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shall on May 29, 1915, have been engaged in the practice of architecture in this State for at least one year, and who shall present to said board an affidavit to that effect within ninety days after May 29, 1915, shall be entitled to receive such a certificate to practice architecture upon payment to the secretary of said board of a fee of $20.00 without examination by said board. In the case of a co-partnership of architects, each member must hold a certificate to practice. No stock company or corporation shall be entitled to a certificate to practice architecture, but the same may employ architects holding certificates. Each person holding certificates to practice architecture in this State, shall post such certificate in a prominent place in his or her place of business and shall cause such certificate to be recorded in the Secretary of State's office upon payment of a fee of one dollar to the Secretary of State. Failure to post his or her certificate or to have the same recorded, shall be deemed sufficient cause for revocation of said certificate.

This board shall certify and publish annually in the month of April a complete list of registered architects with their residence, in a daily newspaper in the State of Florida.

2239. Non-resident architects.—That any architect from Ib., Sec. 11. out of this State may practice in the State of Florida, without examination, provided he is qualified. The qualifications shall consist of any of the following requirements: First, if he holds a certificate from a similarly constituted board of another State; Second, if he be a member of the American Institute of Architects; Third, if he is a graduate of any of the schools of architecture generally recognized as such by the profession, and in addition has practiced the profession of architecture for at least two years; Fourth, if he is a long established architect in his community and has to his credit a number of buildings recognized as being of good design and construction.

In all the above cases such architect shall be admitted to the practice of architecture in this State, subject to all the provisions of this Chapter, and he shall be held to comply with same.

Any applicant desiring to practice architecture in this State who cannot show any of the requirements as above stated shall enter into examination to determine his qualifications.

Ib., Scc. 13.

2240. Annual registration; fee.—That every registered architect who desires to continue to practice in this State his profession shall annually during the time he shall continue to practice, pay to the secretary of said board during the month of July, a fee of five dollars, and the secretary shall thereupon issue to such registered architect a certificate of renewal of his registration for a term of one year. Upon failure to have his certificate renewed during the month of July in each and every year, the holder thereof shall have his certificate revoked, but the failure to renew said registration in apt time shall not deprive him of the right to renewal upon payment of said fee, provided, his application for reinstatement is made within one year after the expiration of his certificate.

Ib., Sec. 14.

2241. Revocation of certificate; reinstatement. – That architects' certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter shall remain in full force until revoked for cause hereinafter provided. Any registration so granted may be revoked by unanimous vote by the said board for gross incompetency, or negligence in the construction of buildings, or for dishonest practices on the part of the holder thereof, or on conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, in which case the record of conviction is conclusive evidence, or wilfully misleading or defrauding any person employing him as an architect by any artifice or false statement; but before any certificate of registration shall be revoked such holder thereof shall be entitled to at least twenty days' notice of the charge against him, and of the time and place of meeting of the board for the hearing and determination of such charge, and on the cancellation of such registration it shall be the duty of the secretary of said board to give notice of such cancellation to the Secretary of State, who shall mark the registration record in his office cancelled.

The person whose certificate of registration was revoked may have a new certificate of registration issued to him by the secretary of said board upon the certificate of said board, issued by them upon satisfactory evidence for proper reasons for his reinstatement, and upon payment to the secretary of a fee of ten dollars.

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Ib., Sec. 15.

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2242. Seal of architect. That every registered architect shall have a seal, which must contain the name of the architect, his place of business, and the words “Registered Architect, State of Florida,” with which he shall stamp all draw

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ings and speculations issued from his or her office for use in this State.

2243. Report of receipts and expenditures made to Gov. Ib., Sec. 16. ernor.-That within the first week of December after the organization of said board and annually thereafter, the secretary of the board shall make to the Governor of the State a complete statement of the receipts and expenditures of said board, attested by affidavit of the president and secretary, and a complete report of the transactions of the board with such recommendations for the advancement and betterment of the profession as it may think best.

(Penalty for practicing architecture without certificate, see Sec. 5539.)



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2244. License.—Any person now or hereafter engaging Ch. 6955, or working at the business of operating or assisting in the Sec. 1. operation of any cinematograph or similar apparatus commonly known as moving picture machines, in any city in this State shall be required to obtain a license.

