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funny, the stories are funnier, the botany inge- a familiar style for young people, the leading inniously comical, and the songs are most ingenious cidents in Christ's life, illustrating them from and comical of all. The illustrations are ridicu. Eastern customs, and talking about them in the lously clever sketches. Who chooses this book conversational way of one sitting down with a class will choose well.” Certainly no one will find a of youngsters. Both of these books bear the more amusing book nor a more humorous com- marks of the careful handling of the Riverside panion for a dull hour.

Press, which regards every book worth doing at Ralph the Heir, by Anthony Trollope (Har these simple books, and probably will do so even

all as worth doing well. It has given its style to per). —Anthony Trollope has become one of the most popular of English novelists at the present heart of children.

more hereafter, educating the eye as well as the day, and this is regarded as his best story. It attracted much attention and interest while it


FELT & Co.'s issue of “The Fight at Dame peared as one of the serials of Appleton's Journal Europa's School," with Nast's illustrations, has during the past year. Some of his characters are reached 25,000 copies. The English publishers, strikingly drawn, and some of his thrusts at shams who have sold over two hundred thousand copies of in modern society are keen and telling.

the brochure, have, on account of Nast's spirited Strife, by Mrs. E. D. Wallace (Claxton, Rem- and unique illustrations, ordered several thousand sen & Haffelfinger), is a highly original and highly

copies of Felt's edition. interesting romance, which will be especially en.

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co. have just issued the joyed by people of intellectual culture. Mrs.

following new works: “ Tom Pippin's Wed. Wallace is not, in any degree, an imitator. There ding," a charming story told in a peculiarly are chapters in “Strife" that recall some scenes piquant style, by the Author of “The Fight at of “ The Initials,” and some that are in the vein Dame Europa's School;” an interesting and of Hawthorne's "Marble Faun,” lacking, of amusing series of sketches entitled “A Book of course, the perfection of style of the best modern Travels of a Doctor of Physic;” “Wear and writer of English prose. But there is nothing Tear,”'. by Dr. S. Weir Mitchell

, a monograph copied from either author, and the book is the containing a great deal of sound advice to those most completely original creation that we have who are " overworked;" “The Quiet Miss Godol. lately met with in American literature. -Phila. phin,” and “ A Chance Child,” two very interest. Ev. Bulletin,

ing tales by Ruth and Edward Garrett, illustrated;

“The Unseen World in the Light of the Cross," Dion and the Sibyls, a Classic Christian Novel

, by Rev. T. Stork; “ Blanche Gilroy,” a new novel by Miles Gerald Keon (Cath. Pub. Soc.), is, by Mrs. Margaret Hosmer, Author of “ The says the Catholic World, a work of uncommon merit, and may be classed, in our opinion, with Morrisons,” etc.; "Golden Grains," a volume of Fabiola and Callısta, which is the highest compli- Rev. George Junkin,” by D. X. Junkin, D.D.;

Poems by Emilie M. Kiehl ; “ The Life of the ment we could possibly pay to a romance of the

“The Times and the Men," a satire; “ Why early period of Christian history. We propounce did He not Die?” a Romance, from the German it without hesitation to be a dramatic and philo- by Mrs. A. L. Wister; and, “Xenophon,” by Sir sophical masterpiece.

Alex. Grant, forming volume VIII, of “Ancient Light, by Jacob Abbott (Harper), the second Classics for English Readers." of his admirable series of books of “Science for

GUSTAVE Droz comes to us heralded by such the Young,' gives, like its predecessor an authority as the Nation (which says "his larger Heat,” the results of modern investigation and novels are masterpieces of fiction"), and in a dress discovery in a most pleasing and readable narrative which is, so far as we know, of a style new to form. The subject is presented in view of the American novels. Around a Spring, the novel most recent discoveries respecting the nature and just published by Messrs. Holt & Williams, apphenomena of Light, and is abundantly illustrated pears to be one of the 'usual 8vos, in a peculiarly with designs from Ganot and other French physic- neat and plain paper cover. On examination, ists. Any person, young or old, who wishes to however, this cover is found to be reinforced on inform himself in a pleasant way about the spec- the inside with cloth, which, without perceptibly troscope, magic lantern, cameras, and other opti- adding to its bulk, adds immensely to its strength, cal instruments, and about solar, electric, calcium, and bids fair to prevent the books of this new magnesium, and all other kinds of light, will find “ Leisure Hour Series” from soon taking that this book of Mr. Abbott both interesting and in- / uniform coverless condition which makes all paper structive.

