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80 c.


.75 C.

Griswold, Wayno (M.D.). Kansas, her Resources and HORSE-OWNER, See Armatage.

Developm nts; or, the Kansas Pilot, giving a direct
Road to Homes for Every Body; also the Effects of

Hosmer, Margaret. Blanche Gilroy. A Girl's Story. 11°, Latitudes on Life. Locations, with Important Facts for pp. 330. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. ......... $1.50 all European Emigrants. 8°, pp. 95. Cin., R. Clarke

HOUSEHOLD-BOOK (THE) OF Irish ELOQUENCE : Contain& Co. Pap....

...50 C.

ing the Select Speeches of O'Connell, Shiel, Curran, *GUESSES AT TRUTH. By Two Brothers. (Golden Treas. Grattan, Burke, Sheridan, Phillips, Emmet, Whiteside, ury Series.) 180.

N. Y., Macmillan & Co........$1.25 Meagher, McGee. With Biographical Notes by 3 Gurley, Mrs. E. S. Edith Somers; or, A Child's In

Member of the New York Bar. Illust. 80, pp. 704. N. fluence. Illust. 16°, pp. 267. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc.

Y., Jas. A. McGee..


How is THAT FOR HIGH COMICALITIES, Railroad Fun **Hall, Wm. W. (M.D.). The Guide Board to Health,

Book. 4, pp. 32.

N. Y., Robt. M. De With Pap. Peace, and Competence. 89, pp. 750. Phila, H. N.

25 C. McKinney & Co. $4.00; shp., $4.50 ; hf. calf, $5.50

**Hubell's Legal Dictionary for Lawyers and Business. and $6.00; mor..

Men ; containing the names of one or more of the leading Hamilton, F. H. See United S. S. C.

and most reliable Attorneys in nearly three thousand C Hammond, Wm. A. (M.D.). Treatise on Diseases of

ties and Towns in the United States'; also, a Synopsis of the Nervous System. 89, pp. 754. N. Y., D. Apple

the Collective Laws of each State, with Rules and Inton & Co....


structions for taking Depositions, the Executions and **Hanaford, Phæbe A. From Shore to Shore and Other

Acknowledgment of Deeds, Wills, etc., and Times for Poems.

holding Courts throughout the U. S. and Territories for 12°, PP. 277 Boston, B. B. Russell.....$1.50

the year 1871. J. H. Hubbell, Editor and Compiler. HANS BREITMAN IN EUROPE. Sec Leland.

8, PP, 292. N, Y., J. H. Hubbell & Co. $2.50; shp. HAPPY HOURS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE. 8 vols. 8° Poston,

$3.50 D. Lothrop & Co. Set.....

$1.50 Hughan, Wm. Jas. (P.M.). Masonic Sketches and ReHarris & Bros. Gas Superintendent's Pocket Compan

prints, comprising two distinct works in one vol., viz. : 1, ion for the Year 1871, 12°. Phila., Henry Carey Baird. History of Freemasonry in York: 2, Unpublished Records Leather...

- $2.00
of the Craft. 12°. N. Y., Masonic Pub. Co......

.. $3.00 Harte, Bret. Condensed Novels. New and enlarged ed. Hughes, Thos. Alfred the Great. With iilust. and map.

Illust. 16", pp. 212. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co..$1.50 169, pp. 324. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co......$1.50 - Fascimile of the Original MS. of "The Heathen Chinee." | Hugo, Victor. Claude Gueux. New ed. N. Y., Geo.

12°, pp. 16. San Francisco, John H. Carmany & Co.; W. Carleton & Co. Pap....: N. Y., Am. News Co. Pap....

..25 c. HUNT'S MERCHANTS' MAGAZINE Year Book, 1871, 80, pp. **_ The Pliocene Skull. A Poem. Illust. by E. M. 452. N. Y., Wm. B. Dana & Co....

$2.00 Schaeffer, M.D. 4°, pp. 8. Washington, D. C., E. M.

**Hunter, Robt. (M.D.). A Popular Treatise on Colds Schaeffer. Bds..

..75 C. and Affections of the Air Passage and Lungs. Rev. **Hartwig, Dr. G. The Polar and Tropical Worlds, An from the 6th London ed. 16°, pp. 75. Boston, B. B. Illustrated Description of Man and Nature in the Polar Russell......

