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The retail price of Rightmyer's American System of Penmanship and of
Knopp's German and English Penmanships has been

reduced to Ten Cents,

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RIGHTMEYR'S AMERICAN SYSTEM OF words. No. 6. Exercises in a smaller hand, moral sen-

tences. No. 7. Commercial hand; ledger headings, -No. 1. Text or medium hand for beginners, com

&c. ; bold hand. No. 8. Business forms; notes, prising the thirteen small letters of the alphabet, which drafts, receipts, bills, &c. No. 9. Ladies' hand. are of one height and most easily formed. No. 3. Smal: letters, shaded, and folded letters above the line, ending KNOPP'S GERMAN PENMANSHIP, In 9 with a few easy capitals and easy words. No. 3. All Numbers. Inhalt:-No. 1 und No. 2 anfangegrü the long letters above and below the line, and their com

und fleine Budstaben. No. 3. Große Budaben und binations with the small letters, with all the capitals in Zablen. No. 4. Hebungen in Worten. No. 5. Uebungen variety with short easy words. No. 4. Five easy words in Säger : Aleine Sdrift. No. 6. llebungen in Worten : to the page, commencing with capitals. No. 5. Eight Kaufmännisde Sdrift. No. 7. (Mit 4 linier words to the page, of different lengths, with a capital at S drift auf jeder Seite.) Uebungen in Briefen, the commencement and in the middle of the

page. No. Med nungen, Duittungen, Noten und Wedseln. Kleinste 6. Words at the ends of the line and sentences in the laufmännische Sdrift. A. Uebungen in Säßen. B. middle. No. 7. Twenty-four sentences commencing Uebungen in Worten. with capitals. No. 8. Twenty-four sentences smaller size. No. 0. Twenty-four sentences, very fine, for a

SCHOOL RECREATIONS, or the Catholic Teachlady's finished hand. No. 10. Commercial forms for

er's Companion. Containing 79 Hymns and 5ı Songs, boys. No. 11. Commercial forms, cards of compli

compiled for the use of Catholic Schools, with the apment. No. 12. Variety alphabets, German, Old Eng.

probation of the Most Rev. J. B. PURCELL, Archbishop lish, Roman, and Italic print, plain and ornamented.

of Cincinnati, Rt. Rev. C. A. CARRELL, Bishop of No. Bold commercial writing, day-book, reading

Covington, and Rt. Rev. S. H. Rosecrans, Bishop of 13. sentences, commercial terms, and firm names.

Columbus, O. 8vo. 94 pages.

Retail price, 35C. KNOPP'S PRACTICAL SYSTEM OF PEN BIBLE HISTORY, containing the most remarkable

MANSHIP. In 9 Numbers. Per dozen, $1.20. events of the Old and New Testament, prepared for the CONTENTS :-No.' 1. First principles and contracted use of the Catholic Schools in the United States. By letters. No. 2. Stem, loop, and contracted letters. No. Rev. Richard Gilmour. With the approbation of the 3. Exercises in stem, loop, and contracted letters, com

Most Rev. J. B. PURCELL, D.D., Archbishop of Cinbined into words; also figures. No. 4. Formation of cinnati. Beautifully illustrated with 140 cuts and a plain capitals, with exercises in words. No. 5. Varia map of the Holy Land, printed from electrotype, on extions in more complicated capitals, with exercises in cellent paper. 346 pages. Retail price, 7oc


Vine St., Cincinnati, O.



A SYSTEM OF ANALYSIS AND PARSING; arWood's Class-Book of Botany.,

ranged in Tabular Forms, with Examples for

.$3 50 Wood's American Botanist and Florist.. 2 50

Practice, for Schools and Academies.

By J. Wood's Class-Book of Botany. Old Ed. 2 25 Berry, A.M., Principal of the Swan Street Wood's Object Lessons in Botany.

I 50 Grammar School, Buffalo, N. Y. In fine Pulton & Eastman's Book-keeping,

I 25 6 in a set..., 1 20

cloth, price 75 cents. To Teachers, for ex10,000 of above Text-Book and 239,000 of the Blanks have amination, 50 cents, post-paid.

been sold in ten years.

The most extensive list, over 30 kinds. The most supos

From Thos. Lothrop, M.D., Superintendt. of Education. nor manufacture: this is conceded. The latest boundaries Your Parsing Book, just published, happily meets a neces laid down. The cheapest. Prices net.

