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To Samulcottah.-May 28. Brigadier R. Home, C. B., commanding Mazulipatam, from 1st to 30th June, 1841.

To Palaveram.-May 29. Ens, G. J. Stapleton, 10th N.I., until 1st Aug., 1641.

MAY 13. Jane Blair, from Greenock.-14. Ann, from Maulmein.-18. John William Dare, from Bombay; Ellen and Mary, from Colombo; Fortescue, from sea; Champion, from Maulmein.-20. Catherine, from Calcutta; Elizabeth, from London; Ayrshire, from Malacca; H. C. S. Pheasant, from Tuticorin.-21. Bengal Merchant, from Maulmein; Hope, from Mauritius.-24. Gratitude, from Mauritius.-27. Sarah, from Bombay.—28 Amelia, from Vizagapatam.—29. Exmouth, from Mauritius.— JUNE 1. Hindostan, from London.



MAY 14.-Worcester, for Calcutta.-25. John William Dare, for Coringa; Tenasserim, for Maulmein; Hope, for Maulmein.-27. Elizabeth, for Calcutta. -29. Jane Blair, for Penang and England. -JUNE 3. George the Fourth, for Calcutta.



May 9. At Waltair, the lady of Brigadier General G. M. Steuart, commanding northern division, ot a daughter.

At the Luz, the lady of T. Jarrett, Esq., of a daughter.

10. At Kamptee, the lady of Lieut. H. P. Keighly, 49th N. I., of a daughter. 11. At Dindy, the lady of E. Smith, Esq., of a son.

12. At Combaconum, the lady of Assist. Surgeon P. A. Andrew, M.D., of a son. 13. At Bangalore, the lady of Captain W. B. Gilby, of the 2nd E.L.I., of a son. 14. At Salem, the wife of Mr. A. E. Carrea, of a son.

At Vizagapatam, the lady of Adjutant N. Hobart, of a daughter.

16. At Salem, the wife of Mr. A. Rabella, of a son.

18. At Bangalore, the lady of Captain Nicholay, sub. assist. com. general, of a daughter.

22. At Palaveram, on the 22nd May, the lady of Major Wilford, 40th N.I., of a daughter.

At Bangalore, the lady of Captain Alexander, paymaster Mysore division, of a son still-born.

The lady of John Rhode, Esq, M.C. S., of a son.

26. At Madras, the wife of Mr. J. Goodsir, of a daughter.

27. At Bangalore, the wife of the Rev. George Trevor, chaplain, of a son.

At Pondicherry, the lady of A. Faciolle, Esq., of a daughter.

29. At Black Town, the wife of Mr. T. C. Harvey, of a daughter.

June 1. At Luz, near Madras, the lady of Capt. N. J. Gordon, 31st L.I., of a



May 3. At Madras, Mr. Thomas Joaquin, of Hyderabad, to Miss Francisca Antonia Oliver.

10. At Tranquebar, C. A. Moller, Esq., secretary to the Danish Government, to the Hon. Miss F. A. Rehling, eldest daughter of Colonel Rehling, Governor of his Danish Majesty's possessions in the East Indies, and Knight of the order of Dannebrog.

12. At St. Thomas's Mount, Corporal G. Catteral, of the artillery depôt, to Miss Bridget Tynan.

20. At Mangalore, Julia Martha, seventh daughter of Capt. Delafons, R.N., to Alexander John Greenlaw, Esq., 46th N.I.

21. At Tripassore, Mr. John Maskell, of the Master Attendant's Office, Madras, to Miss Harriet Brock.

Lately. At St. George's Cathedral, Mr. William Gordon to Miss Jane Matilda Hopkins.


April 22. At Vizagapatam, Elizabeth Catherine, wife of Capt. Duff, Madras army. 29. Shua Hmouan, an attached and faithful Birman follower of Capt. J. F. Leslie, acting paymaster at Vellore.

At Jaffna, Ebenezer, son of Mr. Wm. Miller, catechist, S. P. G. F. P., of Ramnad, aged 5.

30. At St. Thomas's Mount, Mrs. Elizabeth Boucher, aged 52. Asiat. Journ. N. S. VOL.35. No. 140.

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May 3. At Bellary, George Robert, son of Mr. G. S. F. Ross, aged 9.
9. At Bangalore, Lieut. T. C. Hawkes, of the 23rd L.I.

10. At Cannanore, Mrs. Richards, widow of the late Serjeant Major W. H.
Richards, 36th N.I.

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13. At Kamptee, Fanny Sophia, daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Horatio Walpole,
H.M. 39th Regt., aged 4.

