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20th Feb.; off Portland.-Hindostan, Campbell, from Bombay 4th March; off
Liverpool.-Earl Grey, Bell, from Bengal 4th March; at Liverpool.-9. Admiral
vans Kensbergen, Martens, from Batavia (for Rotterdam); off Portsmouth.—10.
Cecilia, Waddell, from V. D. Land 4th March and Pernambuco; at Deal.—
Lavinia, Hall, from N.S. Wales 6th March; off Portsmouth.-Tomatin, Wingate,
from China 11th Jan., and Batavia 21st March; off ditto.-Earl of Dalhousie, Watt,
from Bengal 19th Feb.; and Dauntless, Miller, from Bombay 15th Feb.; both at
Liverpool.-Joseph Winter, Hodson, from Mauritius 7th April; off Holybead (for
Bristol).-Earl of Durham, Crouch, from Bengal 10th Feb.; off Portsmouth.-
Rosalind, Colford, from Ceylon 1st March; Regulus, Hunter, from N. S. Wales 12th
March; and Madras, Parsons, from V. D. Land 17th March; all off Portland.—
Seppings, Rawlins, from Bengal 15th Feb.; off Dartmouth.-12. Maitland, Baker,
from Bengal 15th Feb.; Ophelia and Ann, Barker, from Bombay 6th Feb.; Orator,
Terry, from Bengal 17th Feb.; Valleyfield, Goble, from Singapore 4th March; and
Alexander Robertson, Brown, from Ceylon 23rd Feb., and Cape 29th April; all at
Deal.-Hindoo, Mawson, from Bengal 8th March; and William Lockerby, Stroyan,
from Bengal 3rd Feb.; both at Liverpool.-Jupiter, Sedman, from Singapore 26th
Jan., and Cape 23rd April; off Portsmouth.-Caleb Angus, Poole, from Manilla,
17th Feb.; off Cork.-15. Planet, Thompson, from Mauritius; at Gravesend.—Emilie,
Flodenberg, from Batavia (for Stockholm); at Deal.-17. Bland. Callan, from
Bengal 15th March, and Cape 20th May; off the Isle of Wight.-19. Selma,
Luckie, from Bengal 15th Feb.; at Dundee.-20. Ide, Boussustow, from Mauri-
tius 16th April; off Falmouth.-22. Wave, Goldsmith, from V. D. Land; and
Caledonia, McCutheon, from N. S. Wales 20th March; both at Deal.
Edinburgh, Patterson, from Bengal 8th March, and Cape 18th May; and Hope,
Coombes, from Manilla 1st Feb., and Cape 19th April; both at Deal.-Kelso,
Roxburgh, from N. S. Wales 23rd March, and Bahia; off Ramsgate.-Walmer
Castle, Gimblett, from Bengal 5th March; off Portland.-24. Thomas Coutts,
Warner; from Bombay 9th March, Colombo 24th ditto, and Cape 16th May; at
Deal.-Sir Edward Paget, Campbell, from Bombay 16th March, and Cochin 21st
ditto; off Lymington.-Alfred, Eastmure, from N. S. Wales 10th April; at Deal.
-Royal George, Richards, from ditto and Pernambuco; off Margate.-Caroline,
Hawks, from Bengal 25th Feb.; at Deal.-Spencer, Corbett, from Bengal 3rd
March; off Liverpool.-26. Rookery, Bourn, from Port Philip 15th March, and
Bahia; at Deal.-Hebe, Hampton, from Manilla 14th Feb.; off Dover.-Clifton,
Cox, from Bengal 24th Feb., Mauritius 18th April, and Cape 20th May; off
Hastings.-Louisa Campbell, Darby, from N. S. Wales 30th March; off Torbay.-
Nautilus, Thomas, from Mauritius 13th April; off Portsmouth.-Catherine, Brown,
from Mauritius 19th April; off Swanage.-Augustus, Purchase, from Mauritius 15th
April; off Torbay.-27. Urania, Ogilvie, from Bombay 9th March; off Liverpool.

- 23.

