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(A Non-Profit, Non-Stock Corporation) 1212 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

DRI STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The purpose or purposes for which said corporation is organized shall be to promote improvements in the administration of justice and enhance the service of the legal profession to the public; to support and work for the improvement of the adversary system of juris prudence in the operation of the courts; to encourage the prompt, fair and just disposition of tort claims; to enhance the knowledge and improve the skills of defense lawyers; to advance the equitable and expeditious handling of disputes arising under all forms of insurance and surety contracts; to work for the elimination of court congestion and delays in civil litigation; to cooperate with programs of public education directed toward highway safety and the redua tion of losses and costs resulting from highway and other casualties; and to carry on other related and similar activities in the public interest.

Additional copies of this pamphlet may be obtained at cost from:
Defense Research Institute, 1212 W. Wisconsin Avenue,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233.

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