No discount to sity long experienced in our graded schools. A text-book Schools or School Boards.

which would serve as a guide to teachers and pupils in

grammatical analysis, was so urgently demanded, that, at to inch Terrestrial, with quadrant, Solld Mahogany Frame, style of cut XO 1

$275 00

my own request, you commenced the preparation of the 179 inch bronze pedestal frame, per pair, cut Na %

present work.

Your success more than meets my anticipa16 inch wood frame, per pair, cut No. 5.

tions, and the result is highly creditable to your ability and 16 tach Slate Globe, on semi-frame, cut No. 6,

intellectual attainments, as well as to the Department which *tz inch bronze pedestal frame, per pair, cut No. 3.

now enjoys your services.
Is iach low bronze frame, per pair, Cut No. 4.
12 inch wood frane, per pair, c No. 5.

I take great pleasure in recommending your able work to 19 inch wood semi-frame, per pair, cut No. 6,

school authorities elsewhere.
te insch Masonic, per pair, balls only.
to inch bronze frame, per pair, cut No. 7,

From James Hadley, A.M., Professor of Greek in Vale to inch wood frame, per pair, cut No. 5.

College, New Haven, Conn. 410 inch Maonic, per pair, balls only.

It is well adapted to its purpose. The plan is well consid9 12 inch word frame, per pair, cut No. 5, 917 inch wood semi-frame per pair, cut Noa

ered, thoroughly worked out, and illustrated by abundant 6 inch wood frame, per pair, cut No. S

examples. To teachers and to learners the work will be a

valuable aid in the systematic analysis of English sentences. Aunch woo!, semi-frame, per pair, cut No. 6,

From Albert S. Wheeler, A.M., Professor in Cornell


I think it will prove a useful auxiliary in the study of Terrestrial or Celestial sold separate, at one-half the price per

English Grammar. It is methodical and accurate, while
pour Quadrants accompany cach pair of , 1-9, 10, 12, and 16 inch
filates, at adore priccs When single globes are ordered, Quad the examples, taken as they are, from the best of English
hers are charged extra Case and packing for each Globe, $8. authors, have, I think, much educational value, aside from

their fitness as exemplifications of grammatical riles.
Beste Globe 61.75 case and packing for each Globe, 11.50,
case and packing, per pair, $i.




Blanks to


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Inch Quadrants, niach quadrants, Disch quadrants,

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Harper & Brothers, New York.


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Svo 300 . 12mo

I 50

..12mo ...I2mo

1 25 I 25

..... 12mo


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Anthon's Latin Lessons, Latin Grammar, Part I. Containing the most important Parts of the Grammar of the

Latin Language, together with appropriate Exercises in the translating and writing of Latin. tamo, Sheep extra, $1 25.
Anthon's (Professor Charles) Classical Series. The volumes of this series are bound in Sheep.
Classical Dictionary...

8vo $6 00

............... 12mo $1 75 Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary 8vo 3 50 Cicero's Orations.

........... 12mo 150 Ancient Geography.

Cicero's Tusculan Disputations .........12mo I 50 Manual of Greek Literature.

I 50 Cicero de Senectute, Amicitia, &c. .... 12mo 150
Manual of Greck Antiquities.

Cicero de Officiis.

........ 12mo 1 50 Manual of Roman Antiquities

I 50

......... 12mo 1 30 Latin lessons.

Cornelius Nepos..

........ 12mo T50 Latin Prose Composition.,

Juvenal and Persius. ....

......... 12mo 1 50

First Greek Lessons..

........12mo 1 25 Zumpt's Latin Grammar.

I 50
Greek Prose Composition..

....... 12mo I 35
Abridged. . 12mo 1 00 Greek Grammar

12m0 195 Latin Versification.....

New Greek Grammar

.......12mo 150
.....12mo 75 Greek Prosody..

........12m0 1 25 Latin Prosody.

1 25
Jacob's Greek Reader...

.12mo 150 Cæsar. Map, Portrait, &c...

Xenophon's Anabasis.

......12mo I 50 Virgil's Æneid..

12mo I 75 Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates ...........12mo 150 Virgil's Eclogues and Georgics ............12mo

Homer's Iliad...

