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A Dictionary of English Synonyms, by Rich. tion of twenty thousand, has been edited and Soule (Little, Brown & Co.). --Mr. Soule has pro revised, with the addition of new diseases, new vided in this admirable dictionary of English remedies, and a repertory of symptoms, by Dr. R. synonyms a most useful and welcome companion J. McClatchey, for an American. edition, which to the well-known “Roget's Thesaurus,” with Boericke & Tafel (successors to Mr. Radde), have which every literary man's

book-shelf is furnished, just published. The work makes a good-sized octavo, It differs from Roget's work, and some others of well and strongly bound, and is wonderfully comkindred character, chiefly in its simpler arrange-plete in its hygienic and medical information and ment, and in its aim at a more popular character. advice. It is probably, indeed, the most extenThe author has attempted to present at a single sive work of the sort ever put forth. glance the words or phrases which denote the same objects, or which express the same general forms the third volume in the complete edition of

Guilt and Innocence, by Marie Sophie Schwartz, ideas with only slight shades of difference. He has her novels, now publishing by Lee & Shepard. made free use of the materials afforded luy previous This writer is held in great estimation in her own laborers in the same field, while his work is enriched with the fruits of his own personal research country, and divides with Miss Bremer the suffraand observation. The result is a dictionary of ges of critical readers there and upon the Conti. synonyms which is likely to be recognized as the nent. The present story will be found to surpass best of its kind.

in interest its predecessors in the order of publica

tion in this country, and goes far to sustain the Thoughts on Art, by Philip Gilbert Hamerton reputation enjoyed by the writer abroad. Out of (Roberts).--Here is a book fitted to go into the a few simple elements, and such events as are hands of all inquirers and students in art. It is likely to transpire in the society where its action not vague and above the reach of ordinary readers, is placed, a thrilling and romantic drama is conlike much in Ruskin, nor is it a discussion of the structed, which keeps the attention riveted to the Philosophy of Art, like Taine's brilliant and end, and the denouément of which will perhaps charming works. It is a careful attempt to keep surprise the most experienced novel-reader. It is within the reach of the fair, average mind, and an translated from the Swedish by Selma Borg and earnest effort to communicate definite, precise, and Marie A. Brown, and dedicated to Mlle. Nilsson, valuable instruction, both of a practical and theo- in grateful acknowledgment of her cordially exretical kind, in the manipulation, the choice, the pressed sympathy in their efforts to make the criticism, and the enjoyment of pictures, the fur- works of Madame Schwartz familiar to the reading nishing of houses, the study of nature, the estimate public in America. --Home Journal. of other writers on art. The style is clear and familiar. The writer unites an unusual acquaint

A Visit to my Discontented Cousin (Roberts ance with books, politics, trade, life, with a pro. Bros. ). - There is a certain nonchalant dash fessional training as a painter. We wish we

about this anonymous novelette which capcould see a hundred thousand copies of his book

tures the reader even in the preface, and in the in the hands of the young men and women who course of a few chapters becomes quite irresistible. begin to feel that art is a necessity of American It is evidently the work of a practised hand. The civilization.-Liberal Christian.

story, if such it can be called, is English, and its

slight frame-work is skilfully used for the deploy. Public and Parlor Readings, ed. by Lewis ing of much bright, thinking, and gossipy talk. B. Monroe (Lee & Shepard), is a selection of The book is just the kind to take on a summer humorous pieces from the best specimens of Eng. trip, and is well chosen as one of Roberts Brothlish and American literature. The editor has ers' admirable “ Handy Volume Series." not confined himself to the older and more " classical” specimens of the English humorists, Foundations; or, Castles in the Air, by Rose but has enriched his work by copious excerpts, Porter (Randolph).-Miss Porter's first book re. not only from more recent writers, but from the vealed purity of thought and a delicacy of sentiment, abundant stores of wit, satire, and laughter that combined with facility of expression, which at once now constitute so distinctive a feature of Amer. recommended it to the favor of the best portion of ican literature.