50 C. and Equatorial Regions of the Globe. From the German.

*Huyshe, Captain G. L. The Red River Expedition With additional Chapters by Alfred H., Guernsey. Roy. With maps. 8°, pp. 284. N. Y., Macmillan & Co... $2.50 8", pp. 780. Springfield, Mass., Bill, Nichols & Co. $3.75; shp. $4.25 ; hf. cf...


ILLUSTRATED CATHOLIC S. S. Library, Fourth Series.

6 Vols. Illust. 169 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Works.

Cont.: -Tales of Catholic Artists;Illust. Lib. ed. (In

Honor O'More's Three Homes ;-Sir Ælfric, and Other 10 vols.) Vol. 1. The Marble Faun ; or, The Romance of Monte Beni.

Tales ;-Select Tales for the Young ;-Tales for the Many; 12°, PP. 571. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood

-Frederick Wilm.ot. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc. In box & Co.....

$3.00 ; gilt......

- $3.75 Hay, John. Little Breeches. A Pike County View of

ILLUSTRATED LIB. OF WONDERS. See Viardot. Special Providence.

Illust hy J. F. Engel. 12°, pp. 13 N. Y., J. S. Redfield. Pap......


.....25 c. Helper, Hinton Rowan. Noonday Exigencies in America. Inglis, Jas. See Bible. (With an Appendix, to be read in Advance of the Text, in

INDIANA. Digest of the Reports of Indiana to the Year the Perusal of these pages, by all such inattentive persons 1871, with Notes presenting the General Statutes subseas may have been, some years ago, in the Habit of reading

quent to 1863. By Benjamin Vaughan Abbott. (In 2 with Eyes Askant.) 12°, pp. 211. N. Y., Bible Brothers, vols.) Vol. 2. (Executors-Wrongs).

Roy. 8°, pp. 666. $1.00; pap....

50 c. Chicago, Callaghan & Cockcroft. Shp... $7.50 Helps, Arthur. The Life of Hernando Cortes, 2 vols. -- Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme in one. 12°, pp. 400. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons,

Court of Indicature of the State of Indi., with Tables of

$2.00 the Cases and principal Matters. By James B. Black. Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus. His Divine Pyman Vol. 32, 89, pp. xvi, 606. Indianapolis, Journal Co. der ; also, The Asiatic Mystery, The Smaragdine Table, Shp...

$5.50 and the Song of Brahm. Ed. by Paschal Beverly Ran. Iowa. Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the

dolph. 12°, pp. 148. Boston, Randolph Pub. Co..$1.50 State of lowa, from and including the June Term, 1866, Hislop, Alexander. The Proverbs of Scotland, with ex to and including the Decisions reported in the 27th lowa

planatory and illustrative Notes and a Glossary. Ist Am. Report. 89, pp. 313. Chicago, Callaghan & Cockcroft. from the 3d Edinburgh ed. 169, pp. 367. N. Y., L. D. Shp.....

.$3.50 Robertson...

.. $1.50

Johnson, Rev. Herrick. Memorial Services on the occa *Holbeach, Henry. Shoemaker's Village. Cr. 89, pp.

sion of the Death of Rev. Albert Barnes. 89, pp. 56. 420. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons..

Phila., Pres. Bd. of Pub.... HOLLOW GLOBE. See Sherman.

Jones, Jos See United S. S. C. Holmes, M. H. Drawing-Book for Schools and Begin- | *Jordan (The) AND ITS VALLEY, AND THE Dead Sea. Parts 1-4. Elementary. Obl. fol. Each with 6

Ilust. 16°, PP. 144.

N, Y., T. Nelson & Sons....50 C. plates and 6 blank leaves. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Stift JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE: Containing the Transactions

......40 C, of the American Association. No. 3. 89, pp. 246. N.Y., Holmes, Mary J. Millbank; or, Roger Irving's Ward. Hurd & Houghton. Pap.....

.$1.50 A Novel. 12°, PP. 402. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co. JOURNAL OF A YOUNG LADY of Virginia, 1782 (Published

for the benefit of the Lee Memorial Asso. of Richmond). Holmes, Oliver Wendell (M.D.). Valedictory Address, Sm. 4°, pp. 56. Baltimore. J. Murphy & Co. $1.00 : delivered to the Graduating Class of the Bellevue Hospi gilt....

$1.50 tal College, March 2, 1871. 89, pp. 23. N. Y., D. Junkin, D. X. The Rev. Geo. Junkin, D.D., LL.D., A Appleton & Co. Pap...