....... 12mo 1 75 Sallust

...... 12mo
Harper's Greek and Latin Texts. Carefully prepared from the Best Editions. Handsomely Printed,

18mo, Flexible Cloth Binding. Price 75 cents a volume.
Cæsar, Sallust, Cicero de Senectute, Xenophon, Euripides, 3 vols., Thucydides, 2 vols.,
Virgil, Horace, Lucretius,

Æschylus, Herodotns, 2 vols., Sophocles.
McClintock's First Book in Latin. A First Book in Latin ; Containing Grammar, Exercises, and Vocabu-

laries, on the Method of constant Imitation and Repetition. With Summaries of Etymology and Syntax. samo,

Sheep extra, $1 50.
McClintock's Second Book in Latin. Containing Syntax and Reading Lessons in Prose; forming a suf-

ficient Latin Reader, with Imitation Exercises and a Vocabulary. 12mo, Sheep extra, $1 50.
McClintock's First Book in Greek. Containing a full View of the Forms of Words, with Vocabularies

and Copious Exercises, on the Method of constant Imitation and Repetition. Revised Edition. With brief Summa.

ries of the Doctrine of the Verb, and the Rules of Syntax. 2mo, Sheep extra, Sr 50. McClintock's Second Book in Greek. Containing Syntax, with Reading Lessons in Prose; Prosady, and

the Dialects, with Reading Lessons in Verse. Forming a sufficient Greek Reader, with Notes and copious Vocabulary.

12mo, Sheep extra, $150. Smith's Principia Latina, Part I. A First Latin Course, comprehending Grammar, Delectus, and Exer

cise-Book, with Vocabularies. By William SMITH, LI..D., Author of the "History of Greece," and Editor of a
“Classical Dictionary,” and the "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities," &c. Revised by HENRY DRISLER,

LL.D., Professor of Latin in Columbia College, New York. 12mo, Flexible Cloth, 75 cents.
Smith's Principia Latina, Part 11. A First Latin Reading-Book, containing an Epitome of Cæsar's

Gallic Wars, and L’Homond's Lives of Distinguished Romans. With a short Introduction to Roman Antiquities,
Notes, and a Dictionary. By WILLIAM SMITH, LL.D., and HENRY DRISLER, LL.D. 12mo, Flexible Cloth, 81

, 25. A Latin Grammar for Beginners. By William Henry WADDELL, A.M., Professor of Ancient Lan

guages in the University of Georgia. 12mo, Flexible Cloth, $1 oo. A Greek Grammar for Beginners. By William Henry WADDELL, A.M. 12mo, Flexible Cloth, $ Anthon's Classical Dictionary. Containing an Account of the Principal Proper Names mentioned in

Ancient Authors, and intended to elucidate all the important Points connected with the Geography, History, Biogra;
phy, Mythology, and Fine Arts of the Greeks and Romans, together with an Account of the Coins, Weights, and

Measures of the Ancients, with Tabular Values of the same. Royal 8vo, Sheep extra, $6 0.
Anthon's Smith's New Classical Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography, Mythology, and Geos

raphy. Numerous Corrections and Additions. Edited by CHARLES ANTHON, LL.D. Royal 8vo, Sheep extra,

$5 oo.
Anthon's Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary. A Latin-English and English-Latin
Dictionary, for the Use of Schools.

from the Lexicons of Freund, Georges, and Kaltschmidt

Small 4to,
Sheep, $3 50.
Riddle & Arnold's English-Latin Lexfron. Founded on the German-Latin Dictionary of Dr. CE.
Georges. First American

Edition, carefully revised, and containing a copious Dictionary of Proper Names from the
best Sources. By CHARLES ANTHON, LL.D. Royal 8vo, Sheep extra, $500.
Andrews's Latin-English Lexicon, founded on the larger German-Latin Lexicon of Dr. WM. FREUND.

With Additions and Corrections from the Lexicons of Gesner, Facciolati, Scheller, Georges, &c. Royal 8vo, Sheep

extra, $750. Yonge's English-Groek Lexicon, Containing all the Greek Words used by Writers of good Authority, in

each Word when Irregular, and marking the Quantities of all doubtful Syllables. Edited, with large Additions, by
Chronological Order, for every word used; explaining the Construction, and giving the Declension or Conjugation of
HENRY DRISLER, LL.D., Professor of Latin in Columbia College, New York. Royal 8vo, Sheep extra, $700.

