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75 C.

$1 50

Massachusetts Historical Society. Collections. Fourth L. Barbour, LL.D. Vol. 58. 89, pp. 706. Albany, W. Series, vol. ix, 89, pp. 489. $3.50.--Same, Fifth Series, C. Liule & Co. Shp.....

$6.00 vol. i. 89, pp. 572, with 15 plates of fac-similes. $4.00. NONSENSE SONGS. See Lear. Proceedings, 1869–70. 89, pp. 534, with portraits. Bos

Norton, Chas. L. American Sea-Side Resorts. 12°, pp. ton, 30 Tremont St..


190. With map. N. Y., Taintor Bros.... .....$1.25 Meadows. Alfred (M.D.). A Manual of Midwifery, in

*NORWEGIAN STORIES. Watchman Halfdan and his Litcluding the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy, Obstetric Operations, Diseases of the Puerperal State, etc.

tle Grand-daughter; and, Fisherman Niels. Illust. 16°, First Am. from the second Lon. ed., rev, and enlarged.

Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co........

........40 C. 12°, pp. 487. Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston.... • $3.00 Orr, Mrs. N. De Witt's Connecticut Cook-Book, and MEDIATION. The Function of Thought. 16°, pp. 213.

Housekeeper's Assistant, containing Plain and Economic Anduver, Warren F. Draper.....

. $1.25

Styles of Dressing and Cooking every kind of Fish, Flesh,

Fowl and Vegetable, in the most healthful and inviting MEDICAL World (The). A Monthly Journal, etc. Ed.

manner, etc. 16o. N. Y., Robt. M. De Witt. 75 c. ; by Reuben A. Vance, M.D. No. 1. July, 1871. N. Y.,


..50 c. Wm. Baldwin & Co. Per year.


Ouida. See Folle-Farine. Melville, G. J. Whyte. Sarchedon. A Legend of the

Owen, Prof. The Principal Forms of the Skeleton and the Great Queen. 8. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap. 60 C.

Teeth, as the Basis for a System of Natural History and Meredith, Owen. Lucile and other Poems. With 16

Comparative Anatomy. 12°, pp. 161-304. N. Y., Wm. Illust. 8", pp. 111. Boston, James R. Osgood & Co. Wood & Co.....

...75 C. Pap....

..50 C.

*Palmer, Capt. Geo. Kidnapping in the South Seas. Millard, Henry B. A Guide for Emergencies. 169, pp. Being a Narrative of a Three Months' Cruise of H. M. 136. N. Y., C. F. Hurlburt......

Ship Rosario. Illust., 8o. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Miller, Joaquin. Songs of the Sierras. 16o.


.. $4.00 Roberts Bros....

$1.50 PARENTS' GUIDE. See Pendleton. Mississippi Reports. Vol. 43. Being Cases argued and Parker, R. G. (A.M.): Progressive Exercises in English deuded in the Supreme Court of Miss. Vol. i. By J. Composition. New ed., revised and enlarged, by Jas. S. Morris. 89, pp. xii, 840. Jacksonville, Kimball, Ray. H. Hamilton, M.D. 12°, pp. 250.

Boston, R. S. mond & Co. Shp... .. $7.50 Davis & Co....

$1.00 Missouri. Reports of Cases argued and determined in **Parton, James. Triumphs of Enterprise, Ingenuity, and the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri, By Truman Public Spirit.

Illust. 89, pp. 677.

Hartford, A. S. A. Post, Reporter. Vol. 46. 89, °, pp. 671. St. Louis,

Hale & Co. $3.50 ; shp., $4.00; hf. mor... . $5.00 McKee, Fishback & Co. Shp.....

- $5.00 Pendleton, Mrs. Hester. The Parents' Guide: or, Mitchell

, S. Weir (M.D... Wear and Tear; or. Hints Human Development through Inherited Tendencies. for the Overworked. 169, pp. 59. Phila., J. B. Lip Sec. ed., rev, and enlarged. 12°, pp. 203. N. Y., S. R. pincott & Co. 50 C. ; pap....

• 30 C. Wells... MOABITE STONE. See De Costa.

PENNSYLVANIA. Reports of Cases adjudged in the Courts Monroe, Lewis B. A Fifth Reader. 12°, pp. 312.

of Common Pleas, Quarter Sessions, Oyer and Terminer, Phila., Cowperthwait & Co. Hf. clo.... •$1.50

and Orphan's Court of the First Judicial District of

With Notes and References. By John W. Ashmead, More Happy THOUGHTS. See Burnand.

New ed., 2 vols., 8o. Phila., John Campbell. Shp. Morgan, L. H. See Smithsonian.

