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Celebes, mercenaries from, to assist the

Siamese. 224.
Scarcity of
labour in the interior, 96-coffee specu-
lation, 97-the auditor-general, ib.-
new religious paper, ib.-the Rev. C.
David, ib.-imports and exports, ib.-
new governor, 97, 148-embarkation
of Mr. Stewart Mackenzie, 217-works
at Pambaun, 218-the duty on cinna-
mon, 542-appointments, 60, 149, 252,
534 shipping, births, marriages, and
deaths, 60, 149, 252, 534.
Chamber of Commerce, Bengal, 4.
Chaplains, Company's, 159-want of, with
the China and Affghanistan expedi-
tions, 503.
Chaproniere, (Lieut. A. H.) court-mar-
tial on, 137.

Charretie, (Capt.) case of, 257.

Chetputt, affray at, 502.
Child, dead, devoured by dogs, 16.
the forts of Chuenpee and Ty-kok-tow,
30, 31, 33, 151-the negotiations, 34,
106, 116-island of Hong Kong, 35,
228-affairs at Chrusan, 36, 118, 232,
191-destruction of the Bogue forts,
105, 173-attack upon and occupation
of the defences near Canton, 110, 179
-rejection of the treaty by the Empe-
ror, 116, 229-occupation of the fac-
tories at Canton by the British, 117,
180-departure of the commodore for
Calcutta, 117, 510-seizure of three
Englishmen by the Chinese, 117, 232
-embargo on the city and trade of
Canton, 117-truce for the temporary
resumption of trade, 117, 181, 228-
evacuation of Chusan, 118-liberation
of Capt. Anstruther and his fellow-
captives, ib.-narrative of Mr. Stan-
ton's imprisonment, 119-evacuation
of Hong Kong, 228 cotton, ib.-
disapproval of the armistice by the
Emperor's nephew, 229 imperial
edicts, 230, 510-removal of the En.
glish ships of war below Canton, 232
-court of inquiry, ib.-present effect-
ive strength of our three European
regiments, ib. - sufferings of Mrs.
Noble, 232, 511-imperial edict rela-
tive to the attack and capture of the
Bogue forts, 510-funeral obsequies of
Chinese soldiers, ib.-reported murder
of Lieut. Stead of the Pestonjee Bo-
manjee, ib.-shipping, births, marriages,
and deaths, 61, 150, 253, 535.
China, French ships for, 67-baptism of
two natives of, 96-expense of the
expedition against, 159-further troops
for, 206, 228, 284, 494-want of a
clergyman with the expedition to, 503.
Chinese books collected by the late Mr.


T. Manning, 62-Assam, at Calcutta,
203, 205-collection of Mr. Dunn, 536.
Chirgong, force ordered against, 86

seige and capture of, 202, 498.


Cholera in the country between Bancoora
and Burdwan, 81-in the 32nd regt. at
Dacca, 82, 86-at Calcutta, 205.
Christianity amongst the Karens, 219.
Chuenpee, destruction of the Chinese
forts at, 30, 31, 151.
Church, new Hindustani, 500.
Chusan, affairs at, 36-sickness at, ib.-
tea, 88-evacuation of, 116, 118-in-
quiry into the cause of mortality at,
191, 232-deaths at, 61.
Cinnamon, Ceylon, duty on, 542.
Civil Servants, Bengal Fund for, 15-
annuities to, 17-affray with, 503--
education of native children by, 503.
Clibborn, (Major), commission upon, 17,

95, 214, 507.

Coal, waste, at Bombay, 28-discovery
of, at Port Phillip, 103-economical
mode of stowing, 217.
Cochin-Chinese, war between the Siamese
and, 224.

Coco-nut, double sea, of the Sechelles
group, 538.

Coffee market in London, 75, 171-specu-
lation in Ceylon, 97.
Coinage, gold, for India, 16.
Coles, civilization of the, 15.
College, English and Oriental, at Delhi,
17-East-India, at Haileybury, 66, 538
-Madras, 89-at New Norfolk, 101.
Colvin (Mrs.), caricature.drawing of, 16.
Commerce of Calcutta, 87.
Commissions in the Company's army, ex-
clusion of non-commissioned officers
from, 158.