novels, after one reading, look just alike. We THE AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, Boston, are told that the idea of putting a novel in this which recently transferred the manufacture and dress was taken from the “Guide to Emigrants" sale of its publications to the Riverside Press, and just published by Messrs. Hurd & Houghton, Hurd & Houghton, has recommenced its issue of whose example, in all that appertains to book good books, and sends out, through its publishers, making, is everywhere exercising a good influence two books, --Six Boys, a beautiful Story, the on the art. scene of which is laid in New York and neighbor- After what the press of the country has said of hood, just after the close of the Revolutionary this story, nothing is left to do but to predict it war; and Bible Sketches, Third Series. The a brilliant success. We hope its great merits will two previous volumes were on the Old Testa- not be veiled by a few typographical errors which

This is independent of them, and gives, in I have surprised us, and which those who know the



“ Scenes

publishers' ways can depend upon finding weeded the groundwork of this delightful story, which out in the second edition,

abounds with interesting descriptions of feudal A Parsing Book, or Analysis and Parsing in times, and gives us, with charming simplicity, the Tabular Forms, by J. Berry (Buffalo, Martin Tay- details of the daily religious life of the people of lor), is designed to answer as a special auxiliary in

those “dark ages,” so luminous with the light of this important department of grammatical study. faith. The mechanical portion of the book is beauTwo seis of tables are presented, one for analysis tifully executed, and we are delighted to see that and one for parsing, comprising together a compre- all the books got out this season by Mr. Murplay hensive classification of the elements of sentences,

ere in the same elegant style.—Catholic World. and of their structural and functional relations. A Tourist's Guide to the Yo-Semite Valley.-A. These are followed by a series of practical illustra- Roman & Co. have issued a new edition, revised tions and exercises, from the simplest sentence to for 1871, of Hutchings' beautiful book, the most complicated. The typography, paper, of Wonder and Curiosity in California.” Twenty and binding of the little book are admirable, and years' experience in California have fitted Mr. far superior to the usual style of text-books. It Hutchings to render a faithful and vivid account looks indeed more like an English than an Ameri. of these wonderful American sceneries. The book can production.

is illustrated with over 100 engravings on wood, Geo. W. Bible, author of France and and gotten up in admirable style. Prussia Compared, and a General Review of The Book of Blunders (Evans & Co.), selected Europe, an admirable work, published in Au- and edited by the compiler of one of the oddest gust, 1870, is now engaged in writing a book on and most amusing books published in this country, the late struggle in Europe, to be entitled, Pen “Gleanings for the Curious” (Kurtz), fully meets and Pencil Sketches of the Franco-Prussian the aim of the clever editor to afford the occasional War, embracing descriptions of military move- reader a half hour's amusement or mental relax. ments, encounters, incidents, scenes, battles, ation, in presenting the most laughable of the blunsieges, charges, etc., etc., of the war, to be hand- ders and bulls which are scattered abroad in a somely illustrated with engravings of sketches tak- fugitive form, or buried in books amid a mass of en on the spot. Mr. Bible has been in correspond-heavier material. The little volume, moreover, ence with Gen. Sheridan and a number of Euro- is a most creditable specimen of American bookpean celebrities connected with the war, and is making. gleaning materials from every available source. Every Saturday, by a new process, is trimmed,

Digest of the Tariff Laws.-Mr. Samuel T. neatly pasted, so as not to disfigure the paper, and Morgan has recently prepared a digest of the Tariff held together as securely as if stitched. The Laws and Import Duties, which will be found of machine which produces this result is the invention great value to all persons who require a manual of of Messrs. Chambers & Co., of Philadelphia, and this kind, especially merchants and importers. The was made by them under arrangement with Messrs. work extends to the 1st of May, thus covering the James R. Osgood & Co., especially for Every changes made at the last session of Congress, and Saturday. It is the only machine of this kind embodies an index of which the rate of duty on in the world, and is really a wonder in its working, any particular article can be ascertained at a accomplishing the various processes of folding, glance. The appendix contains tables of foreign pasting, and trimming at one operation. moneys, weights, and measures, reduced to the United States standard, rates of Tare, and other useful regulations of the customs. The book is

