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WARREN G. MAGNUSON, Washington, Chairman JOHN O. PASTORE, Rhode Island



NORRIS COTTON, New Hampshire STROM THURMOND, South Carolina



HUGH SCOTT, Pennsylvania
CLAIR ENGLE, California
E. L. BARTLETT, Alaska
GALE W. McGEE, Wyoming

HAROLD I. BAYNTON, Chief Counsel
JOHN M. McELROY, Assistant Chief Counsel
JEREMIAH J. KENNEY, Jr., Assistant Chief Clerk


NOTE.—Part 1 of this bearing covers hearings held on May 11, 12, 16, 17, and 18, 1961.



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Statement of —

Chase, Randall, president, Chase & Co., Sanford, Fla..
Chenoweth, I. E., manager of traffic and transportation department,

Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, 616 South Boston Street, Tulsa,

Clevenger, M. A., executive vice president, Canners League of

California, 9 First Street, San Francisco, Calif.
Cowles, Lee R., vice president, Freight Rate Service Co., 2522 Summit

Street, Kansas City, Mo.-----
Crow, Ralph R., president, R. R. Crow Lumber Co., Saratoga, Wyo..
Culpepper, Caughey B., secretary and general manager, Atlanta

Freight Bureau, Post Office Box 1736, Atlanta, Ga------
Easterling, H. F., division traffic manager, forest products operations,

Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., Post Office Box 488, West Monroe,

Eisenhart, John H., Jr., counsel for the Great Lakes Shipowners

Foltz, R. H., director of transportation, Archer-Daniels Midland Co.,

700 Investors Building, Minneapolis, Minn.-Gilliland, J. E., vice president, St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Co.,

906 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo., accompanied by E. D. Grinnell,

Jr., general attorney ------
Goodman, William W., vice president, George A. Shephard & Sons Co.,

Bethel, Conn.----
Haynes, James P., manager of transportation, Louisville Chamber of

Commerce, Louisville, Ky-------
Heineman, W. B., chairman of the board, Chicago & North Western

Railway, 400 West Madison Street, Chicago, Ill.---
Hutchinson, Hon. Everett, Chairman, Interstate Commerce Com-

mission, Washington, D.C., accompanied by Commissioners

Howard Freas and Kenneth Tuggle-------
Ingersoll, A. C., Jr., president, Federal Barge Lines, 611 East Marceau

Street, St. Louis, Mo., accompanied by John H. Eisenhart, Jr.,

counsel for the Great Lakes Shipowners Association.--Kelsay, W. 0., 356 West Hazel Street, Roseburg, Oreg-------Kipp, Donald P., president and general manager, Kramer Bros.

Freight Lines, Inc., 4195 Central Avenue, Detroit, Mich-------
Kline, Mrs. Beman, president, Volunteer Truckers Association, 6800

Williams Lake Road, Waterford, Mich., accompanied by Mrs. Verl
Collier, of Pontiac, Mich., Mrs. Helen Hart, of Auburn Heights,
Mich.,Mrs. Wanda Moormon, of Wixen, Mich., Mrs. Joseph Jozwik,
of Pontiac, Mich., and introduced to the committee by Harold

Beaton, legislative assistant to Senator McNamara, of Michigan..
Langdon, Jr., Jervis, president, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Baltimore,

Md., representing the Association of American Railroads and the

American Short Line Railroad Association -----
McDonald, Angus, assistant director, National Farmers Union, 1404

New York Avenue NW., Washington, D.C..
Ott, William H., chairman, executive committee, National Industrial

Traffic League, and general traffic manager, Kraft Foods Inc.,

500 Peshtigo Court, Chicago, Ill ----Quealy, Hon. Patrick J., mayor, town of Kemmerer, Kemmerer, Wyo. Shapiro, Alvin, vice president, American Merchant Institute, Inc.,

919 18th Street NW., Washington, D.C.---Standridge, M. W., traffic manager, National Tank Co., Charles Page Boulevard and 31st West Avenue, Tulsa, Okla ---

---Thornton, Jr., W. L., general traffic manager, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Neenah, Wis.