28. Atlantic, Munyard, from V. D. Land 6th March; off Dartmouth.-Thetis, Cass, from Bengal 4th March; off Portsmouth.-Ripley, from Bengal 4th March; off Liverpool.-29. John Bagshaw, Reddington, from Mauritius 7th April; off Dartmouth.-Rachel, Scott, from Bengal 7th March; at Deal.-Perseverance, Nicholson, from South Seas, at Deal.-Shakespear, Henderson, from Bombay 28th Feb.; at Liverpool.-30. Woolsington, Pearson, from Ceylon 14th March; at Deal.-Eleanor, Johnson, from N.S. Wales March 22nd; at do.-Meteor, Walker, from Manilla 14th Feb.; off Cork.-William, Morris, from Bombay 15th Feb.; off Tuskar.-Hebe, Todd, from Singapore 17th March; off Dover.-31. Diadem, Harland, from Lombock 28th March; and Thomas Snook, Stacey, from Mauritius 12th April and Cape 16th May; both at Portsmouth.


JUNE 20. Brilliant, Barr, for Bombay; from Clyde.-21. Greenlaw, Morice, for Madras; from Deal.-25. Victoria, Mordaunt, for N. S. Wales; from Bristol.28. Livingston, Rickerby, for N. S. Wales; from Liverpool.-29. Esser, MacLeod, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth.-Sarah Mills, Wraychell, for Hobart I. Dare, Adair, Town and N. S. Wales; and Alice, Amwyll, for Mauritius; both from Liverpool.30. Tasso, Crofton, for Mauritius and Bombay; from Deal.-JULY for Launceston; from Deal.-Harebell, Chudley, for Mauritius; from Marseilles.3. Abeona, Esson, for Bombay; Celt, Doherty, for Batavia; and London, Benn, for Bengal; all from Liverpool.-4. Bucephalus, Fulcher, for Cape and Bengal; from Portsmouth.-H. M. S. Cornwallis (72 guns), Richards, for East-India Station (China); from Plymouth.-Harlequin, Garwood, for Algoa Bay; Courier, Scott, for Cape; Mona, Milligan, for Launceston; and Royal Exchange, Rees, for China; all from Deal.-5. Albatross, Boult, for N. S. Wales and New Zealand; from Kingstown.-Feliza, Saunders, for Mauritius, viâ Marseilles; from Bristol.-6. Stra bane, Took, for Bombay; and New York Packet, Darning, for N.S. Wales;

both from Clyde.-8. Duke of Bedford, Lay, for Bengal; from Portsmouth.Eleanor Russell, Jefferies, for Mauritius via Bordeaux; and Urgent, Marshall, for Bengal (with troops); both from Deal.-9. Burnhopeside, Pratt, for Bengal ; from Deal.-Harvest Home, Heron, for Bengal; from Liverpool.-10. Frances Yates, McLean, for South Australia; and Glenbervie, Muddle, for Hobart Town; both from Deal.-Asia, Patterson, for Port Philip; from Leith.-11. Ayrshire, Barker, for N. S. Wales; from Liverpool.-12. Lady Bute, Watson, for Bengal; from Greenock.-13. Louisa Baillie, Scanlan, for China; from Deal.-14. Sea Gull, Moyes, for Madras and Bengal; from Cowes.-Lord Goderich, Mills, for Hobart Town (with convicts); Hero of Malown, Dickson, for N. S. Wales; and Gateshead Park (of Shields), Gladstone, for Bengal; all from Portsmouth.-John O'Gaunt, Robertson, for China; Lemnos, Rowell, for Bengal; from Liverpool. — 15. Lysander, Currie, for Port Philip and N. S. Wales; from Plymouth.-Montagu, Crail, for Bombay; Larne, Davis, for N. S. Wales; from Liverpool.-16. Washington, Walker (of Shields), for Bengal; and Noormuhull, Stephenson, for Launceston; both from Deal.-Dyson, Bouskell, for Batavia and Singapore; from Liverpool.-Laurel, Wilkinson, for Mauritius; from Clyde.-17. Herefordshire, Richardson, for Bengal (with troops); and Eleanora, Jackson, for Bengal; both from Deal.—Orpheus, Digby (of Shields), for Ceylon; from Falmouth-Cambyses, Hutchinson, for Singapore; from Liverpool.-18. Adriana, Dodd, for Mauritius; and Helen Stewart, Brown, for Bombay; both from Liverpool.-19. Madagascar, Weller, for Bengal; from Portsmouth.— 19. William Mitchell, Harvey, for N.S. Wales; from Leith.-20. Thistle, Elder, for Bombay; from Clyde.-21. Tigress, Morrison, for Mauritius; from Leith.-Diamond, Taylor, for Port Philip; from Cork.-22. Jim Crow, Geere, for Cape; and Montefiores, Paul, for Ceylon; both from Falmouth. · Chatham, Openheim, for N. S. Wales; and Thames, Marquis, for Bengal; both from Deal.-Wanderer, Smith, for Bengal; from Hull.- Varuna, Mould, for Bengal; from Shields.-Trinidad, Brown, for N. S. Wales; from Clyde.-23. Childe Harold, Willis, for Cape and Bombay (with troops); from Portsmouth.--City of London, Martin, for Cape; from Plymouth.Mury Nixon, Field, for Port Philip; James Turcan, Turcan, for South Australia; and Sir Charles Cockburn, Davies, for Madagascar and South Seas; all from Deal.-Velocity, Browning, for Cape and Swan River; from Plymouth.Majestic, Brodie (of Shields), for Bengal; from Torbay.-25. Clansman, Dewar, for Bombay; and Anne and Jane, Smith, for Bengal; both from Liverpool.-Grenada, Miller (of Newcastle), for Aden; from Deal.-27. Malabar, Pollock, for Bombay; Gilmore, Man, for Port Philip and N. S. Wales; Reform, for St. Helena; and Agincourt, Walker, for Bengal; all from Deal.-28. Plantagenet, Domett, for Bengal; from Deal.-31. Southampton, Bowen, for Bengal; from Portsmouth.