.......5c. Historical Biography. With purtrait. Cr. 89, pp. 6o9. HOPEFUL WORDS FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. 169, pp. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co...

$2.50 187. N. Y., Evang. Know. Soc.........60 c. and 80 C. KANSAS, HER RESOURCES, ETC. See Griswold.


40 C.


pap. each.....


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KENTUCKY. Judge Black's Argument for Kentucky in the * Macleod, Norman. Peeps at the Far East. A Familiar

Account of a Visit to India. With 100 illust. Sm. Case of the United States vs. Blyew and Kennard. The Civil Rights Bill and its Constitutionality. 8°, pp. 27. pp. 376. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons. $7.50 Baltimore, Turnbull Bros. Pap....

....25 C.

MACLISE, DAN. Memoir. See O'Driscoll.
Keon, Miles Gerald. Dion and the Sibyls. A Classic
Christian Novel. 89, pp. 223. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc.

**McWatters, George S. Knots Untied; or, Ways and (Corrected price.) $1.50; pap.....

.60 с.

By-ways in the Hidden Life of American Detectives.

80, pp. 665. Hartford, Burr & Hyde.... $2.50 Kert, Orpheus C. See Newell.

MANUAL OF THE LODGE OF PERFECTION. Ancient and AcKiehl, Emilie M. Golden Grains. Poems.

With portr.

cepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry ; together with the 12". Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co....

$1.50 Ceremonies of Inauguration and Constitution, and InKINDERGARTEN CULTURE. See Wiebe.

stallation of Officers, as practised in the Northern Juris

diction of the United States. 12, pp. 184. N. Y., MaKNOTS UNTIED. See McWatters.

sonic Pub. Co.

..$1.25 Ratschke, August (Fusilier). Sämmtliche Napolium

MARGARET AND BESSIE. 16®, pp. 168. Boston, Cong. Lieder, nebst einer Auswahl der interessantesten Kriegs

Pub. Soc.... Anekdoten aus dem letzten deutsch-französischen Kriege. 16", pp. 96. N. Y., German Cyclopedia Pub. Co.

Marion's LITTLE SISTER, and the Hard Thing She Found Pap.

.....25 c.

to Do. 16°, pp. 214. Boston, Cong. Pub. Soc.....90 C. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S LETTER WRITER.

16°, PP.

Marryat, Florence (Mrs. Ross Church.) Her Lord and 128. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Bds., 50 c. ; pap......25 C.

Master. A Novel. Lib. of Select Novels, No. 362.) 89, Lange's Bible Commentary. See Bible.

pp. 117. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap....

..50 C. Larrabee's Cipher and Secret Letter and Telegraph Code, | Mason, Lowell, and Theo. F. Seward. The Pesta

with Hogg's Improvements. Oblong 169, pp. 16. N. lozzian Music Teacher; or, Class Instructor in Elemen. Y., D. Van Nostrand...

$1.00 tary Music, in accordance with the Analytic Method. To Lawrence, Annie M. Olive Loring's Mission. (New which are added Illustrative Lessons on Form, Number

Prize Series.) Boston, D. Lothrop & Co...........$1.50 and Arithmetic, language and Grammar, Psychology, Leach, Edward.

and other School Topics. By John W. Dickinson. 12°, Incidents in the Life of Edward Wright, 160, pp. vii. 344.

Pp. 314. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co.; N. Y., C. H.
Phila., H. N. McKinney &
Ditson & Co. .......

$2.00 Co........

..$1.50 Leeds, Lewis W. A Treatise on Ventilation. Showing

Mason, William, and E. S. Hoadly. A System for Pe the

4°, great want of Improved Methods of Ventilation in our

ginners in the Art of Playing upon the Piano-Forte. pp. 168. Boston, O. Ditson & Co.

Bds.......... Buildings, giving the Chemical and Physiological Process

$3.00 of Respiration, comparing the Effects of the Various MASONIC SKETCHES. See Hughan. Methods of Heating and Lighting upon Ventilation, &c. MASSACHUSETTS. Reports of Cases Argued and DeterIllust. with many plans of all classes of Public and Pri

mined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Mass. Vol. VI. vate Buildings, colored diagrams, &c. New enlarged April to Oct., 1869. By Albert G. Browne, Jr. (Mass. ed. 80. N. Y., John Wiley & Son.


