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Late Publications.

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Sir Walter Scott: The Story of His Life.
By R. SHELTON MACKENZIE. With Portraits and Illustrations. A Tribute to the Centenary of

Scott. I volume 12mo. $2.00.

The author has, as an appropriate and lasting tribute to the memory of his distinguished fellow-countryman, prepared this biography of Scott, which is designed to fill a place that the magnitude and expense of more voluminous biographers render them impracticable to occupy. It is that of a popular life of the illustrious author, which will contain, in a convenient and accessible form, minute details of his varied and eventful experiences.

Comprising many well-ascertained facts and particulars within the personal knowledge and recollection of the author, who was honored with the friendly acquaintance of Sir Walter, the book forms a most complete and valuable transcript of the life-work of Scott, and a fitting and useful companion to his published works, to which it serves as an indispensable guide and introduction.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's Works.
Illustrated Library Edition. “THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES ” and “ THE SNOW IMAGL.”

Izmo. $2.00. Illustrated and bound in handsomely stamped cloth. This forms the fifth volume
of the new edition of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Works, designed both as an elegant and popular

Balaustion's Adventure.
A New Poem. By ROBERT BROWNING. From Advance Sheets. AUTHOR'S EDITION. I volume

16mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"It is unnecessary to compare Mr. Browning with his great contemporaries, in estimating his value as a poet. His insight into the depths of human naturc, of human experience, and his power to shadow forth the mysteries of the soul, and set in the full light its secrets, place him in the company of the great poets of the world."-Chicago Tribune.

New England Legends.
By Harriet PRESCOTT SPOFFORD. Comprising Popular Accounts of Captain Kidd, the Salem

Witchcraft, with Legends of Portsmouth, Newburyport, &c. Illustrated. 8vo, paper, 50 cents;
cloth, $1.00.

The author's sketches give the substance of the legendary history of that time of all the various places that have attained any degree of notoriety from such associations, with

interesting descriptions of those localities as they existed in former times, and as at present situated. Of these, the "True Account of Captain Kidd" and "The Salem Witchcraft” are of especial interest and importance.

The work makes no pretension to exhaustive completeness, but it comprises the substance of all that pertains to these legends of New England, giving many facts not known to the general reader, but with which all readers should be conversant. The volume has several appropriate illustrations, and is published in a popular form.

Behind the Veil.
A New English Novel. I volume, 8vo. Paper, 75 cents; cloth, $1.25.

The story combines in agreeable contrast the domestic and sensational elements, and is singularly original in its plot and construction. The author displays a keen insight into character, a comprehension

of the subtle portions of the emo. tional nature, and power in dramatic effects that entitle him to a high position among the novelists of the day. There is not a baleful suggestion nor prurient thonght written or implied from beginning to end. There is sentiment, powerful emotion, and tender passion in the pages of the book, but no mawkishness nor unhealthy excitements. The author has done a good work in the field of modern romance, in producing a fiction of great power and fascination, free from any equivocal features or pernicious influences.

Cesarine Dietrich.
A Novel. By GEORGE SAND. Translated by Edward Stanwood. I volume 8vo. Paper, 75 cents ;

cloth, $1.25.

A brilliant descriptive story of Parisian society, marked by the originality of conception and strong individuality, characteristic of the author. Its bright style and masterly construction render it a decided acquisition to the romantic literature of the day.

A Terrible Temptation.
By CHARLES READE. One volume 8vo. Paper, 30 cents; cloth, $1.00.

“ If Reade aimed at creating a sensation, he has certainly achieved that object in this his latest work, which has excited even wider controversy than his Griffith Gaunt.' The fertility

of his genius has never before been so thoroughly nor 50 successfully taxed, for his inventions are quite out of the commonplace, and his scathing criticisms of some of the peculiar institutions of society are charged with all his characteristic boldness and originality. The book will be read with interest, not merely by story readers, but by those whose critical acumen is seldom diverted from the more sombre walks of literature."-Boston Post. For sale by all Booksellers. Sent post-paid, on receipt of price, by the publishers,

JAMES R. OSGOOD & CO., Boston,

LATE TICKNOR & FIELDS, AND FIELDS, OSGOOD & Co. E, P. DUTTON & CO., 713 Broadway, New York, Special Agents for J. R. O. & Co.'s Publications.


