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Eusofzyes of Affghanistan, 219.

Fable, Persian, from Nasir, 80,
Fancy warned by Truth, 95.
Farish (Mr.), 3.
Footstep, sacred, in Ceylon, 87.

Gazetteer, new Indian, 190.
Ghilzies, rebellion of the, 2.
Ghorian, cession of, to Herat, 129.
Gibbard (Lieut.), case of, 63.
Gleig (Rev. Mr.), review of his "Me-
moirs of Warren Hastings," 15, 201.
Griffin, Memoirs of a, 45, 117, 161, 209.

Horses, Arab, vicious propensities of, 107.
Horton Plains in Ceylon, 27.
Hough (Major), notice of his "Narrative
of the Operations of the Army of the
Indus," 67.

Hand Book for India and Egypt, 190.
Happiness, 208.

Mullikzyes, tribe of, 219.

Hastings (Warren), review of Mr. Gleig's Munders, the, of Affghanistan, 219.
Memoirs of, 15, 201.

Herat, affairs at, 2, 66, 129.

Murrees, negotiations with the, 3.
Mysore, agriculture in, 200.

House of Commons, visit of Parsees to
the, 84.

India, review of news from, 1, 65, 129,
193-inscriptions of, 30-
review of
Mr. Elphinstone's "History of," 54-
review of Mr. Thornton's "History of
the British Empire in," 54-" Hand-
Book" for, 190.

Inscriptions of India, 30.

Johanna, the king of, 194.
Journal, Parsee, of a residence in Great
Britain, 82.

Kalu Ganga River in Ceylon, 86.
Kelany Ganga River in Ceylon, 92.
Kennedy (Col. Vans), reply of Professor
Wilson to his criticism upon the Pu-
ranas, 41.

Loveday (Lieut.), operations of, at Khe-
lat, 58, 123, 126, 181.

Khelat, Mr. Masson's account of the fall
of, 58, 123, 126-young chief of, 127,
130-correspondence with Mr. Masson
on the affairs of, 181.
Khyberries, action with the, 3.
Kohistan, the, of Cabul, 219.
Kujjuks, unsuccessful attack upon one
of their forts, 2, 130.

Law of Rajah Canier, arbitrary, 93.
Letters, Indian, style of, 52.
Life, 224.

Ligore, Rajah of, 144.

Loan, new five per cent., 67, 194.

Madeira, description of, 5, 6.

Madras, description of, 101, 104, 195-
affairs at, 194-races, 195.

Masson (Mr.), account of the fall of
Khelat by, 58, 123, 126-correspon-
dence on the subject of his arrest and
detention, 181.
Maturatta country in Ceylon, 27.
Memoir of Warren Hastings, 15, 201—of
the Rev. C. T. E. Rhenius, 31.
MEMOIRS of a Griffin, 45, 117, 161, 209.
Moslem's Daughter, the, 68.
Mountains of Ceylon, 28, 86-heights of,
in the interior, 136.

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Penang, conduct of the government of,
towards the family of the ex-King of
Quedah, 109, 144-trial of Tuanku Ma-
homed Saad and others at, 116, 159-
mission from, to Siam, 144, 216.
Persia, affairs in, 2, 129-notice of Mr.

Fowler's "Three Years" in, 190.
Persian anecdotes, 14-fable, from Ná-
sir, 80-tale of the Sindibād Nāmah,
169-poetry, 224.

Poet, lines to an old living, 168.
POETRY-A Remembrance of a De-
parted Year, 39-Fancy warned by
Truth, 95-To an Old Living Poet,
168-Happiness, 208-Life, 224-
Non-Existence, ib.

Pottinger (Col. Sir H.), 1.

Press at Bombay, 67-of Ceylon, 134.
Punjab, affairs in the, 2, 66, 129, 193.
Puntjar, in Affghanistan, 220,
Puranas, reply of Prof. Wilson to a criti-
cism of Col. Vans Kennedy upon the,


Quedah, case of Tuanku Mahomed Saad
of, 109, 159-mission of Col. Burney
to iam elative to, 144, 216.

