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to the East-India College, at Haileybury, for the purpose of receiving the report of the Principal as to the Discipline and Literature of the past Term, and the result of the general examination of the Students.

The deputation on their arrival at the College proceeded to the Principal's lodge, where they were received by him, and the Professors, and the Oriental Visitor. Soon afterwards, they proceeded to the hall, accompanied by a numerous assemblage of visitors, where (the students being previously assembled) the following proceedings took place.

A List of the Students who had obtained medal prizes and other honourable distinetions was read,

Mr. Edward Clive Bayley read the Prize Essay on the following subject, viz.— "The study of the Ancient Classical Poets considered in its effects on the moral and intellectual character."

It is not usual for any other Essay to be read on these occasions, but in consequence of the peculiar merit of Mr. Cust's composition (to which had been awarded the 2nd Essay Prize), that gentleman read his paper also.

Several students then translated various passages from different authors in the Oriental languages; after which the prizes and honourable distinctions were awarded by the Deputy Chairman in the following order :

Medals, Prizes, and other honourable distinctions of Students leaving College.

HIGHLY DISTINGUISHED, Mr. Bayley, medals in Classics, Mathematics, History, Law, Hindustani, 1st Essay Prize, and prize for general proficiency at Easter Ex. amination. Mr. Wedderburn, medal in Sanscrit; prize in Teloogoo; Messrs. Robertson, Wauchope, and Lushington.

PASSED WITH GREAT CREDIT.-Messrs. Compton, Shepherd, Lind, and G. Grant. Prizes, and honourable distinctions of Students remaining in College.

THIRD TERM.-HIGHLY DISTINGUISHED.-Mr. St. George Tucker, prize in Mathematics; Mr. Arbuthnot, prize in Teloogoo; Mr. Schalch, prizes in Mathematics, Sanscrit, and Persian; Mr. Bramly, prizes in History and Law; Mr. Hutchinson, prizes in Classics and Hindustani; Messrs. Bird, Strachey, Sim, A. A. Swinton, Dykes, Robinson, and Jenkins.

PASSED WITH GREAT CREDIT.-Messrs. Ford and Drummond.

SECOND TERM-HIGHLY DISTINGUISHED.-Mr. Cust, prizes in Political Economy and Arabic; 2nd Essay Prize, and Extra Prize recommended by the Oriental Visitor and Classical Professor for the highly creditable Examination he passed in their several departments; Mr. Campbell, prizes in Political Economy and Law; Mr. Seton Karr, prizes in Classics; Mr. E. Jackson, prize for general proficiency at Easter Examination; Mr. Brandreth, prizes in Sanscrit and Persian; Messrs. Richardson and Dalrymple.

PASSED WITH GREAT CREDIT.-Mr. Pigou, prize in Mathematics; Messrs. A. Swinton, Egerton, Bellasis, and A. Money.

FIRST TERM.-HIGHLY DISTINGUISHED.-Mr. Maples, prize in Mathematics; Mr. Forbes, prize in English Composition; Mr. Gray, prizes in Sanscrit and for general proficiency at Easter Examination; Mr. L. S. Jackson, prize in Classics; Mr. Walhouse, prize in English Composition; Messrs. Marriott and Mactier.

PASSED WITH GREAT CREDIT.-Messrs. Davidson, Simson, and Brereton.
Rank of Students leaving College, June, 1841.

BENGAL. First Class :—1. Mr. Bayley, 2. Mr. Wauchope. Second Class :--3. Mr.
Shepherd. 4. Mr. Lind, Mr. Ogilvie (equal). Third Class:-5. Mr. Boldero,
MADRAS. First Class-1. Mr. Wedderburn, 2. Mr. Lushington.
BOMBAY. First Class:-1. Mr. Robertson. Second Class: -2. Mr. G. Grant,
3. Mr. Compton.

It being previously announced that the certificates of the Principal were granted, not only with reference to industry and proficiency, but also to conduct, and that this latter consideration had always the most decided effect in determining the order of rank.