March's Parser and Analyzer. A Parser and Analyzer for Beginners, with Diagrams and Suggestive

Pictures. By FRANCIS A. MARCH, Professor of the English Language and Comparative Philology in Lafayette College
Author of "Method of Philological Study of the English Language," Comparative Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon

Language.”. &c. 16o, Flexible Cloth, 40 cents.
Fowlers Elementary English Grammar. An Elementary English Grammar for Common Schools.

16mo, Sheep extra, 75 cents.
Fowler's English Grammar for Schools. The English Language in its Elements and Forms. With a

History of its Origin and Development. Abridged from the Octavo Edition, and containing March's Method of
Philological Study of the English Language. Designed for General Use in Schools and Families. By WILLIAM C.
FOWLER, late Professor of Rhetoric in Amherst College. 12mo, Sheep, $1 75.

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HARPER BROTHERS' PUBLICATIONS-Continued. March's Anglo-Saxon Grammar. A Comparative Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language, in which its

Forms are illustrated by those of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Friesic, Old Norse, and Old High German. By FRANCIS A. MARCH, LL.D., Professor of the English Language and Comparative Philology, in Lafayette College, Author of "Method of Philological Study of the English Language,” “An Anglo-Saxon Reader;"'

&c. 8vo, Cloth, $2 50. March's Anglo-Saxon Reader. An Anglo-Saxon Reader, with Philological Notes, a brief Grammar and

a Vocabulary. By Francis A. MARCH, LL.D. Svo, Cloth, $: so. Haven's Rhetoric. A Text-Book, designed for Use in Schools and Colleges, and for Private Study. By E. O.

Haven, D D., LL.D., President of the Northwestern University, Evanston, 111.382 pages, 12mo, Cloch, $1 5o. Wbately's Rhetoric. Elements of Rhetoric: comprising an Analysis of the Laws of Moral Evidence and Persua.

With Rules of Argumentative Composition and Elocution. · By RICHARD WHATELY, D.D., Archbishop of Dub lio. 18mo, Cloth, 75 cents.

WRITING AND DRAWING. Harper's School and Family Slate, With accompanying Cards, for Exercises in Writing, Printing, Draw

ing, and Numbers. Slates, with Full Set of Cards, $1 oo. Cards, so cents per set. Harper's Writing-Books, combinir.g Symmetrical Penmanship with Marginal Drawing-Lessons. In Ten. Num

bers. The First Six Numbers, completing Common School Course, now Ready. Per Dozen, $z oo. Liberal Terms

for Introduction, Holmos's Drawing Books. Holmes's Drawing-Books for Schools and Beginners. Designed and drawn by M. H. Holmes, Teacher of Drawing and Painting. Four numbers now Ready. 40 cents each.

SPELLERS AND READERS. Wilson's School and Family Readers. A Series of School and Family Readers, aiming at the highest Degree of Usefulness, and splendidly illustrated. Consisting of a Primer, Three Spellers, and Eight

Readers. By MARCIUS Willson. The Primer, with the Primary, New and larger Spellers, and the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Readers, are now ready; also the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Intermediate Readers. Primary Speller...

80 pages, 56 Cuts, $o 20 Larger Speller... New Speller Primer...

.(First book of Series),.. 48 107 First Reader.

(Second "

84 Second Reader..

(Third Intermediate Third Reader


77 Third Reader


142 Intermediate Fourth Reader.


65 Fourth Reader..

135 Intermediate Fifth Reader Fifth Reader


..540 208

A Manual for Calkine's Primary object Lessons. A new Edition entirely rewritten and rearranged.

Teachers and Parents, with Lessons for the Proper Training of the Faculties of Children. By N. A. Calkins. Illus

trations, 12mo, Cloth, $: 50. Calkins, Phonto Charts. The set comprises twelve Charts, size 18 by 28 inches, mounted on a single roller Price $300 per set, sent by mail.

MATHEMATICAL. French's First Lessons in Numbers. First Lessons in Numbers, in their Natural Order ; First, Visible

Objects; Second, Concrete Numbers ; Third, Abstract Numbers. By John H. FRENCH, LL.D. Handsomely Illus

trated. Tómo, 40 cents. Elomentary Arithmetic for tho Slate. Elementary Arithmetic for the Slate, in which Methods and

Rules are based upon Principles established by Induction. By JOHN H. FRENCH, LL.D. Handsomely Illustrated.