Commodores, allowances to, 54.
Company, Salt, at Calcutta, 15-New Zea-
land, 67-Oriental Steam Navigation,
283, 493, 503.

Concan, disturbances in the, 507.
Consuls, British, in the East, appoint-
ments of, 159.

Convicts in New South Wales, 100-
discipline of, at Norfolk Island, ib.
Coolies, Indian, examination of returned,

5, 190, 495-inquiry into the question
of, 190, 222-kidnapping of, 203, 205
-the trade in, 205.
Corahs, silk, frauds in making up, 88.
Corps, irregular, command of, 37-dress
of, 37, 233.

Cotton, cultivation of, in India, 5, 198,
502-market in China, 228.
Council, Indian, new member of, 142.
Court (Gen.), 12, 85.

Court of Queen's Bench:-Ricketts v.
the East-India Company, 154.

of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut, Ben-
gal-Hedger v. Ranee Comol Com-
arree, 197.

COURT OF INQUIRY on Major W. Simonds,


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COURTS-MARTIAL on Ensign Gordon, 48

-Lieut. Taylor, 49-Major Smith, 120
-Ensign Forbes, 121-Ensign Ma-
guire, 134-Lieut. Chaproniere, 136-
Lieut.Wynyard, 142—Subadar Sumnac

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Jownac, 143-Ensign Palmer, 235-
Lieut. Steer, 242-Capt. Williams, 246
-Lieut.-Col. Smith, 525.
Crawford (Hon. J. H.), 142.
Creed (Lieut.), bravery of, 25.
Cox (Capt. G. H.), suicide of, 194, 494.
Currency, state of the, in the Nizam's
dominions, 2.
Cutchee, affairs in, 25, 27, 216.

Dacca, the cholera at, 82, 86-Otaheite
cane culture at, 87.
Dacoits at Pimpulnair, 18-description
of their mode of operation in Bengal,

Dadur, ulcers amongst the troops at, 28
-affairs at, 93.

Dampier (Mr.), his report on the Ben-
gal police, 189-on dacoity, ib.
David (Rev. C.), appeal in behalf of, 97.
Dawk, rapid conveyance of news by the
Madras, 91.

DEBATES at the East-India House on
the 23rd June, and 14th, 15th, 16th,
19th, and 20th July:-Congratulatory
addresses to the Queen and Prince
Albert, 254-statue of the Marquess
Wellesley, ib.-official papers, ib.-
by-laws, 255-idolatry in India, 256,
490-land-tax in India, 256-case of
Capt. Charretie, 257-case of the late
Rajah of Sattara, 257, 297, 490.
Deccan, deities worshipped in the, 63-
military operations in the, 505.
Deities, modern, worshipped by the Hin-

dus in the Deccan, 63.
Delhi, educational establishments at, 17
-cruel punishment of a slave-girl at,



Delli, in Sumatra, complaint of the Sul-
tan of, 218.
DESPATCHES, official, from Nepanee, in
the South Mahratta Country, 23-from
China, 30, 105, 151, 173-from Aff-
ghanistan, 82-from Chirgong, 493.
Dhermainville (Mrs.), 195, 495.
Dhool Ghaut, detention of Capt. John-
son by the Goand chief of, go, 503.
Dinner, theatrical, at Calcutta, 7.
Directors, East-India, election of, 66,
15-list of, for 1841, 75.
Distinctions, honorary, to corps, 133-
to officers, 159, 285, 541.
Dooab, central canal in the, 204.
Dooranee Empire, Order of the, 159, 285,


Dost Mahomed Khan, ex-ruler of Cabul,
progress of, towards Calcutta, 9, 89,
197-arrival of, at Calcutta, 493.
Douglas (Capt.), death of, 11, 84.
Dress of the Ramghur irregular cavalry,
37 of 66th Bengal N.I., ib.—of offi-
cers of Bengal foot artillery, 233--of
1st Bengal European light infantry, ib.
Drowning of officers, 205.
Duel at Meerut, 15.
Dunn (Mr.), Chinese collection of, 536.