the reading public. Her second, the present vol. Little Breeches and Jim Bludso, by John Hay, which to hang beautiful thoughts and the fragrant The Heathen Chince, by Bret Harte, and ume, is better than the first. The story is simple

and touching, and yet it is but a framework upon with illustrations by Eytinge, that are as true to blossomings of a pious soul. This volume, put into the spirit of the poems as the poems are true to the spirit of Western life, have been issued by the paths of evil; it has strength and hope for the

the hands of a youth, might well save him from James R. Osgood & Co.

tried and doubting Christian, and scenes of pure
Pike Co. Ballads, and other Pieces, by John and sweet delight for the refined sympathy and
Hlay (Osgood), includes the noted poems in dia. enjoyment of the good and happy.-N. Y. 06-
lect " Jim Bludso," “ Little Breeches," and server,
* Banty Tim." It has, besides, many poems The American Cardinal, a new religious novel
never before printed, and others reproduced from (Dodd & Mead), is written by an Episcopalian
leading periodicals, which evince the fine quality clergyman of note, who will remain anonymous.
and wide range of the author's poetic genius, The plot is laid in the time of the great rebellion,

Dr. Joseph Laurie's "Homeopathic Domestic and turns on an incident transferred from the
Medicine," which has had in England a circula- life of Archbishop Manning, who obtained a

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dispensation from the Pope separating him from Co., of Boston, and ought to be, if it is not, for his wife that he might enter the Roman Catholic sale at every book-store. Happy the child who priesthood. The novel will attract great attention becomes the possessor of it.--Springfield Repuba and lead to much discussion.

lican. The Marquis de Villemer, by George Sand (Os Agate Stories, by the Author of "The Basket good), is one of the best of George Sand's novels; in of Flowers" (Carter & Bros. ). --Anything written point of purity, it is the best with which we are fa- by the author of “The Basket of Flowers"—that miliar. It is the thrilling story of a young girl's touching narrative which has moved and melted triumphs over a titled libertine and the ancestral thousands of hearts, both old and young--requires pride of his mother ; not told, however, in the clap- no special commendation in our day to secure its trap way of recent sensation. The events are devel. entrance into multitudes of Christian families and oped naturally before a background of strong Sunday-schools. These stories not only interest philosophy. No one can read this bright book the young, but convey moral and religious instrucwithout interest, and no one can be the worse for tion in the most charming and impressive manner. reading it.

-Lutheran Observer. Strife! A Romance, Mrs. E. D. Wallace has

The Sunday-School Times of Philadelphia is a in press a romance of Germany and Italy that is royal quarto of 16 pages, which is published likely to create a sensation in the literary world.

every week, and has for more than twelve years The authoress has made, in her peculiarly artistic held the foremost position among the current Sabstyle, word-pictures of sunny Italy that form a

bath-school literature of the day. It is especially brilliant contrast to the sombre of German ele intended for pastors, superintendents

, and teachers ments of fascinating mysticism that pervade the in schools of all religious denominations. Eamest story. Our theatre-goers will remember the beau Sunday-school workers everywhere should acquaint tiful carnival scene in “Little Dorritt," drama themselves with the merits of this excellent tized by Mrs. Wallace, and by her directions ar.

journal. ranged for presentation at the Fifth Avenue, in New York. We promise a rare summer treat to our

Little Men," Miss Alcott's new book, will be readers, and Paul Pry says, “The authoress published by Roberts Brothers, Boston, June ist. means to dramatize her book, giving a series of It is said to be fully equal in interest to the famous splendid Italian and German scenes.” To be “ Little Women," and its leading characters are published in Philadelphia, by N. C. Rogers & Co. the sons of the all-delighting “Jo.” It will be and Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.