At Secunderabad, of fever, Henry O. Snowden, Esq., assistant surgeon 26th
Madras N.I., in the 29th year of his age.

14. At Yanam, Charles Louis Guidamour, Esq., aged 40.

18. At Quilon, Mrs. Munro.

20. At Sonapore, Elizabeth, wife of Serjeant Major J. White, of the 46th Regt.

22. At Madras, Conductor G. Morton, of the pension establishment.
25. At Bangalore, the wife of Capt. Alexander, paymaster Mysore division.
June 3. At Mundium, near Seringapatam, Major C. Snell, 30th N. I.
6. At Madras, Ensign F. Allardyce, 2nd European L. Infantry.



May 20. Ens. W. M. Leckie, 13th N.I., to be assistant to Capt. Wenn, in charge
of public works at Surat and Broach.

26. Mr Thomas Williamson resigned the Hon. Company service.

27. Mr. J. L. Johnson to act as clerk to the Court of Requests; Mr. S.
Babington conducting duties of office until arrival of that gentleman at Bombay.

Mr. F. W. Watkins, civil surgeon at Nassick, appointed an assistant magistrate in
that sub-collectorate.

28. Assist. Surg. Leggett, civil surgeon at Tanna, received medical charge of
Konkan subsidiary jail, from Assist. Surg. McKenzie, on 10th May.

29. Mr. F. Sims re-appointed to act as 2nd assistant to principal collector of
Surat, from 27th March last, the date on which he returned to his station.

The Hon. J. A. Dunlop permitted to resign East India Company's civil service,
from 1st June.

June 2. Lieut. F. Cristall to act as post-master at Kurrachee, during absence of
Lieut. Whitelock on med, certificate.

Capt. R. St. John resumed charge of post-office at Poona.

Mr. W. Arbuckle, civil surgeon at Dharwar, and Mr. F. W. Watkins, civil surgeon
at Nassick, examined in printed regulations of this presidency, and found qualified for
transaction of magisterial duties.

Mr. W. Arbuckle, civil surgeon at Dharwar, appointed an assistant magistrate in
that Zillah.

7. John Gordon, Esq., assumed charge of office of acting deputy civil auditor.

9. Assist. Surg. H. Glasse to act as vaccinator in the Deccan, from date of Assist.
Surg. Bourchier's departure to England.

11. R. Crockett, Esq., to act as Mahratta translator and interpreter to Supreme
Court during Mr. Murphy's absence.

16. Mr. W. Blowers to act as uncovenanted assistant to opium agent and super-
intendent of stationery.

Lieut. H. J. Willoughby, 2nd Europ. Regt., and Lieut. J. S Kemball, 26th N.I.,
to be assistants to Superintendent of Roads and Tanks.

Lieuts. Compton and Price confirmed in their appointments in Road and Tank

Obtained leave of Absence, &c.-May 27. Mr. R. X. Murphy, for six months, to
the Deccan, for health.


Bombay Castle, May 21. 1841.-Capt. Rebenack, 25th N.I., to proceed to Kotree
and resume his appointment as commissariat agent at that Station; dated 10th April.
Lieut. Stock. to act as commissariat agent with 23rd N.I., on its march from
Baugh to Sukkur; dated 13th April.

Capt. Boyd, 2nd Gr. N.I., to be 2nd class commissariat agent at Baugh, from date
of his assuming the command at that post, date 13th April.

Capt. Teasdale, sub-assist. com. general, to take charge of Bazars at Mustcong,
and with 2nd Infantry Brigade until further orders; dated 16th April.

Cadet of Infantry J. A S. Faulkner admitted on estab., and prom. to ensign. Ens. H. J. Day ranked from 8th May 1841, and posted to 19th N.I., v. W. H. Snell resigned the Hon. Company's service.

Lieut. Estridge, of engineers, appointed to charge of Superintending Engineer S. P. from date of departure of Capt. Harris, till arrival of Capt. W. Scott.

Capt. Scott, acting sub-assist. com. general with Force in Scinde, permitted to resign his appointment and rejoin his regt.

May 22.- Capt. H. Stockley, sub-assist. com. general, allowed to deliver over charge of field commissariat, and deputy commissary general's office, to Capt. T. G. Fraser, and to proceed to Ahmednuggur, to which station he stands appointed.

May 28.-22d N.1. Ens. M. M. McDonald to be lieut., v. A. G. Shaw dec.; date of rank 14th May 1841.

Ens. A. J. S. Hessman posted to 22d N. 1., v. McDonald prom.