2245. Board of Examiners.--A board of examiners and li- Ib., Sec. 2. cense commissioners to be composed of three members, one of whom shall have some knowledge of electricity, one an expert operator of moving picture machines, and the third an electrical inspector or building commissioner employed by the city. The mayor of each city in the State shall appoint said board.

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2246. Examination of applicants; fee.-All applications Ib., Sec. 3. for license accompanied by a fee of $1.00 shall be made to this board, and each applicant shall at any time and place that the board shall designate, be required to pass an examination as to his qualifications as said board may direct. Said examination may be made in whole or in part, in writing, but shall be a practical and elementary character but sufficiently strict to test the qualifications of the applicant as to his knowledge of electricity.

2247. License for one year.-A license good for one year 1b., Sec. to from date of issuance shall be issued to every operator that

successfully passes the required examination. Operators failing to pass said examination shall have the fee returned to them, and his employer notified by the board.

Ib., Sec. 5.

2248. Qualifications of operator and assistant.-It shall be unlawful for any proprietor, owner, or manager of any theater or moving picture show in any city, to employ or have in his employ, any operator or assistant operator, on a moving picture machine who is not over 18 years of age, and who has not successfully passed the examination and received a license as required by this Act. No operator shall be granted a license as operator who has not had at least one year practical experience on moving picture machines and no person shall be granted an assistant license who has not served under an experienced operator for one year prior to making application for assistant license. All machines shall be under the care and supervision of one person holding an operator's license, who shall be responsible for the proper handling of the machine by said assistant. The provisions of this section shall apply to owners and managers who operate their own machines, who will be required to be in possession of an operator's license.

io., Sec. 7.

2249. Inspection of moving picture machines. One member of the board or some person designated shall make an inspection of every moving picture machine in the city at least three times a year, and report to the board on blanks provided, the condition of electrical connections, name of operator and each assistant and make an examination of each license issued. The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to cities and towns of less than six thousand inhabitants.

Ib., Sec. 8.

2250. Appropriation by city.-A sufficient appropriation shall be made by the city council or commission whose duty is to appropriate such funds for the proper administration of the provisions of this law, for the purposes and use of said board of examiners.

(Penalties for violation of regulations as to operating moving picture machines, see Sec. 5541.)



2251. Plumbers certificate.-Any person now or hereafter Ch. 6944, engaged in or working at the business of plumbing in cities Sec. 1: as of seven thousand and five hundred population or more in Ch. 7312, this State, either as master plumber or employing plumber or as journeyman plumber, shall first receive a certificate there

in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.

Acts 1917,
Sec. 1.



2252. Application for certificate; examination. Any Ib., Sec. 2. person desiring to engage in or work at the business of plumbing, either as a master plumber or employing plumber or as a journeyman plumber, in cities having a population of seven thousand five hundred or more and a system of water supply or sewerage, shall make application to a Board of Examiners hereinafter provided for, at such times and place as said board may direct. Said examinations may be made in whole or in part in writing and shall be of a practical and elementary character, but sufficiently strict to test the qualifications of the applicant.

2253. Board of examiners; qualifications; terms of office; Ib., Sec. 3. compensation.—There shall be in every city of seven thousand five hundred inhabitants or more, a board of examiners oi plumbers, consisting of three members, one of which shall be chairman of said board of health; a second member, who shall be a master plumber, and a third member, who shall be a journeyman plumber. Said second and third members shall be appointed by the appointing power of said city or town as provided by charter or ordinance for the term of one year from the first day of January in the year of appointment, thereafter annually before the first day of January, and shall be paid from the treasury of said city the same as other officers, in such sum as the authorities may designate.

2254. Examination of applicants; fees, etc.--Said board ib., Sec. 4. of examiners shall, as soon as may be after their appointment, meet, and shall then designate the times and places for examination of all applicants desiring to engage in or work at the business of plumbing within their respective jurisdiction. Said board shall examine said applicants as to their practical knowledge of plumbing, house drainage, and plumbing ventilation, and, if satisfied of the competency of

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