The Senator; or, Clarendon's parliamentary chronicle, Volume 24

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Page 245 - His Majesty will eagerly embrace the opportunity to concert with his allies the means of immediate and general pacification. Unhappily no such security hitherto exists : no sufficient evidence of the principles by which the new government will be directed ; no reasonable ground by which to judge of its stability.
Page 396 - PITT moved the order of the day, for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe to confider of Ways and Means for railing a fupply granted to His Majefty.
Page 158 - Bragge moved the order of the day for the Houfe to go into a Committee of...
Page 690 - Whitbrtad moved the Order of the Day for the fecond reading of the Bill to explain and amend the fth of Elizabeth, relative to the wages of artificers, labourers, &c. The Order being read, he moved, that this Bill be new read a fecond time.
Page 468 - The flesh will quiver where the pincers tear, The blood will follow where the knife is driven.
Page 217 - Auguft, had either been fubdued by the juft exercife of authority, or corrected by reflection, and by the more full difclofure of the views of the enemy. The zeal, alacrity, and public fpirit of the bankers and commercial agents at Madras, as well as...
Page 559 - America, whil'.t the minifters, as in this bufinefc, refufed the fatisfaftion required. This occafioned a motion, That there be laid before the houfe an account of the lad returns of the number of effective men, in the feveral regiments and corps in his Majefty's fervice, ferving in North America, together with a (late of the lick and wounded; difUnguifhing the feveral places where the faid troops
Page 661 - upon the plain of the field of battle, but upon this plain, the floor of this Houfe, that the Conftitution of England has triumphed, and triumphed it has, without the aid of external force; and it was done by the arms which we have flill in our hands.
Page 287 - Providence, has recently attended his arms, he is yet ready (if the calamities of war can now be clofed) to conclude peace on the fame moderate and equitable principles and terms which he has before propofed: the rejection of fuch terms muft now...
Page 215 - India, by the ordinary paffage round the Cape of Good Hope, I did not relax any part of the naval or military preparations which had been commenced under my orders. The opportunity now appeared favourable for opening a negotiation with Tippoo Sultaun.

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