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10 C.

15 C.


Crofutt's Trans-Continental Tourist's Guide. Second An - The Beau Monde Songster ;-The Little Fascinator, nual Revise. 189, pp. 225. N. Y., Am. News Co. $1.00 Companion to “Little Flirt" ;-The Wacht am Rhein

Songster (in German). 18o. N. Y., Fisher & Denison. Crowell, Rev. John (D.D.). Republics. 6°, pp. 238.

Pap. each.

...10 C. Phila, Presb. Board of Pub.....


The Southern Cross, by John F. Cowan ;-The Spirit CURIOSITIES OF LAW REPORTERS. See Heard.

Hunter, by Arthur L. Meserve. 18o. N. Y., Geo. Mun

ro. Pap. each.... Cyril ASHLEY. A Tale. By A. L 0. E. Illust. 189, PP- 317. N. Y., Robt Carter & Bros...

- Richmond's Sensation Novels. No. 1, Circe the En. ......75 c.

chantress. 12°, pp. 100. N. Y., Richmond & Co. Pap. DAILY PRAYERS FOR YOUNG COMMUNICANTS. 32°, pp. 156. N. Y., Pott & Amery....

....40 C.

- Illustrated Fifteen Cent Novels. No. 18, The Aunt's i Dallas. The Life and Writings of Alexander James Dallas.

Plot ;-19, the Stepdaughter's Wrong, by Dr. J. H. RobBy his son, George Miftlin Dallas. 80, PP. 487, Phila.,

inson ;--20, The Secret Vow, by Ned Buntine. N. Y., J. B. Lippincou & Co.......

F. Starr & Co. Pap., each...

..75 C. Davis, Andrew Jackson. Death and the After-Life.

- Star Songsters. No. 4. Bob Harrison's Comic Song,

Joke, and Ethiopian Dialogues ;-No. 5, Dick Weaver's Eight Clairvoyant Lectures on the Summer Land. Third

Keno Songster. 'N. Y., F. Starr & Co. Pap. each.. 10 C. ed., rev, and enlarged. 12°, Boston, W. White & Co. N, Y., Am. News Co......

Ten Cent Star Novels, No. 60, The Man Hunters ;-61, ..........75 C.

The Free Trappers :-62, The Scalpless Hunter, by H. DAN'S MOTTO; or, Deeds Louder than Words. 16°, pp. Hazard :-63, Bald Head, by 0. Coomes ;-64, The 310. Boston, A. F. Graves..

$1.25 Haunted Hunter, by Wm. R. Eyster ;-65, The Wood

Witch, by E. Emerson ;-66, Cloud Wood, by Jas. M. per la De la Grange, Mme. A. K. Thecla; or, The Maledic

Merrill. 'N. Y., F. Starr & Co. Pap. each........ 10 C. tion. A Talc. 12°, pp. iii, 192. N. Y., P. O'Shea ...$1.25

See also, De Witt; Fight; French. ! DE WITT'S ACTING PLAYS. Nos. 82-87. 18°, N. Y., Robe. M. De Witt. Pap. each....

Docia's JOURNAL ; or, God is Love. By Pansy. Illust.

18°, pp. 189. Phila., J. P, Skelly & Co... ...60 с. Cont:-No. 82, Peep of Day; or, Savourneen Dheelish. Irish Drama, 4 Acts, by Edmund Falconer (12 Male, 4 Fe- Dumas, Alex. Twenty Years After. Second series of "The mak Characters);--83, Thrice Married, Personation Piece, Three Guardsmen.' New ed. 8°, pp. 280. Phila., T. B. 1 Act, by Howard Paul (6 Male, 1 Female) ;-84, Not Peterson & Bros. Pap....

.....75 c. Gulty, Drama, 4 Acts, by Watts Phillips (10 Male, 6

- Bragelonne, the Son of Athos. Third Series of "The Female) :-85. Locked in with a Lady, Sketch from Life,

Three Guardsmen." New ed. 86, pp. 288. Phila., by H. R. Addison Male, : Female) ; -86, The Lady T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap....

.....75 c. of Lyons ; or, Love and Pride (the Fechter version), plays Acts, by Lord Lytton (10 Male, 3 Female) : -87, Dunn, Rev. J. B. The Good Samaritan. Temperance Locked Out, Comic Scene, 1 Act, by Howard Paul (1

Sermons, No. 4.) 160, pp. 29. N. Y., National TemMale, 1 Female)

perance Society. Pap.....

.....15 C Dexter, Ror. Henry M. (D.D.). Congregationalism :

Dunning, Mrs. A. K. Theodore: A Story about Bap-
What it is; Whence it is ; How it Works ; Why it is

tism. 26°, pp. 374. Phila., Presb. Board of Pub..$1.25
Better than any other Form of Church Government, &c. Dapay, Miss Eliza A. How He Did It. A Novel.
Third ed., revised and enlarged. 19°, pp. xxxii, 394. pp. 456. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros., $1.75 : pap. $1.50
Boston, Noyes, Holmes & Co. $2.00; pap.....