Races at Madras, 195.
RAMBLES in Ceylon, 23, 86, 132.
Rambodde, pass of, 23.
Revenue of Ceylon, 137, 138.

REVIEW OF Books and Critical Notices :
-Gleig's Memoirs of Warren Has.
tings, 15, 201-Memoir of the Rev.
C. T. E. Rhenius, 31-Elphinstone's
History of India, 54-Thornton's His-
tory of the British Empire in India, ib.

Pauthier's Examen Méthodique des
Faits qui Concernent le Thian-Tchu,
ou l'Inde, 62-Memorial of Richard
Spooner, 63-Jones' General Outline
of the Animal Kingdom, ib.-Wright's
Sir Henry Cavendish's Debates of the
House of Commons, 64-Huie's Re-
cords of Female Piety, ib.-First Re-
port of the Progress of Legal Educa-
tion in Ireland, ib.-Dudgeon's Nine
Years' Residence, and a Nine Months'
Tour on Foot, in the States of New
York and Pennsylvania, ib.-Clark-
son's Letter to the Clergy and to the
Slave-holding Planters in the Southern
States of America, ib.-Trotter's Ma-
nual of Logarithms and Practical Ma-
thematics, ib.-Reid's Natural Philo-
sophy, ib.-Hough's Narrative of the
Operations of the Army of the Indus,
67-Journal of a Residence in Great
Britain, by Jehangeer Nowrojee and
Hirjeebhoy Marwanjee (Parsees), 82

Wilkinson's Manners and Customs
of the Ancient Egyptians, 139-Hand
Book for India and Egypt, 190
Fowler's Three Years in Persia, ib.-
The Bengal and Agra Annual Guide
and Gazetteer for 1841, ib.-Bullars'
Winter in the Azores, and a Summer
at the Baths of the Furnas, 191-The
Last King of Ulster, ib.-Willmott's
Poems, ib.-Newman's Familiar In-
troduction to the History of Insects,
ib.-Jackson's What to Observe; or
the Traveller's Remembrancer, ib.-
Miller's Old Red Sandstone, 192-
Ouchterlony's Statistical Sketch of the
Island of Chusan, ib.-Jones's Regu-
lus, a Tragedy, ib.-Maslen's New
Decimal System of Money, Weights,
Measures, and Time, ib. - Sparkes'
Easy Introduction to Chemistry, ib.-


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St. Jago, visit to the island of, 12.
Sattara Question, the, 209.

Sawunt Warree, the late shooting of pri-
soners in, 63.

Scriptures, texts and versions of the, 44.
Seebee, attack on the fort of, 2.
Sepoys, the Bombay, 215.

Siam, conduct of, towards Quedah, 109,
159, 216-affairs of, 131-view of Col.
Burney's mission to, 144, 216.
Sinde, affairs in, 2, 66, 130, 194.

Sindibād Numah, or Book of Sindibad, a
Society, sketch of, in Ceylon, 134.
Persian tale, 169.
Spooner (Mr. R.), memorial of, 63.
Sporting at Madras, 195.

Sugar, the duties on, 97-East-India,
and slavery, 160.

Sum, the, or plain, in Affghanistan, 219
-tribes of the, 221.

Sumatra, insurrection in, 131.

[blocks in formation]


Aboo (Mount), alleged desecration of tem-
ples at, 16.

Aborigines of Australia, skirmishes with
the, 103, 104.

Abyssinia, expedition to, 224.
Academy, Indian, 14.
Accounts, engineer, at Bombay, 246.
Adam (Mr. Wm.), 188.

Addiscombe, examination of Company's
cadets at, 280.