American Novelties. gotten up in neat style, and printed in large type ADAMS & Co., 25 Bromfield st., Boston, have on clear, white paper, and is issued from the pub- among their new noveltics :— The Magic Money lishing house of Messrs. Turnbull Bros., & N. Box, retailing at 50 c. ; The Bottle Imp, 25 C., and

have already begun their preparations for additions Callirhoé, by Maurice Sand, son of George to their already large and attractive list of games, Sand (Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger). This parlor fireworks, and novelties for the next Christsingular work, in general design not dissimilar to

mas holidays. They have introduced that popular "Les Filles de Marbre,” is founded on the hallu

summer game,. The Ring Toss, two years ago, cination that humanity enjoys, at periods far dis- which they still consider their best selling article. tant, two existences, The story is told in a THE AMERICAN TABLET MANUFACTURING dreamy and rather fascinating style, and though Co., Brattle street, Boston, publish— The Erasable somewhat disconnected, is nevertheless so power. Drawing and Writing Tablets, first printed upon fully wrought up that even the most practical and then covered with an Erasable Water-proof would enjoy a perusal. We cannot refrain from coating, which enables a child to practise drawing complimenting the translator upon the faithful the lessons, and erase the lead pencil marks or manner in which the work has been rendered. An copies, and make them over and over again. All easy, flowing style, retaining to an almost marvel- the copies, both in Drawing and Writing, are enlous extent the peculiar sentiment of the idiom, is, graved by the best artists, and the letters are in the we think, the greatest charm of the work.-N. 0. most approved style of writing. Price, each 30 c.

E. & H. T. ANTHONY & Co., New York, have The Truce of God, by George H. Miles received Sarony's Stereo Portraits of Celebrities, (Murphy & Co.). The contest between Pope which are exceedingly fine ;-a new series of CenGregory VII. and Henry IV. of Germany forms tral Park and Pacific R. Ř. Views ;-a new series

Charles st.



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by F. M. Good, London, of English Scenery and W. A. COOKE, 6 State St., New York, has Cathedrals ;-a lot of cards of Foreign Celebrities, the Darling Self-Supplying Penholder, filled by and photos. by Mortley & Robinson, and Cherrill, atmospheric pressure; writes 2,000 words at a dip,

can be used with any pen; price 50 c.; extra BENJAMIN BATES, 1003 Main st., Richmond,

plated, 75 c. ; nickle plated, $i. Va., has published— The Farmer's Account Book, a Geo. A. CowLES, 45 Dey St., N. Y., manubook of forms specially adapted to the use of factures--Cowles' Chemical Writing Fluid, refarmers everywhere; contains : Hands' Register, ported by the Am. Institute judges as “a very for keeping time of hands; Diary, for recording superior article, characterized by rapidity of drystate of the weather and thermometer, distribu-ing, non-thickening properties, and exact adjust. tion of labor on crops and business transactions ; ment of chemical proportions, first in order of Ledger, Inventory, Memoranda, Summary, for merit ;” Mercantile Copying Ink, declared by statements of accounts at close of year, and ledger the same judges to be “unequalled, and first in balances; price $1.25.

order of merit ;” Arabin Mucilage, reported by The Boston HAND STAMP Co., 46 School adhesive, free from acid, and of superior whiteness


the same authorities “ an excellent article, extra st., Boston, have— The National Linen Marker, first in order of merit.” The above articles have which will print distinctly on any surface that good received the first premium at the 39th Exhibition type can be used on, giving a clear and perfect im- of the Am. Institute, N. Y., 1870. pression on the finest cambric, or on a towel, indelible, and lasting as the shreds of the fabric. It E. DEXTER, 73 Nassau street, New York, has will print in gold, or any other color, in several issued the most successful Portrait of Edwin styles, on any surface that can be printed on, and Booth, admirably engraved by the celebrated will cancel or print as large as an $8.00 stamp. Henry B. Hall, Sr. Price, first-proof copies, with Price, with indelible ink to mark over 1,000 articles, Booth's own signature, $5; second-proof, $32 including name, ink-pad, and full directions, in