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Per Atlas, from Madras, Aleppy, Ceylon, &c.: Mrs. Whitlock and five children; Mr. and Mrs. Maillardet and child.-From the Cape: Capt. Bourchier, late of the Roxburgh Castle; Mrs. Bourchier; Miss and Master Bourchier; J. Park, Esq.; two servants. (Capt. and Mrs. Manesty, 8th N.I., were landed at the Cape.)

Per Seppings, from Bengal: Mrs. Bush; J. Podo, Esq.; Capt. Sime; Lieut. Murray, N. I.; Masters Maillard and Randall.-From St. Helena E. Gulliver, Esq., R. N.; Mrs. Gulliver.

Per Dauntless, from Bombay: Lieut. and Mrs. Scrivens; Mr. Young.

Per Hindostan, from St. Helena: Capt. C. S. Evans, of the late ship Catherine.
Per Earl Grey, from Bengal: Mr. R. Green; Master and Miss Weaver.
Per Hindoo, from Bengal: Mrs. Granberg.

Per Bland, from Bengal: Mrs. Taylor; Mrs. Mears; Mrs. Wybrow; Mrs. Leslie; Mrs. Thomas; Miss Leslie; Capt. Farrant, H. M. 9th Regt.; Rev. Mr. Leslie; Dr. Stewart; Dr. Powell; Messrs. Dirom, Mears, Thomas, and Hailey; Masters Leslie, Taylor, Chapman, and Mears.-From the Cape: Capt. and Mrs. Tinley and child; Capt. Cole; Lieut. Murray, 37th B. N. I.-(Dr. and Master Foley were landed at the Cape.)

Per Edinburgh, from Bengal: (See As. Journ. for May, p. 72)-additional: Col. Trelawny, artillery; Lieut. Hatton, H. M. 62nd Regt. ; 45 invalids H. M. S., 8 women and 11 children; 9 invalids H. C. S., 1 woman, and 4 children.-(Capt. Staff, H. M. 26th Regt. died at sea.)