Reports, Vol. 102). 89, pp. viii, 660. N. Y., Hurd & Leland, Charles G. Hans Breitmann in Europe. With Houghton : Boston, H. 0. Houghton & Co. Shp..$5.50 other new Ballads. (Fifth Series of the Breitmann Bal - See also Minot. lads.) 12°, pp. 85. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap. *Masson, David (M.A., LL.D.) The Life of John Milton,

Narrated in connection with the Political, Ecclesiastical, Lever, Charles. Arthur O'Leary. A Novel. New ed. and Literary History of his Time. Vol. II., 1638-164 3. 89, pp. 221. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap..75 C. 8°, pp. 608. N. Y., Macmillan & Co...

$4.50 *Liddon, H. P. (D.D.). The Purchas Judgment. A Let MILTON, Life. See Masson. ter of Acknowledgment to the Rt. Hon. J. T. Cole

MINNESOTA. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined ridge. Together with a Letter by the Writer to the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D, 80, pp. 47.

in the Supreme Court of the State of Minnesota. Vol. N. Y., Pott & Amery.

By Wm. A. Spencer. 8o. pp. 602. St. Paul, Wm. Pap..

.....25 C.
S. Combs. Shp...

$5.00 LACHT SCIENCE. See Proctor.

MINOT. The Rule in Minot's Case again, as restated with LITTLE BREECHES. See Hay.

variations by the Sup. Ct. of Mass. By a Layman. 89, Livins, Titas. History of Rome. Literally trans., with Pp. 34. G. P. Putnam & Sons. Pap..... ........30 C. Notes and Illustrations, by D. Spillan, A.M., M.D., and MODEL PASTOR. See Stockbridge. C. Edmonds. 2 vols. 12°, pp. 747, 725. N. Y., Harper | Moody, Joel. The Science of Evil; or, First Principles

..$3.00 of Human Action. Together with three Lectures ; SalLedeman, Angustus, German Conversation-Tables. А vation and Damnation before Birth, or the Scientific and new Method for Teaching German Conversation in Theological Methods of Salvation Compared. -Sunday: Classes. With copious Notes. 12°, PP. 36. N. Y., its History, Uses, and Abuses.--Prayer; the True and Holt and Williams. Bds,...

...40 C.

False Methods Compared. 12°, pp. 350. Topeka (Kan. **Long, Samuel P. Art; its Laws, and the Reasons for

sas), Crane & Byron....

$1.75 them, Collected, Considered, and Arranged for General Morford, Henry: Morford's Short Trip Guide to Europe and Educational Purposes. Boston, Lee & Shepard. (1871). Comprising Tours in England, Scotland, Ireland,

$3.00 Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Hola Loving BALLAD (THE) of Lord Bateman. With Illus land, Italy, Spain, etc. With a short Tour in the East; trations and notes by George Cruikshank.

12°, pp. 16.

a Collection of Travelers' Phrases in French and German, N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co. Pap.....

and Skeleton Tour in America. With map. ...25 C.

160, pp. 416. Lowry, Rev. Robt. & W. Howard Doane.

N, Y., Sheldon & Co....

. . $2.00 Pure Gold. (S. 8. Singing Book.) Obl. 12°, pp. 160. N. Y., Biglow

** Morris, Rev. Herbert W. (A.M.). Science and the & Main; Indianapolis, Todd, Carmichael & Williams.

Bible ; or, The Mosaic Creation and Modern Discoveries. .$3.60

89, pp. 566. Phila., Ziegler & McCurdy, $3.75; lib.$4.50 McBride, James. Pior.cer Biography. Sketches of the

MOTHER's Ship, and the Cargo it Brought. By Mabel. Lives of some of the Early Settlers of Butler County,

16°, pp. 238. Boston, Cong. Pub. Soc. ... $1.00 Ohio. Vol. 2. 89, pp. 288. Cin.; R. Clarke & Co. Muhlenberg, W. A. (D.D.) Woman and her Accusers,

$6.00 A Sermon preached for the Midnight Mission. 189, pp. Mcllain, Mary W. Daisy Ward's Work.

16, Bos

36. N. Y., T. Whittaker. 25 C. ; pap.... .....10 c. ton, A. K. Loring..

.$1.25 | Muller, Otto. Charlotte Ackermann : A Theatrical RoMcCorry, Peter (Con O'Leary). Mount Benedict; or,

mance. From the German, by Mrs. Chapman Coleman and The Violated Tomb. A Tale of the Charlestown Convent.

her Daughters. 12o. Phila., Porter & Coates. $1.50 ; Sq, 166, pp. 249. Boston, P. Donahoe.... $1.00


$1.00 "McDonald, Mrs. Geo. Chamber Dramas for Children.