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Statement submitted by

Anderson, Clifton C., secretary, Farmers Elevator Association of South Page

Dakota, 423 Citizens Building, Aberdeen, S. Dak..-.
Breitinger, R. J., chairman of traffic committee, American Home

Laundry Manufacturers Association, 20 North Wacker Drive,

Chicago, Ill.---
Broyhill, Hon. Joel T., U.S. Representative for the 10th District of

Virginia, House Office Building, Washington, D.C....
Calhoun, Chad F., vice president, Kaiser Industries Corp., 1625

I Street NW., Washington, D.C.---------------
Campbell, Boyd, Jackson, Miss--
Clute, G. M., manager of traffic and distribution, California &

Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corp., 215 Market Street, San Francisco,

Cole, W. C., general traffic manager, Georgia-Pacific Corp., Equitable

Building, Portland, Oreg ----
Colgrove, M. S., vice president, Freight Traffic Committee, California

Manufacturers Association, 403 West Eighth Street, Los Angeles,

Connolly, C. S., assistant vice president, traffic, Carnation Co.,

Carnation Building, Los Angeles, Calif.--
Corby, Phillip M., traffic manager, Grain Merchants Inc., 960 Board

of Trade Building, Kansas City, Mo.-----
Crouch, Cleo, vice president, Crouch Bros., Inc., St. Joseph, Mo., and

chairman, Legislative Committee of Machinery Haulers Association. 645
Cutcliff, L. M., traffic manager, Alabama By-Products Corp., Post
Office Box 354, Birmingham, Ala.-----

651 DeBoer, William, general traffic manager of Western Division, the

Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp., Post Office Box 1920, Denver, Colo..
Dostal, Charles L., president, Thilmany Pulp & Paper Co., Kau-

kauna, Wis...--------
Falk, Ernest, manager, Northwest Horticulture Council, 1002 Larson

Building, Yakima, Wash...
Forgash, Morris, chairman, board of governors, Freight Forwarders

Institute, 1012 14th Street NW., Washington, D.C.
Franklin, Wayne S., general traffic manager, Brown-Forman Distillers

Corp., Louisville, Ky------
Franzen, Gerald E., director of transportation, Chicago Association

of Commerce & Industry, 30 West Monroe Street, Chicago, m...
Freund, F. G., director of traffic, American Trucking Associations,

Inc., 1616 P Street NW., Washington, D.C.---
Grav, William D., assistant to executive vice president, Southern

Hardwood Traffic Association, Commerce Title Building, Memphis,

Heilman, Richard H., director of transportation, A. O. Smith Corp.,

3533 North 27th Street, Milwaukee, Wis...
Johnson, H. X., general traffic manager, Ralston Purina Co., Checker-

board Square, St. Louis, Mo.--.
Kimball, Clisbee, traffic manager, Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., Post Office

Box 2010, Salt Lake City, 'tah.--
kneessy, Alfred J., manager of transportation planning and control.

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., 1600 West Hill Street, Louis

ville, Ky-..
Kroeker, P. W., president, Illinois Territory Industrial Traffic League,

Chicago, Ill...
Miles. Clarence R., manager of legislative department, Chamber of

Commerce of the United States, Washington, D.C..
Moore, Edd, executive secretary-manager, Grower Shippers Associa-

tion, Inc., Post Office Box 1100, Idaho Falls, Idaho.-
Morin, Russell A., chairman of the traffic committee, Gypsum Asso-

ciation, 201 North Wells Street, Chicago, m.
Morton, Robert J., general traffic manager, Combustion Engineering,

Inc, 1000 Prospect Hill Road, Windsor, Conn...
National Truckaway Wires, Inc., 5516 Forty-First Avenue, Kenosha,