It was also announced that such rank would take effect only in the event of the students proceeding to India within six months after they were so ranked, and that "should any student delay so to proceed, he shall take rank among those classed at the last Examination previous to his departure for India, and shall be placed at the end of that class in which rank was originally assigned to him."

The Deputy Chairman then closed the term with the following appropriate address:

GENTLEMEN STUDENTS,-In the absence of the Chairman, who is unable to attend from being a candidate to represent the City of London in Parliament, and the election being fixed for this day, the duty of presiding on this occasion has devolved upon me. I do say, I can truly say, with very great pleasure, that the report which has been received from the principal is most satisfactory and highly creditable to you, stating, as it does, the propriety and regularity of your conduct during the past term, and that you have also merited his approbation and that of the Professors by the attention you have given and the progress you have made in your studies during the same period. Such a favourable report has been most gratifying to me and my colleagues in the Direction here present, and will prove equally so to the Chairman and the other members of the Court when they are made acquainted with it. To you, gentlemen students, who will have to return here, I would suggest that, as the vacation now commencing is a long one, you should not run the risk of forgetting what you have learnt by neglecting to refresh your memories, but that you should occasionally devote a few hours to retain what you have already acquired, so that you may not have to go back, but at once start forward to gain fresh acquirements on your return to the College. Independent of the advantage you will derive from pursuing the course I venture to recommend, it will be most gratifying to the professors, to whose exertions in your behalf you are so much indebted, and to whom you cannot make a better return than by doing that which you must know will be most acceptable and pleasing to them. To the Principal, to the Dean, and to the Professors, I would here express how highly the Court of Directors estimate their valuable services to this Institution, and I beg to offer them the thanks of the Court for those unwearied exertions which so fully entitle them to entire confidence and respect, and by which the discipline, character, and usefulness of the College are so efficiently upheld and maintained. To you, gentlemen, who are abcut to quit the College, I tender my warmest congratulations and my best wishes for your health and success in a service in which good conduct brings a speedy and certain reward; a service, exempt from the anxiety and suspense usually attendant in every walk of early professional life in this country; a service, in which it will be your own fault if you do not arrive at both distinction and independence. Let me urge you assiduously to persevere in the study of the Native languages. You will thereby be enabled to transact business, listen to complaints, redress grievances, give instructions, and express your opinion on all subjects without the intervention of any agent. It is unnecessary for me to comment on the incalculable advantages this may yield to you. I am desirous also of impressing on your minds that in your treatment of, and communication with the natives, you will best fulfil your duties, both as public servants and private individuals, by invariably observing towards them a mild and conciliatory demeanour. Shew them that you have their welfare at heart. Convince them they may always expect justice at your hands. Do them all the kindness in your power. Be indulgent, patient, and forbearing, as regards their prejudices and religion, and never disgrace yourselves by any unseemly violence of passion or manner. By these means you will command their respect and esteem. No people on earth are more sensibly alive to personal kindness; and, rely upon it, they will freely repay such kindness, by fidelity and devotion in your service, in time of need. Many are the temptations to which you will be exposed on your first arrival in India, but by common prudence and care you may surmount them all. Be honest, just, and fearless, in the discharge of your public functions. Be temperate in your living and economical in your expenditure. Health and independence will then follow in your train,

and by constantly bearing in mind, and being guided at all times by that high, moral principle, inculcated by the Christian religion, you may reasonably hope, by the blessing and mercy of God, to reap the just reward of a long course of good conduct and honourable public service. I have addressed these few observations to you in a friendly spirit, impelled by a sincere desire for your future welfare and happiness, and you will I am sure receive them as such.-I will only add one more observation, and if you give it the consideration it deserves, and which I am persuaded your good and affectionate feelings will prompt you to do, it will go far to secure your well doing. Let me earnestly entreat you to do all in your power not to disappoint the anxious hopes and sanguine expectations of those you leave behind, who, though they may be far distant from you in person, are ever with you in heart, in love, and affection.

The next Term will commence on Friday, the 10th of September.

All students returning, must be in College in the course of Tuesday, the 14th of September, at the very latest, on pain of forfeiting the term, unless they can produce to the Principal the most satisfactory reason for their absence beyond that day.