Maloch, Miss. See Books for Girls. Iz', pp. 300. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons... $1.75 MYSTERY OF LIFE. See Beale,

75 c.


& Bros......

Per doz.

$3.00 ; large paper..

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**Napheys, Geo. H. (A.M., M.D.). The Physical Life of PROPHECY INTERPRETED BY HISTORY. See Birchmore. Woman : Advice to the Maiden, Wife, and Mother. 12°,

PROVERBS OF SCOTLAND. See Hislop. pp. 322. Washington, D. C., Franklin Pub. Co... $2.00

Pusey, E. B. See Bible, Minor Prophets. **Napheys, Geo. H. (A.M., M.D.). The Transmission

Racine, J. Athalie. A Tragedy. Ed. with a complete of Life. Counsels on the Nature and Hygiene of the Mas

Commentary, for the use of Students. (Students' Collec. culine Function. 12', pp. 251.

Phila., J. G. Fergus & tion of Classic French Plays, II). 12°, pp. 117. N. Y.,

Holt & Williams. Pap...

.50 C. *NATIONAL NURSERY RHYMES and Nursery Songs, Set *Radcliffe, Chas. Bland (M.D.). Dynamics of Nerve to Music by J. W. Elliott. Illust. 4°, pp. vii, 110.

N. Y.,

and Muscle. Cr. 89, pp. xv, 288. N. Y., Macmillan & A. D. F. Randolph & Co..... - $4.00 Co....

$3.00 *Neale, Rev. John Mason. Sermons on Passages of the Ramsey, Mrs. Evenings with the Children; or, Travels

Psalms, chiefly preached at St. Margaret, East Grinstead. in South America. 16° Boston, D. Lothrop & Co.. $1.00 129, pp. 346. N. Y., Pott & Amery...

• $2.25 | Randolph, P. B. See Hermes. NEBRASKA. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of

Reade, Chas. A Terrible Temptation. Part 2. Illust. Nebraska. By Jas. M. Woolworth.

Vol. I. 8°, pp. xx, 500. Chicago, Callaghan & Cockroft. Shp.......$5.00 Reavis, L. U. Thoughts for the Young Men and for the

89, pp. 76. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. Pap...25 C. Nelly's DARK DAYS. A Story of London Life. By the author of "Jessica,” "Alone in London," etc.

New ed.,

Young Women of America ; or, A Few Practical Words of

Advice. Together with "The Ideal Man and the Ideal with 6 new illust. 16o. N. Y., Dodd & Mead......75 C. Woman," by Horace Greeley. 12°, pp. 100. N. Y., S. Newell, R. H. The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers ; being a

R. Wells..

$1.00 complete Contemporaneous Military History of the Mack Red River ExpedITION. See Huyshe. crel Brigade, its unparalleled strategical Exploits on Land

Redenbacher, Wm. The Little Cloister_Ruin. Trans. and Water, and unprecedented Struggles for the Union and its Presidency, in the War with the Southern Confed

from the German by Rev. J. Oswald, D.D. Illust. 16°,

Pp. 130. Phila., Lutheran Pub, Soc..... eracy. New ed., complete in one vol. 12°, pp. 555. N. Y., Geo. W. Carleton & Co....


Redfield, Isaac F. and Melville M. Bigelow. Lead. NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED. New ed. for Summer of 1871,

ing and Select American Cases in the Law of Bills of with additional engrav. 80. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co.

Exchange, Promissory Notes, and References. 89, pp.

Ixiii, 760. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp..... $7.50 Pap.

....50 c. *O'Driscoll, W. Justin. Memoir of Daniel Maclise, R". A.

**RELATION OF CABEÇA DE VACA. Trans, from the Spanish With some woodcuts of Unpublished Sketches drawn by

by Buckingham Smith. With 2 portr. Sup. roy. 8°,

$10.00 Maclise in Letters to Friends, and portr. 12°, pp. 278.

pp. x, 300. Albany, J. Munsell... N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co......


