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20 C.




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UNITED STATES. Cases Determined in the U. S. Circuit wie der englische Knabe zusah und lachte, Desgleichen

Courts for the Eighth Circuit. By the Hon. Sam'l F. Warum John Bull nicht einschritt;" cine Antwort auf

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Ed. by 16°, PP.



of the War of Rebellion. Vol. 2. Containing : 1, Analyses (Wonder Library.) 12o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co. $1.50 of 439 recorded Amputations in the Cortiguity of the Wood, Prof. De Volson (O.E.). A Treatise on the Re Lower Extremity, by Stephen Smith (M.D.). 2, Inves

sistance of Materials, designed as a Text-Book for Polytigations upon the Nature, Causes, and Treament of Hos

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. . . . 75 c. engrav. New enlarged ed. 12o. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Wiebe, Edward. Kinder-Garten Culture, a succinct Ex- (Price reduced)....

$1.00 posé of Friedrich Froebel's Educational Principles in con

*Young, J. C. Memoir of Charles Mayne Young, Tragenection with the Kinder-Garten, describing all its Means dian. With Extracts from his Son's Journal. With porof Occupation in their Logical Connection with one another.

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YOUNG MECHANIC (The). Containing Directions for the use of

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gines and Mechanical Models, including the Art of Turning Wilkins, Chas. See Bhagvat-Geeta.

in Wood and Metal. By the Author of "The Lathe and Williams, Sam. See Ohio Valley S.

its Uses, etc." From the Eng. ed., with corrections, etc. **Willis, Anson. Our Rulers and our Rights. Illust.

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T. Ellwood Zell. Per part, pap......

.....50 C.


10 C.

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For complete titles see "Alphabòtical List" under the italicized words. WORKS OF REFERENCE. Bible Dictionary ;- Deutsch- Book. Graham, Little Teacher of Phonography:

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Belle Lovel.--Bet and Bounce, Dunning.–Bible Sketches, Green.-Blanche Gilroy, Hosmer.-Blue Shawl Series. - Books for Girls.-Chamber Dramas for Children, MacDonald.-Children of the Great King-ilarie's Little Charge.--Cottage on the Shore. -Daisy Seymour. Daisy Ward's Work, McClain.-Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Pouton.-Eastern Manners, Tireedie.--Edith Somers, Gurley.- Ella's Battles, Fudge.-Evenings with the Children, Ramsey.-Faith, Duncan.-Faith Harrowby, Dondney.-False Friendship, Gardiner.Foundling, Gardiner.-Frank among the Rancheros : and, at Don Carlos Ranchero, Castlemon.-Grace Courtney, Benning.--Grace and Polly, Dunning:--- Happy Hours.-Illustrated Cath. S. S. Lib.--In the World, Darling.-- Jessie Wilson, Gardiner ---Jordan and the Dead Sea.-Light, by Jac. Abbott, Science. Little Cloister Ruin, Redenbacher.-Little Sunshine's Holiday, Books for Girls.--Little Men, Alcott.-Margaret anl Bessy. - Marion's Little Sister.-Mary's New Friends, Duno ning:--Mother's Ship.-National Nursery Rhymnes.Nelly's Dark Days.-Old and New Home.-Old World Seen with Young Eyes.-Olive Loring's Mission, Larrence.- Patron Saints, Starr.-Pioneers and Founders, Yonge.--Rescued Girl.--Rocky Mountain Series, Castlemon.--Rough and Smooth, Campbell.--Science for the Young.–Sir Boys.-Sowing the Good Seed.Spring Comedies, Barker.-Story of Four Lives, Dunning:-Sunday Echoes, Brock. - Torck Bearers.-Tuo Boys.---Willie and Carrie, Stone.-Wonders of the Plant World.-Young Mechanic.