$15.00 MOUNT WASHINGTON IN WINTER ; or, The Experiences of - Reports of Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pa., a Scientific Expedition upon the Highest Mountain in with some Select Cases at Nisi Prius, and in the Circuit New England. 1870-91. 'With Map and Ilustrations. Courts. By the Hon. Jasper Yeates. New ed., 4 vols., 12°, pp. vii, 363. Boston, Chick & Andrews......$1.50 Phila., John Campbell...

$30.00 Madge, Rev. Z. A. Shell Cove. 16o. Boston, D. - State Reports. Vol. 64. Comprising Cases adjudged Lothrop & Co....

$1.25 in the Supreme Court of Pa By P. Fraser Smith. Vol. Muloch, Miss. Olive. A Novel. New ed. 12o. N. Y., 14. 89. pp. 584. Phila., Kay & Bro. Shp.. $5.00 Harper & Bros....

. $1.50 Pereira, Jonathan (M.D.}The Physician's Prescription Malrenan, Patrick. A Brief Historical Sketch of the Book, Contain. Lists, Terms, Phrases, Contractions, and Cacholic Church on Long Island. 12°, pp. 129.

N. Y., Abbreviations used in Prescriptions, with Explanatory $1.00

Notes, the Grammatical Construction of Prescriptions,

Rules for the Pronunciation of Pharmaceutical Terms, a Munroe, Henry (M.D.). Is Alcohol a Necessary of Life ?

Prosodiacal Vocabulary of the Names of Drugs, etc. 16°, PP 22. N. Y., Nat. Temperance Soc. Pap....15 C. New Am. from the 15th London ed., 24", PP. 286, My Heroine. A Story. 8°. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Phila., Lindsay & Blakision. $1.00 and $1.25 ; leather Pap......

with tucks..

. $1.50 Nason, Henry B. Talle of Reactions for Qualitative PHILADELPHIA Reports. Containing Decisions pablished Chemical Analysis. Illust. by Colors. 8o.

Phila., in the Legal Intelligencer during 1868, 1869, and 1870. Henry Carey Baird. Pap......

..63c By Henry E. Wallace, 80, pp. x, 711. Phila., Bourquin NEGLECTED Spelling Lessons. 189, pp. 98. N. Y..

& Welsh. Shp....

.......6.50 Ev. Know!. Soc. ......

....40 C.

- St. Clement's Church Case. With an Appendix containNew Jersey. Reports of Cases argued and determined in

ing similar cases in New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts, the Court of Chancery, the Prerogative Court, and, on

and Maryland. 8vo, pp. 100. Phila., Bourquin & Welsh. Appeal, in the Court of Errors and Appeals of the State


...$1.00 of New Jersey. Chas. Ewing Green, Reporter. Vol. 6. * Phillips, Lawrence B. The Dictionary of Biographical 184

, pp. 639. Írenton, Murphy & Bechtel. Shp.. $5.50 Reference, containing one hundred thousand names, togethNewman, J. P. (D.D.). Sell-Denial : A Duty and a

er with a classed Index of the Biographical Literature of Pleasure. 16o. N. Y., Nat. Temperance Soc. Pap...15 C.

Europe and America. Roy. 89, N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co....

$13.50 New York. Practice Reports in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of the State of N. Y. By Nathan

Physician's PRESCRIPTION Book. See Pereira.
Howard, Jr. Vol. 40. 80, pp. iv, 735. Albany, Wm. *Piper, Hugh. Pigeons : Their Variety, Management,
Gould & Sons. Shp.....

$4.50 Breeding, and Diseases.- Poultry : Their Variety, etc.

Each 16°, pp. 64. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Ca - Reports of Practice Cases determined in the Courts of the

Each... State of New York. With a Digest of all Points of Practice embraced in the Standard New York Reports issued **Platt, A. H. (M.D.). Human Life Prolonged. 8, pp during the Period covered by this volume. By Austin 680. Phila., Quaker City Pub. House.... $3.00 Abbott. New Series. Vol. 9. 89, pp. xiv, 567.

N. : $5.00 Poor, Henry N. Manual of Railroads of the United States

for 1871-72, showing their Mileage, Stocks, Bunds, Cost, Reports of Cases in Law and Equity determined in Traffic, Earnings, Expenses, and Organizations : together the Supreme Court of the State of N. y. By Oliver with an Appendix containing a Full Analysis of the Debts

P. O'Shea....

....50 C.

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..50 C

Y., Diossy & Co. Shp..



N. Y.,

of the United States and of the several States. Fourth the German. New ed. (Lib. of choice Reading.) 12°, Series. 89, pp. xxxiv, 592, N. Y., H. V. & H. W.

pp. 245. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, Pap. Poor... .$5.00

$1.00 Price, Rev. B. F. Visions of the Vale; or, Divine Govern ST. PATRICK. See Clare.

ment among Men. 18°, pp. 304. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan.......