ReligiON OF THE PRESENT. See Woolsey.
Ohio VALLEY HISTORICAL MISCELLANIES. I. A Tour in Rescued GIRL (THE). 169, pp. 180. Boston, Cong. Pub.
Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Territory in 1805, by Josiah

Espy. II. Two Western Campaigns in the War of 1812. Rosenberg, O. G. My Story. By A. Photo. 18°, pp.
By Saml. Williams. III. The Leatherwood God. By N. Y., J. Gurney & Son. Pap....
RH. Taneyhill. (O. V. H. S. No. 7.) 89, pp. 30, 58, Ross Co., O. See Finley.
53. Cin., R. Clarke & Co., $2.50; large paper.. $5.00

*Rosser, W. H. The Bijou Gazetteer of the World, briefly - See Also Finley ; McBride,

describing as regards Position, Area, and Population, *OLD (THE) AND NEW HOME. A Canadian Tale. By J. E. every Country and State ; their Subdivisions, Provinces,

12°, pp. 144. N. Y., T. Nelson & Sons.... $1.00 Counties, principal Towns, Villages, Mountains, Rivers, OLD World (The) SEEN WITH YOUNG EYES. Illust. 169,

Lakes, Capes, &c. 64°, pp. iv, 636. N. Y., Ścribaer.

Welford & Co....
pp. 262. T. Whittaker..

*Ruskin, John. Fors Clavigera. Letters to the Workmen
and Laborers of Great Britain,

Nos. I to 6. Illust. 8o.

N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. Pap. each........50 C. OUR RULERS. See Willis.

Same. In i vol. 12o. Illust. N. Y., J. Wiley & Son. Owen, Ashford. A Lost Love. New ed. 16° Boston,

$1.00 A. K. Loring..


RYE, WESTCHESTER Co. See Baird. Paine, Martyn (A.M. M.D.). The Institutes of Med

Sand, Geo. Ernestine ; or, Mlle Merquem. New ed. go. icine. Ninth ed.. rev. 89, pp. xvi, 1145. N. Y., Harper

N. Y., George W. Carleton & Co. Pap.. & Bros....

Simon. A Love Story. New ed. 89, pp. 89. Phila., *Palgrave, Francis Turner. Lyrical Poems.

T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap.., viii, 264, N. Y., Macmillan & Co.....

... $1.75 Paris COMMUNE. A full Account of the Revolution of the

**SATAN IN SOCIETY. By a Physician. 12°, pp. 512. Cin. Commune in Paris. Humanity First, Glory Afterward.

and N. Y., C. F. Vent

$3.50 A True Statement, told in vigorous English. 16°, pp. 32. N. Y., National News Co...

Scanland, Agnes Leonard. Heights and Depths. 2". ...5 c. Chicago, Henry A. Sumner....

$1.50 PATRON SAINTS. See Starr.

Schaff, Philip (D.D.). A Catechism for Sunday-Schools
Peabody, Rev. Dr. A. P. Manners : an Address. Small
Boston, Sever, Francis & Co. Pap....15 C.

and Families. 18°, pp. 78. N. Y., Evang. Know. Soc. PERPS AT THE FAR EAST. See Macleod.

Schem, Alex. J. See Deutsch-Am. C. L. PHYSICAL LIFE OF WOMAN. See Napheys.

Schlegel, Charles A. A French Grammar for Beginners. PIONEER Record. See Finley.

12°, pp. viii, 302. N.Y., E. Steiger. Half roan...$1.50 PIONEERS AND FOUNDERS. See Yonge.

- German Grammar for Beginners. 12o. pp. vi, 214.. N. POET's Bazar. See Andersen.

Y., E. Steiger. Half roan..

$1.25 Porter, Prof. Noah (D.D., LL.D.). Books and Reading, or, What Books shall I Read, and How shall I Read

SCIENCE FOR THE YOUNG ; or, The Fundamental Principles them? Fourth ed. enlarged, with Index.

of Modern Philosophy Explained and Illustrated in Con, N. Y., Chas, Scribner & Co.. 394.

- $2.00

versations and Experiments and in Narratives of Travel Pouton, M. Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Their History,

and Adventure by Young Persons in Pursuit of KnowlPhenomena, and Probable Causes,

(Wonder Library.

edge. Vol. 2. Light. By Jacob Abbott. With numero Illust. 12° Boston, D. Lothrop & Co....

ous engr. 12°, pp. 313. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Per vol. 1.50


*Scott, W. Waverley Novels. Centenary ed. (In 25 vols.) *Proctor, R. A. Light Science for Leisure Hours.