Neely, Milton E., erecutive vice president, Omahs Grain Exchange,

Omahs, Sebr.-----

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Statement by-Continued

Oldham, W. B., president, Oldham Lumber Co., 927 South Haskell

Street, Dallas, Tex., and president of the National Lumber Dealers Page

O'Malley, James C., president and general manager, retail division,
O'Malley Lumber Co., Phoenix, Ariz ----

688 Palmer, Thomas C., vice president, Commercial Oil Transport, Inc., Post Office Box 270, Fort Worth, Tex..

689 Patterson, J. D., vice president, Union Bag-Camp Paper Corp., 233 Broadway, New York, N.Y.----

700 Peabody, R. V., chairman traffic committee, National Plant Food Institute, 1700 K Street NW., Washington, D.C..

704 Ploetz, Donald G., traffic manager, Harnischfeger Corp., 4400 West National Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis.---

705 Recker, Earl C., Earl C. Recker Co., Post Office Box 978, Mesa, Ariz.. 706 Robinson, Myles E., director, Department of Economics and Trans

portation, National Coal Association, 1130 17th Street NW., Wash

ington, D.C. (also William M. Maddox and Rolla D. Campbell)--- 707 Ruthrauff, Dorsey O., traffic manager, American Crystal Sugar Co., Boston Building, Denver, Colo.-------

709 Schilling, Franklin M., traffic manager, American Creosote Works, Inc., Post Office Box 4008, New Orleans, La.--.

710 Scoggin, J. R., general traffic manager, F. Á. Peavey & Co., 760 Grain Exchange Building, Minneapolis, Minn..

711 Seaton, F. M., president, Metropolitan Fuels Co., 5060 River Road, Bethesda, Md.-----

712 Settgas, W. R., traffic executive, American Paper & Pulp Association,

122 East 42d Street, New York, N.Y. (Robert E. O'Conner, execu

tive secretary)-----Simpson, L. W., president, Mid Seven Transportation Co., 2323 Dela

ware Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa ----Swenson, G. L., general traffic manager, Farmers Union Central Exchange, Post Office Box G, St. Paul, Minn..

716 Thatcher, M. W., general manager, National Federation of Grain Cooperatives, St. Paul, Minn....

719 Thomas, H. S., president, Nevada Iron Ore Co., Post Office Box 699,

Lovelock, Nev--------
Tyler, Robert J., general traffic manager, Tube Turns Division of

Chemetron Corp., Louisville, Ky--
Weller, John L., president, Seatrain Lines, Inc., 595 River Road,

Edgewater, N. J.------
Wilgus, Ralph C., director of traffic, Carrier Corp., Carrier Building,
Syracuse, N.Y.------

728 Wiseman, E. R., manager, traffic and transportation, StudebakerPackard Corp., South Bend, Ind.----

729 Letters, telegrams, etc.: Andreas, D. O., assistant general manager, Farmers Union Grain

Terminal Association, St. Paul, Minn.
Apple Growers Association, Hood River, Oreg -----

733 Bailey, John J., manager, Penn Paper & Stock Co., 1514-16 Ecking

ton Place NE., Washington, D.C.. Baker, Charles, president, Inland Empire Waterways Association, Post Office Box 98, Walla Walla, Wash ----

734 Brady, Edward T., chairman, board of county commissioners, Kem

merer, Wyo., and B. Telford Williams, member of the board. ---Bressett, J. E., general chairman, New England Shippers Advisory Board, Waltham, Mass.---

752 Breitwiser, S. Dak., president, DX Sunray Oil Co., 909 South Detroit

Street, Tulsa, Okla ----
Brinkley, Homer L., executive vice president, National Council of

Farmer Cooperatives, 1616 H Street NW., Washington, D.C.---
Browning, E., employee of Navajo Freight Lines, Inc., South Bend,

553 Burnette, C. W., secretary-treasurer, Johnston's Fuel Liners, Inc.,

Post Office Box 112, Newcastle, Wyo..