illustrated from drawings by Miss Greene. Early

next month the same house will issue Mrs. Stowe's Science for the Young, vol. 1-Heat, with nu

novel, “ Pink and White Tyranny,” which has merous engravings, by Jacob Abbott (Harper & been published as a serial in Old and New.” It Bros.), is the beginning of an admirable undertak deals with the marriage relation in a vigorous way, ing. The design is to furnish the young with a and tells many plain truths that have been gener knowledge of the fundamental principles of modern ally ignored of late. The publishers will bring philosophy through the medium of interesting nar.

the book out in beautiful style, with many fine rative, conversation, and experiments explaining | illustrations. and illustrating these principles. All who know the author's skill in bringing the facts and truths of Bret Harti's Condensed Novels (Osgood).practical life to the minds of the young will hail | The new and enlarged edition of this popular this new effort with pleasure. More delightful book contains, in addition to the matter of the home books it would be difficult to name, and we previous issues, condensed novels in the style of cordially commend them also to the attention of Charles Reade and Mr. Disraeli. These, like the Sabbath-schools.--S. S. Times,

other parodies, are done with so remarkable skill, All our young friends must get and read Short of the Hartford Courant, that Mr. Harte's

that the reader accepts unhesitatingly the assertion comings and Long-goings; or, the Boys and Girls

power of imitation is a sixth sense.” of Glencairn, by Miss Julia A. Eastman, and if the “old ones" don't find themselves perusing The Carters are never forgetful of the children it, too, we shall be much mistaken. It is a story The juvenile literature which their house is giving of home lise mainly, and a right down honest, to families and Sunday-schools is always pure and frank, good story it is, too. The boys and girls, elevating. They have just published the first vol. as well as the older persons it tells about, are real ume of a new series by Joanna H. Mathews, who characters. There are a good many "short-com- has become a favorite through her Bessie books. ings” all around, except on the part of Aunt Cor- The new series is entitled "* Sunbeams,” and this nelia, during the few months that the reader is first volume has the name of “Belle Power's Lockpermitted to follow the fortunes of the Farley fam- et." Margaret E. Wilmer tells a true story under ily and neighbors. The story is, above all else, a the title of " Lestrange Family." Children always story as it should be.

There is no obtrusive wonder and ask if the story which they have read "moral," and so the lessons of brotherly love, self or to which they have listened “is a true story." discipline, kindness to dumb animals, the danger of They will be gratified in advance as they open this judging by appearances, are likely to be more beautiful book. “ Faithful Rover" and " Harry surely heeded than though they were ostentatiously and his Pony" belong to the "Fireside Library, stated in the usual formulas.' The book is one of which the Carters are publishing. They are excelthe $500 Prize Series published by D. Lothrop & ent books.-Watchman and Reflector.

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MARIR SOPHIE SCHWARTZ. Svo, paper, $1.00; cloth, sloth, $2.00.

$1.50. Being the fourth of "And know, my son, that I would not have thee belimde

THE SCHWARTZ NOVELS. that all which I have snid in these books is law, for I will

Each novel complete in one volume. Paper, $1.00; cloth, ut presume to take this upon me. But of those things

$1.50. which are not law, inquire and learn of my wise masters,

1. Gold and Name. learned in the law." -LITTLETON.

2. Birth and Education.

3. Guilt and Innocence.
The contents of this book are selected from the “Re-
porters," from the time of the Year Books to the present.

The Americax Christian Review says of " Guilt and
There are specimens from both the common law and the

Innocence" ;equity reports, English and American. The book is the "Madame Schwartz is one of the greatest of Swedish result of twenty years' profound reading. It is designed not writers of fiction, although but recently her name was heard only to amuse but instruct. It is orginal in design and in America; to use the words of Christine Nilsson, "She has execution

contributed to the glory of Sweden.' Her descriptions of

scenery and customs in Sweden are vivid, and through the VERSATILITIES. By ORPHEUS C. KERR. whole story gleams the servent love of country. Her characContaining all his poetical contributions, Patriotic, Senti ters are strong, and their very intensity gives a power to the mental, and Humorous. iómo, cloth, $2.00.