Earle, Rev. A. B. The Rest of Faith. 186, pp. 96. BosDick, Thor. The Philosophy of a Future State. New ed. ton, Jas, H. Earle. 50 c. and.. 176, pp. 276. Phila., Claxton, Rernsen & Haffelfinger. Ebener, Dr. F. and E. M. Greenway, Jr. Words,

Their $1.00 History and Derivation. Alphabetically arranged. Part I.

89, pp. 36. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Bap.... 50 C. Glass of wine. Illust. 16o. Boston, Henry Hoyt..$1.25 EDGAR'S STRUGGLE. A Story of Temptation. 24*, pp. 107. DILIGENT DICK's LIBRARY. For Boys and Girls. By the Richmond, C. McCarthy......

.....50 C. author of " Aunt Hattie's Library." 6 vols. 18o. Cont. : Diligent Dick : -Cousin Willie - Lazy Robert ;-Little *Ellicott, o. J. Prayers and Meditations

for the Holy Fritz:–Bertie and his Sisters ;- The New Buggy. Bos

Communion. 32°, pp. 184. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co. $3.00

$7.00 ton, H. A. Young & Co... DIME AND FIFTEEN CENT BOOKS.

Ellis, Geo. E. Memoir of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count

Rumford. Wich Notices of his Daughter. Illust. Roy. - Beadle's American Tales. No. 33, The Robber Prince, 80, pp. 680. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, by 8. R. Urban ;-34, Long-Armed Samson, by N. M. $5.00. Large paper,..

$10.00 Curtis :-35. The Smuggler, by Ned Buntinc. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap. eache...

Elmer, Wm. and A. D. (M.D.). The Physician's Hand....15 C.

Book for 1871. 16o. N. Y., Townsend & Adams. Two - Beadle's Base Ball Guide for 1877 ;-Dime Dialogues, sizes, leather tuck, $1.50 and.....

$1.75 No. 10 :-Dime Speaker, No. 12. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap each..

Elwell, John J. (M.D.). A Medico-Legal Treatise on

Malpractice and Medical Evidence, comprising the Ele- Dime Novels. No. 237, The Forest Princess, by J. G. menis of Medical Jurisprudence. 3d ed. revised and Badger, Jr. :-228, The Male Chief, by C. D. Clark ;

enlarged. 8, pp. 600. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co.
329, The Grizzly Hunters, by F. Whittaker ; --230, The (corrected title)." Shp.....
Parisan Spy, by J. G. Badger, Jr. N. Y., Beadle &
Ca Pap. each......

De Witt's Base Ball Guide for 1871. Ed. by Henry

* Erckmann.Ohatrian. The Blockade of Phalsbourg ; Chadwick. 12°, PP. 100. N. Y., Robt. M. De Witt.

an Episode of the Fall of the First French Empire.-The Pap........

Conscript: a Tale of the French War of 1813. -The In......10 C

vasion of France in 1814.-Waterloo ; a Story of the Hun- De Wit's New Series Ten Cent Songsters. Nos, 6-8. dred Days. 16°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Soiff budy, pp. 128 cach. N. Y., Robt. M. De Witt. Pap. each

covers, each..

.....50 C. Cont :-No. Ten Cent Ixion Songster ;-7 Ten Erickson, D. S. Carl Bartlett; or, What can I do? New Cear Schneider Songster ;-, Ten Cent Ten Little Injuns

ed. 16“, pp. 317. Boston, H. A. Young & Co.... $1,25 Songster,

Ernst, Henry. The Accountant and Book-keeper's Manual - De Witt's Song and Joke Books. Nos. 118-272. N. Y., of Commercial Calculations, reduced to their utmost SimRobt. M. De Witt. Pap., each.

plicity. 8°. N. Y., Harper & Bros...
Cont :-No. 118, The Brudder Bones, Joker ;-119. EXPIATION (THE): A Drama in threc Acts.
Hokey Pokey Joker :--120, Burkey's Dublin Carman's

From the
Songster :--111, Lawlor's Barney the Guide Songster ;-

French, by J. James Kehoe. 160, pp. 46. Baltimore, in, The Clown's Songster,

Murphy & Co. "Pap...

.....40 C. De Witt's Ten Cent Romances, Nos. 79, The Indian Fairbanks, G. R. The History of Florida from its DisHuntress; or, The Blazing Forest :-80, The Armorer of covery by Ponce de Leon, in 1912, to the close of the Paris: or, The Gibbet of Montfaucon Fanto en

Florida War in 1842. 19°, pp. 350. Phila., J. B. Lip N. Y., Robe M. De Witt Pap., cach.

pas. ott & Co.

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10 C.


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......10 C.