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Co. Pap....

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The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed. Imported Books are marked with an

asterisk (*); Authors' and Subscription Books, or Books published at net prices, with two (**).
in order to avoid too frequent cross references, Novels and Juvenile Books are arranged alphabetical:y, us

the Arst word of the title, in the Classified Summary.
Abbott, E. A (A M.), and Prof. J. R. Seeley. English, Bastian, H. Charlton (D.D.). The Modes of Origin of
Lessons for English Learners. 169. Boston, Roberts Lowest Organisms, including a Discussion of the Experi.
Brothers ...

ments of M. Pasteur, and a Reply to some Staternents by Abbott, John S. O. History of Frederick the Second,

Professors Huxley and Tyndall. Post 89, pp. 192. N. called Frederick the Great. With illust. Roy. 8°, pp.

Y., Macmillan & Co....

.81.25 584. N. Y., Harper & Bros.......

$5.00 *Beale, Lionel S. (M.D.). Life Theories : Their Influence Abert, S. T. (O.E.}. Is a Canal Practicable ? Notes, His.

upon Religious Thought. With colored plates. 80, pp. 98. torical and Statistical, upon the Projected Routes for an

Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston ....... ........$2.25 Interoceanic Ship Canal between the Atlantic and Pa- Beard, Geo. M. Stimulants and Narcotics. 16°, pp. 150. cific Oceans, &c. 88, pp. 87. Cinn., R. W. Carroll & N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons. 75 C. ; pap.........50 C. Co. Pap....

....50 C. *Beeton's Dictionary of Universal Bingraphy, Containing *Adams, H. G. Nests and Eggs of Familiar Birds De Lives of Eminent Persons of all Times.

With portraits. scribed and Illustrated. With an Account of the Haunts Sec. ed., rev. and corrected, and brought down to 1870. and Habits of the Feathered Architects, and their Times

With the correct Pronunciation of every Name. 89, pp. and Modes of Building. 12°, pp. 236. N. Y., Scribner, 1,113. N. Y., Am. News Co. Hf. Roxb..

$3.50 Welford & Co......

$2.50 *- Dictionary of Universal Information. Comprising a Ahn's Method of Learning the German Language. Rev. Complete Summary of the Sciences; a Plain Description by Gust. Fischer. First (Practical) Course.

12°, PP.

of the Arts ; an interesting Synopsis of Literary Knowlvi, 154. N. Y., E. Steiger. Bds..

..50 C. edge. With the Pronunciation and Etymology of every - Manual of German Conversation. Revised by W. Grau

Leading Term. 89, pp. 1,664. N. Y., Am. News Co.

H. Roxb. ert. 12°, pp. vii, 205. N. Y., E. Steiger.... $1.00

.. $6.00 ALMANAC. Webster's Calendar; or, The Albany Almanac

*Beeton's (Mrs.) Book of Household Management. New for 1872. By Joel Munsell. 12°, pp. 36. Albany, Joel

ed., revised and corrected. Illust. pp. 1,139, with 12 Munsell.

colored plates, and over 6oo illust. 16°. N. Y., Am. News Co. Hl. Roxb......

• $3.50 ALMOST FAULTLESS : A Story of the Present Day. By the author of “A Book for Governesses." (Appleton's Choice

BELLE CLEMENT'S INFLUENCE. By H. N. W. B. 16°. Novels, No. 32.) 89, pp. 193. N. Y., D. Appleton &

Boston, Henry A. Young & Co.....


Author of “ Peasant Life in the North."

12°, PP. 287. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons......

$1.75 Ames, Mary Olemmer. Eirene; or, A Woman's Right. A Story of New England. 89, pp. 225. N. Y., G. P.

BIBLE. A Harmony of the Four Gospels in English, acPutnam & Sons. $1.75 : pap.......


cording to the Authorized Version; corrected by the best

Critical Editions of the Original. By Fred. Gardiner, AMES & Holgate's STANDARD AND Minor DRAMA.