The Eye in Health and Disease (Alex. Moore, Hay's charming Little Breeches has found Boston) is by B. Joy Jeffries, M.D., whose reputa- another successful illustrator in J. F. Engel. The tion as an ophthalmist is widely extended. In illustrations have been published in a neat panthese pages, by text and illustration, the anatomy phlet by J. S. Redfield. Price 25 c. and physiology of the human eye is clearly explained

New Dame Europa Books. Francis B. Felt to non-professional readers, and the nature and

& Co. will publish immediately- How John proper treatment of its several diseases are set forth

nearly Quarrelled with the Headboy of Danie in a way likely to be of service to all.

Europa's School, profusely illust. by Thos. Nast; A Month's Tour Through the Alps of Swit- and the Am. News Co. have just issued—How urland, by Prof. Jas. S. Dana (Chatfield), is per- dem Frenchmen tek dat Berlin vuntz : A Heeshaps as excellent and definite a guide for making dorikel Rumens, by Johann Schlemeel, pamphlet, the most of a short vacation as has ever been pub- 25 c. lished,

Lee & SHEPARD have under way a volume of The new volume by the author of “Stepping the Rev. Petroleum V. Nasby's Letters, a comHeavenward” will be entitled Aunt Jane's Hero, plete collection from the first one to the ratifica. and in character will be somewhat similar to that tion of the Fifteenth Amendment. It will be book.

illustrated by Nast. BRET Harte's burlesque poem, the Pliocene SEVER, Francis & Co. have published, in a Skull, has been cleverly illustrated and published neat style, the address on Manners, delivered last in a small 4° by E. M. Schaeffer, M.D., Wash- summer by Andrew P. Peabody, before the ington, price 75 C.

students of several seminaries for young ladies,


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NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS. Hay's Pike County Ballads and other Pieces and sixty pages of additional anecdotes, and a (Osgood).-Although a new aspirant for the laurel number of portraits of distinguished legal gentle. crown, the writer of such poetry as we have quoted men. need cherish no doubts as to the certainty of his

The Happiness of Heaven, by a father of calling and of his election. It is of no perish- the Society of Jesus (Murphy & Co.), is an eloable stuff that these offerings of his genius have 1 quent description of the condition of the blessed in been composed, and they bear the stamp on their heaven, in which the promises of Scripture are ex. front of a permanent fame. They are not the idle plained and set forth by means of familiar illustrasingings of a festive hour, but the fruit of a crea- tions and references to the wiitings of the fathers tive fancy, delicate and athletic at once, of a ma- of the Church. There is nothing in the work calture experience, rare in so youthful a writer, and culated to offend the prejudices of non-Catholics, of a genuine gift of expression no less vigorous and it may be read with interest and profit by than sweet, which distinguish the true bard from Christians of all shades of belief. the mere maker of verses. If it is the possession of victorious qualities that insures the survival of Wake Robin, by John Burroughs (Hurd & the fittest in the grand struggle for existence, in the Houghton), is one of the most charming books of poetic as well as the physical world, the author the season. Those going to the country for the of this volume need not be curious about his place summer months can take with them no more enjoy. among the poets of the age.--Tribune.

able volume, for it treats of birds and scenery and

fits one to better appreciate and enjoy the beauties The Model Pastor (Lee & Shepard) is a memoir

of nature. of the life and correspondence of Rev. Baron given his volume, is the common name of the

The title, Wake Robin, which he has Stow, D.D., late Pastor of the Rowe-street White Trillium, which blooms in all our woods, Baptist Church, Boston, by John C. Stockton.

and marks the arrival of all the birds. The volume The editor of this handsomely gotten up volume has had a large mass of material, including Dr.

is elegantly gotten up. Stow's diary, placed in his hands, from which to Curiosities of the Law Reporters, by F. F. Heard make selections. Scrupulous care, he says, has (Lee & Shepard), is one of those attractive books been taken to bring out, in full relief, “the man which may be opened at any page with a certainty whose life we have tried to portray, letting him of finding something worth reading. It may chance speak to us in a journal and correspondence, and to be an amusing play upon words, a sly witticism, through the activities of a long, laborious, and suc- an instructive criticism, sound legal advice, or cessful professional life.

quaint illustrations of judicial acumen. The book Boston Lectures, 1871: Christianity and Skep contains the cream of law experience, skilfully ticism (Congreg. Pub. Soc.) is the title of a volume skimmed, and the food abounds in nourishment of lectures upon questions coming within the range for all partakers. --Boston Transcript. of Biblical criticism, delivered at Boston last winter.