T. B. DOOLITTLE & Co., Bridgeport, Connecti. neat box, $1.

cut, and 581 Broadway, N.Y., have the Universal MILTON BRADLEY & Co. have the new and Twine and Thread Cutter, a neat little device, popular game of Magic Hoops, a companion to which may be attached to the coat, vest, lady's croquet. Any number from two to twenty can

dress, or work-box, saves time, twine, thread, join with equal pleasure, and no time is necessary fingers, and teeth. First Premium awarded by for learning the rules. Prices, per set, three styles, the American Institute, 1870; price 25 cents. $2.50, $3.50, and $5. Bradley's Patent Croquet

H. W. ELLSWORTH & Co., New York, have is accompanied by the new Patent Socket Bridge published Ellsworth's Copy Book Primers, 4 (20 sockets in each set), which can be removed vols., size 54x6 in. ; pp. 24, price, each, and replaced at pleasure. The Book of Directions accompanying each set is by Prof. A. Rover,

J. GURNEY & Son, Fifth avenue and 16th and is acknowledged to be the standard authority street, New York, have recently published a for American croquet, price, io cents. They also series of photographic sketches for the stereohave prepared new styles and arrangements of scope, illustrating Mr. Bret Harte's celebrated many of their Kindergarten Gifts.

poem, “Plain Language from Truthful James,”

or, as familiary known, The Heathen Chinee." D. B. Brooks & Bro., 55 Washington st., The several views are photographed from living Boston, have-Ring Quoits, with Ten Pins, a com- groups, and embody the spirit of the poem with bination of Ten Pins and Quoits, requiring less marked effect. Accompanying the sketches illusspace than other field games, less time to play, as trating the poem, the Messrs. Gurney publish a well as being more portable and less expensive ; fine photographic portrait of its author, Bret can be played by both sexes and all ages, and upon Harte. They also have made numerous addiuneven ground; the implements consist of tentions to their splendid gallery of stereoscopic picpins, neatly painted and numbered from five to tures of men and women celebrated in art, literafifty, one post without number to mark the ture, music, and drama, for talent or beauty. pitcher's stand, and five heavy metallic rings for

J. L. HAMMETT, Boston, has—The Celes. pitching, with a patent slate for keeping the score, tiał Indicator, by Henry Bryant, a new school neatly packed in strong wooden case with slide apparatus for the purpose of facilitating the study cover, ready for transportation ; full directions ac

of Astronomy. It is made of brass, simple, durable, companying each set ; prices, No. 1, 2 stakes and and elegant in construction, not liable to get out 4 rings, $1.00; No. 2, do., complete (10 pins and of order, and occupies about a cubic foot; price, 5 rings), $2.50; No. 3, do. do., extra, $3.00. brass, $30; nickel-plated $40. He also has the Brooks & Bro. are the manufacturers of Le Cercle, Student's Blotter for acquiring the correct slant in the new and fascinating field game, which has writing, made of the best Eng, plate blotting made so many friends during the last season.

board, size of the standard copy book-page; it is Colby Bros. & Co., N. Y., are still largely selling furnished with a series of slope lines so arranged their Dollar Steam Engine, an elegantly-finished as to show througḥ the paper of the page being brass boiler, silver-plated cylinder, and "Ay-wheel written ; price, each, 2 c. making 1,000 revolutions per minute. The latest, HARPER & Bros., N. Y., have just published novelty, however, is the much-improved Double Holmes' Drawing Book for Schools and Beginners Cylinder Engine, price $2.00.

(containing copy and blank), parts 1-4, each 40 c.

6 с.

This series, says the Chicago Post, is essentially L. PRANG & Co., Boston, have published the peculiar in the excellence of the models given, in following new Full Chronos :—The Close of Day, their easy and careful gradation and their beautiful after Arthur Parton, and The Storm is Coming, execution. The original designs have been ex- after Jas. M. Hart—Companions, size of each, quisitely rendered by the engraver, and the entire 243x13, retail price, $i2, each ;- Maternal work of publication has been performed with an Love, after A. F. Tait, 14x101, $5;--Six Views elegance which reflects great credit upon the pub- on the Hudson, after Max Eglau, each 9x41, per lisher as well as author. With these books before set, $4.50 ;-Day's Work is Done, after Herbert them, and a little assistance from the teacher, the McCord, 124x6%, retail price, $4. Half Chropupil will be enabled to overcome the mechanical mos :—The Happy Family, after L. Perrault, difficulties of the art of drawing in the surest and 164x13, $3 ;— The First Bible Lesson, 13x9}, swiftest manner.