6mo, 50 cents. Mental Arithmetic. 1amo, 50 cents. Common School Arithmetic. Combining the Elements of the Science, with their Practical Application to

Business. By John H. FRENCH, LL.D. 12mn, $100. Academie Arithmetic. (In press).

LOOMIS'S SERIES. Elementary Arithmetic. Elements of Arithmetic: Designed for Children. i6mo, 166 pages, Half Sheep, 40 cts. A Treatise on Arithmetic. Theoretical and Practical. Twelfth Edition, amo, 345 pages, Sheep extra, $1.25. Elements of Algebra. Designed for the Use of Beginners. Twenty-sixth Edition. 12mo, 281 pages, Sheep

extra, $1 25. 4. Treatise on Algebra. New and Revised Edition. 8vo, 384 pages, Sheep extra, $2.00, samo, Sheep, $1 5o. Geometry and Plane Trigonometry. Geometry, Conic Sections, and Plane Trigonometry. In One vol

ume. samo, Sheep, $1 50. Trigonometry and Tables. Twenty-eighth Edition. 8vo, 359 pages, Sheep extra, $200. The Trigonome

try and Tables, bound separately, $1 50 cach. Elements of Analytical Geometry, and of the Differential and Integral Calculus. Twenty-second Edition.

8vo, 286 pages, Sheep extra, $200.
Elements of Astronomy. Designed for Academies and High Schools. 12mo, 254 pages, Sheep, $1 50.
Practical Astronomy. An Introduction to Practical Astronomy, with a collection of Astronomical Tables. Eighth

Edition. 8vo, 499 pages, Sheep extra, $2 0o.
Recent Progress of Astronomy, especially in the United States. A thoroughly revised Edition. Illus-

trations. samo, 396 pages, Cloth, $1. 50:
Treatise on Astronomy. With Illustrations. Third Edition. 8vo, 38 pages, Sheep, $2 00.

Harper's English History. For the Use of Schools. By JACOB ABBOTT. Square 4to, Half Roan, $1 25.
Harper's American History. For the Use of Schools. By JACOB ABBOTT. Square 4to, Half Roan, $1.25.
Harper's Ancient History. For the Use of Schools. By Jacob ABBOTT. Square 4to, Half Roan, $i 25.

The above three bound in one volume, $300. Harper's School History of the

United States, from the Discovery of America to the Year 1870. By DAVID B. Scott, A.M., Principal of Grammar School No. 40, New York City. With Maps and Engravings. The student, Old Testament History, The Old Testament History. From the Creation to the return

of the Jews from Captivity. Edited by WILLIAM SMITH, LL.D. With Maps and Wood-cuts. Large samo, Cloth, The student's New Testament Hlatory. The Student's New Testament History. With an Introduc

tion, connecting the History of the Old and New Testaments. Edited by WILLIAM SMITH, LL.D. With Maps and Wood-cuts. 12mo, Cloth, $a oo.



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HARPER BROTHERS' PUBLICATIONS---Continued. Student's Queens of England. Lives of the Queens of England. From the Norman Conquest. By AGNES

STRICKLAND. Abridged by the Author. Revised and Edited by CAROLINE G. PARKER. Uniform with "The Stu

dent's Histories." 12mo, Cloth, $200. The Student's Franoe. A History of France from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Second Em

pire in 1852. Illustrated by Engravings on Woud. Large 1amo, Cloth, $a 00. The Student's Hume. A History of England from the Earliest 'Times to the Revolution in 1688. By David

Hume. Abridged. Incorporating the Corrections and Researches of recent Historians, and continued down to the

Year 1891. Illustrated by Engravings on Wood. Large 12mo, Cloth, $200.
A Smaller History of England, from the Earliest Times to the Year 1862. Edited by WILLIAM SMITH,
LL.D. Illustrated by Engravings on

16mo, Cloth, $1 oo.
The Stadent's Greece. A History of Greece from the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest, with Supplemen-

tary Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By, William SMITH, LL.D. Revised, with an Appendix, by

Prof. George W. GREENE, A.M. Illustrated by Engravings on Wood, Large 12mo, Cloth, $200.
A Smaller History or Greece. The above Work abridged for Younger Students and Common Schools.