Illustrated Library of Wonders (Scribner). They are by such eminent men as Phelps, Mead, The latest addition to this popular series is the Tyler, Fisher, Talcott, Thayer, Hopkins, Lord, volume on “ European Art," by Louis Viardot, Thompson, Cheever, and Bacon. (See subjects in the author also of ihe similar work on “ Italian advertisement). The recognized ability of these Art,” a few volumes back in the library. This new lectures, says the Boston Advertiser, their eminence volume complements the latter, treating of the as expounders of Christian doctrine, and the nature Spanish, German, Flemish, Dutch, and French of the themes treated by them make this volume schools. Notwithstanding the narrow limits to valuable, not only to intelligent Christians of all which the author was restricted, he gives a very ex. denominations, but to all students of religious his-cellent history of the rise and progress of the schools tory and religious opinions.

and of the condition and causes of their developA Hand-book of English Literature, by F. H. ment, in bird's eye view, notes as to more than two Underwood (Lee & Shepard). Mr. Underwood hundred painters, and critically discriminative has done great service to all youthful students, in descriptions of the chief works of the most noted. the carefully culled selections he has put together The two volumes form a most admirable introducfrom British authors. The historical introduction to the study of Continental art, and commend tion is written with marked ability, and the bio-themselves especially to those who desire to learn graphical sketches are well condensed and interest something about the history of art as displayed in ing. The “Hand-book” is a pleasant introduction its results, and who lack time or inclination for exto the broad field of English literature, through tended reading. Eleven notably fine reproducwhose influence we hope the student may be led tions on wood of celebrated representative works, to gather his own treasures.

and a full index of names, add greatly to the value Bench and Bar, by L. J. Bigelow (Harper), of the book. is a new and enlarged edition of the most com- The Young Mechanic.— The Messrs. Putnam plete collection of anecdotes of legal wit and deserve the thanks of all the boys-hip, hip, humor ever made, containing abundant entertain. hurrah! and a tiger--for issuing an American ment for the leisure hours, not only of lawyers, but edition of that capital book, originally published in of all who are able to appreciate a good story well England, “ The Young Mechanic.” The book is told. The present edition has about one hundred all that can be desired one of the few for which



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we can't say too much. It tells all about tools, in- “ Dame Europa's School.” Its lesson is one for cluding the lathe, their cost, care, and use, and be- statesmen and social philosophers to ponder.ginning with directions for making simple wooden Boston Advertiser. boxes graduates its reader a well-trained worker in

Hans Breitmann in Europe, by Charles G. wood, metal, and ivory. Copious illustrations ex. Leland (Peterson), contains twenty new Poems plain the text. The book is edited with an Ameri- by Hans Breitmann, describing his travels and excan preface and is issued in a very nice shape, and periences all over Europe, in Paris, in La Sorour best hope for it is that it will meet with the bonne, in Forty-Eight, in Belgium, in Spa, in success that it deserves. --Mail.