$1.50;—The Rescue, 13x84, $1.50. F. C. HASTINGS & Co., Boston, publish-a

Ernst REINKING, 119 Fourth av., N. Y., has Moss and Leaf Album, for pressing leaves and

-new Tuning Hammers for harps and pianos, Mosses. The book is made of the finest tinted manuf. of the very best cast steel, imported from paper, and tastefully bound so as to make it not the world-renowned foundry of F. Krupp, Essen, only useful in keeping mosses, but ornamental for Germany. Prices, $2, $3, $3.50 and $7, each. the centre-table. Price, $1.50. R. HOE & Co., 29 & 31 Gold street, N. Y., trating Rip Van Winkle, as presented on the

JOHN ROGERS, 212 Fifth av., N. Y., is illushave the Patent Dampening Tablets, for copying letters and legal documents. This indispensable series, a group of statuary, entitled." Rip Van

stage by the actor Jefferson. The first of the addition to the ordinary copying press comprises Winkle at Home," representing Rip amusing a sustantial iron case or water box, with a pair himself with some children, is ready. Price $12. of rubber wipers, so arranged that the simple act The figure of Rip was modeled from Mr. Joseph of taking a tablet out of the water, and passing Jefferson, who gave sittings for his likeness. Two

other designs from the same subject will be published early in the Fall.

J. P. SOULE, Boston, has, since our report in the Trade Circular Annual, made numerous additions to his unique gallery of Stereoscopic Views of the Yo-Semite Valley. These photographs will be gems in any collection. There are no pictures more representative of the grandeur and beauty of American scenery, and at the same time of the progress of American photography. No choicer present can be sent to friends in Europe than this series, or a selection from it. We notice the fol. lowing among the additions :

1085, Mother of the Forest ;-1086, Father of the Forest ;-1087, James King, and Entrance to Horseback Ride in Father of the Forest ;-1091, But-end of Original Big Tree, showing auger. holes made in felling ;—1092, Stump-House and But-end of Original Big Tree ;—1095, Looking up Chimney, burnt out of Tree, 90 feet ;-1097, Big Oak ;-1097, Cutting Red-Wood, Little River ;-1100, Jack-Screwing Logs into the River ; -1122, Bridge Across the Sacramento, and C. P. R. R. Cars ;—1123, C. P. R. R. and State-House, Sacramento ;-1137, Mother of the Forest, look. ing up the Tree ;-1169, Cañon above Minor Lake ;-1200, Bridal Veil Fall (940 feet high);1211, Vernal Fall, °(350 feet high) ;—1221, Yo

Semite Fall (2,634 feet high) ;-1223, Yo-Semite it between the wipers, removes the surplus water Fall, from the Glacier Cascade ;-1228, Royal from both sides, and prepares the tablet for im- Arches and North Dome ;—1235, North Dame mediate use.

At one pressure of the press any and Washington Column ;-1241, El Capitan, number of manuscripts may be copied, including from Harding Trail ;-1242, El Capitan, from the many duplicates of each page when desired; price, Merced River ;--1243, El Capitan, from the foot case, with 3 tablets, letter size, $15; do., fools- of Three Graces. cap, $20; extra tablets, $1; enclosure in rubber, J. E. TILTON & Co., Boston, announce The $1.

Ebonite, a new croquet ball and mallet, of hard MCLOUGHLIN BROS., N. Y., have the Swift rubber, equal to boxwood for elasticity, and much Patent Building Blocks, made of the finest woods, cheaper, and cannot be chipped, broken, or in five boxes; also— Goody Two Shoes Blocks, or marred; sets of 4, $3; sets of 6, $4; sets of 8, Spelling made Easy; 4 sizes, from $1 to $4. $5.



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Among my Books (Hale).-- We took up this want existed for such a manual. The criticism, little volume hardly prepossessed in its favor by public and private, which the pamphlet received the wide eulogy which it had received, and which, has been turned to account, and the new edition in the state of our newspaper criticism, affords but is much more precise and direct, as well as more slight presumption in a work's favor. But though full and accurate. As it now stands, it affords in saying this we may have discredited our own practical directions to committees establishing such witness, we nevertheless avouch that the book has libraries, with reference to the arrangement of the thoroughly fascinated us. The pure, free, and library and the use of it, as well as suggestions to graceful English of its style is a garment worthy of the librarian respecting the details of his work. its thought. It is a small volume, and we suspect It embodies the result of the best experience that that with not a few readers it will fare as with us- could be brought into requisition. The list of. being first read rapidly through under the seduction books also has been carefully revised and corrected. of unfailing interest, and then laid conveniently at SCRIBNER, WELFORD & Co, will introduce to hand, to brighten many an idle hour with fragments the American public the new complete edition of easily read and yielding a sweetness that lingers in the works of John Ruskin. Every volume," the taste.-Christian Union.