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Dutch emigrants at Port Natal, 36, 228
-affairs of the-see India (Dutch).
Duties on Indian produce at the Cape,
Ceylon, and Australia, 159-on tea
imported into British North America,
285-on Ceylon cinnamon, 542.
Dwarka, violation of religious customs
at the temple at, 143.

East-India Company, directors of, 66, 75,
158-case of Ricketts v., 154-grant
to the Royal Naval School at Camber-
well by, 159--see also Debates.
Eastment (Maj. T.), services of, 67.
Eden (Hon. Miss), drawing of, by a Sikh,
Education in the N. W. Provinces of Ben-

gal, 17-of native doctors at Calcutta,
ib.-of native children at Madras, 503.
Egypt, affairs of the Pasha of, 507.
Elephant, funeral of an, 19-capture of a
white, 91.

Elliot (Capt.), negotiations of-see China.
Elphinstone (Lord), 89.
Emigration to Australia, 30, 100, 103-
of Indian coolies, 190, 205, 222-to
New Zealand, contradictory accounts
respecting, 227.
Engineer department in the Tenasserim
Provinces, 19-accounts, adjustment
of, 246.

English suitor in a native court, 197.
Escorts, or guards, command of, 524.
Ethical lecture by a Hindu, 1.
European Regiment, services of the 1st
Madras, 133-first inspection of the
2nd Madras, 134-dress of the 1st
Bengal, 233.

Ewa, the salt lake at, 227.
Examination of military officers in the

Oriental languages, 52, 139, 244, 250,
528-of cadets at Addiscombe, 280-
of students at Haileybury, 538--of of-
ficers as interpreters, 525.
Exchanges, rates of, in India and China,
78, 169, 295, 551-Company's, rates
of, on India, 159.

Eyre (Mr.), expedition of, to the north
of Spencer's Gulf, 102.

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Ford (Capt.), murder of, 85, 200.
Foulker (Capt.), murder of, 85, 200.
French colonists at New Zealand, 30-
commercial negotiations with China,
67-officers in the Punjab, 85, 200-
consul at Singapore, 149.
Frome (Mr.), 226.
Fund, Bengal Military, 14, 87-Bengal
Civil, 15, 154-Land, in N. S. Wales,
29-Oriental Translation, 155-Ori-
ental Text, 156.
Furloughs, second, to Europe, 48.

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Hedjaz, revolt in the, 507.

Hemp, cultivation of, in the Himalayas,


Henderson (Dr.), services of, 54.
Herat, flight of Major Todd from, 13, 24,
85, 200-reported approach of the
Persians on, 13, 24, 27, 85-present
from the ruler of, to the Queen of
England, 28-surrender of Ghorian to,
86, 222-expedition from Affghanistan
against, 93, 214.
Himalayas, cultivation of hemp in the, 14.
Hindley (Major E.), services of, 293.
Hindu, ethical lecture by a, 1-widow,

