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All Articles mentioned in the Bulletin, supplied at the shortest notice. I

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....75 c.

News Co. Pap....

JUST READY. Collier, Robt. The Life That Now Is. 12. Boston, Horace B. Fuller.......

..$1.50 Droz, Gustave. Around a Spring. A Novel. From the French by MS. (Leisure Hour Series, No. 3.) 89, pp. 150. N. 'Y., Holt & Williams. Pap..... How DEM FRENCHMEN TEK DAT BERLIN VUNTZ. A Heesdorical Rumens, by Johann Schlemcel. N. Y., Am.

.......25 C. Jeliffe, W. M. Good Selections in Prose and Poetry.

12°, pp. 166. N. Y., J. W. Schermerhorn & Co....75 C. Lear, Ed. A New Book of Nonsense. Sq. 12o. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co........

$2.00 Martin; Prof. Benj. N. (D.D.).

Choice Specimens of American Literature. 12°, pp. 233.

N. Y., Sheldon &

.$1.00 Mitchell , S. Weir.

Wear and Tear; or, Hints for the Overworked. 189. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.50 C. Moloch, Miss. Olive. A Novel. New ed. N. Y., Harper & Bros....

$1.50 Riddell, Mrs. J. H. (Author of "A Life's Assize,” etc.) Par above Rubies. A Novel. (Library of Choice Reading,

vol. 1.) 12°, PP. 440. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. $1.50 ; pap......

$1.00 Rumford, Count (Sir Benjamin Thompson). Complete

Works. In 4 vols. 8°. Vol. I. pp. xiv, 493. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.

.85.00 Shaw, Knowles. Sparkling Jewels. A new Collection of

S. S. Music. pp. 96. Cin., John Church & Co. Bds.30 c. Smith, Mrs. J.P. The Widower. A Novel. 12°, Pp. 389. N. Y., Geo. W. Carleton & Co.......

$1.75 Stork, T. (D.D.). The Unseen World in the Light of

the Cross. 16°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.... $1.00 Tyndall, John. Light and Electricity. Notes of Two

Courses of Lectures before the Roy. Instit. of Great Bri

tain. 12°, pp. 194. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. $1.25 Walworth, Mansfield Tracy. Delaplaine. A Novel. 12o.

Pp. 300. N. Y., Geo. W. Carleton & Co........ $1.75 Wilkie, F. B. (" Poliuto"). Sketches and Notices of the

Chicago Bar. Including the more prominent Lawyers and Judges. 80, pp. 90. Chicago, Henry A. Sumner. $1.00; pap....

........ 50 C. *Yonge, Miss O. M. The Wars in France. (Second

Series of Cameos from Eng. Hist.) 12°, N. Y., Macmillan & Co.....



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With Illustrations. I vol. 8vo. Paper, 75 cts.

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent post-paid, on re-

ceipt of price, by the Publishers,

JAMES R. OSGOOD & CO., Boston, Comprising Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany, and Alphabets.

Late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood & Co. Profusely illustrated from original grotesque designs by English artists.

Square 12mo, $2.00.


By KATHERINE VALERIO. Mr. EDWARD Lear, the original nonsense man, has re I vol. 8vo. Paper, 75 cts. ; Cloth, $1.25. cently produced a new volume which outdoes his former efforts, and certainly caps the climax of delightful absurdity.

“To those who are seeking for pleasant summer reading Messrs. James R. Osgood & Co. have just reprinted this

to take into the country, we heartily recommend Mrs. comical volume, which is of all books the most triumphantly highly wrought story of Italian life, of love and treachery


Katherine Valerio's novel, . Ina,'—a cleverly written and nonsensical; as the Pall Mall Gazette says: "The alphabets are funny, the stories are funnier, the botany ingeniously

but pure in tone and well sustained to the end. The char comical, and the songs are most ingenious and comical of all.

acters are strongly drawn, but refinement is never sacrificed

to force. The illustrations are ridiculously clever sketches.