D.D. 89, pp. xliii, 287. Andover, W. F. Draper. $2.00 26. No. 11, John Smith, Farce in 1 act, by W. Hancock.–12, A Capital Match, Comic Drama in i act,

A Harmony of the Four Gospels in Greek, according to by J. M. Morton. -13, Give me my Wife, Farce in 1 act,

the Text of 'Tischendorf; with a Collation of the Textus by G. W. Suter.-14, The Brigands of Calabria, Roman

Receptus ,and of the Texts of Griesbach, Lachmann, and the Drama in s act. -15, An Unhappy Pair, Ethiopian

Tregelles. By Fred. Gardiner. 89, pp. liv, 268. AnFarce in I act.--16, The Seri, Tragedy in 5 acts, by R.

dover, W. F. Draper ....

$2.50 Talbot, Clyde, 0., Ames & Holgate. Pap. ea....15 C. *- The Holy Bible according to the Authorized Version Anderson, John J. (A. M.). The Historical Reader, em

(A.D. 1511). With an Explanatory and Critical Combracing Selections of Standard Writers of Ancient and mentary and a Revision of the Translation, by Bishops Modern History, interspersed with illustrative Passages

and other Clergy of the Anglican Church. Ed. by F. C. from British and American Poets, with explanatory Ob

Cook (M.A.). Vol. I.-Genesis to Deuteronomy. Roy. servations, Notes, etc., to which are added a Vocabulary

89, pp. xii, 928. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co...$8.00 of Difficult Words and Biographical and Geographical - The Portable Commentary : A Commentary, Critical

Index. 12°, pp. 544. N. Y., Clark & Maynard.. $1.80 and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments. By

Rev. Robert Jamieson, D.D., Rev. A. R. Faussett, and

Rev. David Brown, D.D. Boston, Gould & Lincoln. ANNIE KING'S QUESTION, and The Jackdaw's Nest.

Ed. in 2 vols., $6; in 4 vols....

$6.50 pp. go. N. Y., Evang. Knowl. Soc.......

... 40 c.

See also Barry, Cornell, Deutsch, Dunn, Lightfoot, "Arthur, T. S. Orange Blossoms, Fresh and Faded. Thomassen, Wepf. Illust. go. N. Y., William Gibson, jr...


Bishop, Joel Prentiss. Commentaries on the Law of **- Six Nights with the Washingtonians : and other Tem Married Women under the Statutes of the several States, perance Tales. Illust. Roy. 8°. Phila., T. B. Peter also at Common Law and in Equity. In 2 vols. Vol. son & Bros. $3.50 ; roan, $4.50 ; mor.....


1, 80, pp. xi, 756. Phila., Kay & Bro. Shp...... $7.50 "Avis, R. The Canary: Its History, Varieties, Manage- Blackburn, Rev. Wm. M. The Theban Legion. A Story ment and Breeding. 16°, pp. 64. N. Y., Scribner, of the Times of Diocletian. 12°, pp. 239. Phila., Presb.

Bd. of Pub..

..90 c. BANCROFT'S TOURIST'S GUIDE : The Geysers ; San Fran Blackwell, Antoinette Brown. The Island Neighbors. cisco and around the Bay (North). 169, pp: . 256. A Novel of American Life. Illust. 80, pp. 140. Same : Yo Semite; San Francisco and around the Bay

Harper & Bros. Pap......

75 C. (South). 160, pp. 222.-New Map of Central California. 16". San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & Co. Each, bds.75CBOOK (THE) OF TRAVELS OF A DOCTOR OF Physic. Con*Barry, Alfred (D.D.). The Atonement of Christ. Six

taining his Observations made in Certain Portions of the Lectures delivered in Hereford Cathedral during Holy

Two Continents. 12°, pp. 373. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. (Corrected tide).........

