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May 29. At Calcutta, William Nicol, Esq., to Elmina Manners, daughter of D. C. Law, Esq.

31. At Calcutta, the Rev. J. Philipp Menge, of the Church Missionary Society, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. H. Smart.

June 1. At the St. James's Church, Mr. G. Meyer to Mrs. M. Minos.

3. At Calcutta, W. Jaffray, Esq., Bamundie, Kishnaghur, to Jane Margaret, daughter of W. Jaffray, Esq.

Lately. John Fraser Lane, to Harriet Charlotte, daughter of the late Lieut. Col John Stainton, of the Pioneer corps.


March 16. At sea, on board the Plantagenet, Mr. Thomas John Thorn, aged 17 years and 11 months.

31. At Agra, the Rev. P. B. Blackhouse, M.A., chaplain.

April 17. At Secrole, Master C. Rawstorne, aged 10.

20. On the Ganges, near Allahabad, Lieut. Robt. Inglis, 37th N.I. drowned in attempting to save a brother officer.

22. At Monghyr, of cholera, R. Inmeevell, Esq.

31. Mrs. M. Courtney, aged 18.

May 6. At Barrackpore, Lieut. J. E. Cheetham, inv. estab., of fever, aged 33. 9. On board the Ranger, on his passage from the Mauritius, Mr. Robert White, of the firm of Currie and Co., Calcutta.


At Dinapore, Lieut. H. W. Martin, 21st fusileers, aged 21.

10. At Calcutta, Master J. W. Anderson, the only son of John Anderson, Esq., of Penang, aged 13.

14. At Calcutta, W. D. Shaw, Esq., merchant, firm of Shaw, Whitehead, and Co., of Singapore, aged 43.

Suddenly, at Yanam, Charles Louis Guidamour, Esq., aged 40.

At Calcutta, Mr. Jacob Royce, H. C. marine, aged 46.

15. At Berhampore, after three days' illness, Lieut. Col. William Wilkinson, H.M. 49th regt., commanding at Berhampore, aged 65.

20. At Calcutta, Mr. A. Dias, aged 36.

At Chandernagore, Mary Blouet, widow of J. B. F. Blouet, Esq., aged 42.

21. At Allahabad, Agnes Mary, daughter of the Rev. J. C. Proby.

At Meerut, Capt. F. St. John Sturt, 10th N.I.

22. At Calcutta, L. A. Davidson, Esq., formerly of the house of Hogue, Davidson, and Co., merchants, aged 70.

At Bandel, the wife of Mr. Thomas M. Gomess, aged 18.

23. At Calcutta, of cholera, Miss Barker, aged 11.

24. At Calcutta, Mr. G. A. Popham, aged 37.

At Calcutta, Mr. Samuel Norcote Randle, aged 21.

At Calcutta, at the house of Capt. F. W. Birch, David, infant son of Lieut. and Mrs. H. E. Pearse.


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25. At Dacca, Emma Ann, wife of Lieut. P. W. Luard, 55th regt. N.I., aged 19.

At Calcutta, Mrs. Caroline Bastard, aged 29 years.

26. At Entally, Mrs. Sarah Blechenden, aged 35.

27. At Entally, Mr. F. A. Clarke, aged 25.

At Calcutta, Augusta Susannah, daughter of R. T. W. Betts, Esq., aged 11. 28. At Calcutta, Mary Anne Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. W. Ridsdale, of Bishop's College, aged 6.

31. At Calcutta, Mrs. Elizabeth Laird, aged 35.

June 2. J. R. Aitkin, Esq., head master of the Upper Orphan School, Kidderpore, aged 42.

4. At Allipore, D. W. H. Speed, Esq., aged 50.

Lately. At Seebsagur, Upper Assam, Mr. A. C. Marlay, aged 25, second assistant to the Assam Company. He was second son of the late Maj. George Marlay, of the Queen's Royals.




Fort St. George, May 25, 1841.-The Right Hon. the Governor in Council is pleased, at the recommendation of the Major General commanding the forces, to direct, that four years shall be considered the term of service with a corps necessary to render an officer eligible to the command of an escort or guard furnished to a resi

dent at a foreign court, or political agent, under the 4th para. of the G. O. by Government, dated 8th Feb., 1828, No. 30, instead of three years, the term mentioned in that order.


Head-Quarters, Choultry Plain, June 1, 1841.—The officer commanding the army in chief is pleased to direct, that officers whose names shall hereafter appear in orders as having passed examination as interpreters before committees assembled under provisions of para. 32, G. O. C. C., 5th Nov., 1840, shall be required to undergo a final examination before the Presidency Committee, whenever they may arrive at Madras; the letter P is to be prefixed in the monthly returns to the initials of the languages in which officers shall have undergone the final examination-e. g., P. H.-P. T.P. P.-P. Te.