Its interest is not local but human, 'la' chooses this book will choose well.” Certainly no one will

being the universal type of the loving and wronged woman,

and her base Italian husband the man everywhere who is find a more amusing book nor a more humorous companion for a dull hour.

passion's slave, not passion's master, whose retribution is swift and sure. Refraining from extracts as sips from a

glass of soda-water, we say to the American host of novelFor sale by all Booksellers. Sent, post-paid, on re

readers, read 'Ina.'”—Boston Transcript. ceipt of price by the Publishers,

*** For sale by all Booksellers. Sent post-paid, on

ceipt of price, by the Publishers, JAMES R. OSGOOD & CO., Boston,

JAMES R. OSGOOD & CO., Boston, Late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood & Co.

Late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood & Co.







The Marble Faun ; or, The Romance of Mosses from an Old Manse,
Monte Beni,

True Stories from History and Biography, The Scarlet Letter,

Passages from the American Note-Books, The House of the Seven Gables,

Passages from the English Note-Books, Twice-Told Tales,

The Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, The Snow Image, and other Twico-Told Tanglewood Tales, together with much new matter Tales.

hitherto uncollected. The Blithedale Romance,



The remaining volumes will be published at regular intervals.

Price per volume, $2.00.

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent post-paid, on receipt of price, by the Publishers,
JAMES R. OSGOOD & CO., Boston,

LATE Ticknor & FIELDS, AND Fields, Osgood & Co.

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, $



The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed. Imported Books are marked with one

asterisk (*); Authors' and Subscription Books, or Books published at net prices, with truo (**).
In order to avoid too frequent cross references, Novels and Juvenile Books are arranged alphabetically

by the first word of the title in the Classified Summary. Abbott, Jacob. Light. See Science.


See Johnson.
**Abbott, John S. O. Italy and the War for Italian Inde Barnum, Rev. S. W. See Bible Dictionary.
pendence, containing a brief Narrative of all the most in-

Barrett, Rev. B. F. Episcopalianism. In three parts : 1, teresting Events in the past History of the Kingdom, and Ep. in its own Dress; 2, Ep. in Borrowed Robes : 3, Ep. an Account of the Causes and Results of the recent Surug at the Confessional. 16o. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & gle for Italian Unity; including a Biographical Sketch of Co...

...75 C. Pope Pius IX., and a Recital of the Political Complications with which the Cabinets of Europe are now Agitated. Barthe, the Abbe Edward. Litany of the Most Holy Virgin, With Portraits. 89, pp. 638. Boston, B. B. Russell. accompanied with Meditations. From the French by an


Unworthy Daughter of St. Joseph. 12°, PP. 292. Phila.,

P. F. Cunningham....
Alcott, Louisa M. Little Men : Life at Plumfield with

Bartholomew. See Zell's Desc. H. A.
Jo's Boys. Illust. 160, pp. 375. Boston, Roberts Bros.

$1.50 BATTLE OF DORKING. See Fall; and German Conquest. ALFRED THE GREAT. See Hughes.

Baxter, James Technics for Voice...; pp. 64. FriendAMERICAN RELIGION, See Weiss.

ship, N. Y., J. C. Crandall. $1.75: bds... .. $1.50 American Social Science Association. Free Public *Beale, Lionel S. The Mystery of Life. An Essay in Re

Libraries and Suggestions on their Foundation and Ad ply to Dr. Gull's Attack on the Theory of Vitality, in his ministration, with a Selected List of Books. Rev. ed.,

Harveian Oration for 1870. With 2 col. plates. Cr. 89, pp. enlarged and re-written. Cr. 50, pp. 74. N. Y., Hurd 71. Phila., Lindsay & Blakıston...

$1.75 & Houghton ; Cambridge, Riverside Press. Pap....25 C. Begg, Alex. The Creation of Mawitoba : a History of Andersen, Hans Christian. A Poet's Bazar. Pictures the Red River Troubles.

Cr. 89, PP. 414.

Toronto, of Travel in Germany, Italy, Greece, and the Orient. Cr.

Hunter, Rose & Co....

$1.50 89. PP. vi, 343. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ; Cambridge, - Dot it Down. A Story of Life in the North-West. Cr. 8o, Riverside Press. (Corrected title.)................$1.75 Pp. 380. Toronto, Hunter, Rose & Co...

