Little Nineteenth-century Child: And Other Stories

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William Mullen & Son, 1878 - 374 pages

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Page 154 - For over all there hung a cloud of fear, A sense of mystery the spirit daunted, And said, as plain as whisper in the ear, The place is Haunted ! PART III.
Page 372 - Latest Work of the Rev. W. ARTHUR, MA, Author of "The Successful Merchant," "The Tongue of Fire," etc. THE POPE, THE KINGS, AND THE PEOPLE. A History of the Movement to make the Pope Governor of the World. Tracing the Ultramontane movement for what is called "The Reconstruction of Society," or the establishment of a Theocracy under a Pontiff, with dominion over all Rulers or Nations.
Page 373 - ... MACDONALD. Small 8vo, cloth, price 6s. " To all cultured lovers of spiritual songs and meditations, this little volume will prove a treasure." — Edinburgh Daily Review. SCIENCE AND REVELATION: A Series of Lectures in Reply to the Theories of TYNDALL, HUXLEY, DARWIN, SPENCER, etc. Demy 8vo, cloth, 5^.
Page 374 - Has richly deserved its wide popularity." — Standard. " Is a book so well known and so favourably spoken of that it would be almost a work of supererogation for us to enlarge upon its merits.
Page 373 - The life of Dr. Cooke," says Lord CAIRNS, " was a large portion of the religious and public history of Ireland for the last half-century.
Page 373 - Written with a firm grasp of the subject, in a clear, vigorous style, often rising into eloquence, these catholic papers deserve a hearty welcome, as a valuable contribution to the science of religion." — Pall Mall Gazette, Dec. 6, 1876. " Every portion of the book bears traces of vigorous original thinking and of strong individuality, and shows rare power of felicitous exposition.
Page 371 - This powerful and well-sustained story contains ample evidence of being the work of a man of genius. "—Scotsman. "The most powerful contribution which has yet been made to the literature of the temperance party." — Nonconformist. "HE DRAGGED HER INTO THE SIDE-BAR OF A PUBLIC-HOUSE, AND PUT HER ON THE SEAT AGAINST THE WAINSCOT."—/. 9. By the Author of
Page 373 - We are much mistaken if this autobiography does not take rank as a classic. It is a masterpiece of ingenuous self -portraiture and graphic narrative. In its warmth and simplicity it reminds us of Mr. Smiles' ' Life of Stephenson,' with the zest of autobiography superadded.
Page 374 - ' Eminently calculated to perpetuate the work of usefulness with which the name of Dr. Morgan was identified during his lifetime, and serves greatly to enhance the dignity of a career for which there has been no exact parallel since the foundation of Presbyterianism in Ireland.
Page 156 - The pear and quince lay squandered on the grass ; The mould was purple with unheeded showers Of bloomy plums — a wilderness it was Of fruits, and weeds, and flowers...

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