work possessed by no ordinary novel. A more beautiful, and "The title of this volume is exceedingly apt, though its remember, while guilt is represented inseparable from retri

at the same time intelligent, creation of innocence we do not which it surmounts; the writer's range is astonishingly

wide, bution, and bearing evermore its aching wounds and hideous and it is really difficult to understand how the same mind pould have produced all these poems, so radically diverse are MARRIED FOR BOTH WORLDS. By they in character and manner. Though we cannot say that le is equally felicitous in all departments of poetry, we may

Mrs. A. E. PORTER, author of " Captain John," " This

One Thing I Do," &c. 16mo, cloth.' $1.50.
safely affirm that there are few men living who could write a
volume of such various character and such uniform excel-

Our “Reader" says of this work; “As a whole the book lence."-Crocker's Literary World.

is very beautiful, and no one can read it without being made

better for it. A beautiful narrative, deeply religious, written HAND-BOOK OF THE ADMINISTRA- with excellent tact and with good delineations of character." TIONS OF THE UNITED STATES. Comprising THE YOUNG DELIVERERS of PLEA. a Synopsis of the Leading Political Events in American History, from the Inauguration of Washington to the

Present Period. Also, à Record of Contemporaneous

Island " Stories. 16mo, illustrated. $1.25.
English History. By EDWARD G. TILESTON. 16mo,

This the second of the “Pleasant Cove Series" to be como derible. With Photographs of the Presidents, from Wash pleted in six volumes. ington to Grant. $1.50. Large paper edition, $2.50. UP THE BALTIC; or, Young America in A HAND-BOOK OF ENGLISH LITER Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. By OLIVER OPTIC. ATURE, Intended for the use of High Schools, as well

16mo, illustrated. $1.50. as a Companion and Guide for Private Students, and for This is the first volume in the Second Series of " Young general reading. By FRANCIS H. UNDERWOOD.' Vol. I. America Abroad. British Authors. $2.50. The author of this work, having been appointed by the

PARTICULAR NOTICE, School Committee to prepare a course of reading in English Literature for the Latin School of Boston, was induced, after the adoption of the plan, to enlarge and perfect it, in order to supply an acknowledged want in popular education. THE MODEL PASTOR. A Memoir of the

FOR JULY, 1871,
Life and Correspondence of Rev. BARON STOWE, D.D.,
tate Pastor of the Rowe Street Baptist Church, Boston. By Will contain the commencement of a New Story by the
JORN C. STOCKBRIDGE, D.D. izmo, cloth. $1.50.

Editor, OLIVER OPTIC, entitled
author of "Oneness of the Christian Church." namo,


The commencement of a New Story by ELIJAH KELLOGG, THE DIVINE MAN. By the author of THE SOPHOMORES OF RADCLIFFE; "Credo."


FRIENDS. braciag an Historical Tabular View of the Gospels; Tables and the continuation of SOPHIE MAY's Story, of the Parables, Discourses, and Miracles of Christ : Predictions in the Old Testament, with their Fulfilment in the THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER New; Classification of the Books of the New Testament, with Observations on each; Biographical Sketches : De. With the unequalled monthly variety of scriptions of Places; and an important Chronological Table. With Maps, showing the Journeys of Jesus and St Paul, Stories, Sketches, Poems, Puzzles, &c. &c Compiled from the works of the most eminent

Dialogues, and Illustrations, Biblical writers. By STEPHEN HAWES, author of “Synchronology of Sacred and Profane History." Cloth,

$2.50 per Annum. 25 Cents per Number. 75 centa **Sold by all Booksellers and Newsdealers, and sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price

LEE & SHEPARD, Pablishers, Boston.
LEE, SHEPARD & DILLINGHAM, 47 and 49 Greene Street, New York,

Oliver Optic's Magazine

cloth. $1.25.