$1.50 Andrews, Stephen Pearl. The Primary Synopsis of Uni BEHIND THE BARs. A Retrospect of an Insane Asylum. versology and Alwato (pronounced ahl-wa-to), the new 169. Boston, Lee & Shepard....

$2.00 Scientific Universal Language. 12°, pp. 224.

N. Y.,

BELLE LOVEL. By T. R. Y., Author of "Emily DougDion Thomas..

169, pp. 342. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co. ANGEL IN THE CLOUD. See Fuller.

(corrected price)..


Benning, Howe. Grace Courtney. Ilust. 16°, pp. 225. of 1877. Including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylva

N. Y., Broughton & Wyman.....

$1.2: nia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the British Dominions ; Berry, J. (A.M.). A Parsing Book ; or, Analysis and Parsbeing a Guide to Niagara, the White Mountains, the Alle ing in Tabular Forms. With Examples for Practice. ghanies, the Catskills, the Adirondacks, the Berkshire 16°, pp. 80. Buffalo, Martin Taylor

....75 C. Hills

, the St. Lawrence, Lake Champlain, Lake George, BHAGVAT-GEETA (THE); or, Dialogues of Krēěshnă and ArLake Memphremagog, Saratoga, Newport, Cape May, joon, in Eighteen Lectures, with Notes. Translated from the Hudson, and other Famous Localities, with full De the Original, in the Sanskreet, or Ancient Language of scriptive Sketches of the Cities, Towns. Rivers, Lakes, the Brahmans, by Charles Wilkins. 12°, pp. 129.

Waterfalls, Mountains, Hunting and Fishing Grounds, cago, Religio-Philosophical Pub. House...
Watering-Places, Sca-Side Resorts, and all scenes and

objects of importance and interest within the district

A Comprehensive Dictionary of the Bible, mainly

abridged from Dr. Wm. Smith's “ Dictionary of the named. With Maps, and various Skeleton Tours, ar

Bible," but comprising important Additions and Improveranged as suggestions and guides to the traveler.

ments from the works of Robinson, Gesenius, Fürst, Pape, pp. viii, 382. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co........... $2.00

Pott, Winer, Keil, Lange, Kitto, Fairbairn, Alexander, *Armatage, Geo, The Horse-Owner and Stableman's

Barnes, Bush, Thomson, Stanley, Porter, Tristram, King, Companion; or, Hints on the Selection, Purchase, and Ayre, and many other eminent scholars, commentators, General Management of the Horse. 89, pp. 250.

N. Y., travellers, and authors in various departments. Designed Scribner, Welford & Co........

• $2.50 to be a Complete Guide in regard to the Pronunciation ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND SOCIETY. Fourth Reunion,

and Signification of Scriptural Names; the solution of Cleveland, 1870. 80, pp. 267. Cin., R. Clarke & Co.

Difficulties respecting the Interpretation, Authority, and $1.50

Harmony of the Old and New Testaments; the History Art, its Laws, etc. See Long.

and Description of Biblical Customs, Events, Places, ATHALIE. See Racine.

Persons, Animals, Plants, Minerals, and other things con

cerning which information is needed for an intelligent and ATHANASIAN CREED. See Stanley.

thorough study of the Holy Scriptures, and of the Books Bagshawe, Rev. John B. The Catechism Illustrated by

of the Apocrypha. Illust. with 500 maps and eng: Ed. Passages from the Holy Scriptures, with appendix and

by Rev. Samuel W. Barnum. Roy, 89, pp. viii, 1219. notes. 12°, pp. 176. Boston, Patrick Donahoe.....75 C.

N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. $5.00 ; shp. $6.00; hf. mor. "Bailey, Rev. T. J. (B.A.). The Jurisdiction and Mission

$7.50 of the Anglican Episcopate. 16", pp. 90. N. Y., Pott &

**_ The Four Gospels in One. According to the Author

ized Version. By a Chicago Bible-Class Teacher. **Baird, Charles W. Chronicles of a Border Town. His

pp. 285. Chicago, R. A. Campbell. $1.50 ; gilt, $2.50 ; hf. cf. or hf. mor....