- $2.00 Week, 1871. 12°, pp. 111. N. Y., Macmillan & Co..$1.00 Bascom, John. Æsthetics; or, Science of Beauty. Rev. Boyd, Mark. Reminiscences of Fifty Years. Cr. 8°, pp. ed., greatly improved. 12°, pp. 256. N. Y., Woolworth, 390. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co........ ....$1,75


**Brady, Wm. Glimpses of Texas : Its Divisions, ReBasket (A) of BARLEY LOAVES. 16°, pp. 152. Phila., sources, Development, and Prospects, 16°, pp. 83. House

ton, Author, a5 C. ; with map..

......75 C.

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Welford & Co..

...50 C.

N. Y.,

Ainsworth & Co........

Presb. Bd. of Pub...

......75 C.



50 c.

Vol. 39.


BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. (For One Term Collyer, Robert. The Life that Now Is. 16°, PP. 351.

of Study). Illust. 12°, pp. ü, 290. N. Y., A. S. Barnes Boston, H. B. Fuller.... & Co....

... $1.50 COMING RACE (THE); or, The New Utopia. Reprinted Brockett, L. P. Paris under the Commune : or, The Red from the English ed. 12°, pp. 209. N. Y., Francis B.

Rebellion of 1871. 89, pp. 175. N. Y., S. W. Good Felt & Co... speed & Co. $1.25 : pap....

.... 75 c. COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER'S POCKET Map of New ENGLAND, - Same, in German. 8o. Pap...

.......75 C. Eastern New York, and Long Island ; together with a Brooks, Edward (A.M.). The Normal Elementary Al

Complete Census of the New England States. 16. gebra : Containing First Principles of the Soience, de

Worcester, Mass., S. A. Howland...

$1.00 veloped with Conciseness and Simplicity, for Common Constable, Henry. The Duration and Nature of Future Schools, Academies, Seminaries, and Normal Schools. Punishment. Reprinted from the London ed. 86, pp.

12°, pp. 287. Phila., Sower, Potts & Co.......... $1.25 67. New Haven, Conn., C. C. Chatfield & Co. Pap. Browne, Frances. The House of De Valdez. Sq. 18°,

40 C. pp. 252. N. Y., Anson D. F. Randolph & Co. Pap..40c. Cooley, Le Roy C. (Ph. D.). Natural Philosophy for Com. *Buchan, Alex. Introductory Text-Book of Meteorology.

mon and High Schools. 12°, pp. 175. N. Y., Chas.

Scribner & Co... 12, pp. 228. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.....$1.75

. $1.00 Burnand, F. C. More Happy Thoughts. 169, pp. xiv, Cooley, Hon. Thos. M. A Treatise on the Constitutional 300. (Handy Volume Serics, vol. 9.) Boston, Roberts

Limitations which rest upon the Legislative Power of the Bros...


States of the American Union. Sec. ed., with consider.

able additions, giving the Results of the Recent Cases. Burnham, Geo. P. Burnham's New Poultry Book. A 89, pp. 837. Boston, Little, Brown & Co.......... $7.50

Practical Treatise on Selecting, Housing, and Breeding
Domestic Fowls, and Raising Poultry and Eggs for Mar-

*COOLIE (THE): His Rights and his Wrongs. By the Auket. New ed. 12°, pp. 343. N. Y., Am. News Co..$2.00

thor of "Ginx's Baby."

129, pp. 38o. N. Ý, Geo.

Routledge & Sons. $1.25 : pap......
Bash, Richard J. Reindeer, Dogs, and Snow-Shoes. A
Journal of Siberian Travel and Explorations, made in the

Cornell, J. H. The Introit-Psalms for Sundays and Holy; Vears 1865, 1866, and 1867. With illustrations. 8°, pp.

days, as prescribed by the First Prayer-Book of Edward 529. N. Y., Harper & Bros....


Sixth ; set to Original Chants for Congregational Use. 4°, pp. 115. N. Y., Pott & Amery..

$1.50 CALIFORNIA. Reports of Cases determined in the Supreme Craik, Georgiana M. The Cousin from India. Illust

. 16°. Court of the State of California, at the January, April, and July Terms, 1870. R. Aug. Thompson, Reporter.

(Books for Girls, vol. 2.) N. Y., Harper & Bros. 90 c. 89, pp. x, 755. San Francisco, S. Whitney and *CURATE (THE) AND THE RECTOR. A Domestic Story, A. L. Bancroft & Co. Shp...

