Yearbook of American Churches

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National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America, 1920 - Christian sects

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Page 144 - To elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching, and to promote the cause of popular education in the United States.
Page 170 - Organized for the protection of the home, the abolition of the liquor traffic, and the triumph of Christ's Golden Rule in custom and in law.
Page 163 - Work exists to facilitate discussion of the problems and methods of practical human improvement, to increase the efficiency of agencies and institutions devoted to this cause, and to disseminate information.
Page 96 - ... an act regulating the grants of land appropriated for military services, and for the society of the United Brethren for propagating the gospel among the heathen...
Page 147 - ... Resolved, The House of Bishops concurring, That a Joint Committee, consisting of seven Bishops, seven Presbyters and seven Laymen, be appointed to take under advisement the promotion by this Church of a Conference following the general method of the World Missionary Conference, to be participated in by representatives of all Christian bodies throughout the world which accept our Lord JESUS CHRIST as God and Saviour...
Page 254 - Rev. Wm. I. (American Bible Society). Kelly, Robert L. (Council of Church Boards of Education). Knox, Mrs. DeWitt (Federation of Woman's Boards of Foreign Missions). Thompson, Rev. Charles L. (Home Missions Council). Webb, Rev. George T. (Sunday School Council of Evangelical Denominations) . Turner, FP (Committee of Reference and Counsel of the Foreign Missions Conference of NA — consultative member). Inman, Rev. SG (Committee on Cooperation in Latin America • — consultative member). Chairmen...
Page 173 - The immediate purpose of this organization shall be to unite in one body the Young Women's Christian Associations of the United States ; to establish; develop and unify such Associations ; to participate in the work of the World's Young Women's Christian Association ; to advance the physical, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual interests of young women.
Page 235 - This Federal Council shall have no authority over the constituent bodies adhering to it; but its province shall be limited to the expression of its counsel and the recommending of a course of action in matters of common interest to the Churches, local Councils and individual Christians. It has no authority to draw up a common creed or form of government or of worship, or in any way to limit the full autonomy of the Christian bodies adhering to it.
Page 267 - The Interchurch World Movement was organized "To present a unified program of Christian service and to unite the Protestant churches of North America in the performance of their common task." The foundations for the Movement had been securely laid by cooperation in many lines of Christian work at home and abroad, especially by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America.
Page 118 - Charles W. Osborne; Field Sec., Rev. S. Van der Werf. Women's Board of Domestic Missions. Pres., Mrs. John S. Bussing; Cor. Sec., Mrs. John S. Allen; Treas., Miss Mary M. Greenwood. Board of Publication and Bible School Work. Pres., Rev. FS Wilson; Cor. Sec., Rev. Isaac W. Gowen; Treas., John F. Chambers; Educational Sec., Rev. Abraham Duryee. Board of Education. Pres., Rev. EW Thompson ; Rec. Sec., Rev. AT Broek; Cor. Sec., Rev. John G. Gebbard; Treas., John F. Berry. Disabled Ministers' Fund and...

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