Head-Quarters, Choultry Plain, May 27, 1841.-At an European general courtmartial, held at Secunderabad, on the 4th May, 1841, Lieut. Col. John Smith, of the 2nd regt. L. C., was tried on the following charge:

Charge. For conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, in the following instances:

First Instance.-In having at Jaulnah, on the 3rd March, 1841, in an official letter bearing that date, addressed by him to the Accountant General, military department, Fort Saint George, in the nature of a complaint against the Paymaster of the Hyderabad Subsidiary Force, relative to the distribution of Government lottery tickets by the said paymaster, maliciously made unwarrantable assertions and insinuations derogatory to the character of Capt. George Henry Harper, of the 40th regt. N.I., then holding the situation of paymaster to the aforesaid Hyderabad Subsidiary Force, and tending to impute to the said Capt. Harper, and have it believed, that he had made a partial and unfair distribution of the said lottery tickets, and that he trafficked with the same for his own illicit gain.

Second Instance.-In having at the same place, on the 5th of the same month, in the same year, in an official letter bearing that date, addressed to the Assistant Adjutant General Hyderabad Subsidiary Force, Secunderabad, in the nature of a complaint to Brigadier J. Wahab, commanding the Hyderabad Subsidiary Force, against the paymaster of the said force, Capt. G. H. Harper, of the 40th regt. N.I., for having on two occasions furnished him, Lieut. Col. Smith, with a less number of Government lottery tickets than he had applied for, maliciously made unwarrantable insinuations derogatory to the character of, and highly insulting to, the said Capt. Harper, and tending to impute to him that he had abstracted, and otherwise appropriated, five out of twenty lottery tickets expressly intended for him, Lieut. Col. Smith, and the officers of the 2nd regt. L. C.

Upon which charge, the Court came to the following decision:

Finding on the first instance of the charge,—that the prisoner, Lieut. Col. J. Smith, is not guilty. On the second instance of the charge,—that the prisoner is not guilty. The Court honourably acquits the prisoner of the charge.

(Signed) J. WOULFE, Major Gen., President.

Remark by the Court.—The Court desires to record its opinion, that from what has come before them, Capt. Harper appears to have acted with the strictest impartiality in the performance of the duty to which the subject matter of the charge refers. Confirmed.


(Signed) R. H. DICK, Major Gen., Commanding the Army in Chief. Lieut. Col. J. Smith is to be released from arrest, and will return to his duty.


May 18. Capt. W. P. Macdonald to act as postmaster at Trichinopoly, during absence of Mr. Dirksz, or until further orders.

May 19. J. F. Bishop, Esq., to act as judge and criminal judge of Maduraauring
indisposition of Mr. Horsley, or until further orders.

21. W. Liddell, Esq., to be coroner of Madras.

H. D. Phillips, Esq., attained rank of senior merchant on 22nd April, 1841.
24. H. Stokes, Esq., whilst without public employ, permitted to reside at Banga-

Charles Hogg, Esq., permitted to resign app. of hon. Company's solicitor.

25. Capt. H. Taylor, 2nd L. C., to act as postmaster at Jaulna, during absence
and on responsibility of Lieut. G. W. Russell.

28. J. Dent, Esq., senior member of Board of Revenue, to be commissioner, with
powers of collector and magistrate, in southern division of Arcot.

W. Ashton, Esq., to be principal collector and magistrate of Cuddapah.

T. L. Blane, Esq., to be collector and magistrate of southern division of Arcot,
but to continue to execute office of commissioner in Kurnool.

C. H. Hallett, Esq., to officiate as collector and magistrate of southern division of
Arcot, during employment of Mr. Blane on other duty, or until further orders.

J. F. McKennie to be assistant to master attendant at Madras, v. Mr. H. D. E.
Dalrymple, with salary of Rs. 6,000 per annum in lieu of all emoluments whatever.
(Appointed by Court of Directors.)

Obtained leave of Absence.-May 18. Mr. P. S. Dirksz, postmaster at Trichinopoly,
for two months.-28. J. Ratcliffe, Esq., for one month and twelve days, to presi-
dency.-June 1. G. S. Hooper, Esq., for one month, to visit Courtallum.-T. Ons-
low, Esq., to Palmanair, for one month, on private affairs.


Fort St. George, May 14, 1841.-Ens. C. B. Stevens to be lieut., v. Hawkes dec.;
date of com. 9th May, 1841.