Sand, George. The Last Aldine. New ed., 89, pp. Ja ... $1.50 Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap....

.50 C. * Prior, Matthew. Poems. 2 vols. 169 (Aldine Poets.) *Sansom, A. E. (M.D.). The Antiseptic System. A Trea. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Per vol..

... 75 c.

tise on Carbolic Acid and its Compounds, with an Inquiry Prosser, Mrs. Cicely Brown's Trials.

16o. Boston, into the Germ-Theories of Putrefaction, Fermentation, and D. Lothrop & Co...

$1.00 Infection, and the Employment of Antiseptics in Practical - The Clackitts of Inglebrook Hall. 16°, pp. 300.

N. Medicine and Surgery. 8°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co.

Co. 75 c. ; pap......... 60 C.

$5.00 Rain, James. The Science of Legal Judgment. A Trea

Schlemeel, Johann. How dem Frenchmen tek dat Berlin tise designed to show the Materials whereof, and the Pro

A Heesdorikel Rumenz. 18°, pp. 24. N. Y., cess by which Courts construct their Judgments; and

Am. News Co. Pap...

.....25 C. adapted to Practical and General Use in the Discussion *Scott. Life of Sir Walter Scott. Abridged from the and Determination of Questions of Law. With extensive larger work by J. G. Lockhart ; with a Prefatory letter additions and annotations, by John Townsend, of the by Jas. R. Hope Scott. 12°, pp. 875. N. Y., Scribner, New York Bar. 89, pp. 456. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Welford & Co.....

. $3.00 Co. Shp...

$5.00 See also Chambers. RAMBLES IN MOUNT DESERT. See De Costa.

SCRAMBLES AMONG THE ALPS. See Whymper. Randolph, Sarah N. The Domestic Life of Thomas Jef- SEA-Side Library (THE). For Boys and Girls. 10 vols., ferson. Compiled from Family Letters and Reminiscen

16o. N. Y., Evang. Knowl. Soc.' In box......... 94.50 ces, by his Great-grand-daughter. 89, pp. 432. Harper & Pros...

• $2.00

Sechter, S. The Correct Order of Fundamental Harmo*Rawlinson, George (M.A.). The Five Great Monar

nies : A Treatise on Fundamental Basses, and their In

versions and Substitutes. From the German. The chies of the Ancient Eastern World; or, The Geography whole compiled and adapted for popular use by C. C. and Antiquity of Chaldæa, Assyria, Babylon, Media,

Müller. and Persia. Collected and illustrated from Ancient and

89, pp. 204. N. Y., Wm. A Pond & Co. $2.00 Modern Sources. Sec. ed., thoroughly rev. and in part

SECOND ARMADA (The). A Chapter of Future History. rewritten. Complete in 3 vols. 8°, with 650 illustrations, Being a Reply to “The German Conquest of England in maps, and plans. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. 1875, and Battle of Dorking.", 16°, pp. 16. Phila., Por

ter & Coates. Pap...

..15C. Reade, Charles. A Terrible Temptation. A Story of To

Sestini, B. (S.J.). Manual of Geometrical and InfinitesiDay. Illust. 8°, pp. 172. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood &

mal Analysis. 89, pp. 131. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co.

81.50 Co., $1.00; pap., 30 C. -Same; Household ed....$1.00 - Same. 12°, pp. 250. 75 C.--Same Illust. 8°, pp. 156.

Shaw, Knowles. Sparkling Jewels. A new collection of N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap.....

S. S. Music. Pp. 96. Cinc., John Church & Co. Bds.. 30C

.30c RECORD OF A SCHOOL. Exemplifying the Principles and

Smith, Mrs. J. P. The Widower. Also, A True Account Methods of Moral Culture. With a Prefatory Note by

of some Brave Frolics at Craigenfels. 12°, PP. 300. N. Louisa M. Alcott

Geo. W. Carleton & Co.... 16o. Boston, Roberts Bros....$1.25.


SMITHSONIAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO KNOWLEDGE. Printers, Newspapers, Magazine and Book Publishers,

System of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human also Paper Manufacturers and Paper Warchouses of New

Family. By Lewis H. Morgan. 4°, pp. 590, with 14 York City, together with the number, size and make of the

plates. Washington, Smithsonian Institution.....$12.00 Presses used in the Printing Offices, the names of Maga- Sophocles. Ajax. Ed. by R. C. Jebb. (Catena Classizines and Newspapers, and the description of Books pub corum.) 12° Boston, Sever, Francis & Co....... $1.25 lished. 4°. N. Y., C. Arthurs Murphy & Co. Bds... $1.00

Sower's (THE) REWARD. By the author of “Mary Powell." Reffelt, Hermann. Exempelbuch für den Unterricht im 89, pp. 62. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap...252. Rechnen. Erster Theil (1. 2. 3. Heft). 12°, pp. viii, 116. Spencer, Herbert. Recent Discussions in Science, PhilosBds, 40 C. - Same, 10. Heft.