A Cr. 80. Series of Familiar Essays on Scientific Subjects, Natural

St. Ronan's Well, pp. 445.--Vol. 18.

Red Gauntlet, pp. 664.-Vol. 19. Betrothed and High-
Phenomena, etc. Cr. 8o. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & land Widow. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Per vel.



... 50 C.

75 C.

$5.00 12°, PP.

50 c.

4°, pp. 16.

50 C.

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Vol. 17

...75 C.

Seemulle, Mrs. Anna M. Orane. (Author of " Emily last London ed., rev. and enlarged by Alfred Meadows,

Chester.") Reginald Archer. A Novel. Popular ed. M.D, 89, pp. 559. Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston... $3.50 89, pp. 386. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. $1.25 ;

TAULERUS. Life of Taulerus. A Biographical Sketch, рар.

..75 C.

abridged and translated from the German by Peter Lose Sherman and Lyon. The Hollow Globe ; or, The World's

sing. 16°, pp. 38. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Pap. Agitator and Reconciler. A Treatise on the Physical

20 C. Conformation of the Earth. Presented through the Or

Taylor, Rev. Daniel Thomas, The Voice of the Church ganism of M. L. Sherman, M.D., and written by Prof.

on the Coming and Kingdom of the Redeemer; or, A Wm. F. Lyon. 12°, pp. 447. Chicago, Religio-Philosophical Pub. House...


History of the Doctrine of the Reign of Christ on Earth. 12°, pp. 420. Boston, H. L. Hastings..

$ Simmons, James P. War in Heaven. A Disquisition, Biblical and Rational, concerning Angels, Devils, and

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TEN Great RELIGIONS. See Clarke, J. F. **SKETCHES OF MEN OF PROGRESS. By James Parton,

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. $6.00 Y, and Hartford Pub. Co

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Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Pap.....

..30 C. Romanism and Protestantism in the United States,


A Novel

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The Fight at Dame Europa's School.” 16°. Phila., Smith, Stephen. Sce United S. S. C.

J. B. Lippincott & Co. $1.25: pap.. Smith, Dr. Wm. See Bible Dictionary.

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189, pp. 340. N. Y., Harper & Bros... ......75 c. Constitution of the U. S., with a full account of the Con*SOWING THE GOOD SEED. A Canadian Tale. By Alicia. federations which preceded it ; of the Debates and Acts 12o. N. Y., T. Nelson & Sons


of the Convention which formed it; of the Judicial De

cisions which have construed it, With Papers and Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Psychology. Vol. Tables illustrative of the Action of the Government and 1. 89, pp. xii, 635. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co.... $2.50

People under it. Third ed. rev. and enlarged. Cr. 8°, * SPORTING SKETCHES AT HOME AND ABROAD. By the pp. xxxiii, 449. Boston, Little, Brown & Co....... $2.00 Old Bushman. With original illust., by G. Bowers.

Printed in colors. 12°, pp. 436. N. Y., Scribner, Wel-
Od & Co.....

A Book of
TRAVELS OF A DOCTOR in Two Continents.

Travels of a Doctor of Physic. 12 no. Phila., J. B. SPRING COMEDIES. See Barker.

Lippincott & Co.....

$2.00 *Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn (D.D.). The Athanasian

TRAVELS OF A PIONEER OF COMMERCE. See Cooper. Creed. With a Preface on the General Recommendations of the Ritual Commission. Cr. 89, pp. xvii, 105.

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Testament. Seventh ed. rev. and enlarged. 89, pp. xxvi,

.....75 C. Starr, Eliza Allen. Patron Saints. With 12 full-page il

363. N. Y., Macmillan & Co.....

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Trollope, Anthony. Ralph the Heir, A Novel. Illust. gilt....


89, pp. 282. N. Y., Harper & Bros. $1.75; pap..$1.25 STATE OF THE DEAD. See West.

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Eastern Manners and Cus-
The Parables of the *Tweedie, W. K. (D.D.).
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. $1.75 Art and Custom. 2 vols. 8°, pp. 890. N. Y., Scribner, Stone, Mrs. Leander. Willie and Carrie : a true Story of

Welford & Co.....