$8.00 16°, pp. iv, 476. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons. . $1.75 Campbell, Thomas. Poems. (Knickerbocker ed. of Stand Curtis, George Ticknor. An Inquiry into the Albany and

ard Poets, vol. 1.) 12°, pp. 450. . N. Y., G. P Put Susquehanna Railroad Litigations of 1869, and Mr. David nam & Sons...

. $2.00
Dudley Field's Connection therewith.

89, pp. 125. N. Cannon, Susan.

Y., D. Appleton & Co.

.50. Maidee, the Alchemist; or, Turning

Pap.. All to Gold. 12°, pp. 249. N. Y., M. Doolady...$1.50 David LLOYD'S LAST Will. By the Author of " Max

Kromer, “ Alone in London," Cartwright, Rev. Peter (D.D.). Fifty Years as a Presid

etc. Sq. 18°, pp. 468. ing Elder. Ed. by Rev. W. S. Hooper. 12°, pp. 281.

N. Y., Anson D. F. Randolph & Co. $1.00: pap. 75 C. Cinn., Hitchcock & Walden....

De Costa, Rev. B. F.

Lake George: Its Scenery and CATSKILL MOUNTAINS. See Rockwell.

Characteristics, with Glimpses of the Olden Time. Third ed. Illust. 16°, pp. xiv, 186.

N. Y., A. D. F. RanChamberlin, D. E. Natural System of English Grammar.

dolph & Co... Introductory Course. 16°, pp. 55. N. Y., Chas. Scrib

The Moabite Stone, Roy, 80, pp. 32. N. Y., A. D. F. ner & Co. Bds...

Randolph & Co......

75 C. Chambers, Robert. The Life of Sir Walter Scott. With Abbotsford Notanda, by Rob. Carruthers, LL.D. Ed.

Rambles in Mount Desert : with Sketches of Travel on by W. Chambers. 12o. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.

the New England Coast, from Isles of Shoals to Grand

Menan $1.25 169, pp. 280. With a photograph, N. Y.,


D. F. Randolph & Co.: Boston, A. Williams & Co. *Chambers, W. France : Its History and Revolutions.

$1.50 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co......

Denison, E. W. Lucy's Way out of the Dark. 169. pp. *Ohambers' Readings in English Literature. A Collec

311. Boston, Cong. Pub. Soc. ......

..$1.35 tion of Specimens from the Best Writers. From the Earliest Times to 1860. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.

Deutsch, Solomon (A.M., Ph.D.). A Key to the Penta

teuch, Explanatory of the Text and the Grammatical

Forms. Part I, Genesis. 8, pp. 104. N. Y., Holt & *CHILD's (The) Book of Songs and Praise. With illust.


. $1.50 and 52 pieces of music. N. Y., Am. News Co.


De WITT'S ACTING Plays. 18. No. 93, The Area Belle,

Farce, 1 act, by Wm. Brough and A. Halliday, 3 male, Chipman, Nathaniel. Reports and Dissertations. In

3 fernale characters ;-94. Our Clerk's, or No. 3, Fig Tree (wo Parts. Part I. --Reports of Cases determined in the

Temple, Farce, i act (m., 5 f.);--95, The Pretty Horse Supreme Court of State of Vermont, in the years 1989, Breaker, Farce, 1 act," by Wm. Brough and A. Halliday 1790, and 1791. Part II.-Dissertation on the Statute

m., 10 f.);-96. Dearest Mamma, Comedietta, i act, adopting the Common Law of England, the Statute of

by Walter Gordon (4 m., 3 f.);–97, Orange Blossoms, Conveyances, the Statute of Offsets, and on the Nego

Comedietta, i act, by J. P. Wooler" (3 m., 3 l.);-98, tiability of Notes. With an Appendix. Reprint of ed. Who is Who? or, All in a Fog, Farce, 1 act, by Thos. J. of 1792. 80, pp. 146. Rutland, Tuttle & Co. 'Shp. $5.00

Williams (3 m., 2 f.). N.Y., R. M. De Witt. Pap., *Cicero. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins.. 16o., (Ancient | De Witt's Conn. COOK-BOOK. See Orr.