The half-yearly examination of the candidates for admission into the East-India College next term, was held at the East-India House, on Thursday the 22nd, Friday, the 23rd, and Saturday the 24th instant, when the following gentlemen, arranged alphabetically, were reported duly qualified for admission, viz :-Messrs. J. C. Boldero; L. B. Bowring; F. S. W. Cator; C. F. Chamier; R. H. Davies; R. H. Dunlop; B. H. Ellis; E. L. Ellis; H. Hammersley; C. P. Hobhouse; Æ. R. Mc Donnel; H. Nelson; H. Newton; C. B. Phelips; H. G. Smith; W. G. Young.


The following officers have been permitted to accept and wear the insignia of the Order of the Dooranee Empire, in testimony of their services in Candahar, Cabul, and at the capture of the fortress of Ghuznee: Lieut. Col. Sir Claud-martine Wade, Knt., C. B., major 45th Bengal N.I., the insignia of the First Class; Lieut. Col. H. F. Salter, major Bengal Cavalry, the insignia of the Third Class.

The following gentlemen, connected with India, have been returned as members to serve in the new Parliament: Mr. Lyall, chairman of the E. I. Directors, for the City of London; Mr. Masterman, for ditto; Mr. Astell, for Bedfordshire; Mr. J. W. Hogg, for Beverley; Mr. R. D.Mangles, for Guildford; Mr. Larpent, for town of Nottingham; Mr. Hastie, for Pasley; Mr. Dyce Sombre, for Sudbury; Mr. Jardine, for Ashburton; and Mr. T. B. Macaulay, for Edinburgh.

Major General Sir Charles James Napier, K.C. B., now commanding the northern district of Great Britain, has been transferred to the staff of the army at Bombay, in succession to Maj. Gen. Sir John F. Fitzgerald, K. C.B., who is to return home.

The Rev. Thomas Dale, M. A., of Corpus Christi College (in conjunction with the Rev. Robert Eden, M.A., late fellow of Corpus Christi College, and the Rev. William Stone, M. A., late fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford), are appointed by the Board of Control, examiners of candidates for Haileybury College, for the ensuing term.-Cambridge Advertiser.

Sir J. M'Neil is on his way to Persia to renew our diplomatic relations with that country. Two Tatars, from Teheran, arrived at the Persian embassy at Constantinople on the 20th June, bringing letters announcing that the territory of Herat had been entirely evacuated by the Persian forces, agreeably to the desire of the British Cabinet; it was accordingly hoped that the differences which had arisen lately between Great Britain and Persia would now be satisfactorily adjusted.

The high duty levied on cinnamon exported from Ceylon has long been a matter of complaint, both with the producer there and the trade here, and Government attention has been more than once attracted to the subject. It seems to have been again brought before the notice of the Secretary of State by the East-India and China Association. The reply they have received states, that the question will have all due consideration, but that Government attention was called to it not long ago in consequence of a representation from the Governor of Ceylon, and that instructions were sent him in the month of April, 1840, for such modification of the duty as would reduce it on all kinds of cinnamon to the rate of 2s. per pound, which has hitherto been payable on the inferior quality only. That reduction, in accordance with the arrangement by which a previous notice of ten months is required on alterations in the duty, or in the sale price of the Government cinnamon, would have taken effect from the 1st of June last. Adverting to the large stock of cinnamon which would appear to be at present held in this country, in consequence of the extensive consignments made from the colony since the discontinuance of the Government monopoly, and upon which the higher rates of duty must have been paid by the exporters, and also to the state of the revenues of Ceylon and to other modifications of the fiscal arrangements of the colony which have been authorized, the Government think it right to abstain at present from authorizing further alteration of the duty until the effect of the alteration of the duty already agreed upon shall have been tried. However, it is intimated that in the meantime the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, with the view to the further consideration of the question, have requested from the Board of Trade any more specific information which it may be practicable to obtain relative to the quantities and qualities produced in and exported from Java and Malabar.-Times.