Engravings. 16mo, Cloth, $1 oo.
The student's Rome. A History of Rome from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire. With

Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By HENKY G. LIDDELL, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oxford.

Illustrated by numerous Wood-cuts. Large 12mo, Cloth, $200.
A Smaller History of Rome, from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire. By WILLIAM

SMITH, LL.D. With a Continuation to the Fall of the Western Empire in the Year 476. By EUGENE LAWRENCE,

A.M. Engravings. 16mo, Cloth, $1 oo.
The Studont's Gibbon. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. By Edward GlBbox.

Abridged. Incorporating the Researthes of recent Commentators. By WILLIAM SMITH, LL.D.' Illustrated by soc
Engravings on Wood. Large 12mo, Cloth, $a oo.

Dalton's Physiology and Hygiene. A Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene, for Schools, Families, and

Colleges. By J. C. DALTON, M.D., Professor of Physiology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.

With Illustrations. 398 pages, Cloth or Half Leather, $1 50.
Draper's Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene. A Text-Book on Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene.

For the Use of Schools and Families. By JOHN C. DRAPER, M.D., Professor of Natural History and Physiology
in the College of the City of New York, and Professor of Analytical Chemistry in the University of New York. With

170 Illustrations. 8vo, Cloth, $3 75.
Draper's Physiology: Human Physiology, Statical and Dynamical; or, The Conditions and Course of the Life of

Man: being the Text of the Lectures delivered in the Medical Department of the University. By John W. DRAPER,
M.D., LL.D., Professor of Chemistry and Physiology in the University of New York. Illustrated by nearly 300 fine

Woodcuts from Photographs. 8vo, 650 pages, Cloth, $5 oo.
Same, abridged. $1 50.
Hooker's First Book In Chomistry. A First Book in Chemistry: Illustrations, Square 4to, Cloth, go cents

. Hooker's Chemistry. Science for the School and Family, Part II. Chemistry. Illustrated by numerous

Engravings. Izmo, Cloth, $1 50.
Hooker'e child's Book of Nature. The Child's Book of Nature, for the Use of Families and Schools:

intended to aid Mothers and Teachers in Training Children in the Observation of Nature. In three parts. Part 1.
Plants. Part II. Animals. Part III. Air, Water, Heat, Light, &c. By WORTHINGTON HOOKER, M.D. Engravings.

The three parts complete in One Volume, Small 410. Cloth, $a co; or separately; 90 cents cach.
Hooker's Natural Philosophy. Science for the School and Family. Part L Natural Philosophy. Mustra

led by nearly 300 Engravings. 1amo, Cloth, $1 50.
Hooker's Natural History. Natural History. For the Use of Schools and Families. Illustrated by nearly
300 Engravings.

12mo, Cloth, $i 50.
Wood's Natural History. With 450 Engravings, designed expressly for this work, by HARVEY, Square 12mo.

Cloth, $150.
Gray and Adams': Geology. Elements of Geology. By ALONZO GRAY, A.M., Author of "Elements of

Chemistry," and " Elements of Natural Philosophy,” and C. B. ÅDAMS, A.M., Fellow of the American Academy of

Arts and Sciences, Professor in Amherst College, and State Geologist of Vermont. Engravings. ramo, Sheep extra, $150 Hooker's Mineralogy and Geology. Science for the School and Family. Part 111.

Geology and Mio cralogy. Numerous Engravings. 12mo, Cloth, $i 50.

MENTAL AND MORAL PHILOSOPHY AND LOCIC. Whately's Logic. Elements of Logic: comprising the Substance of the Article in the Encyclopedia Metropolitana.

With Additions, &c. By RICHARD WHATELY, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin. The only complete American Edition.

18mo, Cloth, 75 cents.
Upham's Mental Philosophy, Embracing the Three Departments of the Intellect, Sensibilities, and will

A New Edition, entirely rewritten and rearranged By Rev. THOMAS C. UPHAM, D.D., Professor of Mental and
Moral Philosophy in Bowdoin College. 2 vols. 12mo, brown Cloth, $3 som
Abridged for Schools and Academies. ramo, Sheep, $1.50.