marriage of a, 15-modern deities wor-
shipped in the Deccan, 63—see also

154, 536-law, 154-College Exami-
nations, 280, 538-rank of students at
the East-India College, 66-election
of directors at the East-India House,
66, 158-French commerce with Chi-
na, 67-expedition to New Zealand,
ib.-French steam-packets between
Marseilles and Alexandria, &c., ib.-
Major T. Eastment, ib.-list of E. I.
directors for 1841, 75-case of Ricketts
v. the East-India Company, 154-op-
tional pre-payment of letters between
this country and India, 158-Dr.
McCosh, ib.-departure of Rear-Ad-
miral Sir Wm. Parker and Sir Henry
Pottinger for India, ib.-commissions
to non-commissioned officers of the
Company's army, ib.-Company's ex-
change on India, 159-expense of the
expedition against China, ib.-Order
of the Dooranee Empire, 159, 285, 541
-duties on India produce at the Cape,
Ceylon, and Australia, 159-consuls
in the East, ib.-New Zealand and
Australian appointments, ib. -new
commander-in-chief at Madras, 283-
improvements in the steam communi-
cation with the Levant, Egypt, and
India, ib.-reinforcements for India,
284-third assistant surgeon to the
Queen's regiments in India, ib.-in-
structions to Sir H. Pottinger, ib.-
management of pagodas in India, ib.-
Russian ukase respecting Indian opium,
ib.-additional bishoprics in the colo-
nies, 285-Report of the General Ship
Owners' Society, ib.-operations for
squinting and stammering, 286-pub-
lication of Mr. C. Masson's discoveries
of coins and antiquities in Affghanistan,
ib.-new edition of Horsburgh's India
Directory, ib.-new M. P.'s connected
with India, 541-Maj. Gen. Sir C. J.
Napier, ib.-diplomatic relations with
Persia, ib.-duty on Ceylon cinnamon,
542-honorary distinctions to officers,
159, 285, 541-ecclesiastical appoint-
ments, 159-retirements, &c. from the
Company's service in England, 160-
promotions and changes in H. M. forces
serving in the East, 68, 160, 286, 542
-naval honours, promotions, &c. in
China expedition, 161, 543-India ship-
ping arrivals and departures, and pas-
sengers, 69, 161, 287, 543-births,
marriages, and deaths, 73, 166, 291,
548-see also Shipping, Markets, &c.
Hong-Kong, affairs at, 35-evacuation of,
by the English, 228.
Horsburgh (Capt.), India Directory of,

Hunt, the Calcutta, 193.

East-India House, 254, 297-proceed-
ings of the Royal Asiatic Society, 62,


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93, 199, 496-in the Panjab, 11, 84,
199, 497-at Herat, 13, 24, 27, 85,
200-at Bokhara, 14. 201, 500-at
Joudpore, 14-in Scinde, 24, 55, 92,
214, 503-at Jhansi, 86, 202-in Bun-
dlekund, 498-at Delhi, 500-in Ne-
paul, ib.

INDIA (Dutch): - Extension of their
conquests in Sumatra, 218, 220-in-
surrection near Padang, 221, 509-
failure of commercial houses at Bata-
via, 221-extraordinary rise of rivers
in Java, 509-shipping, 150.

(Portuguese):-Free ports, 28.
India steamer, progress of the, 9-pur-
chase of the, 205.

Indigo, cultivation of, in India, 6-mar-
ket in London, 76.

Inglis (Lieut.), death of, 205.
Inheritance, expositions of Hindu law in
questions of, 87.

Interpreters, examination of officers as,
525-see also Examination.
Irregular corps, command of, 37-ca-
valry, new resallabs of, in Bengal, ib.
-cavalry, new regiment of, 234-
corps, estates of deceased soldiers in,

Jacobs (Mrs.), 87.
Jaffer (Moolla), charges against, 95.
Java-see India (Dutch).
Jhansi, force ordered from, against Chir-
gong, 86, 202, 498.

Jijaz, attack on a fort at, 496, 504.
Johanna, ambassadors from, at the Mau.
ritius, 222-expulsion of the king of,
493-his visit to Calcutta, 501,
Johnson (Capt.), detention of, by the
Goand chief of Dhool Ghaut, 90, 503.
Joudpore, affairs at. 14.
Joy (James), a bushranger, 225.
Jubbulpore, Thuggee manufactory at, 15.
Judges, native, charges against, 6-Bom-
bay, 217.

Kátodis, tribes of the, 64-disturbances
in the, 507.
Kotria, affairs at, 503.
Kujjuks, conflict with the, 25-affairs
of the, 93, 215, 216.
Kurnaul, affairs at, 88, 89-disbandment
of the 2nd Light Cavalry at, 198.
Kurruck Singh, mission from the widow
of, 493.

Kidderpore, Upper Boy School at, 87.
Kishnaghur, murder of a native Christian

in, 88.

Knapsacks, sepoys', 17.