Cadets of Infantry E. H. Bloomfield, W. D. Stanley, J. J. Brine, Thomas Raikes,
W. R. Davie, F. J. Mackie, R. J. Clack, Charles Pulley, C. H. Atkinson, C. A.
Pierce, Herbert Lloyd, James Cundy, D. S. Hughes, G. M. Carter, H. W. McCaus-
land, Henry Pickard, L. H. H. Holland, C. W. Taylor, L. M. V. Strachey, Robert
Mayne, J. H. Dighton, Henry Hickman, W. S. Davis, G. J. Stapleton, and Travers
Crofton, admitted on estab., and prom. to ensigns.

Messrs. W. Hilbers, W. H. Scales, James Mackintosh, and John Fitzpatrick,
admitted on estab. as assist. surgeons, and directed to do duty, two former under
Surgeon of General Hospital at Presidency, and two latter under Surgeon of 2nd
bat. Artillery at St. Thomas's Mount.

May 18.-33rd N.1. Ens. A. N. Rich to be lieut. v. Sparrow dec.; date of com.
5th March, 1841. (The former promotion of Ens. Rich cancelled.)

Assist. Surg. W. W. Rawes permitted to enter on general duties of army.
23rd N.I. Lieut. R. L. J. Ogilvie to be adjutant.

May 21.-2nd L.C. Capt. Henry Taylor to be major, Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) W. S.
Ommanney to be captain, and Cornet W. C. R. Macdonald to be lieut., v. Bury
retired; date of coms. 14th Jan. 1841.

Capt. Richard Hall, 49th N.I., to be paymaster to Nagpore Subsidiary Force.
Capt. A. L. Campbell, 1st Bengal L.C., to be military secretary to the Major-
General Commanding the Forces.

The services of Capt. J. W. Goldsworthy, 1st N.I., placed at disposal of the
Major-General Commanding the Forces, for employment with Rifle Company of
that corps proceeding on foreign service.

May 25.-Cadet of Infantry H. T. Tapp, admitted on estab., and prom. to

Messrs. Wm. Scott, M.D., and Alfred Wilkinson, admitted on estab. as assist.
surgeons, and directed to do duty under surgeon of 2nd bat. artillery at St. Thomas's

May 28.-Capt. H. N. Noble, 40th N.I., to be cantonment adjutant of Pala-
veram, so long as his corps may continue to form part of force composing that can-

June 1.-18th N.I. Lieut. J. F. Stevens to be adj., v. Gordon, permitted to re-
sign the appointment.

Assist. Surg. M. F. Anderson, to act as civil surgeon at Tellicherry, during ab-
sense of Assist. Surg. J. E. Mayer, on sick cert., or until further orders.

June 4.-Cadets of Infantry, A. W. Drayner, Frank Barber, E. A. B. Travers,
Francis Allardyce, J. F. Cannan, A. S. Surtees, and W. T. Chamberlain, admitted
on estab., and prom. to ensigns.

Capt. T. R. James, 32nd N.I., permitted to retire from service of East-India Company, on pension of his rank.

The services of the undermentioned officers placed at disposal of Resident at Hyderabad, for employment in H. H. the Nizam's service:-Lieut. S. P. Scott, 23rd N.I.; Lieut, R. Adamson, 35th do.; Ens. J. Daniel, 16th do.

Lieut. T. D. Thiselton, 36th N.I., agreeably to request, to be in future returned in list of army by name of Thomas Dyer Thiselton Dyer.