FAMILIAR DISCOURSES TO THE YOUNG. Preceded by an The Sunday School World. An Encyclopædia of Facts Address to Parents. By a Catholic Priest. 16°, pp. 203. and Principles. Illustrated by Anecdotes, Incidents,

N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc. 15 c; pap.•••• 50 C. and Quotations from the Works of the most Eminent Farquharson, Martha. An Old-Fashioned Boy. Illust.

Writers on Sunday School Matters. 12°, pp. 439. Phila., 160. Phila., William B. Evans & Co.......

J. G. Garrigues & Co......

$1.75 *Fawcett, Henry (M.A., M.P.). Pauperism, its Causes

GREAT BRITAIN. The House of Lords Cases on Appeals and Remedies. Cr. 80. N. Y., Macmillan & Co... $2.25

and Writs of Error, and Claims of Peerage, during the

Sessions of 1864, 1865, and 1866. By Chas. Clarke. FIFTY CATHOLIC TRACTS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS. First

Vol. 11 (last). 80, pp. xxviii, 570. Boston, Little, Brown Series, 12°. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc..... $1.00

& Co. Shpo, per vol.....

..$6.00 FIGHT (THE) AT DAME EUROPA'S SCHOOL. Showing how

GREAT BRITAIN. Reports of Cases Argued and Deterthe German Boy Thrashed the French Boy, and how the English Boy Looks on.

mined in the High Court of Chancery during the Time 18°, PP. 27.

New Orleans, A. of Lord Chancellor Cottenham. By Stewart Macnaghten Eyrich. Pap...

....15 C. and Alexander Gordon. Ed. with Notes and ReferSame. With 33 illust. by Thomas Nast. 129, PP. 32. ences to Am. Law, and subsequent Eng. Decisions. By

N. Y., Francis B. Felt & Co. 50 c. ; pap..........25 C. Hon. J. C. Perkins. Vol. 1, 1849-1850. 8, pp. biv, - Same. Dime Edition. 18° Phila., Claxton, Remsen 582. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp. Subscr. price & Haffelfinger. Pap.....

per vol. .......

$5.00 - Same. 16". Boston, Chas. H. Spencer ; Lee & Shep

- See also Robinson. ard. Pap....

Greeley, Horace. What I Know of Farming : A Series Flanders, Henry. A Treatise on the Law of Fire Insu.

of Brief and Plain Expositions of Practical Agriculture rances. Roy. 80, pp. 612. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & as an Art based upon Science. 12°, pp. 335. N. Y., Haffelfinger. Shp....

G. W. Carleton & Co... .. $7.50

.$1.50 *Fleming, Geo. Animal Plagues, their History, Nature,

GREEN, Rev. L. W., Life of. See Halsey, and Prevention. 89. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. *Greene, Hon. Mrs. The Little Castlemaiden. Simple

84.00 Stories for Young Children. 12°, pp. 220. N. Y., E. P. FLORIDA. See Fairbanks.

Dutton & Co...

..$1.00 FLOWER (THE) BY THE PRISON. By E. E. F. (New $500

Greene, William B. The Facts of Consciousness and Prize Series.) Illust 16°, pp. 323. Boston, D. Lothrop

the Philosophy of Mr. Herbert Spenctr. 16, PP. 33. & Co...

Boston, Lee & Shepard.

........25 Forrester, Frank. Fishing with Hook and Line. New ed.

Griffin, G. W. Studies in Literature. Containing Sketches 12°, pp. 64. N. Y., Tbos. O'Kane....


of the Lives of Geo. D. Prentice, Victor Hugo, etc. Second ed., revised. 12°, PP. 298...

$1.75 Forsyth, James. Book of Designs for Headstones, Mu

ral and other Monuments. Containing. 78 Designs. Gaernsey, Clara F. The Plaid Pincushion. 24*, PP. 91. With an Introduction by Charles Boutell, M.A. 4to.

N. Y, Evang. Knowl. Soc.. ....

....40C. Phila., Henry Carey Baird....

$5.00 Hall, Rev. Chas. I. Notes on the Gospels. ; vols. 1'. Forsyth, Wm. (M.A., Q.C.) The Novels and Novelists

N. Y., Hurd & Houghton....

$3.00 of the Eighteenth Century, in Illustrations of the Manners Hall, Rev. John (D.D.). Papers for Home Reading. 12o. and Morals of the Age. 19o. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. N. Y., Dodd & Mead..

$1.75 $2.00 Halsey, Le Roy J. (D.D.). Memoir of the Life and -Same. Eng. ed. Post 8°, pp. 356. N, Y., Scribner, Character of Rev. Lewis Warner Green, D.D. With a Welford & Co....

Selection from his Sermons.

89, pp. xi, 491. N. Y., Francis, J. B. Lowell Hydraulic Experiments. Being a

Chas. Scribner & Co....