Per Sir Edward Paget, from Bombay; Mrs. Capt. Gerard and Child; Mrs. Rae. Per Thomas Coutts, from Bombay and Ceylon: Capt. Young; Mrs. Young; Lieut. Caulfield; Lieut. Pratt; Ens. Hopper; Cornet Campion; Mr. Francis, &c.; 32 soldiers, 5 women, and 7 children.-From the Cape: Mrs. and two Misses Dunbar; Mrs. Manesty; Mrs. Simpson and child; Lieut. Gordon, 91st F., in charge of 42 invalids.-(The following were left at the Cape: Capt. and Mrs. Faber (4A)

Asiat. Journ. N. S. VOL.35. No.140.

and 2 children; Capt. and Mrs. Hall and child; Mrs. Benyon and six Misses Benyon; 4 Misses Taylor; 2 Misses Wakefield; Miss Munich; Masters Brewer, Smith, two Le Messurier, and two Grimes; servants, &c.)

Per Walmer Castle, from Bengal: (See As. Journ. for May, p. 72).

Per Clifton, from Bengal: Mrs. Reid and two children; Mrs. Dowden; Mrs. Stowell and six children; Miss Stowell; Capt. Grange, B. N. I.; H. H. Jones, Esq.; R. Stowell, Esq.; Dr. Campbell, H. M. S.-(The following were landed at the Cape: Maj. Gen. Baddeley, C. B.; Mrs. and Miss Baddeley; Major Goldie, B. N. I.; Capts. Scott, Reddie, and Fenning; T. B. Bayley, Esq. C. S.)

Per St. Paul, from Singapore to Salem: Rev. R. W. Orr, wife, and child; Rev. J. S. Travelli; Dr. W. B. Driver; Capt. E. Underwood; Master G. W. Phillips. (Capt. N. Lowry, of the Tory, fell overboard and was drowned.)

Per Jupiter, from Singapore: Mr. Fuller; Mr. Blane; Lieut. Shepherd.
Per Tomatin, from China: Lieut. Storie, R. N.

Per Packet, from Mauritius and Cape: Mrs. King and family.

Per Planet, from Mauritius; Mrs. Thompson.

Per Andromache, from N. S. Wales: Mr., Mrs., and Miss Lethbridge; Mr. John Lethbridge; 4 children; Mrs. Marsden and two children; Mrs. Ebhart and two ditto; Messrs. Love, May, Throsby, Simmeon, Riley, Tyrell, Wm. Tyrell, Jackson, Cruleurs, Lee, and Darby; Dr. Bowers, R. N.; three female servants.

Per Regulus, from N. S. Wales; Mr. and Mrs. Huntley; Patrick Bowline. Per Sir George Arthur, from V. D. Land: Mr. John Petchey; Mr. and Mrs. Clarke; Mr. and Mrs. Webb; Mr. and Mrs. Jackson; Mr. and Mrs. Kelly; Capt. and Mrs. Wilson; Mr. Grimsey; Miss Roberts; Miss Clarke; Masters Webb, Jackson, and Wilson.

Per Madrus, from V. D. Land: Mr. and Mrs. Dowling and five children; Mrs. and two Misses Clarke; Master Clarke; Mrs. Hill; Miss Reid; Master Bell.

Per Cecilia, from V. D. Land: Mr. and Mrs. Steward; four Misses Steward; Master Steward; Mr. T. T. Parker; Mr. W. O. Cleve; Mr. and Mrs. Rogers.

Per Royal George, from N. S. Wales: Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Krane; Mr. and Mrs. Iredale; Mr. and Mrs. Howard; Mrs. Joseph Wyatt and two children; Mr. and Mrs. Hudson; Mr. and Mrs. Darlow; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel; Miss Samuel; two Misses Nash; Mrs. Richards; Mr. Goodwin; Mr. Torkington; two Masters Smith.

Per Wave, from V. D. Land: Capt. and Mrs. Bunster; four Masters Bunster; Mrs. and Master Jefferies; Mrs. Welton; Mr. and Mrs. Watkins; three Masters and Miss Watkins; Dr. Leigh; Masters T. and J. Hewett.

Per Louisa Campbell, from N. S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. Edwards and family; Mrs. Bull and two children; Mr. King; Dr. McLaren, of Adelaide.

Per Alfred, from N. S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. H. Harper; Mrs. Reid; Mr. and Mrs. McDonald and two children; Master Coxen; Mrs. Wiseman and daughter; Mr. Deacon and son; Mr. McAllum.

Per Rookery, from Port Philip; Dr. and Mrs. Cotter and family; Mr. Watts and child; Mrs. Bourn; Messrs. Howard, Pullar, Porter, Mountiford, Dunlop, and Perry.