Brev. Maj. W. Wyllie, brigade major 2nd brigade, to be acting assistant adj. general to Scinde Force, during absence of Capt. Donnelly on med. cert.

Capt. G. Boyd, 2nd Gr. N.I., to be acting assist. qu. master general to Scinde Force, during absence of Capt. Del-Hoste on med. cert.

Capt. J. S. Down, 1st Gr. N.I., to be acting brigade major to 2nd brigade, v. Wyllie.

May 29.-Lieut. Trower, 1st Europ. Regt., to act as qu. mast. and pay mast. to the regt., v. Lieut. Hunt proceeded on sick cert. to Europe; date Aden, 5th April.

Lieut. Barrow, 19th N.I., to act as adj to detachments of that regt. stationed at Tannah and Sion, during their separation from head-quarters.

Lieut. and Adj. Cristall, 8th N.I., to act as assistant political agent at Kurrrachee, v. Lieut. Whitelock proceeding to Bombay on sick cert.

Capt. McLean, 8th N. I., to act as line adjutant and in charge of treasure chest at Kurrachee, v. Lieut. Stuart required to perform duties of adj. of that regt., or until further orders.

Lieut. Stuart to perform duties of adj. to 8th regt., v. Lieut. Cristall appointed assistant political agent at Kurrachee.

Assist.-Surg. R. Woosnam to act as storekeeper to Europ. General Hospital, during absence of Assist.-Surg. Morehead, or until further orders.

Assist. Surg. D. Carnegie to act as civil surgeon at Rutnagherry, until arrival of Assist.-Surg. J. Winchester, or until further orders.

June 3-Lieut Threshie, deputy assist. com. general, to repair to Presidency, and assume charge of executive office there.

Lieut. G. J. Milne, 24th N.I., to be an acting sub-assist. com. general, and to take charge of department at Alimed bad, during absence of Lieut. Threshie.

June 4.-Ens. H. W. B. Bell to be ranked from 31st March, 1811, and posted to the engineers, v. Wood resigned the service.

Lieuts. A. Thomas, 8th N. I., and G. H. Bellasis, 24th ditto, to take rank of capt. by brevet, from 16th May, 1841.

June 5.-Assist.-Surg. J. McKenzie to act as civil surg. at Broach, until arrival of Assist. Surg. Glasse, to take charge of the duties, or until further orders.

The services of Assist.-Surg. W. P. Gillanders placed at disposal of Envoy and Minister at Cabool, for employment in service of H. M. Shah Shoojah Ool Moolk.

June 7-Assist.-Surg. P. Cruickshank placed at disposal of Superintendent of Indian Navy, and will relieve Acting Assist.-Surg. Beamish, M. D., from duty in that branch of service.

No. 356 of 1841.-Assist.-Surg. H. P. Hathorn, acting port surgeon, placed at disposal of Commander-in-Chief, for military duty.

June 8.-Lieut. J. B. Dunsterville, 19th N. I., to continue to do duty in Commissariat Department at Presidency, until further orders.

June 9.-Lieut. Robertson, 25th N. I., to act as assist. qu. master general to Sinde force, from date of Capt. Del-Hoste's departure, until relieved by Capt. Boyd. Capt. Hobson, 20th N.I., to act as staff officer to detachment under Lieut.-Col. Soppitt.

Lieut. Shaw, sub-asssist. com. general, to proceed and take charge of Commissariat and Bazars with detachment under Lieut.-Col. Soppitt.

Brev. Capt. Prior, 21st N.I., to act as superintendent of Bazars and Police at Quetta, during absence of Lieut Shaw.

Surg. Lush, 14th N.I., to receive medical charge of duties of civil surgeon at Rajcote, from Assist.-Surg. Sproule, until arrival of Assist. -Surg. Nicholson.

Ens. C. D. Ducat, 13th N.I., to act as qu. master and interpreter in Hindoostanee to that regt. until further orders.

June 10.-Messrs. T. W. Ward, Fred. Ellis, W. Thom, Patrick Cruickshank, W. H. Pigou, R, De Courcy Peele, and G. K. Dickenson, admitted on estab. as assist. surgeons.

Mr. F. McDowell admitted on estab. as a veterinary surgeon.

June 11.-2nd Gr. N.I. Lieut. J. C. Hartley to be Capt, and Ens. H. E. Reveley to be lieut., in suc. to Williams dismissed the service; date 8th May, 1841. Ens. John Alexander to be ranked from 14th May, 1841, and posted to 2nd Gr. N. 1., v. Reveley prom.