12°, pp. iv, 30. Bds. 15 C. ophy, and Morals, 12". - The Fourth Book of Arithmetic, designed for Schools

pp. 234. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co...

.$1.50 and Acadeinies. Part 1. With Key to Examples. 12°,

Stephens, Mrs. Ann S. Palaces and Prisons. 12°. Phila., pp. iv, 42. Bds, 25 C.--Das Zweite Buch für Schule

T. B. Peterson & Bros. un aus. 12°, pp. iv, 138. Bds. 45 c. N. Y., E.

$1.75; pap. $1.50 Steiger.

*Sterne, L. The Story of my Uncle Toby. Newly ar; REINDEER, Dogs and Snow-shoes. See Bush.

ranged by Percy Fitzgerald. 18°, pp. 194. (Bayard

Series.) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.... . $1.25 Rice, E. O. (C.E.). Tables for Calculating Excavation and Embankment of Regular and Irregular Cross-Sections.

Stiebeling, Dr. Geo. C. Naturwissenschaft gegen PhiloFol., pp. 49. St. Louis, R. B. Studley & Co.

sophie. 12°, pp. viii, 151. N. Y., L. W. Schmidt. Pap.

$1.00 $10.00

STIMULANTS AND Narcotics. See Beard. RICHMOND. Visitor's Guide to Richmond and Vicinity.

With maps and illustrations. 16o. Richmond. Va., Benj. Stork, T. (D.D.). The Unseen World in the Light of the Bates...

..50 C.

Cross. 16°, pp. 173. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.$1.00 Riddell, Mrs. J. H. Far above Rubies. A Novel. (Lib.

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Pink and White Tyranny, A of Choice Reading, No. 1.) 12°, pp. 440. Phila., Clax Society Novel.

Illust. 16°, pp. viii, 331. ton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Pap.....

• $1.00
erts Bros...

. $1.50 Robeson, Hon. Geo. M. Instructions for the Expedition Swinton, Wm. (A.M.)A Condensed School History of toward the North Pole. With an Appendix from the Na

the United States. Illust. 12°, pp. 326. N. Y., Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co.......

$1.25 tional Academy of Sciences. 8®, pp. 36. Washington, Government Printing Office. Pap.

SWORD (THE) AND THE GARMENT; or, Ministerial Culture. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard.

$1.50 Rockwell, Rev. Chas.. The Catskill Mountains. 12°, pp.

Talbury Girls (The). By the Author of "Andy Lut351, with map. N. Y., Taintor Bros.....

trell." 16o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co..

$1.50 ROMNEY'S (THE) OF RIDGEMONT. By the Author of " Short Comings and Long Goings.”

16o. Boston, D. Lothrop

TENNESSEE. Reports of Cases argued and determined in & Co..

. $1.50

the Supreme Court of Tennessee, during the years 1869-70

By Thos. H. Coldwell, Vol. VIII. 89, pp. xv, 737. Rumford, Count. Complete Works. Vol. 1. Illust. roy. Nashville, Jones, Purvis & Co. Shp...

$7.50 89, pp. v, 493. Boston, Am. Acad. of Arts and Sciences; Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. ....... $5.00

Thomassen, Dr. J. H. Nature vs. the Bible. (Bibel und

Natur.) Popular and Comprehensive Studies on the Ruppius, Otto. Two Hemispheres. A Romance. From Precepts and Teachings of the Bible, agreeable to Modern

Vol. 17

Hif. roan

Boston, Rob


Science and History. From the German by Julius Sil Webster's Chairman's Manual and Speaker's Guide ; rersmith, M.A. 12°, pp. viii, 225. Chicago, Cosmopoli showing plainly and clearly how to Preside and Conduct tan Pub. Co......

$2.00 every kind of Public Meeting, etc. 16o. N. Y., Robt. M. De Witt. 75 C. ; pap....

......50 C. Thompson, C. 0. The Life of Joseph. A Sunday-School | **Wepf, Lewis. The Church of God and her Adversaries ; Concert Exercise. 12°, pp. 15. Boston, Henry Hoyt. Pap.....

or, The Revelation of John explained by a Scriptural and .....25 C.

Historical Representation of the Origin, Character, and Thompson, Julia Carrie. Life in Narrow Streets. 169

$1.00 Pp. 284. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub.....