Per Nautilus, from Mauritius: Rev. Dr. Morris; Mrs. Menage; Mr. and Mrs. Bellet; Mr. and Mrs. Toche; Mr. T. Menage; Mr. A. Menage; Mr. Fontenay; Mr. Ollivar; Messrs. A. and H. Koenig.

P Atlantic, from D. Land: Mr. W. Green; Mrs. Green; Mr. and Mrs. Ellington; Hannah Pitt; Thomas Russel; Charles Radford.

Per Henry, from N.S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. Solomons; Miss Solomons; Mr. Finson.

Per Mandarin, from N.S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. Knight; Mrs. Frith.

Per Kelso, from N. S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. Plunkett; Capt. and Mrs. Clarke; Miss Manning; Miss Rosalind; two Misses Therry; Paym. Bartley; Mrs. Bartley; Mr. Yates; Dr. Murray; Dr. Osborne; Master Ryan; 40 soldiers; 16 women; 28 children.

Per Caledonia, from N. S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. Cox and family; Miss Alexander ; Mr. and Master Bright; James Burleigh.

Per Eleanor, from N. S. Wales: Masters John and James Cooper.

Per Great Liverpool steamer, from Alexandria, Malta, &c. (arrived at Falmouth, 6th July):--Col. Whitehill; Mr. Cochrane; Capt. Wright, Infantry; Mrs. Andrews and two children; Mr. Fuller, Madras Artillery; Major Foquett; Mr. Sims, B.C.S.; Rev. K. Baillie; Capt. Fyfe, 17th foot; Dr. Cocchi; Mr. Lackerstein; Hon. Capt. Graves; Lieut. Martin; Mr. Aspital; Capt. Sheriff; Mr. Edmonds; Lieut. Fanshawe; Mr. Baker; Capt. Eyre; Commander Carless; Lieut. Bruce; Mr. and Mrs. Brooke; Mr. Blizard; Mrs. Webb; Mr. Moore; Mr. Baker; Mrs. Kay; Mr. Cole; Mrs. Lewis and child; Col. Hodges; Capt. Stoddart; Col. Lambert;

Lieut. Phillips; Mr. Bradshaw; Mr. Campbell; Mr. Alexander: Major Munday. (Mr. Robson, died 27th June).

Per Cleopatra steamer, from Bombay 19th June (arrived at Suez): W. Roberts, Esq.; Mr. Shellebar.

Per Oriental steamer from Alexandria (arrived at Malta): Mr. and Mrs. Green; Mr. and Mrs. Waghorn; Capt. Yule; Mrs. Innes; Mr. Dudgeon; Captain Morris; Major Harvey; Mr. Bird; Mr. Eggar; Mr. Tennant; and Mr. Philip Ciciloni.


Per Martha Ridgway, from Bombay: Lieut. H. Miles; W. H. Snell, Esq.; Miss Stafford and servant; F. M'K. Steer, Esq.

Per Bucephalus, from Bombay (for Greenock); Mr. James Birdwood; Mr. Chas. Birdwood; Miss Birdwood; Mrs. Paterson; servant.

Per Palestine, from N.S. Wales: Capt. and Mrs. Fotheringham; Misses Jephson, Smith, and C. Smith; Mrs. Cory and child; Mr. Heathcote; Mr. Horsburgh; Dr. Jorman, R. N.; J. Beamish.

Per Spartan, from N. S. Wales: Dr. and Mrs. Hoskins and two children; Mr. Armstrong; Mr. Hughes; Mrs. Reinagle and two children; Mr. Howard.

Per Minerva, from N. S. Wales: Mr. and Mrs. Graham; Mr. Keith; Master Star; Messrs. Hood, Stapleton, Hurrell, and Mackerell.

Per John Bagshaw, from Mauritius: Capt. Glover, 12th Regt. ; Lieut. McKerlie, Royal Artillery; Dr. Sibling, 35th Regt.

Per Mary Ridgway, from N. S. Wales: McNamara; J. Parker, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee and family; Dr.

Per Richard Webb, from N. S. Wales: Mr. J. B. Montefiore; Mr. R. Black; Mr. Ramsay; Lieut. Eden; Lieut. Emery; Mr. Coghill; Miss Ashter; Dr. Henderson.