$2.00 Selection from Experiments on Hydraulic Motors, on the Hamilton, James (D.D., F.L.S.). Lessons from the Flow of Water over Weirs, and in open Canals of Uniform Great Biography. 16°, pp. viii, 319.

N. Y., Robt. CarRectangular Section, made at Lowell, Mass. Third ed., ter & Bros... rev. and enlarged, including many new Experiments on

HANDBOOK FOR IMMIGRANTS OF THE UNITED STATES. Pre gauging water in open canals, and on the flow through submerged orifices and diverging tuber.

Illust. with 33

pared for the Am. Social Science Association. With

maps. 36°, pp. vi, 117. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton. copper plates. 4°. N. Y., D. Van Nostrand.....$15.00

Pap.... FRENCH'S Minor Drama. No. 322, The Lost Child, by Hanna, William (D.D., LL.D.). The Life of Christ. S. W. E. Sutter ;-323, Court Cards, by J. Palgrave Simp son ;-324, Cox and Rox, by J. Madison Morton :-325,

pp. 861. With maps and plates. N. Y., Am. Tract Society....

$3.00 Forty Winks, by Geo. Roberts. 12o. N. Y., S. French & Són. Pap, cach.......

Hanson. See Cæsar ; Cicero.

........15 C. FRENCH'S STANDARD DRAMA. No. 363, Randal's Thumb, Harland, Marion. Common Sense in the Household. A by W. S. Gilbert. 12°, pp. 42. N. Y., S. French & Son. Manual of Practical Housewifery. 12°, pp. 552. N. Y.,

Charles Scribner & Co....

..$1.75 Pap.

......15 C. Frost, Mrs. L. J. L Lynda Newton; or, Life's Disci Harris, O. A. & P. H. Aasten. The Principles and pline. 16°, pp. 410. Boston, A. F. Graves. .....


Practice of Dentistry. Tenth rev. ed. With over 400

illust. 89, pp. 800. Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston. $6.50 : Fronde, Jas. Anthony (M.A.). Calvinism : An Address shp...,

$7.50 delivered at St. Andrew's, March 17, 1871. 12*, pp. 47,

Harte, Bret. The Heathen Chinee. With illust. by S. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co..

........75 C.

Eytinge, Jr. 169, pp. 21. Boston, J. R. Osgood & Co. Galton, F. Hereditary Genius : An Inquiry into its Laws Pap.....

and Consequences. Rev. ed. 12o. N. Y., D. Appleton HARVEST (THE) OF Gold; or, The Great Secrets. 18, & Co.,


pp. 41. Boston, Amos Mason & Co..... GINx's Baby: His Birth and other Misfortunes. A Satire. Hawes, Stephen. See Bible.

16°, pp. 125. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. 50 C.; Hay, John. Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle, and Little pap......

......25 C. Breeches. With illustrations by S. Eytinge, Jr. 369, pp. N. Y., Geo. Rout

23. Boston, J. R. Osgood & Co. Pap. - Same. New ed. 12°, pp. xii, 24. ledge & Sons. $1.00; pap.. ......50 C. Pike County Ballads, and other pieces. 16°, PP. 167.


Boston, James R. Osgood & Co GOLDEN MOTTO SERIES. vols, 16. Cont. :-Golden Motto :-True Friendship Young Adventurer ;-Run-Heard, Franklin Fiske. Curiosities of the Law Report away Boy. Boston, H. A. Young & Co.......

12*, pp. 212. Boston, Lee & Shepard ....... $1.50 Gray, Barry, Castles in the Air. Cr. 8o. N, Y., Hurd HELEN FREEMAN; or, The Right Path. By L. A. F. 180, & Houghton....


Pp. 268. Phila., J. P. Skelly & Co.....
Gray, Rev. James Corper. The Stones of Palestinc. A Hertford, Joseph. Personals; or, Perils of the Period:
Lecture on Scripture Archæology. 28, pp. 40. N. Y., New ed. Cr: 89, pp. 339. N. Y., M. Doolady, $1.00;
Carlton & Lanahan. Pap...

...IO C.



50 C

......25 C.


....25 €.




..90 C.

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Words. Prepared for the use of the Pupils of the Grand

King, Mrs. Maria M. God the Father, and Man the
Rapids Public Schools. 12°, pp. 16. Grand Rapids,

Image of God. 8°, pp. 47. Boston, Wm. White & Co. Mich., Eaton & Lyon. Pap.


......25 C. Holt, Emily Sarah. Ashcliffe Hall. A Tale of the Last Kingsbury, Rev. 0. A. Hints for Living. 16*. Boston, Century. 16°, pp. 443. N. Y., Robe. Carter & Bros.

D. Lothrop & Co..

$425 $1.25

HOMOPOPATHIC Domestic Medicine. See Lauric.