Reciprocal Warfare of the Two Great Parties in the World,

in the Past, Present, and Future. In 2 vols. Vol. 1. Towers' Premium Tables, for Buying and Selling Gold, 129, pp. 423. Chicago, Lakeside Pub. Co.........$2.00

Bonds, and Stocks ; giving the Premium on any amount WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE BATTLE OF DORKING : from One Dollar to Ten Thousand Dollars, from one-eighth

Reminiscences of a Volunteer. Being an account of the of one per cent to twenty-five and seven-eighths per cent.

Victory at Tunbridge Wells. 16°, pp. 58. N. Y., Geo. Obl. fol. Washington, D. C., Towers & Mudd.... $3.00

Routledge & Sons. Pap...

.....25 c. TRUE SIDE OF CALVARY. See Howe.

White, Emerson E. White's Scholar's Daily Record, Cap Tuckerman, Henry T. Life and Letters of Jno. P. Ken 8o. pp. 36 pap. 120.- Teacher's Class Record, Cap 4°, pp. Dedy. 12°, pp. 500. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons... $2.25 64. Cinc., Wilson, Hinkle & Co......

$1.00 Two LITTLE BRUCES (The). By the Author of "Hun Whitney. Mrs. A. D. T. Zerub Throop's Experiment. gering and Thirsting." 16°, pp. 282. Boston, Henry 16°, pp. 146. Boston, Loring...

..$1.00 Hoyt...

$1.25 *Whymper, Edw. Scrambles among the Alps in the Years Tyndall , John (LL.D., F.R.S.). Hours of Exercise in the 1860-69. With illust. and maps.

8o. N. Y., Scribner, Alps. Illust. cr. 89, pp. xii, 473. N. Y., D. Appleton Welford & Co....

$10.50 & Co.....

$2.00 | Wilkie, F. B. (“. Po ito"). Sketches and Notices of the - Light and Electricity. Notes of Two Courses of Lectures Chicago Bar. Including the more prominent Lawyers before the Royal Instit. of Great Britain. 12°, pp. 194.

and Judges. Cr. 8°, pp. 90. Chicago, Henry A. SumN. Y., D. Appleton & Co.... $1.25 ner. $1.00; pap...

...50 C. UNITED STATES. U. S. Digest : Vol. 28. (Annual for Willis, Robt. (M.D., F.R.S.). Principles of Mechanism.

186R.) Cont. a Digest of Decisions in the Courts of Com Designed for the use of Students in the Universities, and mon Law, Equity and Admiralty in the U. S. and Eng for Engineering Students generally. Sec. ed., enlarged. land. By B. F. Burnham. Roy. 8°. Boston, Little, 89. N. Y., John Wiley & Son....

$6.50 Brown & Co. Shp...

$6.50 Winterfeld, Carl. Vollständige Geschichte des deutsch- Reports of Decisions rendered in the Circuit and District franz. Krieges von 1870, von seiner ersten Entstehung an, Courts of the U.S. By Benj. Vaughan Abbott. Vol. 2. in zusammenhangender, übersichtlicher Darstellung nach

8+, Pp. xi, 61, N. Y., Diopsy & Co. Shy.......$7.50 den besten Quellen und unter Benutzung der amtlichen - Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States, and

Berichte. Mit mehr als 40 Karten, Schlachtplanen und Rules of Practice for the Circuit and District Courts of the

Portraits, sowie zahlreichen andern Illust. von Arnold, U. S. in Equity and Admiralty Cases. 12°, pp. 109.

Bürger, Lffler, Scherenberg, u. a. 89, pp. 384. Phila., Washington, W. H. & 0. H. Morrison. Pap...

Schäfer & Koradi.....

. $1.00 - Statutes at Large of the U. S. of America passed at the

Winthrop, Theod. Works. New popular ed. 5 vols., 16o. First Session of the Forty-Second Congress, 1871; and

Cont, : -Cecil Dreeme :- John Brent ;-Edwin BrotherTreaties Roy. 8°, pp. xxii, 46. Boston, Little, Brown &.

toft:-Canoe and the Saddle ;-Life in the Open Air. Co. Pap....

Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. Per vol.....

.$1.00 ....75 C.

WISCONSIN. The Revised Statutes of the State of Wiscon-Nenester Zolltarif der Vereinigten Staaten. Bearbeitet und herausgegeben von F. T. Loes.

sin, as Altered and Amended by Subsequent Legisla

89, pp. 55. Phila., Schafer & Koradi....


tion, together with the Unrepealed Statutes of a General

Nature passed from the time of the Revision of 1858 to the VALEDICTORY POEM AND ORATION pronounced before the Close of Legislature of 1871. Arranged in the same manSenior Class in Yale College, Presentation Day, July 11th,

ner as the Statutes of 1858, with References, etc. By 1871. 80, pp. 36. New Haven, Conn., c. Chatfield &

David Taylor. 2 vols., 8°, pp. 2,200. Chicago, E. B.
Myers & Co. Shp

$16.00 Taubert , T. F. (S.J.). The Holy Exercise of the Presence

WON-Not Wooed. A Novel. By the Author of “Bred of God. From the French. 32°, pp. 155. St. Louis, P. Fox.....

in the Bone,” etc. (Lib. of Select Novels, No. 363.) 89, pp. 131. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap...

