Flood Control, Rivers and Harbors -- Miscellaneous Projects: Hearings Before a Subcommittee, Eighty-fourth Congress, First Session, on S. 414, S. 524, S. 1069. April 18-21, 1955

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Considers (84) S. 15, (84) S. 628, (84) S. 1070, (84) S. 1318, (84) S. 1340, (84) S. 414, (84) S. 524, (84) S. 1069.

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Page 252 - For the purpose of promoting health, safety, morals, or the general welfare of the community, the legislative body of cities and incorporated villages is hereby empowered to regulate and restrict the height, number of stories, and size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of lot that may be occupied, the size of yards, courts, and other open spaces, the density of population, and the location and use of buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residence, or other purposes.
Page 155 - Federal investigations and improvements of rivers and other waterways for flood control and allied purposes shall be under the jurisdiction of and shall be prosecuted by the War Department under the direction of the Secretary of War and supervision of the Chief of Engineers...
Page 294 - War is hereby authorized and directed to acquire in the name of the United States title to all lands, easements, and rightsof-way necessary for any dam and reservoir project or channel improvement or channel rectification project for flood control...
Page 158 - The use for navigation, in connection with the operation and maintenance of such works herein authorized for construction, of waters arising in States lying wholly or partly west of the ninetyeighth meridian shall be only such use as does not conflict with any beneficial consumptive use, present or future, in States lying wholly or partly west of the ninety-eighth meridian, of such waters for domestic, municipal, stock water, irrigation, mining, or industrial purposes.
Page 155 - States, political subdivisions thereof, or other responsible local agencies have given assurances satisfactory to the Secretary of War that they will (a) provide without cost to the United States all lands, easements, and rights-of-way necessary for the construction of the project, except as otherwise...
Page 155 - Army that they will (a) provide without cost to the United States all lands, easements, and rights-of-way necessary for the construction of the project, except as otherwise provided herein; (b) hold and save the United States free from damages due to the construction works; (c) maintain and operate all the works after completion in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Army...
Page 252 - C" Local Business District. In the "C" Local Business District, no building or premises shall be used, and no building shall be erected or structurally altered which is arranged, intended or designed to be used for other than a use permitted in "A" and "B" residence districts or for one or more of the following uses: 1.
Page 157 - ... affected State or States, during the course of the investigations, Information developed by the Investigations and also opportunity for consultation regarding plans and proposals, and, to the extent deemed practicable by the ChIef of Engineers, opportunity to cooperate In the Investigations.
Page 155 - ... navigable streams and tributaries thereof when in the opinion of the Chief of Engineers such work is advisable in the interest of flood control: Provided, That not more than $25,000 shall be allotted for this purpose for any single tributary from the appropriations for any one fiscal year.
Page 158 - That section 3 of the Act approved June 22, 1936 (Public, Numbered 738, Seventy-fourth Congress), as amended by section 2 of the Act approved June...

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