Classics for English Readers, vol. 9.) Phila., J. B. LipDickens, Chas. Works. (Handy Volume Edition in pincott & Co.

• $1.00 Clare, Sister Mary Francis (of Kenmare, Ireland).

vols.) 12o. Vols. 1-3, Cont :-Pickwick Papers :-Oliver Twist ;-Christmas Stories.

N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. The Life of St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland.

Per vol. pp. 656. Boston, Patrick Donahoe. $6.00; libr. $7.50; *DICTIONARY OF Every-DAY DIFFICULTIES in Writing;


Reading, and Speaking the English Language ; or, Hard Olyffards of Olyffe. By the author of Carlyon's Year," Words Made Easy. 8°, pp. 364. N. y., Am. News " Lost Sir Massingberd." 12°. Phila., T. B. Peter

Co. H Roxb.

$1.25 son & Bros. $1.75: pap....

- $1.50 Dietrichs, John H. The Theory of Strains. A CompenCoates, Henry T. The Comprehensive Speaker. De dium for the Calculation and Construction of Bridges,

signed for the use of Schools, Academies, Lyceums, etc. Roofs, and Cranes, with the Application of Trigonometri Carefully selected from the best authors, with Notes. cal Notes. With plates. 8°, pp. 108. Balt., S hmidt & 17o. Phila., Porter & Coates....


.$5.00 Cockton, Harry. The Fatal Marriage ; or, The Sisters. Dillnberger, Dr. Emil. Handy Book of the Treatment

New ed. 80. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap. 75 C. of Women's and Children's Diseases, according to the


. .45 cts,



Illust. 4°

.. 75 C.



.....10 C.

15 C

Vienna Medical School, with Prescriptions. Translated FIRST HELP IN ACCIDENTS AND IN SICKNESS. Compiled from the second German ed., by Patrick Nicol, M.B. by Editor of Good Health.

12, pp. 250. Boston, Alex. 169, PP. 244. Phila., Lindsay & Blakision.... $1.75 Moore....


**Fisk. A Life of James Fisk, Jr. Being a full and ac– Beadle's American Tales. No. 36-40 :-F. Johnson's

curate Narrative of all the Enterprises in which he has Giant Trailer ;-Doomed Guide :-Ranger's Rifle ;-Wax been Engaged, 12°, pp. 300. With portraits. N. Y., Pol

hemus & Pearson. Pap...

..50 C. Axe ;-Robinson's Scotto the Scout. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap., ca........

....15 C.

Fitch, Rev. Eleazer T. (D.D.). Sermons, Practical and - Peadle's Dime Novels. No. 231, Davy Crocket, by C.

Descriptive, preached in the Pulpit of Yale College. 8°, pp. 365. New Haven, Judd & White..

. $2.90 F. Lasalle ;-232, Prairie Queen, by N. J. Hamilton ;233, Privateer's Bride, by J. R. Caldwell ;-234, Forest

Folle Farine. A Novel, by "Ouida,” Author of “Strath

more, Spectre, by E. Willet;-235, Black Wizard, by F. Whit

12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co... $2.00 tacker :-236, Ice Friend, by R. Starback ;-237, Ply Four YEARS AT YAŁ By a Graduate of '69.

Cr. So, mouth Scout, by W. J. Hamilton. N. Y., Beadle & Co. pp. xiv, 713. New Haven, Ct., C. C. Chatfield & Co. Pap., ea...

$2.50 - De Witt's Song and Joke Books. No. 105, The Adol FREDERICK THE GREAT. See Abbott. phus Morning Glory Songster ;-106, The Guzzlin Jim | Fuller, Edwin W. The Angel in the Cloud. 12°, pp. 107. Songster. N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Pap., ea...... 10 C. N. Y., E. J. Hale & Son. (Corrected price.)......$1.00 - De Witt's Ten Cent Romances. No. 83, Rolf the Ra- | Garrett, Ruth and Edward. The Quiet Miss Godolphin, ven: or, The Combat for a Wife ;-84, The Sea Gull; or, and, A Chance Child. Ilust. 16°. Phila., J. B. LipThe Pirate's League ;-85, The Spanish Pirate : or, The pincott & Co. 75 C. ; pap..