Krauth, Chas. P. (D.D.). The Conservative Reformation *Hoord, Edwin Paxton. The World of Moral and Re

and its Theology, as represented in the Augsburg Con ligious Anecdote. _Illustrations and Incidents gathered

fession, and in the History and Literature of the Evangelfrom the Words, Thoughts, and Deeds in the "Lives of

ical Protestant Church (commonly called Lutheran Men, Women, and Books. Cr. 8o. N. Y., Scribner,

Church). 8°, pp. 840. Phila., J. B. Lippincoolt & Co. Welford & Co.... $4.50

$5.00 Hope, Geo. I. (M.D.) Till the Doctor Comes, and How Lacordaire, Pere. Conferences on God. &•, pp. 385. N. to Help him. Revised by a N. Y. Physician. 16°, pp. Y., P. O'Shea.....

140. N. Y., Geo. P. Putnam & Sons. 60 C.; pap.. 30 C. LANDS OF SCOTT. See Hunnewell.
HOTEL DU PETIT ST. JEAN (THE). A Gascon Story. Lange's Commentary. See Bible.

New ed. 16. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co..... $1.00 Laurio, Joseph. The Homcopathic Domestic Medicine
How to GET A FARM, and Where to Find one. By the

Edited and revised, with numerous and important Addi Author of "Ten Acres Enough." New ed. 12°, pp. tions, and the Introduction of the New Remedies and a 345. N. Y., Jas. Miller. $1.25; pap.....

..75 C.

Repertory, by Robt. J. McClatchey (M.D.). First Amer. "Hughes, Wma. Scripture Atlas. Twelve colored Maps. from the 21st Eng. cd. 8o, xii, 1034. N. Y., Bæricke 24. N. Y., Pott & Amery.......

: .

.. 50 C. Hunnewell

, Jas. F. The Lands of Scott. 12*, pp. 508. LAWYER AND CLIENT. See Butler. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co ....


LAWYER'S DOCKET and Transcript of Judgments, ExecuHutchings, J. M. Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in tions, etc. 4, pp. 300. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph California. A Tourist's Guide to the Yo-Semite Valley, & English. Half calf.....

• $4.00 etc. Revised ed. for 1871, with over 100 illust. San

Lazarus, Emma. Admetus, and other Poems. Cr. 80, pp. Francisco and N. Y., A. Roman & Co........ ..$3.00

230. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton.

$2.00 "Hotton, Richard Holt. Essays, Theological and Literary. 2 vols. post 86, pp. 430, 494.

LEE, Gen., Life of. Sce Cooke.

N. Y, Geo. Routledge & Sons ...

$7.50 Lover, Chas. Knight of Gwynne. New ed. 89, pp. 226. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap........

• 75 C. Ayacinthe, Pere. France and Germany. A Discourse

- Tom Burke “of Ours." A Novel. New ed. 89, pp. pronounced in London, in Dec., 1870, for the French Relief Fund. 8°, pp. 50. N. Y., Geo. P. Putnam & Sons. 270. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap........75 C. Pap.....

...... 50 C. Levy, Mrs. Esther. The Jewish Cookery Book. 12° 'HYMNS AND POEMS FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. Ed. Phila., W. S. Turner.

$2.00 by Thos. Vincent Fosberg, M.A. 26°, pp. 333. N. Y., Lewis, Dio (A.M., M.D.). Talks about Health. E. P. Dutton & Co..., $1.50 pp. 123. Boston, Author. Pap

......25 C. luutsors. Digest of the Ilinois Reports, embracing all the Lowis, William N. The People's Practical Poultry Book: Decisions of the Supreme Court of the State, from Third A Work on the Breeds, Breeding, Rearing, and General to the Fiftieth Volume, both inclusive. In 2 vols. Vol. 2. Management of Poultry. Illust. 8o, pp. 223. N. Y., D. Reports, Vol. 32 to 50. By Chas. H. Woodward and D. T. Moore.... Joseph D. Long. Roy. 86, pp. 556. Chicago, E. B. LocusT GROVE STORIES. 6 vols. 18o. Cont. :-1. The Myers. Shp....


Unruly. Tongue-- Jacob's Wall-Clara's Surprise.
James, C. L. Manual of Transcendental Philosophy. How Violet's Prayer was Answered-Words--How God

12°, pp. 100. Boston, Wm. White & Co. Pap.....50 C. brings Good out of Evil. 3. Jack Story and Paul Stan-
Janez Rov. Edwin S. Wesley his own Historian. Illus-

ley-Truth in Trifles-Love to the Aged. 4. Dick Mason trations of his Character, Labors, and Achievements.

and Harry Slack--Sympathy for Others—Johnnic's LegFrom his own Diaries. 12°, pp. 464 N. Y., Carlton &

son-Aunt Clyde's Visit. 5: The Earnest Boy-God's Lanahan.....