Aden, affairs at, 94-Arab attacks upon
the sentries at, ib.-case of M. Lom-
bard at, ib.-outery against the politi-
cal agent and his native assistant at, 95
-deputation from the Imaum of Senna
to, 217.

regt., 133-officiating field officers of
the day at stations, 134-allowances
to riding-masters, ib.-exclusion of
European non-commissioned officers
from commissions, 158-retirements,
&c. of officers in England, 160-the
expedition to China, 191, 206, 228—
undress jacket for officers of the foot
artillery, 233-dress of the 1st Bengal
European light infantry, ib.-new regi-
ment of irregular cavalry in Bengal, 234
-staff allowances to general officers
and superintending surgeons, ib.—ad.
justment of engineer accounts, 246—
estates of deceased soldiers in the irre-
gular corps, ib.-rifle and light infan.
try corps at Bombay, ib.-medical aid
to officers, 576-rifle companies in
Bengal regts., ib.—Bengal volunteer
regt., ib.-augmentation of officers in
the artillery regiments, 517-command
of escorts, or guards, 524-examina-
tion of officers as interpreters, 525—
see also Courts-Martial, &c.
ARMY (Queen's, serving in the East):-
The expedition to China, 105, 157, 206,
228, 284-mortality at Chusan, 191,
232-effective strength of the regts. in
China, 232-third assistant surgeon,
284-further troops for China, 494-
flogging in the 55th regt., 501-courts-
martial, 134, 136, 142, 235-promo-
tions and changes, furloughs, &c., 44,
68, 129, 160, 240, 286, 522, 542.
Arrack-shops, farming of, under the Ma-
dras presidency, 19.

Artillery, foot, undress jacket for, 233-
augmentation of officers in the regi-
ments of, 517.

ryots, at Chetputt, 502.
Ashton (Mr.), affair between, and the
Asiatic Society, Royal, proceedings of,

62, 536-annual report of, 154.
Assam Chinese, 203, 205-tea, 501.
giments in India, 284.
Assistant Surgeon, third, to Queen's re-
Auckland (Lord), 16, 205.
Aurora Australis, the, 513.
AUSTRALIA (South) Intelligence :-Mr.
Eyre's report of the northern expedi
tion, 102 employment of emigrant
labourers, 103-lax administration of
the Government, 226-fire at the old
government hut, ib.-destruction of
records, ib.-report of the country
round the lakes Alexandrina and Al-
bert, ib.-seizure of the French ship
Ville de Bordeaux, 514-draughts upon
the colonial commissioners, 575-de-
falcation of Mr. Garrett, ib.

Affghanistan, the ex-chief of, 9, 89, 197,
493-military operations in, 10, 24, 82,
93, 199, 496-discontent in, 11-bo-
tany and zoology of, 14-accident to
one of the wives of the King of, 199-
affairs of the Shah of, 496-his family,
497-want of chaplains with the troops
in, 5ივ.
Agri-Horticultural Society of Bengal, 5,
198-Bombay, 96.

Allahabad, officers drowned near, 205.
Allan (Maj. Gen.), 18.

Allard (M. Benjamin), 85.
Allowances, military, 37, 47, 134, 234-
Indian navy, 54.

American exploring expedition to the
Sandwich Islands, 227-cotton plan-
ters at Madras, 502.

Anderson (Hon. G. W.), 142.
Annuities, civil service, 17.
Anstruther (Capt.), liberation of, 118-
particulars of his capture, ib.
Anunghoy, attack upon, 107, 173.
Arabia, affairs on the coast of, 217, 223
-cruize along the pirate coast of, 223
-revolt in, 507.

ARMY (Company's) in India: - Opera-
tions of the British troops in Affghan-
istan, 10, 24, 82, 199, 496-brigades
on the Punjab frontier, 12, 200, 498-
the temporary commander-in-chief at
Madras, 18-operations at Napanee,
in the South Mahratta Country, 23-
operations in Scinde, 24, 55, 92, 214,
503-officers commanding irregular
corps, 37-movements of corps in Ben-
gal, 37-new resallahs of irregular ca-
valry, ib.-dress of the 66th Bengal
N.I., ib.-pay and allowances to offi-
cers returning to Bengal and Madras,
via Bombay, 47-promoted officers to
continue with their regiments, 48-
second furlough to Europe, ib.—meri-
torious services of officers, 54-brigad-
ing of the Scinde force, 55-the defence
of Kahun, ib.-members of the Medi-
cal Board returning from Europe, 120
-services of the 1st Madras European

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(Western), revenue of, 101-rise
in the price of land in, ib.-overland
route between South Australia and, ib.
―arrival of H, M.S. Beagle at, ib,

AUSTRALIA, creation of new colonies in, 99
-see also New South Wales, Van Die-
men's Land, &c.

