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The present volume is not intended as a treatise on the Art of Elocution. It is offered to the reader as a compilation of prose and poetry worthy of elocutionary study. The selections have been culled from a wide and varied field, and almost every variety of literary composition has been included—from the lightest character sketch to the sublimest poem. The majority of the pieces are suitable for platform delivery; and I venture to think the collection will be found useful as a reading book in colleges and schools as well as in Elocution Classes.

My thanks are due to Messrs. Chatto & Windus, Messrs. Smith, Elder & Co., Messrs. Macmillan & Co., Ltd., Messrs. Trübner & Co., Mr. Jerome K, Jerome, Mr. S. F. Turner, Mr. R. Blatchford, and other publishers and authors who have granted me permission to reprint selections from copyright works. Should any copyright matter have been inserted without permission, I most heartily apologize to the holders and assure them that the trespass has not been wittingly committed.


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September 1st, 1908.



Ride of Paul Revere, The,
Bubbles of the Day, Scene from

Longfe'low 131
Jerrold 111

Singing Leaves, The Lowell 147
She Stoops to Conquer, Scene from Singing of the Magnificat, The,
Goldsmith 108

E Nesbit 123
The Hunchback, Scene from

Story of the Faithful Soul, The,

Knowles 97

A. A. Proctor 128

The Rivals, Scene from Sheridan 104



Above and Below

Baby in Church. M. M. Gow 136

Lowell 202

At Last

Barbara Frietchie

Whittier 150

Whittier 192

Bivouac Fire, The S. K. Cowan 196
Bishop Hatto

Southey 118

Boy and the Angel, The Browning 173 Captain of the “Nortlıfleet,” The,

Gerald J/assey 178

Dagobert the Jester

Anon 163

David Livingstone Punch" 205

Feast of Belshazzar, The
Sir Edwin Arnold 133
Evelyn Hope

Browning 210
First Snowfall, The

Lowell 189
First Settler's Story, The
W. Carleton 160 Forlorn, The

Lowell 187

S. Rogers 153 How they Brought the Good News

Grace Darling

Wordsworth 116

from Ghent to Aix Drowning 208

Grenville's Last Fight

In Schooldays

Whittier 192

Gerald Massey 120

Lost Found, The Longfellow 182

Incident of the French Camp

Maids of Attitash, The Whittier 179

Browning 156 Minister's Daughter, The Whittier 194

Last Shot, The J. R. Reid 141 Passions, The

W. Collins 206

Legend Beautiful, The Longfellow 168 Red Thread of Honour, The,

Legend of Bregenz, A,

Sir F'. Doyle 199

A. A. Proctor 115 Rock of Ages

Anon 190

Leper, The . Nathaniel P. Willis 171 Sanılalphon

Longfe'low 176
Little Golden-Hair W. Carleton 113 Singers, The

Longfel ow 202
Mary Queen of Scots H. G. Bell 137 Song of the Camp, The,
Maud Müller
WVhittier 151

Bayaril Taylor 186

Alex. Anderson 158 Song for Stout Workers, A,
Paradise and The Peri,

J. S. Blackie 204
Thomas Moore 154 | Three Preachers, The . C. Mackay 197



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Towing Incidents Jerome K.Jerome 317

Art of Proposing, The . Dickens 334


Artless Prattle of Childhood, The

Devastation of Oude, The,

Anon. 315

R. B. Sheridan 382

Briary Villas

Anon 319

Speech on the outbreak of Hostili.

Discussion at the Rainbow,” A,

ties with China W. E. Gladstone 381

Georje Eliot 321

Wonders of Creation, The,

Fishy Story, A Jeroine K. Jerome 372

Dr. 7. Chalmers 380


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