June 17. Cadets of Infantry: H. R. C. Moyle, F. W. Mackenzie, C. H. Bayne, R. M. Hammond, G. A. F. Nichol, J. T. Francis, G. F. Sheppard, T. Jermyn and O. D. Lancaster, admitted on estab., and prom. to ensigns.

Head- Quarters, May 21, 1841.—Assist. Surg. W. Babington posted to 1st L. C. May 22.-Cadets R M. Hammond and J. T. Francis to do duty with 5th N.I. May 24-Assist. Surg. Pigou to accompany Detachment of H. M. 22nd Regt., arrived by ship Margaret, to Poona.

Cadet H. R. Moyle to do duty with 2nd Regt. Europ. Light Infantry.
May 25.-Cadet O. D. Lancaster to do duty with 24th N.I.

The undermentioned assistant surgeons, lately arrived from England, to do duty as specified, and directed to join:-T. W. Ward, F. Ellis, and W. Thom, with 2nd Bat. Artillery; P. Cruickshank, R. De C. Peele, and J. K. Dickinson, in European General Hospital.

May 27.-The following medical arrangements ordered:-Assist. Surg. J. D. Campbell, to be attached to 1st Bat. Artillery at Ahmednuggur; Assist. Surg. W. H. Pigou, do. to 2nd Europ. Light Inf. at Poona; Assist. Surg. T. W. Ward., to proceed forthwith to Rajcote, for duty under Superintending Surgeon N. W. Division of Guzerat.

May 29.-Cadet C. H. Bayne to do duty with 2nd Europ. Light Infantry.

May 31.-Assist. Surg. T. Brickwell to proceed forthwith to Baroda, and assume medical charge of 4th N.I. (or Rifle Corps) during absence of Surg. McMorris on med. cert.

Cadet F. W. Mackenzie to do duty with 15th N.I.

Assist. Surg. F. Ellis, to proceed in medical charge of detail of European Recruits proceeding to Poona and Ahmednuggur.

June 3.-The undermentioned medical officers, lately arrived from England, to do duty as follows, until further orders:-Assist. Surgs. E. J. P. Pridham and J. Sproule, M. D., with 2nd Bat. Artillery; W. Bowie, in European General Hospital.

June 4-Cadet W. Scott to do duty with 22nd N.I.

June 8.-Ens. Mayor to do duty with 5th N. I. until further orders.

June 9.-Lieut. W. Loch, attached to Poona Auxiliary Horse, directed to join and do duty with head-quarters of that corps.

Assist. Surg. W. Neilson to proceed to Mhow for general duty.

June 10.-Ens. J. A. S. Faulkner, 6th N.I., to do duty with 24th do. until season will admit of his proceeding to join his regt. in Scinde.

Veterinary Surg. F. McDowell, lately arrived from England, to do duty with head-quarters of Horse Brigade at Poona, until further orders.

June 11.-Assist. Surg. H. P. Hathorn posted to 24th N.I., and directed to


June 15.-Ens. W. T. Leeson to join and do duty with 2nd Europ. L. Infantry. June 16.-Assist. Surg. Seaward to proceed to Malligaum and assume charge of duties vacated by Assist. Surg. Baxter.

Assist. Surg. R. R. Smith to be attached to 2nd Europ. Light Inf., vice Seaward.

Returned to duty, from Europe. -June 10. Brev. Capt. G. C. Calland, 14th N.I.; Lieut. H. W. Prescott, 1st Gr. N. I.; Assist. Surg T. Brickwell; Capt. C. Denton, 2nd Europ. L. Inf.


To Europe.-May 21. Lieut. A. P. Hunt, 1st Europ. regt., for health (embarked from Aden).-29. Brev. Col. W. Gordon, 23rd N.I., for health.-June 1. Assist Surg. John Bourchier, M. D., for health.-2. Lieut. J. H. Burke, engineer corps, for health.


May 21.- Midshipman W. H. Marston allowed to resign his app. in Indian Navy.

May 28.-Lieut. H. C. Boulderson, lately returned to duty, to act as assistant to Superintendent of Indian Navy, from 1st June.

May 29.-The undermentioned volunteers for Indian Navy have arrived from

England: -Messrs A. C. Martin, Q. K. Jolliffe, Thomas Luce, G. E. G. Way, and
John Arthur Brockman.