Eye upon Us--Hans Albright and his Mother-Nannic
Malone, 6. The Birth-day Party at the Hall-Julia and

her Friend, Bell Newton. Phila., Am. S. S. Union. In
, B. Joy (A.M., M.D.). The Eye in Health and

box... Disease. Being a Series of Articles on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Eyc, and its Surgical and Med- Long, Samuel P. Art; its Laws, and the Reasons for ical Treatment. 12o. Boston, Alex. Moore.. $1.50

them. Collected, Considered, and Arranged for General

and Educational Purposes. With steel plates and wood Jenkins, Commod. Thornton A. (U. S. Navy.) The engravings. Boston, Lee & Shepard. (By subscrip Barometer , Thermometer, Hygrometer, and Atmospheric

tion.). .... Appearances at Sea and on Land as Aids in Foretelling

$2.50 Weather, with brief rules for their use, and the practical Longfellow, H. W. The Poets and Poetry of Europe, application

of their separate and combined Indications as Translations with Introductions and Biographical Notices. Weather Guides. Compiled from the latest and most Revised and enlarged ed. With engrav, on steel. Imp. trustworthy authorities. 8°. N. Y., D. Van Nostrand. 8'. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co...

.$6.00 Pap....

50 C.

LOVE (THE) OF JESUS ; or, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament JEWISH COOKERY Book. Sec Levy.

For every Day in the Month. To which is added, The Jou BLUDSO. Sec Hay.

Devotion of the Forty Hours, with an Introduction by an

American Clergyman. 32, pp. 336.
Jones, Josse L. The Kingdom of Heaven. What it is ;

Baltimore, J.
Murphy & Co. 50 C. ; red edges...

...75 c. Where it is; and the Duty of American Christians Concerning it 17", pp. xix, 362. Boston, Noyes, Holmes &

*Lytton, Lord (Bulwer). King Arthur. Autograph edit.* Co.....

Illust. 8o. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Mor.... $7.90

*McCausland, Dominick. The Builders of Babel. Post Keller, Rev. E. (S.F.)

. Saint Joseph, Patron of the Uni 89, pp. 352. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co....
versal Church ; A Panegyric Delivered in the Church of
St. Ignatius, Baltimore,

March 19th, 1871: To which is McCosh, James. Christianity and positivism: A Series
prefixed an Historical Sketch of Devotion to St. Joseph. of Lectures to the Times on Natural Theology and Apol-
189, pp. 28. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co. Pap....25 C. ogetics. 12', pp. vii, 369. N, Y., Robt. Carter &
Kelloge, Elijah. The Young Deliverers of Pleasant Cove.
(Pleasant Cove Series, vol. 2.)

Illust. 16o. Boston,

MacDonald, George. Adele Cathcart. A Novel

$1.25 Pp. 422. Boston, A. K. Loring... Leon, Mues Gerald. Dion and the Sibyls. A Tale. 8o, McDonald, Rev. N. A. Siam, its Government, Manners, pp. 323. N. Y., Catholic Pub. Soc..

$1.25 Customs.' 16°, pp. 214. Phila., Alfred Martien, ... $1.25

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Jebb. See Sophocles.



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... $1.75





Læ & Shepard....


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.60 C.

McElhinney, John J. (D.D.). The Doctrine of the Church: Moran, Rev. Patrick Francis (D.D.), Life of the Most
A Historical Monograph. With

a full Bibliography of the Rev. Oliver Plunket, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate Subject. 80, pp. 464. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haf of all Ireland, who suffered Death for the Catholic Faith felfinger.

$3.00 in the year 1681. With portrait. 189, pp. 396. N. Y., McElrath, Thos, A Dictionary of Words and Phrases

P. O'Shea..

$1.00 used in Commerce, with Practical Remarks. (In 12 parts.) | Muloch, Miss. The Head of the Family. A Novel. 12°, Part 2. 89, pp. 37-136. N. Y., N. Tibbals & Son. PP. 528. N. Y., Harper & Bros..

.$1.50 Pap. each.....

.....45 c.

- The Ogilvies. A Novel. 12°, pp. 491. N. Y., Harper *Maine, Henry Samuel Village Communities in the East & Bros..

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89, pp. xxxvi, 320. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Mansel, Henry Longueville (B.D.). Metaphysics; or,

Hf. roan..

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Boston, D. Lothrop & Co... MANUAL OF THE LODGE OF PERFECTION. Ancient and Ac- Nason, Henry B. Table of Reduction for Qualitative cepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Northern

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on Mathematical, Civil, and Physical Geography. Large of 1871, and to the Practice of States having a similar

4, pp. 162. N. Y., University Pub. Co.......... $2.25 Code, etc. By H. S. McCall. Third ed. enlarged and Melville, Whyte. Good for Nothing: A Novel. 80, pp.

improved. 89, pp. 1054. N. Y., Banks & Bros. Shp. Ń. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap...

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... 50 C.