Per William Sharples, from Bombay: Mr. and Mrs. Burnes, and four children. Per Buckinghamshire, from Bombay: Mrs. Col. Pennycuick; Mrs. Gordon and Col. Gordon, 23rd N. I.; Dr. and Mrs. Bourchier; J. Maltby, Esq., M. C. S.; Lieut. Burke, Engineers; Mrs. Sarson; Conductor Elliott, four European females, and seven invalids.

Per Lintin, from Bombay: Mrs. Gilmore; Capt. Sherwood, Madras army.


Per Urgent, for Bengal: Capt. Fothergill, H. M. 50th Foot; Lieut. Muller, do. ; Ensigns Smith and Bellers; Assist. Surg. Tupper; 240 troops.

Per Duke of Bedford, for Bengal: Mrs. Dick; two Misses Campbell.

Per Bucephalus, for Bengal: Mrs. Major Wilcox; Mrs. Hannyngton; Mr. and Mrs. Woodward; Miss Hayward; two Misses Dickenson; Capt. Hay; Capt. Mallock; Messrs. Barnes, Brown, Wells, Franer, Hutchinson, Rothney, Stalkart, Young, and Newman.-For the Cape: Mr. and Mrs. Horn; Mrs. O'Flinn.

Per Palmyra, for Bengal: Mr. Macready, H. M. 31st F., Mr. Wray; Mr. Hulde. Per Childe Harold, for Bombay: Mrs. and Miss Willis; Mrs. Worman and child; Miss Sanderson; three ladies; Mr. Westengoand; Mr. Frazer; Mr. Williams.— For the Cape: Mr. and two Misses Townsend.

Per Madagascar, for Bengal: Mrs. Blunt and two daughters; Mr. and Mrs. Turner; Mrs. Dunford; Col. Skardon and son; Capt. Thomas; Ens. Stehelin ; Messrs. Strange, Boldero, Elderton, Peel, and Angier.

Per Malabar, for Bombay: Colonel and Mrs. James; Col. Hickes and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Forbes; Mrs. Warden; Mrs. Dalgarno; Mrs. Miller and child; Miss Phillips; Miss Baumbach; Mr. and Mrs. Laurence; Messrs. James, Holland, Harding, Curtis, Long, Etheridge, Scott, and Vernon; Drs. Hiffernan and Fairbourne.

Per Agincourt, for Bengal: Mr. and Mrs. Mullens; Mrs. Inglis; Mrs. Adams; Mrs. Howard and family; Capt. and Mrs. Leacocke; Mr. and Mrs. Twentyman; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Garsten; Mrs. Sile; Misses Turner, Swinhoe, Richards, White, Wollen, and Dixon; Lieuts. Andrew and Harvey; Ens. Mercer; Mr. Whelan.

Per Plantagenet, for Cape and Bengal: Colonel and Mrs. Battine; Mrs. Graham; Mrs. Mellis; Mrs. Rice; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Mitchell; Miss Wilkinson; Rev. J. Dyer; Mrs. Dyer; Miss Buckland; Lieut. Carnagie and nephew; Mr. J. J. Boileau; Mr. Stevens.

Per Maidstone, for Bengal: Capt. and Mrs. Porter; Mrs. Vrignon and family; Mrs. Parker; Mrs. Charles and child; Mr. Roberts; Mr. Wilkinson; two Misses Strong; Misses Walker, Pemberton, Wood, Lambrech, Wilkinson, Hill, Hay, Porteous, Ford, and Nation; Messrs. Smith, Shearman, Reid, Terraneau, Johnson, Strick, and Barton; Master Ralph.

Per Herefordshire, for Bengal: Lieut. and Mrs. Knowles; Cornet Orme; Capt. Stuart, 2nd Lieut, Tinley, 2nd Lieut. Savage, and Assist, Surg. Laing, all of H.M

21st Foot; Lieut. Bennett, 13th Foot; Ens. White, 44th do.; Assist. Surg. Lloyd 62nd do.; detachment of troops.