Australind, establishment of the new set-
tlement of, 101.
Ava-see Burmah.
Avitabile (Gen.), 85, 200.
Awdry (Sir John), entertainment to, at
Bombay, 22.

Bangalore, an elephant's funeral at, 19.
Bank of Bengal, loan to the Govern-
ment by, 203.

Union, at Calcutta, 496.


of Java, 221.

notes, native dislike to, 28.
Bath, Military Order of the, 543.
Bayley (Mr. H. V.), Gazetteer by, 89.
Beer, manufacture of, at Meerut, 199.
Belgaum, military movements at, 91.
Bell (Mr. Ross), 93, 95, 214, 504-and

Brigadier Gordon, 506.
Beloochistan, military affairs in, 25, 92-
see also Sinde.

Bentinck (Lord Wm.), statue of, 204.
Biography:-Mr. T. Manning, 63-Ma-
jor T. Eastment, 67-Major E. Hind-
ley, 293.

Bishoprics, endowment of additional, in
the colonies, 285.

Bocca Tigris, destruction of the forts of
the, 105, 173.
Bokhara, incarceration of Col. Stoddart

at, 14, 201, 500.

-entertainment to the Chief Justice
and the Hon. Mr. Farish, 22-Napa-
nee, in the South Mahratta Country,
23-Affghanistan and Scinde, 24, 92,
214, 503-coal-dust in the Company's
stores, 28-ports of Goa, Demaun,
and Diu, ib.-the journal of Lieut.
Loveday, ib.-native dislike to bank
notes, ib.-suffering of the troops at
Dadur from ulcers, ib.-present to the
Queen from the ruler of Herat, ib.-
death of the Nawab of Cambay, ib.
monument to the late Dr. Lord, ib.
administration to the estate of the late
Mr. Forbes, 28, 92-Sir James Car-
nac, 91, 206-the bench and the press,
92, 217-Sir T. E. Perry, 92-Beloo-
chistan, ib.-Mr. Masson, 94-Aden,
ib.-M. Lombard, ib.-the Clibborn
commission, 95, 214, 507-results of
the steam-packet communication be-
tween India and England, 96-bap-
tism of two Chinese, ib.-Church of
Scotland's Mission, ib.-grant to the
Agricultural Society, ib.-resumption
of salt batty lands by Government, ib.
-Lord Keane and the 2nd Cavalry,
212 economical mode of stowing
coals at Karrack, 217-third judge to
the Supreme Court, ib. petition
against the chief justice, ib.-deputa-
tion from the Imaum of Senna, ib.-
expedition to Abyssinia, 224-opera-

tions at Budamee, in the Deccan, 505
-Mr. Ross Bell and Brigadier Gor-
don, 506-native appointment, ib.—
trade with Ghuznee, 507-conversion
of a Parsee, ib.-disturbances in the
Concan, ib.-prices of European goods,
77, 168, 294, 550-securities and ex-
changes, 78, 169, 295, 551-shipping,
births, marriages, and deaths, 59, 147,
251, 533.