June 1.-Mr. T. Tanner, senior captain's clerk, to be purser, v. Fallon invalided.
Mr. F. H. Hora, senior acting clerk, to be captain's clerk, v. Tanner prom.
June 7.- Mr. Charles Lloyd, volunteer for Indian Navy, announced his arrival.
M. F. G. Bone, senior captain's clerk, to be purser, v. Hyslop dec.
Mr. E. Powell, senior acting clerk, to be captain's clerk, v. Bone prom.

June 9.—Mr. Purser Ibbs, clerk of the cheque and chief clerk in civil branch of the office of Indian Navy, appointed accountant in Builder's and Engineer's Departments and store receiver, vice Mr. Hyslop dec.

Mr. Hora, captain's clerk, to officiate as clerk of the cheque, and chief clerk i civil branch of office of Indian Navy, as a temporary measure.

June 11.-Mr. H. A. Broughton, a volunteer for Indian Navy, arrived from England.

June 15.-The name of Mr. Patrick struck off list of Indian Navy, and the name of Mr. Thomas placed at bottom of list of midshipmen as it stood on 7th Oct. last; under instructions from the Hon. the Court of Directors.

Furloughs.-May 20. Commander T. G. Carless, to Europe, for health.—June 11, Mr. Walter Roberts, 1st assistant to master attendant, to Europe.


May 21. Louisa, from London; St. Lawrence, from Liverpool; H.C.S. Ariadne, from Kurachee.-22. Florist, from London; Royal Sovereign, from Liverpool. 23. Margaret, from London; Bomanjee Hermanjee, from Macao, &c.; Argyll, from Greenock; North Pole, from Newcastle; Lady East, from London.-24. Mor, from China, &c.-June 1. Euxine, from London; Guisachan, from London; Windsor Castle, from Liverpool; Resource, from Sydney and Batavia.-2. Lady Feversham, from London; Ritchie, from Glasgow; H.M. S. Larne, from Sea; Inaz, from Red Sea.-4. Monarch, from Liverpool.-6. H. C. S. Auckland, from Suez; Caledonia, from Liverpool.-7. Wellington, from Colombo; George the Fourth, from Aden.10. Parkfield, from Leschenhalt; Benares, from Bencoolen.-11. Westmoreland, from Macao and Singapore.-12. Malta, from Newcastle.-13. Osprey, from Liverpool. -15 Fergus, from Aden; Royal Adelaide, from Shields.-17. Luconia, from New York.-18. Soobrow, from Isle of France; Berkshire, from Sydney.


May 22. Calcutta, for China; H. C.Ś. Victoria, for Suez.-23. Prince Albert, for Calcutta ; Acasta, for London.-24. Shaw Allum, for China; Harriet Scott, for Liverpool; William Sharpless, for Liverpool; Earl of Balcarras, for China; Countess of Loudon, for Liverpool; H.M. S. Larne, for Sea.-25. Hamido, for Columbo. -26. Futtal Barry, for Singapore; Alexander Baring, for China.-June 1. Memnon, for Liverpool.-2. Kirkman, for Clyde; Amitz, for Zanzibar.-3. Ruparell, for Calcutta.-5. Robert Stride, for Liverpool; Buckinghamshire, for London.-7. Lintin, for Liverpool.-11. Crown, for Liverpool; Adelaida, for Singapore.-12. Caledonia, for Singapore.-13. Good Success, for China.-15. Caledonia, for China; Duke of Bronte, for London.

Passengers Arrived.

Per H. C. Steamer Cleopatra, from Suez and Aden (arrived 8th May): Lt. Col. Dowker, 9th Madras N.I.; Capt. Abbott, Bengal Artillery; Joseph Ponder, H. C. Taylor, and W. Baynes, Esquires; 8 Roman Catholic priests; 3 Italian servants; and 1 native do. From Aden: Lieut. Sympson, 1st E. Regt.; Assist. Surg. Purnell and lady; Lieut. Woollaston, I. N.; 2 seamen; European soldiers; 5 native servants; 2 Arab prisoners of war; and two discharged convicts.

Per Auckland Steamer, from Suez and Aden (arrived 6th June): Miss Gray; Mr. Dalzell; Dr. Moacho of Goa; Dr. R. A. Bremer; Capt. Chalmers, H. M. 22nd Regt.; Dr. Wallace; Mr. Smith; Mr. Ashburner; Mr. Dennis; Mr. Stewart; Mr. Blankley, 43 native invalids; 4 European seamen; 1 prisoner, police office establishment; 2 European Artillerymen; 1 private, H. M. 60th Regt.


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May 5. At Surat, the wife of the Rev. Wm. Clarkson, missionary, of a son.

19. At Poonah, the lady of Captain T. Candy, Superintendent of Poonah College, of a daughter.

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