Per Southampton, for Bengal: Mrs. Ramsay; Mrs. Taylor and infant; Mrs. Campbell; Mrs. and Miss Alexander; Mrs. Kennedy; Mrs. Mytton; Mrs. Bentall and sister; Mrs. Lewis; Misses Thompson, Macgregor, Shaw, Mouat, Chambers, Campbell, De Momett, and Pennington; Messrs. Walker, Ross, Blagrave, Ramsay, Palmer, Mytton, Bentall, De Momett, Ross, Tombe, and Belli.


The Donna Pascoa, Hullock, bound to Calcutta, in leaving the harbour of Bombay, 20th May, got on the rocks, but was got off again, and was lying on the Eastern shoal dismasted.

The Hope whaler, with about 50 tons of oil, was wrecked in coming out of the harbour of Pong-hong, Island of Tutiaba, 11th Dec.; crew saved.

The Sourabaya, in putting into Tahiti, leaky, struck on a coral rock, and it is expected will be condemned, after being surveyed.

The Tasmanian Lass was totally wrecked in Wine Glass Bay, on the East Coast of Van Diemen's Land, on the 28th Feb. last.

The Africaine, Salmond, was driven on shore near the entrance of Kowie River, Cape of Good Hope, on 5th May; crew, passengers, and part of the cargo saved.

The Fergusson, Virtue (with troops), from Port Jackson to Madras, was stranded, on the Grand Barrier Reef, Torres Straits; 27th April (in lat. 12° S. long. 144° E.) and abandoned; crew and troops put on board the Marquis of Hastings and the Orient, both from Port Jackson, which vessels had proceeded to Copang for water and provisions.

The Memnon, Ramus, from Bombay to Liverpool, in putting back to Port on the 11th June, struck on the rocks off the Bombay Light House, and it was expected would go to pieces.

The Agra, Mearns, from Mauritius to Calcutta, was wrecked off Point Palmyras 24th May.

The Freak, from Bombay to Singapore, with 45 convicts, arrived in Acheen Roads on or about 18th March, in possession of the convicts, the master and crew having been murdered.

The Isadora, Sergeant, for Madras, was wrecked at Vizagapatam 18th May.



June 9. At Westcroft Lodge, Surrey, the lady of W. R. Young, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, of a son.

July 5. At Fort Augustus, Scotland, the lady of Lieut. Col. Losack, of a son.

9. At Perry-hill, Sydenham, Mrs. Wm. Lyall, of a daughter.

12. In Harley-street, the lady of Major J. A. Moore, of a son.

In Fitzroy Square, Mrs. Metcalfe, of a son.

18. At Cheltenham, the lady of T. Taylor, Esq., Bengal C. S., of a son.

At Rugby, the lady of Frederick John Pigou, Esq., of a daughter 22. At Leyton, the lady of the Rev. C. J. Laprimaudaye, of a son. 28. At Wimbledon-Common, the lady of Major Oliphant, of a daughter. Lately. At Jersey, the lady of Major Simmons, of a son.

At Ware Park, Herts, the lady of W. A. Venour, Esq., late of the Bengal medical establishment, of a son.


June 30. At Paris, R. W. Newman, Esq., Her Britannic Majesty's Vice-Consul at Nantes, to Georgiana Sarah Sidonia, daughter of Robert Cooper, Esq., of Ormondehall, Sydney, New South Wales.

July 5. At St. Pancras, William F. Lewis, second son of Henry Gompertz, Esq., of Chester-Square, to Georgiana Adelaide, only daughter of the late Capt. Harvey.

6. At Reading, Berkshire, Capt. John Millar, Madras army, to Maria, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Mark Robinson, of Beverley.

At Elgin, S. F. Mackenzie, Esq., Captain 2nd Madras L. C., to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Maj. Gen. W. Stewart, C. B.

8. At Lambeth-palace, John Horsley Palmer, Esq., of Hurlingham, in the county of Middlesex, to Jane Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Pepys Cockerell, Esq., of Westbourne, in the same county.

13. At St. Marylebone, James Alexander, eldest son of Major James Gibson (formerly of the 15th Hussars), to Rosetta, third daughter of the late William Haigh, Esq., of Doncaster.

15. At Putney Church, the Rev. Aislabie Ommanney, M. A., Vicar of Chew

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