Head-Quarters, Choultry Plain, May 18, 1841.-The undermentioned Ensigns of Infantry (some of them not arrived) posted to regiments specified :-F. T. Garrad, 27th N.I.; Kenneth Macaulay, 23rd do.; L. M. Mackenzie, 33rd do., as 3rd ensigns.-J. S. Sword, 48th N. I.; C. H. Drury, 27th do.; John Mortlock, 35th do. ; B. M. Macdonald, 52nd do.; Thomas Gillilan, 5th do.; John Elphinstone, 20th do. ; H. P. Thompson, 15th do.; T. A. Stannus, 14th do.; C. P. Y. Triscott, 43rd do.; William Murray, 46th do.; J. C. L. Crowdy, 36th do:; J. F. Stoddard, 23rd do.; G. S. Meyers, 26th do.; Alexander Grant, 9th do.; Henry Bruce, 39th do.; H. R. Smith, 40th do.; Clarence Begbie, 1st do.; William Southey, 47th do. ; Henry Foley, 33rd do., as 4th ensigns.-Edmund Cheetham, 48th N.1.; E. H. Bloomfield, 7th do.; W. D. Stanley, 29th do.; J. J. Brine, 4th do., as 5th ensigns. -Thomas Raikes, 1st M. E. Regt., as 9th ensign.-W. R. Davie, 16th N.I.; F. J. Mackie, 24th do.; R. J. Clack, 31st do.; Charles Pulley, 50th do.; G. H. Atkinson, 42nd do.; C. A. Pieres, 27th do. ; Herbert Lloyd, 21st do.; James Cundy, 49th do.; D. S. Hughes, 51st do.; G. M. Carter, 35th do.; Travers Crofton, 52nd do.; G. T. Dick, 3rd do.; George Girdlestone, 11th do.; C. C. Smith, 5th do. ; H. W. McCausland, 13th do.; Henry Pickard, 8th do.; J. H. H. Holland, 25th do.; C. W. Taylor, 20th do., as 5th ensigns.-L. M. V. Strachey, 1st M. E. Regt., as 10th ensign.-Robert Mayne, 37th N.I.; J. H. Dighton, 30th do.; Henry Hickman, 34th do.; W. S. Davis, 15th do.; G. J. Stapleton, 10th do.; H. T. Tapp, 14th do.; A. W. Drayner, 43rd do.; Frank Barber, 45th do.; E. A. B. Travers, 2nd do., as 5th ensigns.-Francis Allardyce, 2nd E. L. I., as 9th ensign.-J. F. Cannan, 17th N.I.; A. S. Surtees, 41st do.; W. T. Chamberlain, 32nd do. ; Alexander Cannan, 22nd do.; J. W. Stubbs, 46th do. ; Augustus Prichard, 28th do. ; C. W. Moore, 6th do.; James Hoskins, 19th do.; P. M. Carpendale, 12th do., as 5th ensigns.-John Wood, 2nd E. L.I., as 10th ensign.-A. C. McMaster, 36th N. I.; S. W. Alven, 44th do.; A. V. Layard, 23rd do.; A. J. Shouldham, 26th do.; A. H. Jourdan, 9th do.; J. S. Barclay, 39th do., as 5th ensigns.

Ens. H. W. McCausland removed, at his own request, from 13th to 40th N.I., and to join detachment at Palaveram.

The undermentioned Cornets of Cavalry posted to regiments specified :—Hon. William Arbuthnot, 3rd cornet, to 2nd L. C. (not arrived); Edmund George Wood, 4th cornet, to 5th L. C. (do.)

May 20.-Ens. W. Southey, recently posted to 47th N. 1. permitted to proceed to join via Cuddapah, and allowed leave of absence until 31st Aug.

Capt. S. Talman, 1st N. I., to act as fort adjutant of Masulipatam, during absence of Capt. Goldsworthy, on service, or until further orders.

The removals of Lieut. Colonels ordered on 8th instant cancelled, and the following to have effect:-Lieut. Col. J. T. Gibson, from 24th to 8th N.I.; Lieut. Col. A. Cooke, from 8th to 52nd do.; Lieut. Col. C. A. Elderton from 52nd to 24th do.; Lieut. Col. Gibson to assume charge of 8th N.I. when head-quarters arrive at Madras.

May 21.—Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) G. Briggs, of B. troop horse brigade, to proceed to presidency without delay.

Éns. T. Á. Stannus, recently posted to 14th N.I., permitted to proceed to join his corps via Calcutta.

Ens. L. M. V. Strachey removed, at his own request, from 1st M.E. Regt, to 1st N. I., and will rank next below Ens. G. Begbie.

May 23.-Assist. Surg. G. F. H. Eastell removed from doing duty with 2nd bat. artillery, to do duty with 2nd E. L. Infantry, and will proceed to join.

Assist.-Surg. T. W. Whitelock removed from doing duty at presidency General Hospital, to do duty with 1st M. E. Regt., and will proceed to join.

Assist.-Surg. E. M. Jackson, from 2nd bat. artillery, to do duty with H.M. 4th Regt.

Assist.-Surg. J. A. Horak, M.D., from 2nd bat. artillery, to do duty with 2nd Europ. Light Infantry, at Bangalore.

May 25.-Capt. T. W. Steele, 2nd N. V. Bat., removed from detachment at Guntoor to head-quarters of the bat. at Wallajahbad.

May 27.-Assist.-Surg. W. R. Gingell to continue in medical charge of detachment of 8th regt., until arrival of head-quarters at Vellore, when he will rejoin 2nd bat. artillery at the Mount.

May 28.-Ens. C. W. Taylor removed from 20th to 13th N.I.

May 30.-The removal of Assist.-Surg. J. Kennedy, M.D., from 2nd bat. artillery, ordered on 8th instant, is not to take effect until that officer may be required for embarkation.