Comfort's Gorman Course. A German Course, adaptec to Use in Colleges, Academies, High Schools, and

Grammar Schools. By George F. COMFORT, A.M., Professor of Modern Languages and Æsthetics in Alleghany
College, Pennsylvania. Part I. Practical Lessons for learning to Read, Write, and Speak the German Language,
Part II. Familiar Conversations in German and English ; Idioms and Synonyms: Letters and Forms of Business :
and Selections from German Literature. Part III. A Compend of German Grammar, with an Introduction upon the
History, Characteristics, Extent of Use, and Dialects of the German Language. Part IV. Vocabularies.
Price of complete work, Half Leather, $2. Part I. Cloth, Flexible, 90 cents. Parts II., III., IV., in one volume, $i sa
GRAMMAR READER, amo. $2.00.

CONVERSATION, just ready.
Knapp's French Grammar. A Practical Grammar of the French Language : containing a Grammar, Exero
cises, Reading Lessons,

and a complete Pronouncing Vocabulary. By WILLIAM I. Knapp.
Knapp's French Reading Book. Chrestomathie Française : containing, 1. Selections from the best

French Writers, with copious references to the Author's French Grammar. II. The Master pieces of Molière, Racine,
Boileau, and Voltaire ; with Explanatory Notes, a Glossary of Idiomatic Phrases, and a Vocabulary. By WILLIAX

I. KNAPP, A.M. Half Leather, $1 75.
salkeld's First Book in Spanish. A first Book in Spanish; or, A Practical Introduction to the Study of the

Spanish Language. Adapted to every Class of Learners : containing full instructions in Pronunciation ; a Grammar,
Reading Lessons, &c. izmo, Sheep extra, $1 5o.

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No. 654 Broadway, New York.

“INCOMPARABLY SUPERIOR TO ANYTHING PUBLISHED."-AGASSIZ. GUYOT'S Intro action to the Study $1 00 | GUYOT'S Wall Maps. Small Series, $18 & $25 00 GUYOT'S Elementary Geography.

0 75

GUYOT'S Wall Maps. Intermediate Series.. 38 50
GUYOT'S Intermediate Geography

1 60
GUYOT'S Wall Maps. Large Series..

71 00 GUYOT'S Common School Geography ........ 2 25 GUYOT'S Wall Maps. Classical Series... 45 00

These are the only works of the kind which proceed on the ground that Geography is a Science capable of being resolved into its elements : each to be presented in its dependent order, the same as with other sciences.

The lodgment already established for these works in the chief centres of educational opinion throughout our country, declares the correctness of their plan and methods; while the signal progress in Geographical teaching, observale on every hand since their publication, sufficiently assures the value of their ministry.


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Felter's First Lessons in Numbers.

.$0 25

Felter's Primary Arithmetic
0 35 Felter's Intellectual Arithmetic.

.$0 45 Felter's Intermediate Arithmetic..

0 80
Felter's Practical Arithmetic.

1 00
Felter's Grammar School Arithmetic...
0 95 Felter's Teachers' Manual....

0 25 The first two books are fitly illustrated, and present oral, mental, and written exercises systematically alternated, which render these little works especial favorites alike with teachers and pupils.

The Primary, Intermediate, and Grammar Schoul Arithmetics embrace the whole framework of the Science developed by happily combining the Analytic and Synthetic methods.



0 75

Sheldon's First Reading Book.
Sheldon's Primary Phonic Charts.



. $0 35

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Sheldon's Lessons on Objects..
Sheldon's Elementary Instruction

$1 75

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N. B. Descriptive Catalogues sent free on application. Copies of text-books sent for examination on receipt of one-half retail price. The Book Buyer will be mailed free to any teacher who will send as his address and a list of books used in his school.


BOSTON: GILMAN H. TUCKER, care of Messrs. Thompson, Bigelow & Brown, 29 Cornhill. PITTSBURG, PA.: H. J. GOURLEY, 119 Wood Street, CHICAGO: THOMAS CHARLES, care of Hadley Brothers, 41 Madison Street. St. Louis: MADISON BABCOCK, 708 Chestnut Street, KANSAS : R. S, LEE, Leavenworth,

ALEX. FORBES, Agent for Ohio, 236 Superior Street, (Room 2,) Cleveland, O.

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