$3.00 tory of Rye, Westchester County, New York, 1660-1870. Including Harrison and the White Plains till 1788. Illust. - The Gospel according to John. By John Peter Lange. by A. Hosier. 80, pp. xvii, 570.

N. Y., A. D. F. Ran Trans. from the German, and ed. by Rev. Philip Schaff, dolph & Co..

$5.00 D.D., assisted by E. R. Craven, D.D., and the late E. *Barker, Lady. Spring Comedies. Stories. 12°, PP: 340.

D. Yeomans, D. D. (Lange's Commentary, vol. 12.). 89,
N. Y., Macmillan & Co.

pp. 654. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co.....

$5.00 Barnard, Charles. Gardening for Money : How it was *_ Minor Prophets. With a Commentary, Explanatory and Done in Flowers, Strawberries and Grapes, Vegetables, Practical, and Introduction to the Several -Books. By the 129, pp. 345. Boston, A. K. Lor Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D. Part 4, Roy. 4°, PP. 301

1.50 403. N. Y., Pott & Amery. Per part...

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rapor Books





“Garden Sass." og

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... 50 C.


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- One with Christ in Glory. Thoughts on John xvii, with CHILDREN OF Mrs. DOMINION. See Fiddle-dum-dee P. a revised Version from a critical Greek Text, and the

CHRISTIANITY AND SCEPTICISM. See Boston Lectures. Authorized Version. By James Inglis. With Illuminations. Sq. 120, pp. 127. N. Y., J. Inglis & Co.... $4.50

*Christie, W. D. (M.A.). Life of Anthony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of Shaftesbury, 1621-1683.

2 vols.

With - See also Bagshawe; Birchmore ; Boston Lectures ; portraits. Cr. 80, pp. li, 317 ; lxxxi, xiii, 482; cxxxix. Dunn; Green ; Morris ; Neale ; Simmons ; Stevens ; N. Y., Macmillan & Co...

$8.00 Taylor ; Trench ; Yonge.

CHRONICLES OF A BORDER Town. See Baird. Bigelow, L. J. Bench and Bar : A complete Digest of

CINCINNATI. Reports of Cases adjudged in the Superior the Wit, Asperities, and Amenities of the Law. New ed.,

Court of Cincinnati at Special and General Terms. Vol. greatly enlarged. With portraits and illustrations. Cr.

2, from January, 1858, to January, 1860. By Wm. 89, pp. 522. N. Y., Harper & Bros....

$2.00 Disney. 86, pp. 664. Cin., R. Clarke & Co. Shp. $6.00 Bijou GAZETTEER. See Rosser.

CIVIL AND Milit. ENGINEERS OF AMERICA. See Stuart. Birchmore, John W. (A.M.). Prophecy Interpreted by Clarie's LITTLE CHARGE. By M. L. C. 189, pp. 182. History ; including Present Events. Being a brief and

N. Y., Robt. Carter & Bros..

.....50 C. popular Explanation of Daniel and of St. John. 129, pp. 279. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.; Boston, A. Wil Clarke, Rev. Dorus (D.D.). Orthodox Congregationalism liams & Co....

and the Sects. 12°, pp. 169. Lee & Shepard..... $1.50 Black, Judge. See Kentucky.

Clarke, James Freeman. Ten Great Religions. An **Bledso, Albert Taylor (LL.D.). Is Davis a Traitor ;

Essay in Comparative Theology. 8°, pp. X, 528. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co....

. $3.00 or, Was Secession a Constitutional Right? 12°, pp. 264. Baltimore, Author...


Coffin, Robert Barry. See Gray. BLUE SHAWL (THE), and other Stories, Illustrating the

Colburn, Zerah. Locomotive Engineering and the MeLord's Prayer. 169, pp. 156. Boston, Cong. Pub. Soc.

chanism of Railways. Nos. 18, 19 and 20 (last). Illust

. 90 c.

Folio. N. Y., J. Wiley & Sons. Per No.. .$1.00 Blue SHAWL Series (The). 6 vols. 16o. Boston, Cong.

Collins, Mortimer. Marquis and Merchant. 89, PP. 170. Pub. Soc. In box....

