mr.), narrative of his imprison-
ment, 119.

Steam Communication, Indian, junction
of the various companies in favour of,
493, 503.
Steamers-progress of the India, 9, 205
-French packets between Marseilles
and Alexandria and Marseilles and
Corsica, 67-results of the communica-
tion by, between India and England, 96
-improvements in the communication
with the Levant, Egypt, and India by,
283-numerous, in the Hooghly, 501-
the Queen, firing into a merchant ship
by the, ib.

Steer (Lieut.), court-martial on, 242.
Stevenson (Rev. Dr.), 63.

Stocks, daily prices of, 76, 171, 293.
Stocqueler (Mr. J. H.), action against,
for libel, 187.

Stoddart (Col.), imprisonment of, at
Bokhara, 14, 201, 500.

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Ty-kok-tow, destruction of the Chinese
forts at, 30, 33, 151.

Strabismus, operation for, 286.
Sugar, manufacture of, in Bengal, 15,
198-market in London, 75, 171-cul-
ture from the Otaheite cane at Dacca,
87-Indian, the alleged produce of
slave-labour, 188.

Sukkur, military movements at, 27.
Sullivan (Hon. J.), services of, 133.
Sumatra, encroachments of the Dutch
in, 218, 220-insurrection in, 221, 509.
Sumnac Jownac (Subadar), court-martial

on, 143.

Sungoo Khail, attack upon the refractory
tribe of, in the Nazian Valley, 11, 82.
Superintending surgeons, staff allowances
of, 234.

Swan River-see Australia (Western).

Tax, land, in India, 256.
Taylor (Lieut.), court-martial on, 49.
Tea market in London, 76, 171-Chu-

san, 88-duties on, imported into Bri-
tish North America, 285-Assam, 501.
Tenasserim Provinces, change in the en-

gineer department of the, 19.
Theatre, new, at Calcutta, 7.
Thugs, manufacture of articles by, at
Jubbulpore, 15-suppression of, by
Capt. Vallencey, 19.
Tigers, destruction of, 204.
Todd (Major), flight of, from Herat, 13,
24, 85, 86, 200-disapproval of his pro-
ceedings, 201, 214.

Trade between the Shan States and
Moulmain, 29-of New South Wales,
30-of Calcutta, 87-between New
Zealand and South America, 105-
Cape of Good Hope, 228-see also

Trumon, in Sumatra, views of the Dutch
on the port of, 200.

Tuanku Mahomed Saad, of Quedah, case

of, 7.

Ulcers amongst troops, 28.
Uniform of officers, 233.
University, Madras, opening of the, 89.
Usbecks, quarrels amongst the, 505-

Vallencey (Capt.), 19.

New system of discipline at Norfolk
Island, 100-escape of Zephaniah Wil-
liams from Tasman's Peninsula, 101-
taxes on wheat and tobacco, ib.—new
college at New Norfolk, ib.-new go-
vernment house, ib.-attorney general,
159-tour of the lieut. governor, 225
-Port Arthur, 225, 514-busbran-
gers, 225-scarcity of money, 514-
sale of crown lands, ib.
Ventura (Gen.), 85, 200.
Vivian (Major), 23.
Volunteer Regiment, Bengal, return of the,

Walker and Douglas, case of Ricketts v.,

Wangtong, occupation of, 105, 108, 173.
Wáralis, a forest tribe of the Northern
Konkan, 64.

Warden (Capt.), fine upon, 16.
Wellesley (Marquess), statue of the, 254.
Widow, first marriage of a Hindu, 15.
Williams (Capt.), court-martial on, 246.
(Zephaniah), escape of, 101.
Wilson (Lieut. Col.), 25, 215.
(Rev. Dr.), 64.

Wool, Cape, growth of, 228.
Wynyard (Lieut.), court-martial on, 142.

Zamin Dawer, rebellion in the district
of, 28.
Zorapore prize-money, 20.


Part I., p. 193, line 10, for curious, read ominous.
p. 209, line 23, for deliberate, read deliberative.
Part II., p. 435, line 1, for acres, read miles; and for eight, read one.

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