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Human Resources School is a nonprofit citizen-supported private school for severely disabled children who were previously on homebound instruction. There are no tuition charges and the school is fully accredited and chartered by the New York State Department of Education and the Board of Regents.

The school provides a full academic program from preschool through high school, including extra curricular activities such as field trips, club functions and a diversified program in adapted physical education and sports.

The school has an enrollment as of the Fall of 1968 of approximately 140 disabled youngsters who are able to pursue a prevocational or college preparatory program of study,

In 1967, the school graduated its first class of sixteen severely disabled youngsters, twelve of whom were accepted into the college or university of their choice. The remaining students entered the vocational training and evaluation program of Human Resources Center to prepare for the world of work.

The school serves as a national demonstration center for special education and curriculum development. Program research in home economics for the disabled, driver education, adapted physical education, and a culturally based core curriculum are presently under study by the school faculty.

The school is housed in a specially designed modern facility with its own swimming pool, bowling alleys, gymnasium and outdoor recreation area which includes basketball and softball, miniature golf and archery range.

The Research and Training Institute coordinates and directs a variety of programs utilizing Abilities Inc. and Human Resources School as the laboratory for evaluative studies.

The Institute has its own faculty, most of whom retain professional affiliation with leading colleges, universities and research centers in the New York Metropolitan area.

Among the many research projects with which the Institute is concerned are studies in physiology, telemetry, psychosociology, special education, adapted recreation and medical electronics, all related to the education, training and rehabilitation of the physically disabled and mentally retarded.

Training programs include studies related to the development of training devices, the construction of test equipment, measures of abilities, work performance and evaluative studies of training techniques for both the disabled and retarded teenager and adult.

Over 250 severely disabled and mentally retarded are trained by the Institute each year.

The Research and Training Institute regularly publishes its own monographs and sponsors symposia and seminars for the effective dissemination of its findings in the fields of research and training with which it is concerned,

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MEND, an innovative program in insurance, was established by INA in 1966. It is a four-pronged attack on the medical and educational needs of the disabled. The program encourages the utilization of medical rehabilitation specialists by the injured even before a claim is settled. It allows for early financial assistance before either litigation or an agreement on financial settlement. It affords the injured party and his family psychological counseling, recognizing that emotional and psychological injuries often accompany the trauma of physical disability. The fourth service is involved with vocational and educational training to insure that the disabled or injured is able to return to a position of usefulness to himself, his family and the community.

All of these are offered under the unique MEND Program. The insured, the ill or diseased beneficiary of any insurance contract issued by INA, is not the forgotten man to be dealt with at arm's length. Instead he is regarded as an individual with dignity and personal rights and prerogatives; a person who deserves and needs immediate care of the highest quality for mind and body.

The MEND program is carried out by a well trained staff of people who have but one concern ... the rehabilitation of the injured. A full time director of rehabilitation at INA World Headquarters in Philadelphia directs this international program. INA rehabilitation coordinators are located in every major city in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico to insure that immediate and satisfactory service is given. A specially trained staff of rehabilitation nurses is on hand to go anywhere in the world to act as liaison between the patient and medical practitioner, interpreting the patient's needs.

This is MEND... a new dimension in insurance.

The goals of the INA MEND Institute are many. First is the prime objective of developing new areas of knowledge and skills which will be of specific help to those who need rehabilitation services in order to have a more productive life.

Secondly, the INA MEND Institute services the entire MEND program of Insurance Company of North America, strengthening its relationship with potential or existing insureds, helping to develop new and pertinent information which will be meaningful in selection of new business, the offering of services, and maintenance of the basic INA philosophy of being a company that cares.

The third goal of the INA MEND Institute is the goal of change, for it is believed that the Institute will be a powerful force of influence and education which will demonstrate to business executives, educators, medical researchers and people from every walk of life that hope can be derived from the seemingly hopeless, and even the most seemingly unproductive of our disabled citizens can play a contributing role in society if he can be given the opportunity that is rightfully his.



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