4th L. Drags. (at Bombay). Surg. E. S. Graham, M. D., from 75th F., to be surgeon, v. Chambers app. to 11th L. Drags.

14th L. Drags. (on way to Bombay). Lieut. J. H. Gray, from 1st Dragoon Guards, to be lieut., v. Allen who exchanges.

4th Foot (at Madras). Ens. Arthur Byrne to be lieut. without purch., v. Porter app. to Royal Canadian Regt. ; Serg. Maj. Thomas Millington to be ens., v. Byrne. 6th Foot (at Bombay). Lieut. J. B. Home to be capt. without purch., v. Kelly who retires upon full pay.

17th Foot (at Bombay). Ens. T. P. H. Fitzmayer to be lieut. without purch., v. Johnson prom. in Royal Canadian Regt.; R. P. O'Shea to be ens., v. Fitzmayer.

18th Foot (in Bengal). Ens. I. H. Hewitt to be lieut. by purch., v. Foss who retires; John Elliot to be ens. by purch, v. Hewitt; Capt. Sir Harry Darell, Bart., from 47th F., to be capt., v. Mitford whose prom., on 9th April 1841, has been cancelled; Ens. W. P. Cockburn to be lieut. by purch., v. Sir Harry Darell prom. in 47th F.; M. J. Hay man to be ens, by purch., v. Cockburn.

26th Foot (in Bengal). Lieut. Patrick Duff, from 77th F., to be lieut. v. O'Brien who exchanges.

31st Foot (in Bengal). Serg. Maj. Samuel Bennison to be qu. master, v. S. Palmer who retires upon half pay.

49th Foot (in Bengal). Ens. George Rand to be lieut. without purch. v. Brockman app. to 50th F.; Serg. John Campbell, from 95th F., to be ens. without purch., v. Rand prom.

50th Foot (in Bengal). Lieut. Wm. Knowles to be capt. by purch., v. Sheaffe who retires; Ens. J. F. Parker to be lieut. by purch., v. Knowles.

57th Foot (at Madras). Lieut. Wm. Bate to be capt. without purch., v. Jackson who retires upon full pay; Lieut. G. M. Ross, from 16th F., to be lieut., v. Chas. Jago who retires upon half pay; Eus. C. Swetenham, from 96th F, to be lieut. without purch., v. Bate prom.

62nd Foot (in Bengal). Assist. Surg. Wm. Rutherford, from the Staff, to be assist. surgeon, v. Loinsworth who exchanges.

63rd Foot (at Madras). Capt. P. P. Neville to be major by purch., v. Baylee who retires; Lieut. H. J. Swyny to be capt. by purch, v. Neville; Ens. H. Lees to be lieut. by purch. v. Swyny; R. P. Ford to be ens. by purch., v. Lees.

80th Foot (in N. S. Wales). Lieut. A. D. W. Best to be capt. by purch., v. Gul-
ston who retires; Ens. A. Ormsby to be lieut. by purch., v. Best; E. A. Holdich to
be ens. by purch., v. Ormsby; Ens. C. H. Leslie to be lieut. without purch., v.
Black prom. in Royal Canadian Regt. ; G. S. Young to be ens. without purch., v.

90th Foot (in Ceylon). Ens. W. P. Purnell to be lieut. by purch., v. Blackall who
retires; Cadet S. W. Smith to be ens. by purch., v. Purnell; Thos. Smith to be ens.
by purch., v. S. W. Smith whose app. has been cancelled.

Unattached.-Lieut. Thomas Collins, from 44th F., to be capt. without purch. ;
Lieut. Thomas Miller, from 40th F., to be capt. without purch.

Brevet.-The undermentioned Cadets of the Hon. the East-India Company's
Service, to have the local and temporary rank of Ensign during the period of their
being placed under the command of Colonel Pasley of the Royal Engineers, at Chat-
ham, for field instructions in the art of Sapping and Mining:-W. D. A. Short, Ed-
ward Fraser, William Kendall, John Carpendale, and M. K. Kennedy.



The Queen has been pleased to appoint Commodore Sir James John Gordon
Bremer, Knt., C. B., to be a Knight Commander of the Most Hon. Military Order of
the Bath; date 29th June.