Government Orders: - Allow-
ances to commodores, 54-paymaster
of the marine battalion, ib.-services
of Dr. Henderson, ib.-brigading of
the Scinde force, 55-the defence of
Kahun, ib.-services of Capt. Moresby,
142-acting governor, ib.-new mem-
ber of Council, ib.-adjustment of en-
gineer accounts, 246-estates of de-
ceased officers in the irregular corps,
ib.-rifle and light infantry corps, ib.-
retirements, &c. of officers in Eng-
land, 160-courts-martial, 142, 246—
appointments and furloughs, 56, 144,
248, 530-see also Navy (Indian).
Borneo, visit of Mr. Brooke to, 219.
Bourbon (Isle of), its trade with the Cape
and Mauritius, 285.
Bowanipore, fire at, 87.
Brahoes, the, 216.

Bremer (Commodore Sir J. J. G.), ope-
rations of-see China.
Broadfoot (Capt.), 497.

Brooke (Mr.), visit of, to Borneo, 219.
Brookes (Maj. Gen.), 93, 95, 214, 215.
Brown (Capt. L.), services of, 55.
Budamee, capture of the fort of, 505.
Bundlekund, military operations in, 86,
202, 203, 498.

Burmah, affairs in, 29, 98, 508-fire at

Rangoon, 29-trade between the Shan
states and Maulmain, ib.-fires in the
interior, 98 imprisonment of Mr.
Crisp in, ib.-seizure of three British
officers in, 98, 508- -new palace at
Rangoon for the King of, 98, 220, 508
-Karen Christians in, 219-human
sacrifice in, 220-rebellion of the Shans
against, 508.

Burnes (Sir Alex.), 10.
Burt (Capt.), 16.

Bushrangers in Australia, 104, 225, 514.
By-laws, Company's, 255.

Cabul, repair of the city of, 199-see also

Cadets, Company's, examination of, 280
-at Chatham, 543.
Caffres, force ordered against the, 36.
ture at the Patshalah, 1-state of the
currency in the Nizam's dominions, 2
-the Nicobar islanders, 3, 196-re-
turned Coolies, 5, 190, 205, 495-Agri-
cultural and Horticultural Society, 5,
198-the native press, 6-native judges,
ib.-new theatre, 7-Tuanku Mahomed
Saad, ib.-the India steamer, 9, 205-

Dost Mahomed Khan, 9, 89, 197, 493
-native states, 10, 82, 199, 496-ex-
amination at the Indian Academy, 14
-cultivation of hemp in the Himalayas,
ib.-Bombay articles of consumption
at Simla, ib.-Bengal Military Fund,
ib:-the Orphan Institution, 14, 87-
Dr. Griffith, ib.-Salt Company, 15-
felt muster chacots for Sepoys, ib.-
Thuggee manufactory at Jubbulpoor, ib.
-marriage of a Hindu widow, ib.-the
Civil Fund, ib.-rum and sugar, ib.-
the Coles, ib.-mela at Saugor, ib.
native female preacher, ib.-duel at
Meerut, ib.-alleged desecration at
Mount Aboo, 16-attack on the Bap-
tist mission at Sadamahl, 16, 88-fine
on Capt. Warden, 16-caricature draw-
ings of Europeans by a Sikh, ib.-new
gold coinage, ib.-sheriffalty of Cal-
cutta, ib.-a dead child, ib.-knapsacks
of sepoys, 17-Civil Service annuities,
ib.-the permanent revenue from re-
sumed estates, 17, 203-death from
poisoning, 17-re-organization of the
educational establishments of the N. W.
provinces, ib.-the Clibborn commis-
sion, ib.-secondary school for the
education of native doctors, ib.-new
loan, 81, 193-the cholera, 81, 86, 205
-commerce of Calcutta, 87-exposi-
tions of Hindu law, ib.-wreck of the
Indian Oak in the Loo Choo Islands,
ib.-Kidderpore Upper Boy School, 87
-houses destroyed by fire in Calcutta,
ib.-fire at Bowanipore, ib.-the Ota-
heite sugar cane, ib.-Mrs. Jacob, ib.
-the Farish memorial at Bombay, ib.
-murder of native Christians, 16, 88
Chusan tea, 88-frauds in making up
silk corahs, ib.-destruction of the ex-
Rajah of Sattara's house by fire, ib.-
disbandment of the 2nd L. C., ib.-
emeute at Meerut, ib.-Bengal and
Agra Annual Guide and Gazetteer, 89
-slavery in India, 188-the state of the
police in the lower provinces, 189-
dacoity, ib.-the cooly question, 190,
205, 495-the late Mr. James Prinsep,
191-inquiry into the cause of mortality
at Chusan, ib.-finances of Govern-
ment, 193-the Calcutta hunt, ib.-
suicide of Capt. Cox, 194, 494-an
English suitor in a native court, 197-
the 2nd Light Cavalry, 198-cotton,
sugar, beer, ib.-kidnapping of men for
the Mauritius, 203, 205-opium sale,
203, 501-Bank loan to the Govern-
ment, 203-the Victoria struck with
lightning, ib.-destruction of tigers and
bears, 204-statue of Lord Wm. Ben-
tinck, ib.-project for a Central Dooab
Canal, ib.-blowing up of a native priest
at Arracan, ib.-melancholy accident
near Allahabad, 205-death by drown-
ing of Lieut. Inglis and Ensign Norton,
ib.-Assam Chinese labourers, ib.-
changes in mercantile firms, ib.-mis-