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Page 743


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Letters and telegrams-Continued

Campbell, Rolla D., Island Creek Coal Co., Huntington, W. Va..---
Carr, S. W. W., traffic manager, Traffic Bureau of Sioux Falls, 219

South Main Avenue, Sioux Falls, S. Dak..
Collars, James H., Columbia River Salmon & Tuna Packers Associa-

tion, Astoria, Oreg----
Curtis, Fred P., president, Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel Corp.,
Omaha, Nebr...

-----Dollofl', C, G., traffic manager, Coleman Co., Inc., Wichita, Kans... Edison, Don E., executive secretary, Farmers Grain Dealers Associa

tion of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa. -----
Eugene Fruit Growers Association, Eugene, Oreg-..
Ferrero, D. A., commissioner, Sweetwater County-Wyoming, Green

River W'yo., and Commissioners Willis H. Heikes and George M.
Stephens ---------

---------------------Gena, A. C., president, Green River Chamber of Commerce, Green

River, W'
Gibson, 'Jr., R. L., vice president, Libby, McNeill & Libby, 455 Beach

Street, San Francisco, Calif...
Glickman, Aaron H., executive secretary, California Association of

Port Authorities, 601 Market Street, San Francisco, Calif..------
Hardy, T, H., partner, Hardy Sand Co., Evansville, Ind.---
Harris, Martin J., president, Evanston Chamber of Commerce, Evans

ton, Wyo. -----
Hendrickson, Roy F., executive secretary, National Federation of

Grain Cooperatives, ill 14th Street VW., Washington, D.C. -Hewitt, B. L, president, Coastal Terminals, Inc., Post Office Box

265, Charleston, SC --
James, I. L. Rogue River Packing Corp., Medford, Oreg.
hell, D. Franklin, executive secretary and general counsel, Textile

Waste Association, Healey Building, Atlanta, Ga...
King, W. Li, trattie manager, Sterling Industries, Inc., Sacramento.

kohlwes. E. E, general trattic manager, Standard Milling Co. 1009

Central Street, Kansas City, Mo..
koplin, ll, Gi, trattie manager, Salt Lake Hardware Co., Post Othee

Box 310. Salt Lake City, Utah..
Krinitt, Ben, president. Filbar Furniture Manufacturing Co. Ine.

2828 Butler Avenue, Lynwood, Calif..-..
landis Eugene, director of transportation, International Minerals &

Chemical Corp., Old Orchard Road, Skokie, ni..
Warnard, Joha X, president, Warwood, Ine., Post Office Box 59L.

Amarillo. Tex. -------
..cuiloh, Jack, executive seeretary. South Dakota Stoekgrowers

welation. +20 St. Joseph, Rapid City. S. Dak.
Vorten. E seeretarv. Vational Wilk Producers Federation. F

Street NW, Washington, D.C.
Potter. W am H., vice president, Beaufort Fisheries, Inc., Beaufort
Prods, Higat WI. chairman, The Board of County Commissioners
tina Cocrafv-Wyoming, Evanston. Wyo and Commissioner

par W. Dahiquist and Verne Tavlor ----
Rarbour, Hoa. Harvid F aror, town of Evanston, Evanston. .
Refer. Roermond R.. president. Reter Fruit Co., Post Ofree Box 102.

V itori. Greg -------
Sko Norman, genersi tratie manager. Watson Navigation Co., LOL

Ceaneccieur Avenue NW Washingtoz. D.C..
sal. Charles R ebisirman. Special Committee on Domestie Shipping

American aveiation of Port Authorities Ine..
Sauer. Everett E. Seretarr-treastrer, Montana Wool Growers is

ciation, Helena Voat
odergren, KL.. general traite manager. Gustin-Baeva Vanufactur

ing Co. 1 West Loth street. Koss City, Wo_
S ann. GE.. president. Giann-Quealy Coal Co., and The Kemmerer

Cai Corontier Wro ----------


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