. $5.50

N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap.... Blunt, 5. H. (A.M.), A Key to Christian Doctrine and

Collins, Wilkie. Basil ; or, The Crossed Path. A Story of Practice, founded on the Church Catechism. 26°. Phila.,

Modern Life. New ed. 89, pp. 178. Phila., T. B. J. B. Lippincott & Co......

Peterson & Bros. Pap.....

.....75 C. BOOKS AND READING. See Porter.

CONSTITUTION OF U. S. See Fowle. BOOKS FOR GIRLS. A Series by the Author of “ John Hal

COOPER, ANTH. ASHLEY, Life. See Christie. ifax, Gentleman." Vol. 1, Little Sunshine's Holiday. A *Cooper, T. T. Travels of a Pioneer of Commerce in PigPicture from Life. With illust. by Frölich. 16o.

N. Y.,

tail and Petticoats; or, An Overland Journey from China Harper & Bros.....

..90 с. towards India. With map and illustrations. 89, pp. Boston Lectures, 1871. Christianity and Scepticism; 470. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.....

comprising A Treatment of Questions in Biblical Criti CORTEZ, HERNANDO, Life. See Helps.
cism. 12°, pp. 473.
Boston, Cong. Pub. Soc. .... $2.00


16°, pp. 165. N. Y., Braddon, Miss M. E. Novels. 80. Vol. 1, Lady Aud T. Whittaker.. ley's Secret.-Vol. 2, The Doctor's Wife. N. Y., Dick

Dagg, John L. (D.D.). Manual of Theology : a Treatise & Fitzgerald. Pap. each ........50 C. on Christian Doctrine. 12°, pp. xii, 379.

Phila., Am. Brock, Mrs. Carey, Sunday Echoes in Week-Day Hours. Baptist Pub. Soc...

$2.00 Third Series. Journeyings of the Children of Israel. 12°, N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co. (Corrected title.)

Daisy SEYMOUR. (New Prize Series.) 16o. Boston, D.
Lothrop & Co...

$1.25 $1.50 **Brockett, L. P. (M.D.). The Commercial Traveler's

Dana, James D. (LL.D.). Route for a Month's Tour Guide Book 12°, pp. 346. N. Y., H. Dayton & Co.

through the Alps of Switzerland.

16°, pp. 11. New

Haven, Conn., Charles C. Chatfield & Co. Pap....25 C. Browning, Mrs. The True Mary, being. The Virgin

Darling, Mary G. In the World. A Sequel to Battles at


Ed, with comMary to the Child Jesus. A Poem.

Illust. 16°, pp. 330. Boston, Horace-B. Fuller. ments and notes by W. A. Muhlenberg. 89, pp. 45.

$1.50 N. Y., T. Whittaker.

.go c.

** Davis, Charles Henry Stanley (M.D.). History of Burritt, Elihu. The Western and Eastern Questions of

Wallingford, Conn., from its Settlement in 1670 to the PresEurope. Reprinted from various Sources.

ent Time, including Meriden, which was one of its Parishes

until 1806, and Cheshire which was incorporated in 1760. Hartford, Hamersley & Co......

..37 C.

With Portraits. 89, pp. vii, 955. Meriden, C. H. S. CABEÇA DE VACA. See Relation.


$5.00 Campbell, Mrs. A. Rough and Smooth ; or, Ho! for an

DEUTSCH-AMERIKANISCHES CONVERSATIONS-LEXICON. Mit Australian Gold Field. Cr. 8°, pp. 138. Toronto, Hun

specieller Rücksicht auf das Bedürfniss der in Amerika ter, Rose & Co.....

...50 C.

lebenden Deutschen, mit Benutzung aller deutschen, ame**Campbell, Robt. A. Campbell's Shipper's Guide for rik., engl. und französ. Quellen, und unter Mitwirkung

1871. 89, pp. 288. Chicago, R. A. Campbell. Hlf. lea vieler hervorragender deutscher Schriftsteller Amerika's. ther....