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paper, with


Important to Merchants,

Author of " The Christian Life.” Two volumes 12mo, cloth, with an elegant Steel Likeness,

J. SABIN & SONS, Booksellers and

Importers, keep constantly on hand a very large stock of and Picture of his Birthplace. $4.00. fine Standard and Miscellaneous Books. Having their own

house in London, they are enabled to buy direct and furnish The biography of a man like Hugh Miller, by Booksellers and Public Libraries.

Books at the lowest rates. Books imported to order for Peter Bayne, the Prince of Biographers, as shown

J. Sabin & Sons publish the AMERICAN BIBLIOPOLIST, a in his “Christian Life," cannot fail of being deeply Monthly Journal and Catalogue. They commend it to Pob interesting, and must be universally welcomed by its kind, and has a good circulation among book-buyers American readers.

Booksellers will find it to their advantage to send for it. Two

editions are published: one, printed on cheap paper, at Just published by

cents per annum; another, printed on fine tinted
a Literary Register of New English Publications, a: $

per annum, postage prepaid.

No. 59 Washington St., Boston,
Copies sent by mail on receipt of price. New Monogram and Alphabet Album.

It contains 1000 most exquisite designs, made by the most
eminent French designers, and is a reproduction and enlarge
meut of foreign works which readily command three tiges

the published price. The book has met with a rapid sale MANUFACTURERS, PROFESSIONAL MEN

wherever presented. Booksellers should send for one copy

as sample.

Cloth portfolio, leaves loose....

$65 And every other Pursuit or Calling.

Bound in cloth, leaves mounted on line

7 50 L'e' furnished, written out in a blank book, from which

Half morocco..

The Book is large octavo size, printed on plate paper.
merchants and others can address their own circulars. A
number of the best references can be furnished as to relia-
bility of the information.


The American Bibliopolist

. Mercantile and Commercial Agency, and Circular Advertising Office,

Each number contains a Catalogue. Specimen gratis. ur Nassau STREET, New YORK.

APOCRYPHAL NEW TESTAMENT, DR. McCOSH'S LECTURES. Being the Gospels, Epistles, and other Pieces now Extant

, attributed in the first Four Centuries to Jesus Christ


8vo, cloth, new. London, 1820.... A Series of Lectures for the Times, on Natural Theology and Apologetics. Delivered in New York, January 16 to

Especially the English Miracle Plays, founded on ApocMarch 20, 1871, on the “Ely Foundation of the Union ryphal New Testament Story. Engravings on copper Theological Seminary, by, James McCosh, DD., LL.D.,

and wood. 8vo, cloth, new. London, 1823........ $1.60 President of the College of Princeton, N. J. 2mo. $1.75 ** A Discount allowed to the Trade. “Their courageous and telling arguments ought to resound from all our pulpits. Believers and unbelievers ought to be made aware that Christianity is not afraid to meet scientific skepticism on its own ground; to take all its facts that are J. SABIN & SONS, facts, and by their very help to resist its monstrous assumptions. Dr. McCosh has shown most conclusively that science

BOOKSELLERS AND IMPORTERS, is assailing religion, not by its quality of science, not by what it knows, but by what it guesses at."-New York Observer.




New and Entertaining Books, An Old Fashioned Boy.



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The Book of Blunders.

Order at once.

A Companion to "An Old Fashioned Girl.”
By MARTRA FARQUHARSON, Author of " Elsie Dinsmore,"
"Holidays at Roselands, " &c., &c., and one of the most 715 & 717 Market Street, Philadelphia.

successful and popular writers of the day.
This, her last work, is on a par with “School-Days at BULWER'S KING ARTHUR.
Rugby," and books of that class. It cannot fail to have a King Arthur. By LORD LYTTON. Autograph
long and continuous run.
le is bound in uniform style with "Little Women" and

Edition. Illustrated. Morocco, gilt sides and "Old Fashioned Girl," handsomely illustrated with spirited

edges. $7.50. wood-cuts.

This edition contains a copy of the opening line of the poem

in the author's handwriting, with the signature “Lytton," Price, in fine English cloth, $1.50. and the date "1871.". The insertion of this autograph red

ders the edition peculiarly valuable. A LITTLE GEM.