... 50 C. VERMONT. See Chipman

Wright, Hendrick B. A Practical Treatise on Labor. Waddell, William Henry. A Latin Grammar for Begin 12", PP. 405.

N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co. $2.00 Ders. 12°, pp. 86. N. Y., Harper & Bros........$1.00 Wright, Henry G. (M.D.). Headaches. Their Causes Wall

, Major E. G. Marrial of Agriculture for the South and their Cure. New ed. 8o. Phila., Lindsay & Blitkisern United States. 12°, pp. 259, with plates. Memphis,

. $2.25 Southwest Pub. Co....

YALE AND HARVARD BOAT-RACING. 89, pp. 46. New Wallace, Alfred Russell. The Action of Natural Selection Haven, College Bookstore.


..50 C. on Man (University Series, No.6). 16°, pp. 54. New | *Yonge, Miss C. M. Cameos from English History. Haven, C. C. Chatfield & Co. Pap....

....25 C.

Second Series. The Wars in France. 16°, pp. XI, 415. Walworth, Mansfield Tracy.

Delaplaine ; or, The Sac N. Y., Macmillan & Co rifice of Irene. A Novel. 12°, pp. 300. N. Y., G. W. *Young, Edw. Poetical Works. Carleton & Co...

2 vols., 16° (Aldine

$1.75 Poets, vols. 19 and 20.) Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. WEBSTER's Calendar. See Almanac.

Per vol....

......75 C.

.....50 C.

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...35 C.

...40 C.





For complete titles see " Alphabetical List" under the italicized words. THEOLOGY, RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY.-Barry, Atonement of - Price, Visions of the Vale.--Stork, Unseen World. Christ.-- Beale, Life Theories.--Bible, Gardiner's Har

Srvord and Garment.-Thomassen, Nature vs. Bible.mony of Four Gospels in Eng. ; Do. in Greek ; Cook's Wepf, Church of God. Authorized Version : Portable Commentary. — Collyer, Life that now is.--Constable, Future Punishment.-Cors EDUCATION, TEXT-BOOKS.-Abbott, English Lessons for nell, The Introit Psalms.- Deutsch, Key to Pentateuch. Eng. People. -Ahn's German Method : German Con

Dunn, Study of the Bible.-Hamline, Works, v. 2. versation.-Anderson, Historical Reader.- Brooks, EleHezve, True Side of Calvary.--Hutton, Incarnation of mentary Algebra. – Buchan, Text-Book of Meteorology. Evidence. - Kidder, Christian Pastorate. - Lightfoot, - Chamberlin, Nat. System of Eng. Grammar.- Cicero, Revision of New Testament.-Mansel, Metaphysics.

by Collins.-Coates, Comprehensive Speaker. - Cooley, Mediation.--Mulrenan, Cath. Church on Long Island. Natural Philosophy.--Dictionary of Every Day Difficul

ties.--Goodwin's Greek Reader.-Hagar's Arithmetics. for Qualitative Chem. Analysis. -Owen, Forms of the --Irving, Crayon Reader.- Jelliffe, Good Selections. Skeleton.--Smith sonian, System of Consanguinity.Leighton, Greek Lessons.- Lossing, Hist. of England. - Spencer, Recent Discussions. -Stiebeling, NaturwissenLyell, Student's Geology.-Monroe, Fifth Reader. schaft.-Tyndall, Light and Electricity.-Wallace, AcMartin, Am. Literature. --Parker, Eng. Composition. tion of Natural Selection. Pendleton, Parents' Guide. --Record of a School. -Ref. RURAL AND DOMESTIC.-Avis, Canary.-Beeton's Book of felt, German Arithmetics ; Reader.- Sestini, Geometri

Household Management.-Burnham's New Poultry cal Analysis.-Shaw, Sparkling Jewels. --Sophocles,

Book.-Orr, De Witt's Conn. Cook Book-Piper, Ajax.-Savinton, Condensed Hist. of U. S.-Waddell, Latin Grammar.-White's Scholar's and Teacher's Class

Pigeons. - Wall, Agriculture for the South. Record.


Chambers, Readings in History, BIOGRAPHY, ETC. -Abbott, Hist. of Frederick

Eng. Literature. - Golden the Great.--Beeton's Dict. of Biography.-Boyd, Remi

Leaves.-Sechter, Fundamental Harmonies. niscences.-Brockett, Paris under the Commune.-Cart.

