Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester

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Chetham Society., 1867 - Cheshire (England)

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Page cccxci - Love thyself last: cherish those hearts that hate thee; Corruption wins not more than honesty. Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace To silence envious tongues. Be just, and fear not: Let all the ends thou aim'st at be thy country's, Thy God's, and truth's; then if thou fall'st, O Cromwell, Thou fall'st a blessed martyr!
Page cclix - So he laid himself down again, with his neck to the block, and his arms stretched out, saying the same words : Blessed be God's glorious name for ever and ever. Amen. Let the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen.
Page cclvii - I am brought hither) was by a council of war, nothing in the captain's case alledged against me ; which council I had reason to expect would have justified my plea for quarter, that being an ancient and honourable plea amongst soldiers, and not violated (that I know of) till this time, that I am made the first suffering precedent in this case. I wish no other suffer in like case.
Page ccxcv - He was a man of great honour and clear courage ; and all his defects and misfortunes proceeded from his having lived so little time among his equals, that he knew not how to treat his inferiors ; which was the source of all the ill that befell him, having thereby drawn such prejudice against him from persons of inferior quality, who yet thought themselves too good to be contemned, that they pursued him to death.
Page ccxxvi - I acknowledge the great goodness of God to have given me such a wife as you — so great an honour to my family — • so excellent a companion to me — so pious — so much of all that can be said of good I must confess it impossible to say enough thereof.
Page ccxliv - Coming near the scaffold, he looked up and said : " God, I thank Thee that I am not afraid to goe up here, though I am to dye there ; there are but these few steps to my eternity." Then kissing the ladder, he went up, and saluted the people ; he walked a turn or two upon the scaffold ; then went to the east end of the scaffold, and pulled off his hat again and saluted the people with a...
Page ccxxxviii - Prince this day living in the world." After we were out of town, the people weeping, my Lord, with an humble behaviour and noble courage, about half a mile off, took leave of them...
Page ccxxvi - ... to some place of rest, where you may not be concerned in war, and taking thought of your poor children, you may in some sort, provide for them : then prepare yourself to come to your friends above, in that blessed place where bliss is, and no mingling of opinion.
Page ccxl - I shall rest this night, in Wigan, with the prayers and tears of that poor people, and every alteration moves you of this world, for you must leave me, to go to my wife and children in the Isle of Man, and are uncertain where you shall be ; but do not leave me, if possibly you can, until you see me buried, which shall be as I have told you.
Page cclx - I doe well assure you that befour this I sent you an order to bee assistinge in the expedition against the Isle of Man, but hearing nothing from you, I doubt whether my orders came to you. But now I thought fitt to sende this desire that (Coll.

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