Konkan, account of the Wáralis and

Labour. scarcity of, in Ceylon, 96.
Lady Flora, quarrel on board the ship,


Lahore, affairs at-see Punjab.
Lakes, Australian, 226, 514.
Lands, revenue from resumed, in Ben-
gal, 17, 203-fund from, in N. S. Wales,
29-titles to, in New Zealand, 30-at
Hong Kong, 35-resumption of salt
batty, at Bombay, 96-rise in the price
of, in Western Australia, 101-tax on,
in India, 256-sale of crown, in V.D.
Land, 514.

Law, expositions of Hindu, 87.
Lecture, ethical, by a native, 1.
Lena Singh, a Sikh sirdar, 12, 498—ca-
ricatures by, 16.

Letters, steam-packet, between India and
England, 96-optional pre-payment of
Indian, 158.

Light Infantry, inspection of the 2nd
Madras European, 134-dress of the
1st Bengal European, 233-corps at
Bombay, 246.

Lightning, accident by, 203.
Loan, new five per cent., 81, 193.
Lodoicea Sechellarum, or double sea-coco
nut, account of the, 538.
Lombard (M.), case of, at Aden, 94.
LONDON GAZETTE:-Official despatches

from China, 30, 105, 151, 173.
Loo Choo Islands, facts attending the
wreck of the Indian Oak on the, 87-
--amiable character of the natives of,

Kahun, the defence of, 55.
Kakurs, arrangements with the, 505.
Kairwa, operations against, 203.
Karens, Christianity amongst the, 219.
Kátodis, a forest tribe of the Northern

Macao, affairs at-see China.
Mc Cosh (Dr.), 158.

Mackenzie (Right Hon. S.), 217.
McNeil (Sir J.), 541.

Konkan, 64.

Keane (Gen. Lord) and the 2nd Bengal MADRAS INTELLIGENCE:-Trial of a Ma-
Cavalry, 212.

Khandoba, a Hindu deity, 63.
Kharrack, reported evacuation of, 222.
Khelat, the young chief of, 26, 93, 214,
503-return of Col. Stacy to, 214.
Khelat-i-Ghiljie, operations at, 496, 504

--erection of a fort at, 505.
Khoolum, the Wallee of, 505.
Khyber Pass, military operations in the,

homedan lady for murder, 18, 501-
the temporary command in chief, 18-
dacoits, ib.-Madras Temperance So-
ciety, 19-confirmation of native chil-
dren, ib.-Capt. Harris, ib.-an ele-
phant's funeral, ib.-engineer depart-
ment in the Tenasserim provinces, ib.
-suppression of Thuggee, ib.-Zora-
pore prize-money. 20-Madras Uni-
versity, 89-the Goand country, 9o,
503-detention of Capt. Johnson, go,
503-prime minister at Hyderabad, 90
-survey of Mount Delly, ib.-the
Farish testimonial, ib.-rapid convey-
ance of news by dawk, 91-a white

10, 11.

Lord (Dr.), monument to the late, 28.
Loveday (Lieut.), journal of, 28.

elephant, ib.-troops for Scinde, 91,
206-reinforcements to China, 206-
freebooters in the Bellary district, ib.-
outrage by privates of the 2nd Euro-
pean light infantry, ib.-new comman-
der-in-chief, 283-the American cot-
ton planters, 502-affair between Mr.
Ashton and the ryots, ib.-want of a
clergyman with the force in China, 503
-education of native children by a
civil servant, ib.-steam communica-
tion, ib.-Paumban Channel, 218, 503
-prices of European goods, 77, 168,
294, 550 securities and exchanges,
78, 169, 295, 551-shipping, births,
marriages, and deaths, 53, 140, 245.
MADRAS Government Orders :-Pay and
allowances to officers returning to Ben-
gal and Madras, viâ Bombay, 47-pro-
moted officers to continue with their
regiments, 48-second furlough to Eu-
rope, ib.-retirement of Mr. Sullivan,
133 services of the 1st Madras Euro-
pean Regt., ib.-first inspection of the
2nd European light infantry, 134-of-
ficiating field officers of the day at sta-
tions, ib.-allowances to riding masters,
ib.-command of escorts, or guards,
524-examination of officers as inter-
preters, 525-retirements, &c. of offi-
cers in England, 160-courts-martial,
48, 134, 242, 525-appointments and
furloughs, 50, 137, 243.
Maguire (Ens.), court-martial on, 134.
Mails, arrival of the overland, in India,