..50 C. Terror of the Ocean. N. Y., R. M. De Witt Pap., ca.

Gardiner. See Bible.

IO C. - Illustrated Fifteen Cent Novels. No. 21, The Artist's

GEORGIA. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, argued Bride, by J. H. Robinson ;-22, The Planter's Ward, by

and determined in the Supreme Court of Georgia. Vol. Ned Buntline. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co. Pap., ea.

31. By Geo. N. Lester. 89, pp. vii, 807. Macon, J. W. Burke & Co. Shp......

.. $7.50 - Ten Cent Star Novels. No. 67, The Aerial Demon, by

*GERMAN DRUMMER Box (The); or, The Horrors of War. Old Coombes ;–68, The Indian Scout, by Harry Haz

Adapted from the German by Mrs. Campbell Overend.

Must zard;–69. The Phantom Hunter, by G. Emerson ;

16, pp. viii, 214. N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons. 7. Fahle, the Traitor, by Julia Robins. N. Y., Frank

$1.00 Starr & Co. Pap., ea...

......10 c.

Gibbon, Ohas. For Lack of Gold. A Novel (Lib. of

Select Novels, No. 364.) 8°, pp. 144. Harper & Bros. - Tricks on Travellers. By the author of “Rogues and Rogueries of New York.'' Illust. 89, PP. 72.

N Y.,

...50 C. Jesse Haney & Co. Pap....

Gillet, Ransom H. The Federal Government; its Officers .....10 C.

and their Duties. Dítson, G. L. The Federati of Italy. A Romance of

12°, pp. 444.

N. Y., Woolworth,

Ainsworth & Co.. Caucasian Captivity. 12°, pp. 320. Boston, Wm. White

- $2.00 & Co.

$1.50 | Gobineau, Count A. de. The Rose of Typhaines. A Droz Gast, Around a Spring. A Novel

Tale of the Commune in the Twelfth Century. From the

From the French, by MS. (Leisure Hour Series, No, 3.)

French by Chas. D. Meigs. New ed. (Lib. of Choice 8°,

Reading, No. 2.)_12°, pp. 438. Phila., Claxton, Remsen pp. 150. N. Y., Holt & Williams. Pap..., 75 C.

& Haffelfinger. Pap....

. . $1.00 Duchenne, Dr. G. B. Localized Electrization. Trans

Gæpp, 0. Leitfaden der Parlamentarischen Geschäftsfrom the third French ed., by Herbert Tibbitts, M.D. With Notes and Additions, and g2 illust. 89, PP. 322.

Ordnung für Deutsch-Amerikaner. 32°, pp. 81. N. Y.,

E. Steiger. Phila., Lindsay & Dlakiston.....


Damas, Alex. Edmond Dantes. Sequel to " Count of
Monte-Cristo.” 8°, pap., 75 C.-The Iron Mask. Fourth

pp. 60. N. Y., T. O'Kane. Pap..

....25 c. Series of "The Three Guardsmen.” From the French,

Goodwin's Greck Reader; Consisting of Extracts from new ed. 89, pp. 420. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros.

Xenophon, Herodotus, Plato, and other Authors. With $1.00

Notes and References to Goodwin's Greek Grammar.

Ed. by J. H. Allen and Prof. W. W. Goodwin. 12. "Dunn, Henry. The Study of the Bible. A Series of

Boston, Ginn Bros......

$2.00 Chapters intended to promote 'Truth and Unity. 12, pp. iv, 195. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons..


*Grant, Jas. Lady Wedderburn's Wish. 169, pp. 411. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons. Bds...

...80 c. EASTMAN'S GUIDE BOOK for the Eastern Coast of New England. With map. 16°, pp. 220. Concord, E. C.

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late one of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal

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With an

.60 с.

8°, PP

Vol. 51.

..... $1.50

nam & Sons

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