COLLECTED WORKS.-Dickens.--Hlamline.--Harvthorne. wright, Fifty Years as a Presiding Elder.-Chambers,

-Rumford.-Winthrop. Life of Scott.-Chambers' France. -Clare, Life of St. POETRY AND THE DRAMA.-Ames and Holgate's Drama.Patrick.–Fisk, Life of. - Hatfield, Hist. of Elizabeth, N. Campbell, Poems.-De Witts Acting Plays.-Fuller, J.-Inside Paris during the Siege.--Irving, Annals of Angel in the Cloud.-Howard, Poems.-- Juhn Jerning. our Time.- Lossing, Hist. of Eng.-- Massachusetts ham's Journal.---Loring, Boston Dip.-Macllenry, Hist. Society.-Parton, Triumphs of Enterprise. -- Phil. Time and Eternity. - Meredith, Lucile. - Marston, lips, Dict. of Biog. References. -Randolph, Domestic Song Tide. - Miller, Songs of the Sierras.-- Prior, Life of Thomas Jefferson.--Rawlinson, Five Great Mon Poems.- Young, Poet. Works. archies,-Scott, Life of.---Tuckermann, Life of Kennedy.

HUMOR AND SATIRE. -Burnand, More Happy Thoughts. ---Wilkie, Sketches of Chicago Bar. -- Winterfeld, deutsch-franz. Krieg.-yonge, Wars in France.

Coming Race. -Dime Books.- Everything Serene.

John Jerningham's Journal.-Lear, Nonsense Songs Geography, TRAVEL, STATISTICS, ETC. - Bancroft's Cali Leland, Hans Breitmann, v. 2.- Schlemecl, How dem

fornia Guide.-Book of Travels of a Doctor. -Brady, Frenchmen.- Second Armada - What Happened after
Glimpses of Texas.-Bush, Reindeer, Dogs, and Snow the Battle of Dorking.
Shoes.-Commercial Traveller's Map of New England.
-De Costa, Lake George ; and, Rambles in Mount De-

MISCELLANEOUS.- Directory of Job and Book Prinders.sert.--Eastman's Guide Book for New England. --Fair.

Egleston, Tables of Weights, Measures, etc.- Tower's mount Park.-Greeley, Letters from Texas. -Harper's

Premium Tables.- Webster's Chairman's Manual. - Yale

and Harvard Boat Racing. Hand-Book for Travelers.-Hutchinson, Resources of Kansas.-- Macpherson, British Baths. — Mount Wash FICTION.- Almost Faultless.-Around a Spring, Droz. ington in Winter.--Norton, Am. Sea-Side Resorts, At Last, Kingsley.-Benoni Blake.-Christine, Enault.Palmer, Kidnapping in the South-Seas. - Poor, Railroads Clackitts of Inglebrook Hall, Prosser.-(lyfjords of of U. S.-Richmond, Visitor's Guide.- Robeson, Instruc Clyffe.-Coming Race.-Curate and Rector.-Daventions for Expedition to North Pole.- Rockovell, Catskill port Dunn, Lever.-David Lloyd's Last Will. --DelaMountains. --Tyndall, Hours of Exercise in the Alps. plaine, Walsvorth.--Dickens, Works. --Dime BooksWhymper, Rambles among the Alps.

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The Sword and Garment, by Prof. L. T. Town

A. P. BROTHERHEAI), author of that successful send, author of "Credo," is the title of an admir- book, “Himself His Worst Enemy," has nearly able book on ministerial culture, just published by completed a new novel entitled “Self-CondemnLee & Shepard. Prof. T. has taken high rank ed ”_founded on recent events in American socieamong our writers, and his books have a wide and ty. enduring popularity.

A. L. BANCROFT & Co. have published Time Dodd & Mead's Sunday School Annual for and Eternity, a poem, by George MacHenry

: 1871 contains a catalogue of books suitable for Messrs. Bancroft & Co. inform us that this work Sunday-school libraries and for the use of Sunday- was entirely manufactured on their own premises, school teachers, with hints to superintendents, and they claim that it is the finest specimen of committees, and all workers in that cause. book-making ever done on the Pacific Coast.

NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS. SONGS OF THE SIERRAS. * the genuine formative experiences and typical real.

ities or images of a life, is sure to tell us something This is a truly remarkable book. To glance which we shall be both curious and interested to through its pages is to observe a number of pic.

think over. There is an impassable gap between turesque things picturesquely put, expressed in a vivid flowing form and melodious words, and indi- the alien couleur locale or even so great a poet as

Victor Hugo in such a work as Les Orientales, cating strange

, outlandish, and romantic experi- and the native recipiency of one like our Californian ences

. The reader requires no great persuasion to author, whose very blood and bones are related to leave off mere skimming and set to at regular peru- the things he describes, and from whom a percepsal; and when he does so, he finds the pleasurable tion and a knowledge so extremely unlike our own impression confirmed and intensified.

are no more separable than his eyes and his brain. Mr. Miller is a Californian, domiciled between Such being the exceptional nature of Mr. Miller's the Pacific and the Sierra Nevada, who has lived and written “on the rough edges of the frontier.” subject matter, the best way of obtaining some Last winter he published, or at least printed, in specific idea of his work, both in its beauties and

in its defects--which latter no doubt are neither London, a small volume named Pacific Poems, con

few nor insignificant--may be to give a brief acsisting of two of the compositions now republished

count of his stories. -one of them in a considerably modified form.

Such reduced to a caput mortuum, are the maSan Francisco and the city of Mexico were known

terials of this striking book, through whose veins to him; but it is only in the summer of 1870 that (if we may prolong the figure) the blood pulsates he for the first time saw and detested New York, with an abounding rush, while gorgeous sub-tropand soon afterwards reached London. Thus much ical suns, resplendent moons, and abashing majes. he gives us to know in a few nervous, modest, and ties of mountain form, ring round the gladiatorial at the same time resolute words of preface-repro human life. The reader will hardly need, after our duced here, with a postscript, from his former volume. He is prepared to be told and to believe summary, to be told that Byron is the poet whose that there are crudities in his book; but he adds spirit most visibly sways and overshadows that of significantly,“ poetry with me is a passion that Joaquin Miller. The latter is indeed a writer of

original mind and style ; and there is a weighty defies reason.” Mr. Miller's preface would com

difference between a Californian who has really mand sympathetic respect even if his verses did not.

engaged in, or at least had lifelong cognizance of, . We feel at once that we have to deal with a man,

all sorts of wild semi-civilized adventure, and a not with a mere vendor of literary wares.


noble lord to whom the like range of experience argue with him would be no use, and to abuse him

forms the distraction of a season or the zest of a no satisfaction. Luckily we are not called upon

tour. to do either ; but, while responding to his invitable, and has a very mixed influence upon Mr. Mil.

Still, the poetic analogy is strikingly visition to point out without reticence what shows as

ler's work, On one side, taking interest as he faulty, we have emphatically to pronounce him an excellent and fascinating poet, qualified, by these does, like Byron, in adventurous picturesque perhis first works, to take rank among the distinguished sonages, with the virtues

and vices of the life of depoets of the time, and to greet them as peers.

fiance, full of passion and resource (for Mr. Miller The volume, of some 300 pages, contains only calibre of all his characters, whatever they may do,

has the art of making us respect the intellectual seven poems. The last of these-a tribute to the and however closely they may approximate to glorious memories of Burns and Byron--is comparatively short : all the rest are compositions of savages), he is lifted at once above the mild and

mediocre or the merely photographic levels of some substantial length, and of a narrative character, though Ina-considerably the longest of all work : on the other hand, he exhibits life not only assumes a very loose form of dramatic dialogue, which his subject-matter suggests, but with an

under the rudimentary and incomplete conditions Mr. Miller treats of the scenes and personages and effect of abortiveness and gloom due partly, no the aspects of life that he knows-knows intimately doubt, to the Byronic tradition, and so extreme and feels intensely; and very novel scenes, strange as to be almost morbid. His interest in life seems personages, and startling aspects these are. This fact alone would lend to his book a singular inter

to be very much that of a gambler, who plays a

stake, conscious that the chances are against him ; est, which is amply sustained by the author's contagious ardor for what he writes about, and his or, one might rather say, of a man who watches a rich and indeed splendid powers of poetic present- game played with loaded dice, and who sees his ment. A poet whose domestic hearth is a hut in friend ruined by an undenounceable conspiracy. an unfathomable cañon whose forest has been a

In Ina, for instance, gratuitous misery is poured quinine wood, permeated by monkeys,

forth, as from a bucket, with a liberally cruel hand,

It is intensely unsatisfactory to be told of a lovely, "Like shuttles hurried through and through girlish, and wealthy widow, steeped in amorous The thread a hasty weaver weaves,”

grace, constancy, and spirit, making love to the and whose song.bird is a cockatoo, and to whom hot-blooded youth who has adored her all his life, these things, and not the converse of them, are all and whom she has confessedly adored-only to be

repulsed with a stolid obtuse morgue, and then to * " Songs of the Sierras." By Joaquin Miller. London, Longmans and Co. ; Boston, Roberts Bros.

See Littell's Living Age, Aug. page 506,

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