says the author, in announcing the appearance of The Doctrine of the Church: A Historical the first of the series, “ will be clearly printed and Monograph, by John J. McElhinney (Claxton, thoroughly well bound.” The matter of the bind. Remsen & Haffelfinger), is, says the Christian ing is an important consideration in estimating the Witness, the work of a master, and evidently the expense of English editions. Ready: Sesam and fruit of at least a score of years' reading and Lilies, sm. 8°, bound in full (blue) calf antique, thought. It is one of the very few books of Ameri- $5.25. can origin that display the fulness of European

APPLETON & Co. will shortly publish a very in. scholarship, and really add to the wealth of the world's library. The book is enriched by a very

teresting volume, entitled, “Fifty Years' Reminisnot less than 873 titles in various languages which French literature is so abundant, and which complete bibliography of the subject, embracing cences,” by Mark Boyd. This work is one of those

chatty, gossipy, agreeable books of anecdotes, in most commendable feature, hitherto almost en

Mr. tirely neglected in English and American books.

are getting to be also numerous in English.

Boyd's “Reminiscences” are all anecdotes, and Mother's Ship, and the Cargo it Brought, by often of great and interesting personages, like the Mabel (Congregational Pub. Soc.), is one of the Duke of Wellington, for instance, of whom he best Sunday-school books that have been lately is. has many stories to tell. The author was a sued. Some beautiful lessons in self-denial are Scotchman, who spent most of his life in London, taught in it, and the youthful examples that fur- in very good society. nish them are not perfect or faultless either. The loving confidence exhibited between mother and Baby, which the Routledges are to publish, are

The two new books by the author of Ginr's children forms a very beautiful and pleasing pic- his articles on “The Coolie,” now printing in ture for imitation.-S. S. Times.

Good Words, and a volume entitled “Lord Dor. Dr. Noah Porter's Books and Reading (Scribking,” as to the character of which we have not ner) has met with such favor that a new edition, heard. The writer is Edward Jenkins, son of a revised and improved, has been issued. A copious Presbyterian minister of Montreal, now a pracindex has been added, which, besides referring to tising barrister in London. He is only thirtythe topics discussed, will answer all the ends of a

two years of age. classified list of the best books extant.

THE BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY has issued a The Flower by the Prison, by E. E. F. (Lothrop), is, says the Christian Union, of ali pamphlet entitled Historical Fiction, giving a list the $500 tales published by this house, the very best.

of works in that department of literature, ar. It has especially this merit, that its incidents con

ranged under national heads, and intended to aid stantly remind us of our own experience, or else nation illustrative of historical eras and person

the general reader in selecting works of the imagi. inspire us with the belief that they are real experiences of another. It is evidently no made

ages. book, but one written out of the fulness of a heart FOLLE FARINE, the new novel hy “Quida," “taught of God.”

author of “Strathmore,” “Idalia," etc., will be Frank among the Rancheros is the title of the published shortly by Messrs. Lippincott & Co. first of three volumes to be known as the Rocky A Province Rose, by the same author, was comMountain Series, written by Harry Castlemon,

menced in Lippincott's Magazine for June. author of the popular Gunboat Series and the

J. H. CARMANY & Co., San Francisco, and the Rolling Stone Series (Carroll & Co.). The young American News Company, have issued “The gentlemen, whose love of adventure and valor were

Heathen Chinee,” the fac-simile of the original conspicuous in the former narratives, are now de- manuscript, as written by F. Bret Harte, with all picted as traversing new fields with unabated spirit. its interlineations and corrections, together with

The SOCIAL SCIENCE Association has just the letter-press copy as it appeared in the Overbrought out a revised edition of their pamphlet onland Monthly of September, 1870, embellished Free Public Libraries. The first edition was neces- with a capital likeness of the author. The lithosarily experimental, but the quickness with which graphic execution is a perfect specimen of that the public exhausted the supply proved that a real art. Price 25 C.

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