sion from the widow of Kurruck Sing,
493-King of Johanna, 493, 501-
steam communication, 493-the second
China expedition, 494-Mrs. Dher-
mainville, 195, 495-the Union Bank,
496-new Hindustani church, 500-
flogging in H. M. 55th regt., 501-
congregation of steam-vessels in the
Hooghly, ib.-sale of Assam tea, ib.—
scarcity of money in the Upper Provin-
ces, ib.-firing into a merchant ship by
the Queen steamer, ib.—prices of Euro-
pean goods, 77, 168, 294, 550-securi-
ties and exchanges, 78, 169, 295, 551-
shipping, births, marriages, and deaths,
45, 130, 240, 522.
CALCUTTA Government orders:-Officers
commanding irregular corps, 37-
movements of corps, ib.-new resallahs
of irregular cavalry, ib.-dress of the
66th N. I., ib.-members of the Medi-
cal Board, 120-sorting of the over-
land mails, 233-undress jackets for
officers of the foot artillery, ib.-1st
European light infantry; uniform of
the officers, ib.-new regiment of ir-
regular cavalry, 234-staff allowances;
general officers and superintending
surgeons, ib.-case of the late Capt. C.
Rogers, 516-rifle companies, ib.—re-
turn of the volunteer regiment, ib.-
augmentation of officers in the artillery
regiments, 517-retirements, &c. of
officers in England, 160-courts-mar-
tial, 120, 235-court of inquiry, 120—
appointments and furloughs, 38, 122,
236, 517-H. M. forces, 44, 129, 240,


Supreme Court:-Case of Tuanku
Mahomed Saad, 7—J. G. Ricketts, v.
F. Walker and H. Douglas, 186—
action against Mr. J. H. Stocqueler,
for libel, 187.

Cambay, death of the nawab of, 28.
Campbell (Sir Colin), 97, 148.
Canal, central, in the Dooab, 204.
Candahar, affairs in, 10, 24, 199-first
visit of an European lady to, 87.
Canton-see China.

Force for Caffreland, 36-affairs of the
Dutch emigrants at Port Natal, 36, 228,
515-accidents to shipping, 228-trade,
ib.-wool, ib.-treaties with the Caffre
tribes, 228, 515-shipping, births,
marriages, and deaths, 61, 151, 253,

Caricature-drawings by a Sikh, 16.
Carnac (Sir J. R.), relinquishment of the
government of Bombay by, 91, 142—
testimonials of respect to, 91, 206-
scholarship, 91.

Cavalry, new resallahs of Ramghur
irregular, 37-disbandment of the 2nd
regt. of Light, at Kurnaul, 88, 198-
Lord Keane and the 2nd, 212-new
regiment of irregular, in Bengal, 234.
Cawnpore, curious scene at, 17.

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