Life of Buonaparte: In which the Atrocious Deeds, which He Has Perpetrated, in Order to Attain His Elevated Station, are Faithfully Recorded; by which Means Every Briton Will be Enabled to Judge of the Disposition of His Threatening Foe; and Have a Faint Idea of the Desolation which Awaits this Country, Should His Menaces Ever be Realized

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Tegg and Castleman, [and] B. Crosby and Company, 1803 - 286 pages

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Page 130 - Buonaparte was too cautious, and sent Berthier to enforce obedience. " When the Turks had all fallen, the French troops humanely endeavoured to put a period to the sufferings of the wounded, but some time elapsed before the bayonet could finish what the fire had not destroyed, and probably many languished days in agony.
Page 132 - Bonaparte of high treason, in the full assembly, against the honour of France, her children, and humanity; that he entered into the full details of the poisoning of the sick, and the massacre of the garrison; aggravating these crimes by charging...
Page 129 - Buonapart6, who had expressed much resentment at the compassion manifested by his troops, and 'determined to relieve himself from the maintenance and care of three thousand eight hundred prisoners...
Page 131 - ... in the hospital was the only measure which could be adopted. The physician, alarmed at the proposal, bold in the confidence of virtue and the cause of humanity, remonstrated vehemently, representing the cruelty as well as the atrocity of such a murder ; but finding that...
Page 131 - Janissary, undaunted, replied, " I must answer that question by asking you the same ; your answer will be, that you came to serve your sultan ; so did I mine." The intrepid frankness of the reply excited universal interest in his favour. Bonaparte even smiled. " He is saved," whispered some of the aids-de-camp.
Page 131 - Bonaparte persevered and menaced, he indignantly left the tent, with this memorable observation : " Neither my principles, nor the character of my profession, will allow me to become a murderer; and, general, if such qualities as you insinuate are necessary to form a great man, I thank my God that I do not possess them.
Page 131 - ... posterity with infamy for obeying a command when their submission became an act of necessity, since the whole army did not mutiny against the execution ; therefore to establish further the authenticity of the relation, this only can be mentioned, that it was Bonn's division which fired, and thus every one is afforded the opportunity of satisfying themselves respecting the truth, by enquiring of officers serving in the different brigades composing this division.
Page 131 - ... reasons cannot be here inserted ; on his arrival he entered into a long conversation with him respecting the danger of contagion, concluding at last with the remark, that something must be done to remedy the evil, and that the destruction of the sick at present in the hospital was the only measure which could be adopted.
Page 129 - Jaffa by assault, many of the garrison were put to the sword ; but the greater part flying into the mosques, and imploring mercy from their pursuers, were granted their lives; and let it be well remembered, that an exasperated army in the moment of revenge...
Page 270 - French government to sequestrate the property of the order within his territories ; and it is certain that they have not only sanctioned, but encouraged the idea of the propriety of separating the Russian langues from the remainder of the order. As the conduct of the governments of France and Spain have, therefore; in some instances directly, and in others indirectly, contributed to the changes which have taken place in the order, and thus destroyed its means of supporting its independence, it is...

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