Ostende, in Gent, in Holland, at the Hague, in The Proverbs of Scotland, by Alexander His- Leyden, in Amsterdam, in Germany, in Cologne, lop, is the largest and best collection of Scottish in Munich, in Frankfort-on-the-Main, in Italy, in Proverbs in existence. Every reader of Hislop's Rome, where Breitmann interviews the Pope, at collection will find in it wise sayings and interest

La Scala Santa, as well as Hans Breitmann at a ing anecdotes which he had not previously seen or

Picnic, and Breitmann as a Trumpeter, with a heard, so that the volume possesses the charm of full and complete Glossary. novelty combined with humor and satire, and all The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman (Carlethe other elements that make up the choicest fruits ton), the famous old English ballad, which Lester of the intellectual life of the people of Scotland. Wallack sings so pathetically in the play of The volume might be styled à Collection of the “Rosedale,”' derives its chief value from the gro. Gems of Scottish Wisdom. It deserves a place in tesque illustrations and notes which are in the imevery Scottish Household beside the works of mortal Cruikshank's best manner. Burns and Scott. The American publisher, Mr. Common Sense in the Household, by Marion L D. Robertson, is a Scotsman who is very widely Harland (Scribner), is the actual product of fifteen known and esteemed, and whose name alone is a years' experience in household life, during which guarantee that the work has been carefully got time the writer has steadily pursued the work of up. It is well printed and handsomely bound.- composing it, gleaning and sisting in every quarter, Scottish Am. Journal.

levying contributions upon every materfamilias Tanner on Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, within the circle of her friends, and drawing large-Of this invaluable work a third ed., revised and ly upon the practical knowledge that she has enlarged by Alfred Meadows, has just been issued gained in the discharge of her duties as mistress by Lindsay & Blakiston. The general plan of the of a family. Each receipt in the volume has work has been entirely changed'; while additions been brought to the test of the ancient adage that have been made throughout the book and several “the proof of the pudding is in the eating." The new chapters introduced. The whole, carefully re

work is indeed what the Mail calls it, a “Model vised, may, says the editor, be considered fairly to

Kitchen Companion.” represent the present state of our knowledge of this

Journal of a Young Lady of Virginia, 1782, department of medicine.

ed, by Emily V. Mason, printed and published A Handbook of the Administrations of the for the benefit of the Lee Memorial Association United States, by Edward G. Tileston (Lee & of Richmond, by John Murphy & Co.—The Shepard), contains a synopsis of the leading polit picture of life and manners presented by the Jour, ical events in the history of the United States, nal is extremely interesting, and well worthy of from the organization of the Federal Government being preserved. The publication of it, for the to the present time, arranged under the heads of object with which it is connected, is most approthe successive administrations, with a list of the priate. There is a gush and freshness, and perfect members of the cabinet, the speakers of the House, naturalness throughout, which is delightful. Inand other public officials. The volume also com dependent of the intrinsic merit of the little volprises a brief record of contemporaneous Eng.

ume is its typographical execution, which is in the fish history, extracts from the census of 1870 in

very highest style of the art.--Baltimore Gazette. advance of the official publication, and other facts Till the Doctor Comes, and low to Help Him, of interest and value.

by G. H. Hope (Putnam). Very, very seldom The Fall of England, or the Battle of Dor- does one find so much sound good sense, valuable king, is one of the most vivid and remarkable advice, and information, which if thoroughly unof all recent satires toward teaching by fiction the derstood might be a means of saving many a life, scope and direction of current politics. It is the as in this little volume. A wonderful amount of story told in the year 1925 by an old man to his it is condensed into a very small space. Every grandchildren, of the battle in which Prussia made word has its meaning ; none are superfluous. The conquest of England fifty years before, and ex. original work is an English book; this has been poses, as it there plainly appears, the causes and reprinted in this country, carefully revised by an circumstances of England's humiliation. The phi- eminent New York physician, and should find a losophy is wholly incidental and unobtrusive, but place in every library.- Bookivorm. the intensity and realism of the descriptive parts

We have to add that portions of the above book is one of the great triumphs of literary art. We have been entirely re-written, and some very imremember no description of a battle, and doubt portant additions made providing for cases pecuif there be another, outside the works of Erck liar to America. 1.ann-Chatrian, more excellent in its fidelity and Lear's New Book of Nonsense (Osgood). — The simplicity. As a narrative, it is superior to Pall Mall Gasette says: “ The alphabets are

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