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80, 172, 296, 552-monthly despatch
of, for India, 80, 172, 296, 552-in-
crease of letters and newspapers by the
overland, 96-arrival of the Indian
overland, in England, 172, 296, 552
-sorting of the overland, 233.
Malacca, births and deaths at, 150.
Manning (Mr. T.), collection of Chinese
books by the late, 62-his extraordinary
acquirements, ib.-memoir of, 63.
Marine Battalion, Bombay, paymastership
of the, 54.
Markets, money, 29, 193-in the East,
78, 169, 295, 551-London, 75, 171.
Masson (Mr.), the detention of, at Khe-
lat, 94-arrival of, at Bombay, ib.-
new work by, 236.
coolies to India, 5, 190, 495-ambas-
sadors from Johanna, 222-the Cal-
cutta cooly report, 196, 222-shipping,
births, marriages, and deaths, 61, 150,
253, 535.

Mecca, revolt at, 507.
Medical Boards, Indian, allowances to
members of, 120.

Meerut, intrigue and duel at, 15-distur-
bance by sepoys at, 88-manufacture
of beer at, 199.

Memoir of Mr. T. Manning, 63.
Merchants, Calcutta, changes in the firms
of, 205.

Metal, discovery of a new, at Port Phillip,



Military Fund, Bengal, 14 — Orphan
School, 87.
Missionaries, attack upon, at Sadamahl,
16, 88-amongst the Karens, 219.
Mocha, affairs at, 217, 223.

Money market in N. S. Wales, 29-in
India, 193, 501-at Batavia, 221.
Moresby (Capt.), services of, 142.
Moulmein, trade between the Shan states
and, 29-seizure of three British officers
near, by the Burmese, 98, 508.
Mountain of the Bell, phenomenon of the,

Mount Delly, survey of, 90.
Mouton (M.), murder of, 85, 200.
Murder of a ship's crew at the Nicobar
Islands, 3, 196-of a lady in the Pun-
jab, 13-of a native catechist, 16, 88
-by a Mahomedan lady at Madras,
18, 501-of Capt. Ford, Capt. Foulker,
and M. Mouton, at Lahore, 85-of a
native Christian at Kishnaghur, 88-
in Australia, 104-of Lieut. Stead, 510.
Murrees, negotiations with the, 27.


Nákus, mysterious sounds at, 537.
Napanee, capture of the fort of, 23.
Napier (Maj. Gen. C. J.), 541.
Natives of India, the press of, 6-bribery
of judges, ib.-female preacher, 15-
confirmation of children, 19-murder
of two Christians, 88-education of
children, 503.

NAVY, Indian, allowances to commodores
of, 54-services of Capt. Moresby of,
142-appointments and promotions in,
147, 251, 532.

Royal, promotion of officers of,
with the China expedition, 161, 543.
Nazian Valley, attack upon the Sungoo
Khail, tribe in the, 82.
Nepaul, reported war with, 500.
Newbold (Lieut.), 537.
New Holland, survey of, 101.

The land-fund, 29-critical position of
the money-market, ib.-statistical re-
turns, 30, 100-population, 30, 100-
land-titles in New Zealand, 30-ad-
mission of emancipists to civic privi-
leges, 98-the governor, 99-division of
the territory into separate districts, 99,
225-bushrangers, 100, 225, 514-loss
of the Clonmel steamer, 100-demand
for an increase of emigration, ib.-
James Joy, 225-the Aurora Australis,
513-crime, 514-Australian Agricul-
tural Company, ib.-crops, ib.-de-
struction of flour-mills and stores by
fire, ib.
Newspapers by steam-packets between
India and England, 96-religious, in
Ceylon, 97.

New Zealand, land-titles in, 30, 227-
French colonists at, 30-new expedi-
tion to, 67-progress of the new colony

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