..$5.00 Bearbeitet von Prof. Alex. J. Schem, Vol. 4. 80, pp. Roo. *Carlyle Thos. Works. People's cd. Vol. The French

N. Y., German Cyclopedia Pub. Co....

$3.25 Revolution : A History (in 3 vols.). Vol. 1, The Bas Same. Nos. 37 and 38. 8°, each pp. 80. Pap. each. 25 C. cille. 16°, PP. iv, 252. N. Y., Scribner, Welsord & Co.; DEUTSCHEN (DIE) IN AMERIKA, und die Deutsch-amerikaBoston, Litte, Brown & Co.; Phila., J. B. Lippincott & nischen Friedensfeste im Jahre 1871. Eine ErinnerungsCo..

..90 c. schrift für die Deutschen diesseits und jenseits des Oceans. Castlemon, Harry. The Rocky Mountain Series (in 8°, pp. 10. N. Y., German Cyclopedia Pub. Co, Pap, 25 c.

3 vols.). Illust. 16°Vol. 1, Frank among the Rancheros. DE WITT'S ACTING Plays. 189. No. 88, Founded on Cin., R. W. Carroll & Co. Per vol..


Facts, Farce, 1 Act, by J. P. Wooler (4 Male, 2 Female CASTLES IN THE AIR. Sec Gray.

characters) :-89, Aunt Charlotte's Maid, Farce, I act, CATHOLIC Youth's HYMN-Book. Arranged with a special

by J. M. Morton (3 M., 3 Fem.) :-90, Only a HalfView to the Wants of Catholic Schools, by the Christian

penny, Farce, i act, by John Oxenford (2 M., 3 Fem.); Brothers. Sq. 12°, pp. 192. N. Y., P. O'Shea, Bds.

:-91, Walpole ; or, Every Man has his Price, Comedy in Rhyme, 3 acts, by Lord Lytton (7 M., 2 Fem.) :

92, My Wife's Out, Farce, 1 act, by G. Herbert Rodwell, CHAMBER DRAMAS. See MacDonald.

(2 M., 3 Fem.):-104, No Name, Drama, s acts, by Wil*CHAMBERS' MiscellANY of Instructive and Entertaining kie Collins (5 M., 5 Fem). N. Y., Robt. M. De Witt. Tracts. New and rev. ed. Vol. 15. Illust. 16° Phila.,

Pap. each..
J. B. Lippincott & Co.


- De Witt's Song and Joke Books. No, 103, She's a Gal 376. N. Y., Broughton & Wyman.

$1.25. O' Mine Songster ;-102, Broken Down Songster ;--123,

Pp. 484.


8°, PP. 51.


60 c.

.....15 C.

Illust. 16, pp.

..IO C.

..go c.

Carry the News to Mary Songster. Each 32°, pp. 64. N. FIFTY CATHOLIC TRACTS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS. First Y., Robe. M. De Witt. Pap. each..

Series 12° N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc. (Corrected - De Witt's Ten Cent Romances. No. 81, Spiky Jonas; or,

price.) $1.25 i pap....

.60 с. The Silent Avenger ;--No, 82, The Feathered Snake ; or, FIGHT (Tue) at DAME EUROPA'S SCHOOL ; also, John's The Hut in the Woods. Each 32', pp. 100. N. Y., Fag (Pat, in Dame Europa's School. 12, PP. 24.

Bos. Robt. M. De Witt. Pap. each... ...IO C. ton, Patrick Donahoe. Pap..

...IO C. - I'm my Daddy's Only Son Song and Dance Book. --Agnes Finley, Isaac J. and Rufus Putnam. Pioneer Record Wallace Little Diamond Songster, with Music. --Old and Reminiscences of the Early Settlers and Settlement Grime's Cellar Door Songster. Each pp. 64. N. Y., of Ross County, Ohio. 89, pp. 146. Cin., R. Clarke & W. E. Hilton. Pap. each....

...IO C.

$2.50 •Dondney, Sarah. Faith Harrowby; or, The Smuggler's Flint, Austin, Jr. (M.D.). On the Physiological Effects

Cave. 12°, pp. viii, 128. N. Y., T. Nelson & Sons. $1.00 of Severe and Protracted Muscular Exercise : with a Don Giovani, and other Novels from the Opera. New ed.

special Reference to the Influence upon the Excretion o. 8. Ni Y., Geo. W. Carleton & Co. Pap.........75 C.