The Life and Writings of ALEXANDER JAMES
LAS. Svo, extra cloth, uncut edges. $5.00.

A very interesting collection of documents relating to
By the Author of “ Gleanings for the Curious." Elegantly

American history will be found in this able compilation. printed on tinted paper, with carmine

border. WHY DID HE NOT DIE ? Bound in bevelled boards, with gilt top.

or, The Child from the Ebräergang. From the Price,

$1.50. German of AD. VON VOLCKHAUSEN. By Mrs. Every one is pleased with this little book. It takes away

A. L. WISTER, Translator of “Old Mam'selle's keadaches and the blues. The press critics all speak in un Secret,” “Gold Elsie," etc. 12mo, fine cloth. bounded praise of it. Liberal discounts given by all leading Jobbing Booksellers dramatic force and charm of style to any of the spirited trans.

This fascinating story is said to be fully comparable in and News Companies, or by the Publishers.

lations hitherto presented to the public by the accomplished

and graceful author of the present rendition. WILLIAM B. EVANS & co., THE HISTORY OF FLORIDA,

From its Discovery by Ponce de Leon, in 1512, (Formerly EvANS, STODDART & Co.)

to the close of the Florida War, in 1842. By 740 Sansom Street, Philadelphia. G. R. FAIRBANKS. 12mo, extra cloth. $2.50

Although so much has been written in reference to Florida, hitherto no connected history of the State has been published; and it has been the object of the writer of this work to bring within a moderate compass a complete and authentic narrative. MILTON. Vols. II. and III.

Being Vols. XVI. and XVII. of THE CHEAP

mented cloth. 75 cents each.
1413 Chestnut Street, CONSERVATIVE THEOLOGY.

The Conservative Reformation and its Theology,

as represented in the Augsburg Confession, and

in the History and Literature of the Evangelical WAS JUST PUBLISHED THE THIRD EDITION OF THE Protestant Church (commonly called the Lutheran CONCORDIA. For the Cabinet Organ or

Church). By CHARLES P. KRAUTH, D.D., Nor. Piano, Being a carefully selected Collection of Sacred ton Professor of Theology in the Evangelical LuMusic, from the Works of the Classic Masters. Beautifully ·

theran Theological Seminary, and Professor of bound in muslin, gilt letters. Price.....

..$300 This work stands unrivalled in point of the number of real

Intellectual and Moral Philosophy in the Univer. gems. Only the very best of the celebrated compositions

sity of Pennsylvania. Svo, extra cloth. $5.00. were selected for it.

THE VIRGINIA TOURIST. * Send for list of Contents.

Sketches of the Springs and Mountains of Vir..

ginia : Containing an Exposition of Fields for NOW KEADY, THE SECOND EDITION OF THE

the Tourist in Virginia; Natural Beauties and GOLDEN TREASURY OF PIANO LY Wonders of the State; also, Accounts of its RICS. Comprising only really fine gems of the first masters: all are melodious, and easy enough to form the

Mineral Springs; and a Medical Guide to the best school for the study of Classical Music; beautifully

Use of the Waters, etc., etc. By EDWARD A. bound in muslin, gilt letters. Price.......

POLLARD, Author of "The Lost Cause,” etc.

Illustrated by Engravings from Actual Sketches. JUST PUBLISHED, AND SENT FREE OF EXPENSE UPON NEW AND CHEAP EDITION. Izmo, paper


" This compact, well-digested little volume supplies a depublished by Louis MEYER. To which is added an Ap sideratum in the tourist literature of the country. pendix , with a list of the best

Teaching Music for the We confidently recommend Mr. Pollard's entertaining and Piano, selected from the principal Catalogues of Europe exhaustive guide."--New York Times. and America. All classified with care, according to their difficulties

, into eight different classes. Teachers can rely For sale by Booksellers generally, or will be sent upon the quality of the Music and the classification.

by mail, postage paid, upon receipt of the price by the publishers.


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