Her Majesty has further been pleased to appoint Capt. Sir Humphrey F. Sen-
house, Knt., R. N.; Capt. Thomas Herbert, R. N.; Capt. the Hon. Richard S.
Dundas, R.N.; Capt. Thomas Bourchier, R. N.; Capt. James Scott, R. N.; Capt.
Charles R. D. Bethune, R. N.; Capt. Joseph Nias, R. N.; and Capt. Thomas Mait-
land, R. N.; to be Companions of the Most Hon. Military Order of the Bath; date
29th June.

Commanders to be Captains-S. P. Pritchard, Blenheim; W. D. Puget, Melville;
C. A. Barlow, Nimrod; H. W. Giffard, Cruiser; J. V. Fletcher, Wellesley; T. V.
Anson, Pylades; A. L. Kuper, Alligator; T. J. Clarke, Melville; W. J. Williams,

Lieutenants to be Commanders-Joseph Pearse, Blenheim; G. H. Coulson,
Blonde; W. Haskoll, Cruiser; H. Schomberg, Melville; G. S. Reynolds, Larne;
W. H. A. Morshead, Hyacinth; Thomas Carpenter, Columbia; L. S. Tindall, Cal-
liope; R. Harris, Melville; G. Beadon, Conway; R. Collinson, Wellesley; A. H.
Ingram, Blonde; P. B. Stewart, Alligator, E. C. T. D'Eyncourt, Calliope; Richard
Symons, Wellesley; T. H. Mason, Algerine; W. B.. Monypenny, Sulphur.

Mates to be Lieutenants-R. C. Kevern, Blenheim; J. M. Cooke, Blenheim; W.
Bligh, Blenheim; S. B. Dolling, Algerine; B. Woolcombe, Alligator; B. Drury,
Alligator; T. B. Christopher, Blonde; W. T. Rivers, Calliope; H. T. D. Le Ves-
conte, Calliope; T. G. Drake, Hyacinth; T. Carmichael, Larne; T. Sibbald, Mel-
ville; E. Fitzgerald, Modeste; W. Kendall, Nimrod; E. M. Noble, Samarang; E.
Crouch, Samarang; J. Strettell. Wellesley; J. Astle. Wellesley; T. H. Lysaght,
Wellesley; G. B. Dewes, Herald; J. A. St. Leger, Mastiff; C. R. Egerton, Cal-
liope; P. Parkhurst, President.

Mr. W. H. Hall, master in the Navy, commanding the Iron Steamer Nemesis, is
made a lieutenant in the navy for his services in China.



JULY 3. Cyrus, Spratley, from South Seas and Cape; at Deal.-Bromleys, Knox,
from Cape 25th March; at Deal; Woodbridge, Dobson, from Manilla; off Dover.

The Packet, Shirling, from Mauritius and Cape; off Eastbourne.-5. Kandiana,
Jobling, from Bengal 19th Feb.; at Deal (for Newcastle).-Brazil Packet, Sheil,
from V. D. Land 29th Feb. ; at Deal.-Sir George Arthur, Mc Kellar, from V. D.
Land 14th Feb.; off Portland.-Isis, Graham, from Bengal 9th Feb.; Henry,
Walmsley, from N. S. Wales 13th March; and Ellen, Ward, from Bombay 14th
Nov. and Pernambuco; all at Liverpool.-St. George, Heaton, from Bombay 21st
Feb.; off Kingsbridge.--Atlas, Sexton, from Madras 25th Jan., Alleppy 18th Feb.,
Colombo 28th do., and Cape 1st May; off the Isle of Wight.-6. Mary Anne,
Bolton, from Bombay 21st Feb. ; and President Ram, Landberg, from Batavia (for
Rotterdam); both off Hastings.-Athena, Ashbridge, from Manilla 22nd Jan.; at
Cadiz.-7. Isabella, Gray, from Singapore 21st Feb.; at Liverpool.-East London,
Lewis, from Batavia 26th Feb.; off Plymouth.-8. Chieftain, Clarke, from China


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