Progress, and Business. The New Northwest and its MICHIGAN. Reports of Cases Tried and Determined at great Thoroughfare. 89, PP. 46. Phila., Jay Cooke & Nisi Prius in the Circuit Courts of the State of Michigan.

Co. Pap. By Chas. R. Brown, Judge, etc. 89, PP. 353, cii. Kala NOVELS AND NOVELISTS. See Forsyth. mazoo, Telegraph Prtg. Co. Shp....

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$3.00 $1.00; gilt....

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ing. With illust. by W. R. Snow. 12°. Phila., J. B. Milton. Poetical Works. Vols. 2 and 3. (Aldine Poets,

Lippincott & Co....

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N. Y., N. Tibbals & Son. Hf. bd...
being the Fourth or Bible-Class Grade in the Series of OHIO. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the
Lessons on the Life of Christ.

Harmonized from the Supreme Court of Ohio. By Leander J. Critchfield.
Four Evangelists. 769, pp. 156. N. Y., Dodd & Mead. New Series. Vol. 19. 8. N. Y., Banks & Bros. Shp.
......40 C

$5.50 MINNESOTA. See Bil.

Optio, Oliver. Desk and Debit ; or, The Catastrophes of a Mississippi. Reports of Cascs Argued and Determined in Clerk. (Onward and Upward Series, vol. 3.) Illust. the High Court of Errors and Appeals for the State of 12o. Boston, Lee & Shepard.....

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Combined. Large Series. Without Names.) Compris. New ed. 12', pp. 128. N. Y., Jas. Miller., 75 c. ;
ing 1, the Hemispheres, size, 50x63 inches; 2, North Amer. pap........
ica, 55x63 : 3, United States, 49x74: 4, South

America, PAPERS FOR HOME READING. See Hall. 52x63 : 5, Europe, 50x63 : 6. Asia, 55x63 ; 7, Africa, 54x63.

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S. S. Union.... and Poetry for the use of Reading Clubs, and for Public

PHYSICIAN'S HANDBOOK. See Elmer. and Social Entertainment. Humorous. 12', pp. viii, 318. Boston, Lee & Shepard...

$1.50 PIKE COUNTY BALLADS. See Hay. Montgomery, Florenco.

A Very Simple Story:. Being Planket, Hon. Isabel. Hester's Fortunes : or, Pride and
a Chronicle of the Thoughts and Feelings of a Child. Sq.
16°, pp. 88. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co.

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75 C.;

$1.83 pap..

. 50 c.
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... 5o c. tains of Virginia : Containing an Exposition of Fields for Moore, Emily I. A Lost Life. A Novel. 12°, pp. 300. the Tourist in Virginia : Natural Beauties and Wonders N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co..

$1.50 of the State ; also, Accounts of its Mineral Springs; and

-35 C.

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......50 C.

40 C.


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$1.25; pap.


A Medical Guide to the Use of its Waters, etc., etc. New ST. LOUIS IN CHAINS. Drama in 5 Acts. From the French. and cheap ed. Illust. 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Respectfully Dedicated to the Students of St. Charles Co....

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Osgood & Co." $1.25: pap.. 1.50

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Da Ponte.
Confirmed. 240, pp. 31. N. Y., Pott & Amery....25 C.

12°, Pp. 325. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.

$1.75 PROBLEM OF Evil. See Naville. Purdy, A. M. Purdy's Small Fruit Instructor ; contain- Sargent, Winthrop Life of Major André. New and rev.

With portraits of the Author and ing Plain and Practical Directions for Planting, Growing, André. 'N.Y., D. Appleton & Co... and Marketing Small Fruits. Equally adapted to the Family Garden as well as the field. Illust. 89, pp. 64. Schwartz, Mme. Mario Sophie. The Wife of a Vain Palmyra, N. Y. (1870), A. M. Purdy. Pap........25 cm

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vols.) Cr. 8°, Vol. 15. Peveril of the Peak.--Vol. 16. N. Y., Jas. Miller. $1.25; pap...

Quentin Durward. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Per ......75 C.

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SERVICE OF THE POOR. See Stephen. "American Plants." A Treatise on the Culture, Propa- Shedd, Prof. W. G. T. Sermons to the Natural Man. gation, and Species of the Rhododendron, with Cultural 89, pp. 434.

N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co. $3.00; Notes upon other Plants which thrive under like Treat

Same, Cr. 8°

$2.50 ment, and Descriptions of Species and Varieties; with a

12°, Chapter upon Herbaceous Plants requiring similar Cul. *Shipley, Rev. Orby Counsels of Holiness of Life.


pp. 310. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co....... turc. 12°, pp. xx, 188, Boston, Little, Brown & Co.

$1.75 SLAM. See McDonald. Randall, S. S. History of the Common School System of Sleeper, John S. Jack in the Forecastle; or, Incidents in the State of New York, from its Origin in 1995 to the the Early Life of Hawser Martingale. 12°, pp. 452. Present Time. Including the various City and other Boston, Nichols & Hall,

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Architecture. Cont. hundreds of Designs and Plans. Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co.....