Surg. J. Brown, M.D., removed from 16th to 25th N.I., and to do duty with 1st M.E. Regt. during absence of Surg. Stokes, or till further orders.

Surg. De Burgh Birch, M.D., removed from 25th to 16th N.I.

Assist.-Surg. D. D. Foulis, M.D., removed from 17th to 25th N.I., to continue with 17th regt. till relieved by Surg. Macfarland.

June 2.-Assist.-Surg. T. F. Fernandez, M. D., to do duty under Superintending Surg. Southern Division of army.

Assist.-Surg. E. James to do duty with 2nd bat. artillery.

June 3.-Ens. W. T. Chamberlain, 32nd N.I., to join detachment of 2nd E.L.L at the Mount, and proceed under command of Lieut. Armstrong.

Examinations.-Lieut. Thomas Jenkins, 42nd regt., has been examined in the Hindoostanee language at Kamptee, and declared qualified as Interpreter.

Lieut. W. F. Hutton, 34th L. I., has been examined in the Hindoostanee language at Bangalore, and declared qualified as interpreter. The moonshee allowance to be disbursed to him.

The undermentioned officers have been examined in the Hindoostanee language:Lieut. G. Hare, 20th regt., Asseerghur, creditable progress; Lieut. G. Carr, 16th regt., Bangalore, qualified as interpreter; Lieut. A. R. Dallas, 1st N.I., Masulipatam, creditable progress. The moonshee allowance to be disbursed to these


Returned to duty, from Europe.-May 14. Lieut. T. W. Strachey, 29th N.I.: Lieut. G. A. H. Falconar, 46th N.I.-25. Lieut. H. A. Tremlet, 17th N.I.; Lieut. J. H. Tapp, 23rd L.I.-June 4. Lieut.-Col. H. Dowker, 26th N.I., vid Bombay.


To Europe.-June 4. Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) C. Stafford, 51st N.I., and acting deputy assist. adj. gen. of army, for health.

To Sea.-May 21. Capt. John Mann, 25th N.I., for one year, on med. cert.— June 4. Surg. S. Stokes, for 18 months, on med. cert.

To Bengal.-May 18. Lieut. B. Revell, 31st L.I., for six months, from date of bis embarkation from Maulmain.

To Presidency.-May 17. Ens. F. Stratton, 10th N.I., from 5th June to 16th July, 1841.-21. Maj. A. W. Lawrence, 7th L. C., from 1st to 30th June, 1841.Assist.-Surg. R. H. Renwick, 11th N.I., for three months (also to Pondicherry).— 24. Capt. G. H. Milnes, 31st L.I., from date of embarkation till 30th Sept., 1841, on sick cert.-28. Assist-Surg. J. E. Mayer, zillah surg. of Tellicherry, until 30th Sept., 1841, on sick cert.; Lieut. (brev. Capt.) J. S. Lang, 48th N.I., from 1st June, 1841, preparatory to applying for furl. to Europe; Surg. S. Stokes, 1st M.E. regt., from 3rd April, 1841, preparatory to applying for leave to sea, on sick cert.— June 1. Maj. C. Snell, 30th N. I., from 20th May, 1841, preparatory to applying for leave to Cape, on sick cert.; Lieut. H. R. Nuthall, 23rd L. I., from 1st June, 1841, preparatory to applying for leave to Europe, on sick cert.

To Trinchinopoly.-May 20. Ens. G. H. Atkinson, 42nd N.I., until 31st July.— 24. Lieut. A. Wyndham, 5th N.I., from 1st June to 5th August, 1841.

To Bangalore.-May 21. Lieut. G. W. Russell, 2nd L. C., from 30th May to 20th Dec., 1841 (also to Chittoor.); Ens. H. T. Tapp, 14th N.I., until 30th June, when he will proceed to join his regt.-June 1. Maj. G. W. Whistler, 19th N.I., from 1st to 30th June, 1841.-3. Vet. Surg. G. Chester, 5th L.C., from 25th June to 31st July, 1841.

To Neilgherry Hills.-May 21. Lieut. G. F. Salmon, 30th N. I., from 1st May to 31st Dec., 1841, on sick cert.-25. Lieut. (brev. Capt.) J. M. Charteris, deputy paymaster in Malabar and Canara, in extension, until 31st Dec.. 1841, on sick cert.24. Maj. A. S. Logan, 33rd N.I., from 18th May to 15th June, 1841, on sick cert. ; Capt. G. A. Baillie, 52nd N.I., in continuation till 31st Dec., 1841, on sick cert.June 3. Capt. E. Roberts, 49th N. I., in continuation till 31st Aug., 1841, on sick cert.

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