Nitrogen. 89, pp. 92. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. . $2.00 Doughty, John. A Manual of New Church Doctrine. De

Forsyth, Wm. The Novels and Novelists of the Eighsigned for Sunday School and Home Instruction. 8o.

teenth Century. 12°, PP. 339.

N. Y., D. Appleton&Co. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Bds...............50 C.

(Corrected price.).....

..$1.50 Downing, Chas. Selected Fruits. From Downing's Fruits

FRAXKREICH UND DER DEUTSCH-FRANZESISCHE KRIEG in and Fruit Trees of America. With some new Varieties d. Jahren 1870 und 1871. (Separatabdr. aus dem deutschand Outline Drawings of all the Fruit. With upwards of

am. Conversations-Lexikon). 89, pp. 80. N. Y., German 450 illust. 12o. N. Y., John Wiley & Sons... : $2.50

Cyclopedia Pub. Co. Pap....

.... 30 c. DRAWING BOOK. See Holmes.

FREE PUBLIC LIBRARIES. See American Social Science As.

socation. Dann, Henry. The Study of the Bible. 12°, pp. 350. Uniform with “Benedicite."} N. Y., G. P. Putnam &

Frothingham, O. B. Beliefs of the Unbelievers. A LecSons..


ture. 16°, PP. 40. N. Y., D. G. Francis. Pap.....20 C.

Faith and Morals, Danning, Mrs. A. K. Mary's New Friends.--Bet and

Two Sermons. 16°, pp. 47. N. Y., Bounce. -Grace and Polly. Stories. Each 189, pp. 72,

D, G. Francis. Pap....

...... 20 C. with 2 illust. Phila., Pres. Bd. of Pub. Each.. .30 C. Fudge, Mrs. F. R. Ella's Battles.

Illust. 169, pp. 272. Dunning, Mrs. A. K. A Story of Four Lives; or, Mista

Phila., Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc.... ken. 12°, Boston, D. Lothrop & Co...... ..$1.50 Fuller, Edwin W. The Angel in the Cloud. A Poem. Daplais, M. A Complete Treatise on the Distillation and 12°, pp. 108. N. Y., E. J. Hale & Co...........

$1.50 Preparation of Alcoholic and other Liquors. From the Gantillon, H. E. (M.D.). Uterine Catarrh frequently the French. Trans, and ed. by M. McKennie, M.D. With Cause of Sterility. New Treatment. 89, pp. 54. Bos. numerous woodcuts and large folding plates. 8°, pp. 750. ton, Jas. Campbell. Pap.....

....50 c. Phila, Henry Carey Baird...


GARDENING FOR MONEY. See Barnard, Dussauce, Prof. 1. A General Treatise on the Manufac

Gardiner, Mary. The Foundling.–False Friendship. ture of Vinegar, Theoretical and Practical, comprising the

- Jessie Wilson Stories Each 189, pp. 216, with 3 various methods, by the slow and quick Processes, with

illust. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub. Each ..........60 с. Alcohol, Wine, Grain, Malt, Cider, Molasses, and Beets, as well as the Fabrication of Wood, Vinegar, 89, pp. 425.

Garfield, Gen. James A. Oration on the Life and CharPhila., Henry Carey Baird...


acter of.Gen. Geo. H. Thomas, delivered before the So

ciety of the Army of the Cumberland, at the Fourth AnEgan, Pierce. Lilian's Fate. 8°, pp. 128. ---The London

nual Reunion, Cleveland, Nov. 25th, 1870. 8', pp. 52. Apprentice. 80, pp. 124. N. v., Robt. M. De Witt.

Cin., R. Clarke & Co. Pap.....

..50 c. Pap. each

....25 c. Ellsworth, H. W. Exercise Drill Book. 7x9 inches, pp.

German Conquest (The) OF ENGLAND in 1875, and the 24. N. Y., H. W. Ellsworth & Co. Pap.........15 C.

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Son. Pap.

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..90 c.



50 c. ; pap..



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