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$1.00 - See also Windfalls.

Smith, William (D.O.L., LL.D.). A Smaller Scripture Ras, J. (M.D.). A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence

History In 3 Parts : Old Testament History ; Connec

tion of old and New Testaments ; New Testament His. of Insanity. Fifth ed. with Additions. go, pp. xv, 658.

tory to A.D. 70. Illust. 169, pp. 375.

N. Y., Harper Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp........ .$6.50 & Bros..........


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revised and corrected, with an Introduction and Critical "Richardson, C. J. The Englishman's House, from a and Explanatory Notes, for the Use of Academies and Cottage to a Mansion. A Practical Guide to Members Schools By M. I. Smead, Ph.D., Prof. in the University of Budding Societies, and all interested in Selecting or of Georgia. Cr. 8°, pp. 242. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Building a House. Sec. ed., corrected and enl. With Hf, roan.

..$1.75 nearly boo illust Post 80, pp. 512. N. Y., Scribner,

- ElectraEdited by R. C. Jebb (Catena Classicorum). Welford & Co.....


Sec. ed. 12°, pp. 171. Boston, Sever, Francis & Co..$1.35 Richmond, Mrs. E. J. The McAllisters. 28o, pp. 216. Soule, Richard. A Dictionary of English Synonyms and N. Y., Nat. Temp. Soc.....

Synonymous or Parallel Expressions. Designed as a Riddell, Robert. The New Elements of Hand-Railing. Practical Guide to Aptness and Variety of Phraseology. Rev. ed., cont. 41 plates, 13 of which are now for the first Cr. 8°, pp. vi., 456. Boston, Little, Brown & Co..$2.00 time presented." Wich leter press description. The -Same. 80

$2.50 whole giving a complete elucidation of the Art of Stairbuilding.) Folio, pp. 128. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Southworth, Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Tried for Her Life. Haffelfinger...

$7.00 Sequel to “Cruel as the Grave." 12°, pp. 356. Phila., Riddell , Mrs. J. H. A Life's Assizc. (Library of Select

T. B. Peterson & Bros. $1.75 : pap......

..$1.50 Novels, No. 360.) 89, pp. 157. N. Y., Harper & Bros.

*Stephen, Caroline Emilia. The Service of the Poor. Pap......

.. 50 C.

Being an Inquiry into the Reasons for and against the Robinson, Conway. The Principles and Practice of Courts Establishmeni of Religious Sisterhoods for Charitable Purof Justice in England and the United States. Vol. 6. poses. Cr. 8°. N. Y., Macmillan & Co....... $2.25 Further as to the Grounds and form of Defence in Per wonal Actions 80, pp. 1,107. Richmond, Woodhouse & Stephen, Henry John. A Treatise on the Principles of


Pleading in Civil Actions, comprising a Summary View of

the whole Proceedings in a Suit at Law. From the ad Rosewald

, J. L. The Solfeggio. A Text-book for Musical London ed., with a Preface, an Introd., a Dissertation on Instruction in Primary, Grammar, and High Schools. Parties to Actions, and Notes. By Samuel Tyler, LL.D. Oblo 16o. Baltimore, Wm. J. C. Dulany & Co. Bds. 8, pp. xvü., 398, xcix. Washington, W. H. & O, H. 60 c. Morrison. Shp...

. $6.00 Bover , Prof. A. Croquet, its Principles and Rules. Ninth

Convict One. A Poem.

Post Dec 18, PP. 70. Springfield, Mass, Múton Bradley *Stephens, O. Brunton.

8o. N. Y., Macmillan & Co........ "Rowley, Hon. Hagh. Gamosagammon; or, Hints ou Stevenson, Rev. John. Christ on the Cross. An ExpoHymen. For the use of Parties about to Connubialize. sition of the Twenty-second Psalm. 12°, pp. 345. N. Y.; Profusely , illust. by the Author, Sq. 120, N, Y., Scrib Evang. Knowledge Soc....,

$1.00 der, Welford & Co......

....$3.00 Ruth Russell'. Rules for Making Bread and Biscuit,

* Stonehenge. Rural Sports of Great Britain : comprising

Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking, Racing, Framed by her, and Used with unfailing Success over Boating, Pedestrianism, with all Rural Games and ten Years. 120, Boston, A. K. Loring. Pap.....25 C. Amusements. Illust. by Wells, Harvy, Hind, and others. Sadler, Rev. M. F. Abundant Life, and other Sermons. 9th ed., with numerous additions. go. Phila., J. B. 166, pp. xij 371. N. Y., Pott & Amery.... $2.00 Lippincott & Co....


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...50 c.

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Parham. Shp......

& Co. Pap.......


..10 C

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