-$12.00 Everyday Life. Illust. 18°, pp. 148. Chicago, Henry A. UNITED STATES. Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Sumner


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Rep. by J. Wm. Wallace. Vol. 10, 80, pp. xi, 706. WashSTREIT (DER) IN Frau Europa's SCHULE ; oder, Wie der

ington, W. H. &0. H. Morrison. Shp.... .. $6.00 deutsche Knabe den französischen Knaben prügelte, iind

UNITED STATES. Cases Determined in the U. S. Circuit wie der englische Knabe zusah und lachte. `Desgleichen

Courts for the Eighth Circuit. By the Hon. Sam'l F. Warum John Bull nicht einschritt ;" eine Antwort auf

Miller, LL.D. Reported by Jas. M.Woolworth. Vol. 1, den Streit in Frau Europa's Schule." Aus dem Eng.

89, pp. 484. Chicago, Callaghan & Cockcroft.

Shp. lischen übersetzt von C. Th. Eben. 16°, pp. 24. Phila.,

$5.50 Thos. W. Hartley & Co. Pap...

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Digest of the Tariff Laws, to May 1, 1871. Compiled by Military Engineers of America. 8°, pp. 342. N. Y., D.

S. T. Morgan. 89, pp. 127. Baltimore, Turnbull Bros. $5.00 $1.75; pap............

$1.50 STUDY OF THE BIBLE. See Dunn.

- The Statutes at Large of the United States of America, SYNONYMS Discriminated. See Smith.

passed at the Third Session of the Forty-first Congress, Caneyhul, R. H. See Ohio Valley S.

1870-71, and Treaties and Postal Conventions,

George P. Sanger (Government ed.). Roy. 8°, xiii, pp. l'anner, Thos, Hawkes. A Practical Treatise on the Dis 350. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Pap...

$2.00 cases of Infancy and Childhood.

Third Am. from the See also Towle.

Van Nostrand.

Ed by



of the War of Rebellion. Vol. 2. Containing : 1, Analyses (Wonder Library.) 12o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co.$1.50 of 439 recorded Amputations in the Coritiguity of the

Wood, Prof. De Volson (C.E.). A Treatise on the ReLower Extremity, by Stephen Smith (M.D.). 2, Inves

sistance of Materials, designed as a Text-Book for Polytigations upon the Nature, Causes, and Treament of Hos

technic and Scientific Schools, and for Practical Use. 6. pital Gangrene, as it prevailed in the Confederate

N. Y., John Wiley & Sons .....

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..75 C. Van Lew, J. N. Natural Force. A New View. Rich

*Xenophon. By Sir Alex. Grant, Bart., LL.D. (Ancient mond, Clemmitt & Jones, Prs. Pap.....

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lü, 180. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co..... .$1.00 Viardot, Louis. Wonders of European Art. Illust. with II wood engr. (Illust. Lib. of Wonders.) 12°, pp. vi,

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--Same, with Comments. 169, pp. xxiii, 373...

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The Two Guardians; or, Home in the World. (Vol. 5 of Weiss, John. American Religion. 16°, pp. vii, 326. Bos

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N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Pap....

.25 C. pp. 258. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.....


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to Cultivate the Observing Powers of Children. With 300 Phila. J. B. Lippincott & Co.....

• 75 c.

engrav. New enlarged ed. 12°. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Wiebe, Edward, Kinder-Garten Culture, a succinct Ex (Price reduced).

$1.00 posé of Friedrich Froebel's Educational Principles in con *Young, J. C. Memoir of Charles Mayne Young, Tragenection with the Kinder-Garten, describing all its Means

dian. With Extracts from his Son's Journal. With por of Occupation in their Logical Connection with one another.

traits and sketches 2 vols, cr. 89, pp. xvii, 374; X, 368. 4', pp. 12. Springfield, Mass., Milton Bradley & Co.

N. Y., Macinillan & Co..

$2.25 Pap... Wilford, Florence. Vivia. A Modern Story. 80, pp. 170.

YOUNG MECHANIC (THE). Containing Directions for the use of N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap...

all kinds of Tools, and for the Construction of Steam En

gines and Mechanical Models, including the Art of Turning Wilkins, Chas. See Bhagvat-Geeta.

in Wood and Metal. By the Author of "The Lathe and Williams, Sam. See Ohio Valley S.

its Uses, etc." From the Eng. ed., with corrections, etc. **Willis, Anson. Our Rulers and our Rights. Illust,

Cr. 8°, pp. iv, 346. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons. (Cor rected title.)....

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J. Bartholomew. (In 25 parts.) 4°, Parts 1–5. Phila, WONDERS OF EUROPEAN Arr. See Viardot.

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10 C.

50 c*

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